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Hill Sprints: It Does A Body Good

The ultimate form of explosiveness and speed is through Sprint Training period. The funny thing is, you can do all sorts of exercises to play with that will give enormous fat burning effects but the cream of the crop, the big cheese and James Bond of all exercises to burn fat faster than the wicked witch screaming "I'm melting" is hitting Hill Sprints.

The very best athletes on the planet have used Hill Sprints to generate incredible speed, power and explosiveness. To name a few, Ricky Henderson, Marcus Allen, Kurt Angle & others. These types of Sprints are only done a maximum of 3x a week and within a short amount of time, you will burn flab like no tomorrow, have incredible surge of testosterone, recover with greater ease, sleep like a log and have an appetite that would make strength athletes blush (last one was slightly exaggerated).

Because of the way gravity works, the best way to keep solid form as you speed up the hill is stay leaned forward and bringing the…

9 Minutes Of Bliss

I told you yesterday about the Playout I've been experimenting where I do 200 Total Reps of Neck Resistance Exercises, DDP Yoga & the 2 Bridges at 3 min. Each. Here's a little add on with the Bridges......

When I want to get that full on Endorphin High and my body is at its core with the breathing, contraction and relaxation into total bliss, I turn to the bridge. What I didn't tell you is that during my DDP Yoga Play is that during towards the end, DDP has you doing a series of exercises, 2 of which are the hip bridge & the cannonball hold. Me liking to spice things up, I switched from the hip bridge to the Gymnastic Bridge where I get the full benefit of strengthening my spine and strengthening my arms and legs, not to mention lengthening the torso to get rid of excess flab on the obliques.

I would hold the Gymnastic Bridge a few times during this ending of the routine (Only for a few seconds) and sometimes my heels are up, at times their flattened, both are ve…

Start Your Day By Playing

Over the last few days or so, I've been testing out a little routine that I find playful and get my body stretched out and strengthened to wake everything up....

Start out with Playing my neck by using self resistance exercises in different directions of Range Of Motion totaling 200 Reps.

Then I get into a DDP Yoga Routine that I create on the spot using as many as the basic exercises from the program and mold my own style stretching from as many angles as possible especially in the spine. Love DDP Yoga.

Finish off the Playful Routine with 3 min. Front & 3 min. Back Bridges to get the full body engagement in Isometric Fashion strengthening and lengthening the torso & spine, power up my legs & hips, give my neck the best stretch possible bringing my chin closer to the mat for a greater effect in the stretch. Finish that off with the Overhead Leg Lift to stretch the spine in reverse so everything evens out.

You can do something different like Animal Flow or other fun st…

Playout Dont Workout

I wrote about the word "WORK" in a previous post and wanted to shed some more light on it. Work to me sounds demeaning and more like a job since everybody practically works and I do believe in making a living but that doesn't you shouldn't have fun in your life. When it comes to exercise; I don't work the muscles to move, my body already does that. What I add is Play. My body is doing its job, its the engine of an awesome car; what I do to turn the key in the ignition is playing and making the muscles work for me and not against me.
It can be complicated how you perceive the word work. Many use it as a badge of honor and I respect that; I believe in finding ways to provide for yourself and your family but at the same time, people have worked so hard throughout their lives and yet there's that feeling of depression, being miserable and not being able to enjoy your life because you didn't get paid enough. There are so many people who bust their ass yet hav…

Fun Animal Routines To Get In Amazing Shape

There are way too many rep/set schemes that play out the same scenarios. They become boring, predictable and above all just so tedious and pedantic. Do something different, make a game out of it; step aside the same thing you've been doing and challenge yourself in a very fun way.

These ANIMALroutines can be very unpredictable, challenging and takes you to a new level of creativity, imagination & conditioning. All you need for equipment is a 20-Sided Dice...Here are 4 playful routines that have exciting elements and give you something to enjoy and begging for more.

Routine #1- Cartoon Workout

Take the 20-sided Dice and roll for 5 Animals. Sample Animals....

Baloo The Bear

Kermit The Frog

Magilla Gorilla

Krusty Krab

Sher Kahn The Tiger

Do these animals for time, distance or reps/steps....3-5 Rounds (Rest after each round)

Routine #2- Animal Match-Ups

Like in sports, you have 2 animals battle against each other and you create a point system using the 20-Sided Dice where you rol…

Get In Shape By Playing

Not too many people like the word WORKOUT. Me neither, it sounds negative and sounds way too serious. It has that first syllable "Work" so why does it truly need to be called that? You already WORK by going to a job, unless you're doing Personal Training as a profession it shouldn't even be a part of the vocabulary. I'd say let's play. Play to me is a better term for exercise and for good reason. Sure it's important to take care of your body and utilize a strong will to make the best of it in a kick ass manner but Workout means something derogatory to me. It's like a valley girl saying "EEWWW." LOL.

