Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At Times Its Good To Say WTF

Ever sit back, take a look at what's around you and ask yourself "WTF Bro?" This happens to me often but it just comes back to the notion that what I would rather say is "WTF, let's do it." Ever see the movie Risky Business; the film that put Tom Cruise on the map to mega-stardom? Check it out sometime its about as classic as you'll get. There is a scene where he's with a buddy and Good ole Tommy is worried about what his business is going to end up as; his friend tells him "Sometimes you just got to sit back and say WTF."

What he means by this is that why are you afraid? What's holding you back from doing what gives you your biggest purpose. You are the only thing that holds you back and what you make of yourself is your opportunity. I'm scared of a lot of things but when I want something bad enough, I just tell to shove it and I move on. I love exercise and it makes me happy; when I first learned about animal movements I thought some of them were a little on the Goofy side (No not the Disney Character) and people would laugh but I was willing to give it a shot because it interested me and thought "WTF, sounds fun."

When I do these exercises, I have an adventure and when I do it out in public at a park or wherever sure people stare at times and a few have even tried to imitate me but overall I'm doing what gives me my greatest purpose. You have your own joys and your own favorite thing; why stop it because someone told you something negative? We have more power than we give ourselves credit for. Take a chance and make it worth while. Is it risky? Hell yeah it is but where's the adventure if it wasn't risky.

Be an animal and howl at the moon or crawl like a bear, either way you can make it fun.
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