Friday, November 16, 2018

Getting Wild After Waking Up

In the dull world of "normalcy", we get up, take a shower, brush our teeth, drink our coffee, eat a little something, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed and repeat the process over and over. Sometimes, will read a paper or listen to the radio in the midst of a "routine" we program ourselves to or what society makes us fall into. How about we make a slight change and experiment; for let's say a week, get up a little earlier, move like an animal to stretch your muscles and open up the body for no more than 5 minutes. That's all you have to do, each morning after getting out of slumber, do an animal movement or series of movements for a total of 5 minutes. 

When we become in tuned with a routine, we forget to live a life too, being spontaneous and doing something a little different. It can be scary at first because we aren't used to it and if 5 minutes is too much than do 1 minute. It's a start. Getting a little wild in the morning can do wonders not just physically but mentally too. You're not just moving around working muscles, you're also waking up the brain and getting blood flow to the body that generates energy, vibrancy and vigor. I'm not even asking you to go full boar, play with your own pace. Who said you had to stop playing as an adult huh? Life is more than just a routine, it's a chance to renew yourself and setting a different mindset that can lead to adventures, creating better moods and channeling your inner child. 

Sure it is our responsibility to work, pay bills, do laundry and take care of a house but it is also our responsibility to live as well. When was the last time you saw a good movie? Wore something that was fun and exciting to wear? Read a book you couldn't put down? When was the last time you felt at ease and smiled from ear to ear for no apparent reason. Like you I struggle to live at times and need to remember that this life is our only one and do things that make us happy and feel amazingly awesome. Moving like a wild animal isn't some silly trend that is geared towards kids; it's a method that opens up a world we have forgotten and need to relive. It goes beyond exercise, it's an expression of freedom, the ability to challenge the norm and opening up our minds in a way that gives us reasons to smile and play. 

You have a responsibility to live a life that has a lot to offer and it starts with a small build up of playing. Get wild after waking up and see what happens.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Animal Isometrics: An Ideal Method For Optimum Tendon Strength And Power

Animal Movements has been a big trend as of late and why not; they're functional, they're fun to do and can get you results fast. For some people, they're not strong enough yet to move at a good clip and have that core strength to stabilize themselves during certain movements. This can feel discouraging but there is an idea of where you can start; this goes for advanced trainees too.

I call it Animal Isometrics. It's not the typical style of isometrics you're use to seeing and it's got incredible benefits other forms of isometrics don't have. Here's a twisted way to look at Isometrics from the Tiger: It's been theorized that if a Tiger was shot and killed, it's tendons in its legs are so powerful and insanely strong that it will remain standing. What are Animal Isometrics? It's quite simple; you hold a position and flex as hard as possible while making an "SSSS" sound in the form of an animal. Think of the Bear Crawl, simple movement but the Isometric component would be to have the feet and hands planted with your butt in the air, plant one arm and one leg forward and press hard into the ground for up to 10 seconds (7 is ideal).

Now what these isometrics do is that they develop incredible strength and power in the most awkward positions and build up strength in the tendons and ligaments. It builds phenomenal core strength and with the way you breathe, it can build your cardio. A solid workout in this fashion doesn't need any more than 10 minutes tops. You can do all sorts of animals and with consistency, will build up greater strength for movements later on if you're not ready yet. For advanced trainees, these isometrics will increase your speed, vitality, endurance and breathing power. Think what that can do for your sports training; if you're a combat athlete in MMA with that much strength, think what that could do to help with your defense, your pinning power and lock in submissions that have your opponent feel like an anaconda has got them.

It's not just for sports training but for health, virility, flexibility, eliminating back pain and have a powerful physique. Train for lifelong efficiency that increases strength not just in the tendons and the muscles but the organs as well. Isometrics are a key to overall fitness and have possible near superhuman strength from many angles.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ultimate Isometrics Anytime And Anywhere

Many people don't know the full essence of what Isometrics are and what to do to truly apply them. They don't even understand the true nature of how they can dramatically enhance the physique of the human body. There have been scientific studies that prove that you can stimulate the development of lean muscle tissue in mere seconds. Sounds too good to be true right? Is this for real, or just pure bullshit?

I started on Isometrics way back around 2005/2006 and just figured it was an add on to the other training I was doing. When I truly started experimenting, I was discovering what they can do to aid in my strength and overall condition. There is always something new to learn especially on the topic of Isometrics. I began digging much deeper into this fascinating method.