Think about it like Music; you don't say you work music, you play music. You don't say you work baseball or football, you play them. Play sounds happy, fun, exciting, creative, loveable and awesome. How many people can you name that would say "I love to Work"? Not too many but what about saying "I love to play"? Many …

At Times Its Good To Say WTF

Ever sit back, take a look at what's around you and ask yourself "WTF Bro?" This happens to me often but it just comes back to the notion that what I would rather say is "WTF, let's do it." Ever see the movie Risky Business; the film that put Tom Cruise on the map to mega-stardom? Check it out sometime its about as classic as you'll get. There is a scene where he's with a buddy and Good ole Tommy is worried about what his business is going to end up as; his friend tells him "Sometimes you just got to sit back and say WTF."

What he means by this is that why are you afraid? What's holding you back from doing what gives you your biggest purpose. You are the only thing that holds you back and what you make of yourself is your opportunity. I'm scared of a lot of things but when I want something bad enough, I just tell to shove it and I move on. I love exercise and it makes me happy; when I first learned about animal movements I thought…

A Hard On For Cold Water + Animal Movements + Pine Pollen

You want to talk about testosterone and building crazy growth hormone? You're going to need something to write with because you're going to learn a GOLD STANDARD for developing one of the best ways to burn fat, build lean muscle and engage your body's abilities to create a powerful and natural physique.

When you eat healthy meals and exercise right, it could work but for some people it isn't enough. You need a few things that will help you get an edge on your lifestyle. It can be difficult getting lean and it can be difficult finding the right workout program that suits your needs.

When you add the triangle of health, I believe things will fall into place for you. They can be tricky, bitter and it takes a level of mentality to get past a few things but in the end there is gold at the end of that beautiful and kick ass rainbow. For us guys, a healthy sign of testosterone is having our little soldier rising in the morning. It is apparent that he is alive and well becaus…

(1000th Article) Brand Spanking New Herb That Helps Your Joints & Skin Health

Our joints keep things together in the body and produces great movement; without strong joints we wouldn't be able to run, jump, swim, climb, crawl or balance the right way.

This HERB is a low growing plant that flourishes in swamps & moisty areas. Found in countries such as India, South Africa, Sri Lanka & other tropical climates around the world. The leaves are about the size of a British penny.

GOTU KOLA as it is called is also named Brahmi in Ayuveda sharing also with the herb BACOPA. It's been claimed that the shape of the leaves seem like in similarity two hemispheres of the brain which in turn is indicated of of it's powerful brain effects.

A legendary Sri Lankan tale claims that elephants have lived amazingly long lives because of their eating of the GOTU KOLA. Watching animals eat this herb could be why us humans learned to consume it as well like many others.

Get your hands on this powerful herb that is pure and simply brain food. Certifiably Organic and …

With A Great Memory Comes Great Responsibility

With the effects of the Spinal Meningitis I sustained as a baby, a lot of things generated certain issues but one thing that came out of it whether it was the result of the condition or not I developed an insane memory that is a bit difficult to explain. I can recall things most people can't and often when I do remember something, I would also feel as if I was there at that moment and at times its been scary for me.

When your brain is wired at a different clip, certain aspects of the nerves hit different areas of the brain where it can create personal individuality and have a person's personality aware and unaware of others. Everybody's brain works differently, some have incredible cognitive skills, others are wired to have greater coordination and awareness. Look at Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds in history has a brain that is off the charts yet has no physical movement whatsoever.

 Some people with higher memory applications don't have any sense of pract…

Surge Of Testosterone Through Animal Exercise

For us guys its crucial to build our hormones as we age. As teenagers we go through those "wonderful" years of puberty where testosterone is basically in a whole other universe and our hormones raging like a fire to oil.

As we get older, our hormones slowly start to dwindle and if we don't eat right and train the right forms of exercise it will dwindle even faster. Its amazing what two things that go together really can do however when it comes down to it; I personally believe Animal Exercises take the cake for developing insane levels of testosterone and loads of Growth Hormone that gave us that youthful feeling earlier in life.

I'm over 30 and I do understand that the right training ideals are essential to stay on top of the heap when it comes to leveled hormones. I'm already getting the sense of what its like to not have that fire in the loins every now and then and mainly because of food intake. I've dabbled in bad fast food and heavy doses of soda in the…

1000 Reps In Animal Workout

Yesterday I made the decision to go after a goal that I knew I could do within this month but never thought I'd get there this fast. In my animal workout I went for doing 1000 Reps or Steps playing the animal dice game. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath and making sure the numbers were on par because the number of steps or reps you do come at random so after 35 Rolls I stopped to check the totals and it came out 704; OK so I had another 296 to go, at 44 Rolls it was at 920 so only 80 more to go...YES!!! I did 2 rolls of 40 each of 2 animals and low and behold....1000 was in my hands.

