Friday, May 19, 2017

How Long Should Animal Playouts Be?

People in fitness tend to give a general ideal of the amount of timing someone's fitness is at. Some say 10 min. is a good start, 15, 20,30 even sometimes an odd number like 13 minutes but for me it ought to be much lower. When someone starts out, they don't know what the hell they're really doing and just going through the motions. I say once you have them getting used to certain movements, start them off with 5 min. to start. Why 5? Isn't that a little short and very easy to start? Well, you want to build up an individual's stamina and strength and for health purposes, 5 min. is more than most can handle.

Once their consistent, build it up minute by minute. I started out with barely 10 min. before I gave out and wanted to die LOL. Everyone is different so they can't always go by the same protocol and plus, some take longer than others to get used to the movements. Depending on your fitness level and coordination for the animals you're good at, start with what's right for YOU!!!

When you're at a level where 10 min. is easy, do 20, then 30 and after that if you're in world class shape you can go 45 min to an hour or longer. Because animal moves are very intense, it won't really take that long to get really winded, even the greatest athletes in the world have fallen prey to short and intense playouts of the animals. Now really when it comes down to it, you don't need to go more than 20 min. to be in awesome shape. That's the main reason I love the animal dice game; after a while the numbers can get boring and you need a challenge; how do you do that? Double the reps on the dice, too easy? Triple them and so how you really do.

It makes me laugh that people say bodyweight exercises or animals are only great for warm-ups; if you tripled the reps on this dice game alone; you'll be begging for mercy within minutes if not seconds. I once did a total of 1000 reps worth of animal exercises within 45 min. to an hour doubling the reps on the 20-sided dice. It was exhausting and packed full of whole body movements that many consider easy, keep going and overtime, the exercises get harder and it becomes more difficult to jump, crawl, walk and hold certain animal postures. Play the dice game long enough and tell me how easy it was; I guarantee it'll make a world class athlete humble after going beyond double reps. I once did about 10-12 rolls tripling the reps of the movements and I was spanked.

The animals (pun intended) become second nature after practicing the movements so that's when you test out your stamina and conditioning by doing the dice game or picking and choosing certain animals for time or as a circuit. They can be done in some many ways its not even funny. They can turn a weakling into a powerful human being within weeks with solid practice. They don't build bodybuilding muscle because when applied correctly, animal moves utilize the body as a single unit and have you using practically every muscle. Many are so intense that a minute or more moving would spank most people in a heartbeat. They build insane conditioning for anyone, even the very best in sports have done them; some are used in gymnastics, wrestling, MMA, Football, the military and other factions of law enforcement for the sole purpose of targeting the entire body and strengthening it from all angles even areas regular bodyweight and weight training can't touch.

Go as long as YOU see fit, build up and see how far you can go. The most I will ever do is an hour but at times i'll be so into it time flies by. Amazing source of functional fitness, hormone builder, testosterone booster, getting excess energy out, lung enhancement, heart strengthening, tendon builder & provides insane stamina for your daily life.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning 1 & 2
Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Longan Berry Fruit Powder

Have you heard of Longan Berry Fruit Powder? This amazing berry has some astounding properties. A tropical fruit tree grown and semi-wild cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian province, China and is grown organically and collected from the tree at a minimum age of 3 years old.

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Longan Berry Powder has been known to promote tranquility, balance, improve skin, reduce stress, nourishing of the yin and so much more traditionally! Some great benefits packed in this tasty berry powder! In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this fruit powder works through two meridians- the Spleen and the Heart. The Chinese function of the Pancreas-Spleen is mainly of digestion. A healthy Pancreas-Spleen allows the Qi to be freed from food. Longan is a great tonic herb for the Heart and works to soothe the Shenwhich the Heart houses.

Longan is also very rich in antioxidants because of its large amounts of procyanidin and tannins. These antioxidants are one of the primary means that it works so well as a beauty herb (especially for women).

