Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Desire Thyroid Telomeres And More

In recent days mush research has been conducted on Ashwagandha.

The benefits of ashwagandha can help lower stress, reduce cortisol, improve sleep, provide neuroprotection, support the thyroid and much more.


Let’s get specific on this one.

How about for women?

While Ashwagandha has a reputation as a men's herb...it is at least equally useful for women, possibly even more so.

While the sex hormones haven't been studied, sexual health has. And Ashwagandha improved every function they looked at. Desire, arousal, lubrication, satisfaction and more.

Not bad...

Plus, there is a new hypothyroid study published just a few months ago that showed Ashwagandha was helpful in those cases.

As thyroid issues are more common in women...and very few herbs really help...this is great news!

What else? A cell line study showing Ashwagandha improves telomerase activity! For those that aren’t familiar telomeres are the end-caps of DNA and are one of the leading theories on what causes aging and death. Improving this activity means it would solidly be an anti-aging substance.

Three solid studies showing effects on anxiety, because of how it interacts with GABA receptors.

I have to tell you I already loved our spagyric Ashwagandha Tincture.


Head on over to this page where you can read more details about these studies, plus much more. As always, you can also find the links to our references so you can check them out for yourself.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Humbling Experience Of Being On The Mat Again

On Thursday, me and the fiance went on a 5 mile hike and had a blast on it. Fairly easy and using techniques I learned from CoreForce Energy to make the walking a lot more interesting. After settling a while, my girl dropped me off at the gym and went to get her nails done. I went in the MMA room just to get in some good ole exercise but ended up talking myself into the Jiu Jitsu class.

I haven't wrestled since November of 2002 when I tried out for Ameteur Wrestling back in High School. I knew I was in for a rude awakening and I was going to use my CoreForce Techniques to get myself by, but the sad thing is, I was nowhere near at my full strength and with my body being shot from the hike and not eating at all in that point of the day. I will say on record that I got the living crap beat out of me. I was gassed within a matter of a couple minutes in those 5 min rounds. For the most part, i'm in decent shape from all the stuff I do but my brain and body just wasn't home that day and I was pinned, tapping like Morse Code and just couldn't get a hold of anyone.

It was on one side of the coin a very fun and incredible learning experience. Going toe to toe with a UFC fighter and a couple of solid blue belts it was a check off a bucket list if there ever was one. The other side of that, I was beating myself up more than they did and barely slept a wink. I just kept kicking myself thinking "I know I could've done better than that" and other things but the one thing that kept coming up especially from my girl was that; with my disadvantage that day, I did everything that was meant to happen and although I choked out and leg locked left and right and crooked, I held out the best to my abilities at the time. Take it for what it is and knowing that even after not being on the mat for nearly 16 years, its ok.

The guys gave me props for my effort and acknowledged for my will to be on the mat despite my horrifying way of showing it. Even the coach Pablo Alfonso gave me props and a ton of tips which I desperately needed. You can have all the knowledge in the world but applying it is a whole different realm and I learned this the hard way. Got whelps, sore neck and sore ankles but I still survived the best I could with a smile on my face. It goes back to the old saying about boxing "you're only prepared until you get punched in the face" and it's the same with wrestling/jiu jitsu "you're only prepared until someone gets their hands on you." Whatever sport you go out for, let the ego aside and be humble, learn and acknowledge your opponent. I do want to get back on the mat and this time have far better energy and more suited up mentally. I don't know if i'll be any better but they haven't seen the last of me.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Simplicity Of Animal Movements

We live in a society where making things complicated (knowingly or not) is the norm and the Fitness industry is no different. You find programs that have major holes and reeking of bullshit that it is hard to fathom whether it works or not. For the most part, a lot of programs do work but not the way you want to believe. You see a lot of these programs cater to a specific audience or the general population and expect that demographic to take the workout schemes and ads at the word of the author, trainers or by every positive review. The biggest thing many programs lack is simplicity.

Simplicity is basically taking the most basic elements and molding them into a easy to follow progression system where an individual can take on the tasks without overthinking and being stress-free about it. The problem is however, as an individual, it can be very difficult to determine what is simple and what can look confusing. This is where I feel Animal Style Movements have the greatest form of simplicity. Forget the trendy versions of Animal Movement for a second and let's focus on the realistic arena of Animal Moves that have the formation of the best possible version of mimicry.

Take the Bear Crawl, very simple movement, get on all fours with your ass in the air and start moving in all sorts of directions. There's really only 2 variations there is in this case, slow and fast as hell. This exercise alone can be done by just about anybody from young to old and can be modified to a person's level. Let's take it for what it is and not break down every single little mechanic that would only confuse somebody.

Another great movement is the Frog Jump, building that explosiveness and leg strength; you squat down as low as possible and than jump, easy to remember. If you're not keen to have the ability to jump, just touch the floor with your palms in the squat position, once you get better, do little jumps in place, than big ones, next jump forward and so on. The major problems with simplicity is that many people think it is not enough or not interesting enough and want a variety which ironically gets them into trouble and not wanting to do the program all together.

Have you ever watched an animal program like Planet Earth, Monkey Planet or any show based on Wildlife in Africa, Alaska, Europe? We are just captivated by how animals move and as kids, we had the wild imagination of being our favorite animals. What happened to that excitement and enthusiasm? I'll tell you what happened; life, growing up and being told that those childish games shouldn't be done anymore. Why can't we just go back and be wild and free? The truth is, we can but with modifications. As kids, we had energy like no tomorrow and had great time learning things and figuring things out on a whim. As adults, we become more analytical, complicating things and stopped showing the passion and curiosity. We need to get back to these things but on a level that works for us because in this generation, we have let kids use too many electronics and not enough play time to get in the habit of using the body as a form of tool to develop our minds, motor skills and coordination using various areas of the brain.

