Friday, March 24, 2017

Fun Animal Routines To Get In Amazing Shape

There are way too many rep/set schemes that play out the same scenarios. They become boring, predictable and above all just so tedious and pedantic. Do something different, make a game out of it; step aside the same thing you've been doing and challenge yourself in a very fun way.

These ANIMAL routines can be very unpredictable, challenging and takes you to a new level of creativity, imagination & conditioning. All you need for equipment is a 20-Sided Dice...Here are 4 playful routines that have exciting elements and give you something to enjoy and begging for more.

Routine #1- Cartoon Workout

Take the 20-sided Dice and roll for 5 Animals. Sample Animals....

Baloo The Bear

Kermit The Frog

Magilla Gorilla

Krusty Krab

Sher Kahn The Tiger

Do these animals for time, distance or reps/steps....3-5 Rounds (Rest after each round)

Routine #2- Animal Match-Ups

Like in sports, you have 2 animals battle against each other and you create a point system using the 20-Sided Dice where you roll and see how many times you have to move in order to get points. This is awesome if you had a buddy to do this with or do it by yourself, either way its an adventure. Create this game however you like (Personally, I like it Predator Vs. Prey or Tournament Style). Sample Match-Ups....

Chimp Vs. Tiger

Bear Vs. Lynx

Frog Vs. Duck

Condor Vs. Rabbit

Routine #3- Tag

Remember that game we did as kids where we had to tag somebody and they were it? Well, let's make it animal style. Game can be played by 2 people or more. The "IT" person has to roll the dice and whatever that animal comes up, everybody has to be that animal to make it fair.

Routine #4- Race

Test your mettle in the ultimate speed game. Roll the dice for the animal you and a friend get to race as. This is a distance workout that can be done using feet, yards, meters whatever you want. This alone will knock you on your butt and get you in Sprinting Shape that burns fat like a furnace, builds muscle and kicks your metabolism into high gear.

These are just ideas to get into playing around with animal exercises and forgetting the old schemes of how many reps for strength or endurance, amount of sets in a certain period of time and doing nonsensical exercises that isolate the muscles. This is THE MOST FUN WAY to get in shape and can be done just about anywhere. I did one of these routines in my house without breaking anything from running around so much. I like to write down the amount of steps I took and total it for the entire session, giving me an idea of how much I put into it. Doing just one of these routines alone I took a total of nearly 600 Steps/Reps all together. That's a lot to move your own bodyweight around.

Get moving and have a blast doing it. Don't ever be bored again and make it an adventure.

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