This product tastes great too! And mixes well in smoothies (just in time for the summer months)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Why It's Important More So These Days To Be In Better Condition Than The Average Person

We live in a society where junk food runs rampant and not enough exercise is instilled. Sure there are many that go to the gym but the biggest purpose for the majority who do only want to look like a pretty boy in a magazine and to have many women show off their ass more than doing real training. It's good to have a goal to be in shape but at the same time you'd want to learn to strengthen more than just muscles but also have some level endurance and flexibility.

Don't get me wrong it's cool to want aesthetics but if you can't be strong, enduring & flexible/mobile what the hell can it really do for you. It doesn't matter how good you look, if you can't go long in the sack or able to move freely as possible, looking good isn't going to help your cause. However, with the right form of training and the ability to eat as healthy as possible, aesthetics can play a great role and will come the way it is meant to.

In this day and age, looking good is not enough anymore; being in real shape and handling life situations is more valuable than having rock hard abs and biceps bigger than the Black Pearl's Cannonballs. If you took maybe 100 people that look like greek gods and goddesses, how many of them are in real shape and can go along with decent levels of strength? Most likely maybe 20% or less. Even more so with the obesity epidemic, staying and maintaining shape is a must. Kids barely even exercise in most schools these days because you have too many written notes, there's no real structure or fun in how exercise is applied; many P.E classes only shoot for teaching specific sports which isn't bad by any stretch but it doesn't teach the fundamentals of kids learning to do Push-Ups, Squats, Sit-Ups, Animal Moves, some form of lifting; hell make them carry a bucket of water if it makes you have them working a little. You know where many kids find exercise; on Youtube. It's cool they found something but nothing compares to learning the real thing and having a coach show you how to apply the exercise with control and able to breathe properly.

Any exercise is better than nothing but it's important to teach the values of understanding your body before moving onto weights or what thereof. Some people go their whole lives not touching a weight and that's awesome yet to get an overall picture its good to have a knowledge and understanding a solid amount of exercises that purely basic and effective.

Circuit Training is very valuable because it's time efficient, doesn't need to be in a huge building and has you building more than just pleasing muscles; it builds strength, stamina, conditioning & flexibility. When you learn to control your breathing & form plus resting as long as needed not what is typically ideal, you can be in incredible shape. Now when it comes down to conditioning i'm not talking Crossfit because that has more flaws than I care to explain but conditioning is being able to withstand stress throughout a playout and it helps you stay in the game even when you might feel shot to hell. Just yesterday I put myself through a Circuit playout that had me doing a total of...

100 Hindu Push-ups
200 Hindu Squats
100 V-Ups
200 Mountain Climbers
100 Hindu Jumpers
200 Side Bends
100 Push-ups
100 Pushing (Jumping Jack Variation)
100 Lunges

Totaling all together 1200 Reps in an hour or less.

You can do lesser reps if you're short on time so it's important to intuitively make the best time for you and do so with intent and making it interesting and challenging. This is a high level playout so for a beginner, cutting it in half would be a hell of a start. You can create your own and not always rely on playouts pre-made. You can adjust the exercise, tempo and time however you wish.    

Monday, May 15, 2017

Circuit Training & The Benefits That Come With It

Circuit Playouts go beyond just moving from one exercise to the other and moving as quickly as possible. The ability to train the body through different tempos and form is a top quality to acquire but at the same time, it's critically important to be aware of breathing and the speed to push through with the best intentions. It challenges your conditioning but it also challenges how you breathe and move throughout a single circuit to multiple rounds.

I have mostly done circuits in the 6-9 range of exercises and do my best to get in 5-10 rounds depending on my mood, the shape i'm in at the time and the difficulty the exercises are. If you're an athlete training for a sport say like MMA, Wrestling, Football, Hockey; you want to be able to move as quickly as possible with limited rest periods between circuits and be able to withstand even great stress. What this teaches is that if you can push through a tough circuit multiple times with very little rest, you can handle extremely well in a competitive environment. However, not all of us can have that luxury because for the average person, pushing that hard can lead to many physical problems and your oxygen levels become more depleted than accustomed to over time.