This is where the simplicity of Animal Movements come in, we get to go back to that state of child-like entities but with a greater purpose because let's face it, as we get older our bodies begin to change and not always for the better so it is important to have an upkeep and take hold of the idea of keeping our bones, muscles and even our brains strong. Animal Moves generate a lot of brain activity, producing muscular definition, building hormones and reduce pain. I may still be a young buck compared to those over 40, 50, 60 and 70 but I'm not going to let my body just take hold of old age, at nearly 34 I'm in the best shape I've been in but I also want to keep that up as long as I can with that enthusiasm and drive. 34 may not be old to many but many people in my age range are already letting themselves go or overdoing it to the degree where injuries are more common and takes longer to recover.

Be simple regardless o your age and get moving with the best of intentions. Do it at your own pace but also make it fun and interesting. The more you utilize your imagination with movement, the better off you'll be.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Beyond Exercise: The Practice Of Seeing Animals As Gods

For eons, mankind has been fascinated by the wild animal in some form or another. Even in ancient times, animals worshipped as deities or the embodiment of god or as gods. The shaolin monks mimicked animals for practicing martial arts, the greeks saw the Bull as a being beyond the physical of a beast, the lion is called king of the beasts, cats were considered deities of ancient Egypt and other animals such as the Turtle were represented as a symbol of longevity.

Animals throughout history were seeing as mystics or mythological representation of our imagination. Look at stories about Dragons, the mythical Griffin that is a mixture of the Eagle & Lion, the amphomorphic Greek/Roman god Pan that has the upper body of a man and the lower body of the Goat representing our inner desires, the wild of the forest and living life to the fullest. The wolf has always looked at from two different sides such as the evil incarnation of man becoming the beat within or the ideal leader of the pack.

It's a desire to be a part of nature even though in today's society we have lost sight to what makes us hone our instincts, our inner power to fight and reveal our taste for mating. It is a fact that we cannot develop the realistic strength and condition of animals in their respective skill set, it's just not possible. We can however, adapt our human strengths and create other skills that has allowed us to run, jump, climb, crawl and condition for sport. In early man, we hunted, fished, used our minds to take down the toughest beasts in order to survive but, there was still a level of respect of man and animal. That respect is based on primal fear and when the dawn of civilization came about, we used animals in many ways, more cruel than others but we also bowed down to them in fear of killing us if we pissed them off.

We celebrate animals, they're part of the signs of the zodiac, they're represented in either evil or good (depending on your intrepertations) and used in many stories including the bible. In Greek Mythology, Hercules conquered many animals on his quest of the 12 Labors; he killed what was thought an unkillable lion and used his Mane as protective armor, destroyed the Hydra and even a wild boar. Early Fairy Tales depicted animals mainly as a hellish entities, giving us a reason to not go into the woods or trust a snake in the jungle, get involved with a Mermaid or piss off a family of bears. Animals gave us lessons in how to treat life and using your conscience to make choices and decisions that will affect your journey one way or another.

Whether you see Animals as Gods, deities or just plain mystical; it is important to respect what they can do and what they represent on this earth whether they were real or mythological. We may eat animals as food but good meat brings us nourishment, testosterone giving properties and giving man strength and primal power. When we practice the art of movement, mimicking their actions, we become more in tuned with nature itself, getting our bodies back to a more primal state and opening up our inner beast to develop the real strength and power of the species that came before us. We are bringing forth more of the respect, the natural laws and giving feedback to what makes us animals ourselves.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Circuit Training For Insane Conditioning

You can use all kinds of exercises to put into a circuit but the ideal is to use as basic as possible because if you use too many advanced movements, it can wear you out more than needed. When I was doing Circuits, I would look into more themed type workouts and stick to a more bodyweight style plan. Although they may not look like much, the more rounds you do, the tougher they are.

Should you do Circuits everyday? It depends on your fitness level and the intensity of the workouts. If they're more towards a HIT style, don't go more than 3x a week. If you're looking for circuits to aid in other workouts, I'd suggest using those circuits as finishers to burn off extra fat. If you plan on wanting to do circuits daily, vary the intensity so you don't burn out after something like three workouts in a row. For this let's say you do 10-12 rounds one day, do no more than half the next. You want to have the best recovery possible.

There are some circuits way too advanced for certain people so pick ones that give you a run for your money but not to the degree where you're gassed in the first 2 rounds and your form becomes sloppy, when that happens the chances of injury increases. The very best circuits I've seen were from the Darebee site where you can pick and choose all kinds of circuits for your fitness level. Circuits can be extremely useful for those going out for sports, training for competition, fit for life, weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, strength training and overall conditioning.

Here are a few of my favorites.....

Although these workouts at times go no more than 7 rounds, I like to go to a full 10 at times to really even out the numbers that hit 100-200 total reps of each exercise. These have helped me get in fantastic shape and aid in agility, flexibility and tendon strength. For rest periods, the 2 minute max is ideal but not everybody is meant to rest for that period of time. I feel that if you can rest at max for 2 minutes or the minimum of 30 seconds that's great and it tells you you're in fantastic condition but at the same time, rest as long as needed, not as long as you have to. Many of these workouts are so intense, recovery is of great importance. Some treat a workout more like a sprint than a marathon so adjust accordingly and do what is possible for you and build from there. Deep breathe as much as possible for the rest you have.

To help the site, donate a dollar or more or you can buy one of their volumes that have up to 100 Workouts for you to choose from.

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