Wednesday, January 16, 2019

All-Natural Excitement In A Bottle

One of the greatest things about herbs is that you can take them in a variety of ways.

And one of the quickest, most painless ways to take them is in capsule form.

Let’s face it while going all-natural has a lot of great benefits, sometimes herbs taste like a decaying mound of dirt.

Lost Empire Herbs is a family-owned company based in Santa Cruz, California, and they understand this. This is one of the reasons why they now offer their Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen boosters in capsule form.

Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen are two of their most popular and powerful herbs for testosterone.

They work together to produce a symphony of all-natural superpowers.

Be ready to feel…

Immense energy levels
A scintillating sex drive
Better muscle growth after exercise
A general slow drip of excitement to be alive
Lucky you.

The new capsules are easy to carry and transport, making them ideal for traveling.

No more worrying about packets of powder busting open in your suitcase.

So what would you do with extra energy?

Use it to maximize your performance in the gym or the bedroom?

When you buy these two herbs together, be prepared for a huge testosterone boost.

Safe, effective, all-natural, with no added fillers or GMOs.

Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen capsules will bust open new doors for you!

Pick up a bottle or two of each and feel your testosterone rise and your health improve.

And don't worry, you can try all of their herbs risk-free with their unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee. If an herb doesn't work for you - just return it for a full refund!

These Top Testosterone Products Just Got Better

Has your year started off right?

Do you have the same determination you had when you made your 2019 intentions?

Either way, I want to share a few things with you today that may be of some use.

While focusing on natural and holistic ways to improve health, I wanted to tell you about how Lost Empire Herbs can support you on your journey.

Lost Empire Herbs is a company built on performance herbalism and it has some powerful formulas for energy, focus, and sex drive.

And you can get these benefits with their all-natural herbs...

Tongkat Ali

Pine Pollen

And better yet, now they offer both of these in an easy-to-swallow capsule form.

Why are these some of their most popular products for promoting optimal health?

Well, they’re one of the richest sources of all-natural, plant-based testosterone on the planet.

Testosterone, the all-important hormone that gives you…

Sexual desire
Bigger muscle gains, more mass and better tone
Endurance and stamina
Mental clarity and focus
Happier disposition and moods
Better cardiovascular health - improves vascular reactivity and blood flow
In short, testosterone does a lot for your overall health and well-being.

The problem is… most men are testosterone deficient.

Or..they try to jack up their testosterone in all the wrong ways. And some of these ways can even be dangerous...

They ingest chemically-laced drugs with harmful side effects.
They spend ungodly amounts of money on Testosterone Replacement Therapy.
They eat foods labeled and marketed as ‘healthy’ that actually hurts their T levels.
They even take steroids and develop nasty side effects such as acne, agitated aggressive moods, increased heart rate, and enlarged male breast (gynecomastia)
These methods may help your testosterone in the short-term, but they frequently lead to harmful effects in the long term.

Get the same benefits without the side effects with all-natural testosterone capsules.

Learn more about how Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen can help you raise your low T...naturally and safely.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Magical Imagineering Theater

The book I finished recently was Psycho Cybernetics (The Godfather Of Self Development Books) and enjoyed reading about the Theater Of The Mind section of the book. Although it is a powerful technique, I felt something was missing, something that can be added onto it that really made me believe and I believe I have found it from another aspect and that is The Magical Imagineering Theater by legendary Concert Virtuoso & Strength Expert Garin Bader.

This technique takes the basic principles of TOTM and molds it into a musical composition and visualization element that instructs you to picture what you want, see yourself in a Success Arena that you can picture being in, no matter how big it is. It gives you your own mental camera and take pictures of the success you seek and transfer your energy, your drive and igniting that passion within you to achieve your goals. What if you were so successful in your mind that everybody you know and love were cheering you on for it and initiate that winning feeling?