Felt amazing and although going through so many animals, I wasn't sore at all and just felt high and invigorated (:

Lots of energy flowing, hormones were hitting the roof and a smile that felt warm, awesome and beautiful.

Going after a goal like that can be intimidating. I mean come on its 1000 Reps, many people never total that high in any workout but it is achievable and once you set…

Naturally Treat Your Anxiety And Depression

I’d like to share a staggering statistic with you...

18% of population in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Most people with anxiety disorders are also plagued with depression.

If you’re one of these sufferers, then you know that it can be nearly impossible to focus and be present for the moments in life that can be the most special to look back on.

Yes, the pharmaceutical industry has countless “cures” for anxiety and depression, but more often than not they leave you feeling numb and at battle with their frightening side effects.

How could you not to be uneasy at the thought of becoming worse off with one of these drugs?

Lost Empire Herbs has a natural solution that you can turn to for help: Bacopa.

Bacopa is an herb that has been trusted and used for several thousands of years in Ayurvedic tradition to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
It is also considered the #1 herbal nootropic because it improves …

Disney's Animal Kingdom In Your Imagination

I've always loved going to Disneyland & California Adventure and seeing all the characters, going on the rides and hitting up the expensive shops. I've never been to the Animal Kingdom in Orlando though and always wondered what it be like to go there. One day maybe down the road I'll go but until then I have the park in my imagination.

Practicing Animal Movements is like being at the park and watching all the awesome creatures from all corners of the globe showing off their abilities from Apes to Tigers to Koalas to all sorts of reptiles and other animals. In your imagination you can expand on it and take it as far as you want to and the best part, you get to be any animal you want and do amazing things like one. Look at it this way, you'd be saving thousands of dollars and not just for hotels either but on all the shopping and craziness. I do believe visiting a Disney park is worth once in your lifetime; I'm lucky to have done it more than that.

Picture in yo…

Become Limitless With Bacopa

I’d like to ask you a question….

What kinds of things would you accomplish if you had a sharper mind? We all have a lifetime of learning behind us, but we tend to lose that valuable information over time, and only retain the stuff that’s immediately applicable to the things we do. For many of us, it’s our strongest sense memories - our families, our relationships, our accomplishments - that we hold most dear. Those are also some of our oldest memories, and therefore some of the most at risk. But what if the cobwebs have formed in the corners of your brain were filled with original thought and precious jewels of information retained over a lifetime of learning? You’d be unstoppable. What if I told you that there was something that could clear those cobwebs, give you a sharper memory, increased concentration and reaction time, AND reduce stress, anxiety and depression? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I’m not talking about a top secret drug that would make you limitless…. …..I’m …

The Perfect Herbal Study Buddy!

How's your day going everyone? I would like to ask, is any one of you a student?

If so, then that probably means you’re heading into midterm season with much anticipation. It’s time to put your knowledge to the test, and lock in those high marks for the semester.

Don’t worry. Thanks to the perfect herbal study buddy from Lost Empire Herbs, you’ve got this.

What I'm talking here is what's called Bacopa- It is the #1 Herbal Nootropic
Bacopa has been known to help concentration and memory, which is sure to come in handy to anyone preparing for a test of the knowledge retained from studies over the last several months.

Head on over to Lost Empire Herbs & snatch up a bag today.
There’s more... Would you also happen to be one of the many plagued with test anxiety? If so, then you know that no matter how smart you are, and no matter how much you’ve prepared, test anxiety can seriously obstruct your ability to articulate your knowledge on the exam. This is where Bacopa can sav…

Some Of The Reasons Why I Rarely Ever Go To A Gym

When I was 18 to almost 21, I thought that weights were the key ingredient to build muscle and burn off fat. I could barely do a push-up yet I was strong in quite bit in the weights. After my accident and learning about Bodyweight Exercises, I found out I didn't really need the gym anymore. When I did it was extremely rare maybe a couple times a year and the most frequent time I did go back was when I was working at Gold's doing maintenance. Crap job but I got a free membership so what the hell.

Didn't work out too well (pun intended) and the universe was telling me I didn't need to be there and find my own path. The only time I really ever do some form of machine or barbell/dumbbell, is when I visit family and go to the gym with my dad while he uses the elliptical. I test out my strength and at this gym, there isn't enough weight for me to do what I want to do and I'm afraid of the rules there because basically its there for two reasons; for a few trainers and…