I believe circuit training can be very beneficial but for the sake of health purposes and a goal to build up strength & endurance over time, its important to focus on the 3 main factors to take on high levels of conditioning; breath control, muscular control (solid form) & tempo. If you move too fast too quickly, your body will shut down in a negative way and you'll need more time to recover, if you move too slow or the playout isn't quite right or not enough you won't make the progress you want. It's like the Goldilocks & The Three Bears concept, there's too much, not enough and there's that one that fits you perfectly. This is where experimentation and focus on how your body operates and is leveled to a particular easy or advanced playout.

Everyone is different so build up to what works best for you and adjust according to your level. On some days it's good to back off and do lesser rounds but on your energetic days you can go for as many as 10-20 rounds if you wish. I also believe in how your energy plays out in this type of training. Pushing to the absolute limit can really deplete your energy levels and you won't be boosting hormones at a great rate; matter of fact your hormones and testosterone levels can drop if you do too much. When your energy levels are leveled to where you can be energized during and after a circuit playout can have a great deal of benefits when done correctly. Circuits can be a powerful way to surge growth hormone, testosterone, strength endurance & energetic properties that lead to greater recovery and accumulate amazing muscle definition & natural muscle mass. It wouldn't matter if its weight lifting, bodyweight, cables or whatever; if you can use the energy to your advantage and use the right form of leverage to where you can be as strong going in as you are coming out of it you're still having a great deal of power throughout your circuit training.

Bodyweight circuits are the best in my opinion because not only can you do them practically anywhere but you learn the sensitivity at a greater rate of your body moves freely than by moving weights because with weights eventually you're moving with the weight instead of moving freely on your own. Be simplistic using pushing, squatting, ab play and some grip to get the most out of your training. You can supplement other exercises but stay with the fundamentals and you'll never go wrong.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Playout That Turns Boys Into Men & Little Girls Into Strong Women

Many playouts can be challenging and having variety brings a great element of using your brain and your nerves to take in strength & endurance you didn't realize you had. To me such a playout is using a simple deck of cards that can be done in a variety of ways; you can go fast, go slow, do holds, modify and utilize different variations to your advantage and fitness levels.

A awesome playout with the deck of cards is just doing Hindu Squats & Hindu Push-ups. Just these two alone can get you in awesome shape and give you a level of conditioning second to none. The idea of this one is to beat the deck and go a little faster beating it each time but unless you're a pro athlete (Pro Wrestler or someone in Combat Sports specifically) you can only go so fast until you start to lose form and stop focusing on the breathing, the technique and paying attention to the body inside and out. At one point in time for a while I was doing 400 Hindu Squats & 250 Hindu Push-ups at a time with the deck and that wasn't always the best thing for me and ended up hurting myself due to over excitement and adrenaline not paying attention to my body. It's a learning experience and doing that high of reps is a great accomplishment but there's more to it than just hitting those numbers.

You can put any exercise you want with your own deck but don't just do repetitions and thinking that's the best way to get stronger; there is a line you don't want to cross and it'll either make you or break you if you don't pay attention. The deck I like best is the one made for students of Matt Furey and the exercises are Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, V-Ups & Tablemakers. These 4 are the foundation for Combat Conditioning and can be done in great ways that don't always require speed. There have been playouts with this deck where I didn't go for reps but counted breaths or seconds with each card and that becomes a whole other ball game. Doing them in Isometric Fashion develops strength from another universal element and creating power you didn't think existed. It gives that extra spring in your step and puts you in a state of mind that is blissful, peaceful yet excitingly challenging.

