Wednesday, March 15, 2017

With A Great Memory Comes Great Responsibility

With the effects of the Spinal Meningitis I sustained as a baby, a lot of things generated certain issues but one thing that came out of it whether it was the result of the condition or not I developed an insane memory that is a bit difficult to explain. I can recall things most people can't and often when I do remember something, I would also feel as if I was there at that moment and at times its been scary for me.

When your brain is wired at a different clip, certain aspects of the nerves hit different areas of the brain where it can create personal individuality and have a person's personality aware and unaware of others. Everybody's brain works differently, some have incredible cognitive skills, others are wired to have greater coordination and awareness. Look at Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds in history has a brain that is off the charts yet has no physical movement whatsoever.

 Some people with higher memory applications don't have any sense of practical awareness. Some who are very aware and have practical skills don't have a great memory. The brain is still a mystery after decades of research and figuring out how it gives the body special abilities, some may refer to as superhuman in some cases. The one thing that I have come to accept as a man with a very unique memory is that its my responsibility to act using that to areas I want to strive in. I have been able to recall certain statistics, certain times in my life where it was either tragic or triumphant, I can even recall things at random that either make me laugh or at times very angry.

It's very difficult to control how my memory operates and have come to the fact that I can't shut it off no matter how much I want to at times. There are days where it feels more like a curse than a blessing but a high percentage makes me feel extremely blessed because it can help people I know remember things they either blocked out or have forgotten. It is valuable and crucial to have a strong body but if you also have a strong brain, it becomes a more distinct advantage in certain parts of society. We all have strengths, weaknesses and mysterious findings when it comes to our brains. Even science has come up with certain pills and determined some natural foods that enhance brain activity.

There are Herbs that not only increase brain function with enhanced blood flow, it also creates a higher level of focus. If you want a natural way to increase the levels of your brain, go and grab a bag of Bacopa Organic Extract. Take it from me, having a powerful memory can be a very big advantage to help you with your job, getting awesome grades on term papers, concentrate better in your studies and even reduce anxiety and calms your nerves in a really awesome way.

When you add this and do full body exercise routines; you'll have a very strong sense of the body's abilities to get stronger both physically and mentally, increase hormones, develop greater coordination and even increase intuition. In these times it's important to have a solid strong brain. Develop a great memory and use it to give yourself a chance to get ahead of the game wisely and positively.

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