Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Start Your Day By Playing

Over the last few days or so, I've been testing out a little routine that I find playful and get my body stretched out and strengthened to wake everything up....

Start out with Playing my neck by using self resistance exercises in different directions of Range Of Motion totaling 200 Reps.

Then I get into a DDP Yoga Routine that I create on the spot using as many as the basic exercises from the program and mold my own style stretching from as many angles as possible especially in the spine. Love DDP Yoga.

Finish off the Playful Routine with 3 min. Front & 3 min. Back Bridges to get the full body engagement in Isometric Fashion strengthening and lengthening the torso & spine, power up my legs & hips, give my neck the best stretch possible bringing my chin closer to the mat for a greater effect in the stretch. Finish that off with the Overhead Leg Lift to stretch the spine in reverse so everything evens out.

You can do something different like Animal Flow or other fun styles of training to start your day. Not all programs are created equal so do your best to find that niche in your routine that strengthens and lengthens the muscles & joints to get an overall outlook on your playful routine itself.

Don't wake up dreading your exercise and feel so rushed to get to work. Start your day with an awesome attitude and remember to......

Playout, not Workout.

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