You don't need the Matt Furey Exercise Bible to do these 4 exercises, you can put them on any deck you choose but how you apply them for the best intentions is up to you. I mean just the other day I did a total of 300 Hindu Squats  and 100 Hindu Push-ups, V-Ups & Tablemakers each and felt like a million bucks. It never gets easier but it does get more interesting once you're consistent with it. You can make it the most challenging Playout of your life or make it to where its not that difficult but yet still feel great. Make it play for YOU!!!

If you can't get your hands on that specific deck, here is a place where you can pick your own deck and have at it.....My personal favorite deck is here.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Why I Don't Train To Failure

In the past, I have pushed myself in gym sessions and even during certain bodyweight training sessions to the point where I couldn't move anymore in a particular exercise so in other words trained to the brink of failure. I looked at that as a sign of knowing what it's like to have that warrior mentality and pushing through pain and giving it all I got. All it really got me was in fact pain, not sore muscles but actual pain and still feeling the effects of some of those sessions to this very day in places like my right shoulder, ankles & even my elbows.

Going to failure basically means you do so much until you can't move anymore in an exercise like the bench press, deadlift, push-ups, squats or whatever. You keep going until that last rep is so freaking tough, ever inch hurts and its the ultimate struggle. Many take this as a sign that it means you'll get stronger next time around. Don't get me wrong this is true to a degree but for overall development from my own experiences and being around others who've done it, it can actually weaken you because when you go that hard, you're not just stressing the muscles, you're also putting even more stress on the joints and ligaments and the chances of anything tearing are greater when you do go to failure workouts.

Going to failure depletes your energy both mentally and physically afterwards or even during on some occasions and when your energy is depleted, this can lead to a series of problems and can take you out for often times weeks for complete recovery. The type of training ought to be giving you or help conserve energy regardless of how strong you are. This mentality for going to failure is usually by hardcore fanatics either in sports or the gym or whatever it is they're training for. Me personally I can't afford to get injured or something worse because I do have a job, a house I take care of and need to pay for things to help stay afloat when its needed. When you're injured, you can't do the things you want to do, recovering from injuries can be unpredictable and if you have a job where if you're injured and can't do the tasks, you're not getting paid.

I don't train to failure because I need the energy to stay focused in what I need to do. I hate not being able to train and when you don't have the energy to play with your kids, can't squat without feeling some form of pain, not move with efficiency; it'll make you miserable. You need that energy from beginning to end so the very things that are important in your are possible to accomplish.

There is a fine line between a few aches but severe pain is a miserable thing to have. Training to failure breaks down the muscles way too much and the recovery time can take longer than you'd like it to be. I play with exercises every single day and have for nearly 12 years ranging from 5 min. to well over an hour and still have energy to do things with the people I care about. Be smart when you train and train to conserve energy whether you're a beginner or advanced do what's best for you and make the most of it without suffering the consequences of overtraining and putting your body at risk. The body can only take so much regardless of how you set your mind to. The idea is be as pain-free as possible and have strength during and after your playouts.

Playout, Don't Workout.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Does Your Energy Lack These Days?

Have you struggled just to get your ass out of bed in the morning?

Ever feel a slump in the mid afternoon or just after lunch?

Lack the energy at night because of sitting and binge watching?

The truth is, this a very sad reality for many people.

Because of this we take in way too much caffeine from coffee and other drinks just to fight this off. Don't get me wrong, its nice to feel a buzz but after a while but that tends to slip and drop hard and makes things worse for you than you realize.

Plus you're doing this just to get some form of energy going and feel like a young kid, all full of hyped up spring in the step and have that feeling like you can take on the world.

Sadly, this isn't really that normal as you'd like to believe.

Our bodies are meant to have a plethora of energy regardless of our age.

What gets it to disappear and decrease throughout time? There are more than just a single factor and here they are......

*Lack Of Sleep
*Hormones Are Imbalanced
*Problems In The Immune System
*Not Getting Enough Real Food
And so much more....