I have used this technique to help me achieve goals in making money, surviving in BJJ, proposing to my soon to be wife, workouts and others. I still use it for what I want to achieve in my life and the majority of what I saw, actually came true. Here's an example....I pictured in my mind that my fiance would get the perfect car for her, it turned out to be a replica of the same car that got totaled in the accident we were in. I pictured half a dozen times she would get it, now granted that car could've been sold at any time but I felt so strongly that she was meant to have that car, I pictured what would go down with the sale, the shaking of the hands, the smiling, the joy of getting things back on track, being handed the keys and driving off being happy as can be and guess what happened, it all came true.

Sure I didn't use this technique for me but because of my strong beliefs and the little steps that took to make it happen, it worked and if that could happen, picture how your goals can be achieved with the belief, the passion, the steps taken and the laser-like focus you have on what you desire. I'm not saying this technique will do everything for you and you don't do anything after listening to it, it gives you the ability to take strong actions and powerful steps to make your dreams a reality and they won't just happen without feeling behind them, you set the tone for a goal, you picture it, you feel it as if it was real in that very moment, you heighten that winning feeling and you see yourself feeling that way every single time.

This technique leads you down that path to that winning feeling, the turning of the key to rev up the engine, the driving force behind your desires and fueling your passion that is unlimited. Harness your desires in your own arena of The Magical Imagineering Theater, where everything is possible as long as you feel it, dream it and infuse your passion that is yours and making your goals a reality.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Getting More Into The Flow....Animal Flow That Is

Sometimes you change things up to get another perspective on training the body. I've been intuitively doing the Animal Flow movements a lot more lately mainly for the great stretching component and combining the elements of Animal Flow, Dynamic Stretching & the Static Holds of the Beast & Crab. They're not easy to do and a continuous flow adds on the conditioning aspects but the concentration and the way you switch from one to another isn't always done at a fast pace.

Sometimes after doing my Indian Club Workout, i'll come back in and do the stretching part of Animal Flow or combine the stretching of Animal Flow, Ginastica Natural & DDP Yoga. Some have similar movements but the more you keep going and lengthening your body, it becomes a hell of a workout. I find it relaxing and strengthening the brain to figure out where to go and finding out how you can move and hold positions in the snap of the fingers. I don't do a particular routine but I like to fixate on the movements themselves and what's possible to make transitions and really stretch.

Practicing this often really opens up the body and wakes up the joints. My focus right now is more on conditioning and flexibility, it has put everything else into place. I wonder if this will help with my BJJ and breath control? Anything is possible if you figure out a way to do it. The more you get into it, the more fun it becomes and it can be even fun in the beginning just learning the basics. Being playful brings out our inner youth and can be a great stress reliever. Have fun with Animal Flow my friends.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Update On The Indian Clubs

Although it's only a few days but I started noticing a few differences in using the Indian Clubs. My shoulders feel a lot looser and feeling a little sharper mentally. They're a lot of fun to use so far and am happy with what they can do. I don't do a particular style of a routine, I just learn what I can do and forming patterns learned from videos and researching on the clubs.

The clubs really are a lost art in the realm of Physical Culture and with "new" and exciting programs coming out like a whirlwind today, it becomes harder and harder to find some real classic training ideas. Some companies still bring up the clubs to help people with their fitness like Onnit, Scott Sonnen's Clubbell Training, John Wood's Oldtime Strongman Site and one man who has mastered the art of the Mace and that's the big man Rik Brown.

The patterns can be tricky to learn at first like anything else but if you're willing to keep practicing and learn as you go along, sooner or later, those patterns will form smoothly and with great conviction in the movements. I do these as a first workout for the day and opening up the body and waking up the joints and muscles. The pair I have is only 2 pounds but that couple pounds can feel heavier as you keep going and hits your grip like crazy due to the steadiness you need to keep from flopping around or accidently letting go and possibly breaking something or hurting somebody.

I do recommend you get a pair yourself and learn how to use them for your benefit. Old school fitness can teach you a lot about what can be useful in the future and as awesome as some programs are today, the classics are there for a reason and not always to collect dust. There are tremendous benefits and developing the body in a healthy manner and having fun. It really works the brain too because you're constantly using patterns you don't normally use in an exercise implement on the count of most exercises have a up and down, left and right range of motions that have limited usage but when you can use your body for all sorts of directions and using circular movements for healthier purposes it goes beyond just the muscles and joints. 

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