In Chinese Medicine, they talk about an idea of using Tonic Herbs. Unlike most medicine or other herbs for that matter, which the main purpose is to treat symptoms, these tonic herbs are meant to be designed for your health and support it in the best ways possible.

Your Root Energy & The Power It Contains

This amazingly POWERFUL formula can be taken everyday and the benefits just grow as you take it over time.

For that well-rounded approach that supports you deeply into the body, giving you energy that is packed with strength, check out the Phoenix Formula.

A mighty set of herbs packed into it such as Ant Extract, Pine Pollen, He Shou Wu & Shilajit work together synergistically to get you running and on the go.

What would it feel like to you to have energy that is 10, 50 or even a whopping 100% better than you can imagine and use it to get tasks done, play sports, be with your grandkids or better yet having that kind of energy with your spouse in the bedroom.

You don't need to take my word for it, just take a look at these amazing reviews on the formula that gave others something awesome

“I took this a few times off and on before realizing how much better I felt when I did take it. Six years of midnight shift up until my retirement left me exhausted and badly burned out, and this formula has helped my recovery more than any other sup I’ve tried.” – JC

“It’s like an energy shot. Working great for me.” – Inderjit

“I am on my second bag now, the results have been excellent…more energy and focus, better sleep and a nice libido boost.” – Bryan


“Love this stuff. Gives me the power I’ve been envisioning myself with in a balanced, holistic way. Def some valuable stuff as in incorporates all the right herbs in a good mix. Tastes awful but love the effects.” – Ryan

Forewarning, very much so it doesn't have the best taste in the world but only because it's not loaded with Sugar or Artificial Ingredients. All of that crap tends to create issues in the root as it is.

Just pure and wholesome awesomeness.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Product Release Nettle Root Tincture - For Prostate and Hormone Health

There is something new out, and you may be interested.
It is Nettle Root Tincture, spagyrically prepared and wildcrafted from the coast of Oregon.

Nettle Root is first and foremost known for its amazing ability to help restore prostate and hormone health.

It makes you pee better! If you have any prostate issues, where the prostate gets enlarged and squeezes the urethra, nettle root has been shown to help in all of the different ways urinary health is measured.
Beyond the prostate, nettle root acts on the hormones in a variety of ways, which can be beneficial.
Yet it is not just for those with prostate glands either, i.e. men. Nettle root can be great for women too. Several herbalists use it for women in helping to bring their hormones into better balance too.

Considering that men over 50 years of age have a 50% chance of having BPH, and men over 80 have a 90% chance, nettle root is a much needed ally in our modern day life.

Nettle Root Tincture great for optimizing hormone health in men.

3-Way Support of Hormone Health
Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. While a limited supply of estrogen is necessary for men, most men these days have far too much. Sadly, some men have more estrogen than their wives! A number of compounds inside of nettle root have been shown to inhibit aromatization.Several other compounds like secoisolariciresinol, oleanolic acid, and ursolic acid have also been investigated for this ability.
Then there is sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG. Nettle root lignans, such as (-)-3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran, have been shown to interfere with the binding of SHBG to testosterone, the testosterone receptor, and the SHBG receptor.
Plus, nettle roots have been shown to have weak 5-alpha reductase inhibitor activity. This enzyme converts testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone and levels of DHT that are too high are implicated in BPH as well as prostate cancer.

If you're looking to optimize your health this could be the thing you have been waiting for.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Still Looking for the Perfect Mother's Day Gift?

In case you haven't already found the perfect gift for that special lady in your life(Mom), then there is something I want to share with you!

The Athena Woman's Formula is a strategically developed blend of 7 berries and herbs made specifically to help support healthy living for goddesses around the world!

For thousands of years, special herbs and superfoods have been used to give people an edge.

These herbs are taken long-term for radiant health in those cultures by many.

This new formula has been called “life-changing” by some.

What does it do?
Promotes More Energy*
Mental Focus and Clarity*
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