One of the things I found out while utilizing personal experience is that, they don't take that long to do. I'am fried after 15-20 minutes of a Isometric Workout. Normally it took me an hour in the gym in my late teens to 20 years old to knock me out; with Isometrics, I felt like I just ran a marathon.

Some more of my findings were from this website where it gets down to the nitty gritty of Isometrics and not just the scientific studies and anatomy but the history and techniques that were used by the greatest physical culturists of the early 20th century. The method goes back thousands of years and used in different formats such as yoga, martial arts, wrestling training, meditation and far more.

Isometrics open up doors to your true physical, mental and spiritual potential and you can learn from over 100 Articles on the subject that includes ways to use them for gaining strength, flexibility, losing weight, building natural muscle mass and fat loss.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

The Other Side Of Seeing Death On Another Scale

On Oct. 29th this past week, a friend/little brother to my fiance and her best friend had his life cut short under tragic circumstances that ended in a horrible mistake. I only met this young man a couple times but to Holly and her bestie Brit, they knew him like he was family. Although he was only 24 when his life ended, he was beyond his years when he was alive. He was a former marine that had a heart many of us wish we could have. He had his flaws like the rest of us, but if he liked you, you knew about it because apparently he expressed it well.

Death wasn't always easy with me especially with people I cared about. I've lost friends to suicide, family members that were in later stages of life and a few that I was emotionally invested in. However in this circumstance, it was particularly tough to handle more than usual because at this fallen marine's funeral, I felt the pain around me everywhere; especially those who loved him the most. It wasn't just the pain of losing him or honoring a soldier or even emotional attachment, it was the love that became broken beyond what I had expected. I hugged my girl, her friend and her friend's mother so hard that I didn't want to let go, it was that powerful, not just because I knew he was gone but to give them the love they needed when it meant the most.

What really took me back more than anything was actually viewing him in that casket. I have sprinkled my step father's ashes and I carried my aunt's casket with men in my family but never up until this funeral have seen a body that was no longer alive in front of me. It was surreal and full of emotion I never experienced before. He was in full uniform and a trimmed beard and was ready to be at peace. I'm not a religious man and don't exactly believe what happens when someone dies in the form of religious beliefs; I do however wish to feel that when someone is gone, they go to a place in a time where they were the happiest and live out the rest of time being in that state. I will never get that image of him out of my mind for the rest of my life. Although he is forever asleep, his love and heart are with the people that brought joy to their lives and feeling so passionately what he gave back to them even in death. 

 It's one thing to see and watch other people die in the movies and being moved or unmoved regardless of how it is played out, it's a whole other realm when you see it literally feet away in real life. It really puts you in a state of emotions that are very hard to comprehend and thinking many things all at once. At one glance, I saw a man who was a fallen soldier and did the best to his abilities serving his country in the time he had; on the other side of the coin, I saw a boy he had more left to give in this world and had many opportunities to grow further as a man especially making amends with those he left behind. Like I said, I only met him a couple of times but I KNEW who he was by the people that talked about him. Rest In Peace Mitchell. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween: Indoor Animal Workouts

Dressing up in your favorite costumes later? Grabbing some awesome candy from neighbors down the road? Hope everyone has fun tonight on this great Hallows Eve. Tonight i'll be passing out candy and not going out but that doesn't mean I'm not going to workout. In between giving out free candy, I'll be moving around like a wild beast and maybe a howl or two just to have a little fun.

Some days, the weather can be so crappy that it may not be the best idea to go out and exercise even though it could be fun. Besides, I think for one night where you dress up, you don't want to get it wet or being dragged around in a muddy area (unless you're into that you sick twisted individual) lol. However; animal movements can still be done while indoors and going back and forth. Some can be done in your own bedroom doing frog jumps, rabbit hops, bear walkouts, frog sprawls ect. but the cool thing is, if you use your imagination, you can make it as fun as you want.

  Do you travel at times and need a quick workout but the weather isn't always in your favor? Do some movement in your hotel room or in the gym area of your hotel or poolside. Sometimes you just want to stay in; when me and my fiance were traveling to Lake Tahoe, in the second hotel we stayed in, I got up in the morning and did up to 100 crawls of the Tiger, going back and forth. It was a great stretch and great way to wake up the muscles. You can do multiple animals or just one, whatever you choose to do.

For some people, they want to be stationary and just move in the space that they are limited in which is fine, I do it too. You can do all sorts of animals like the Frog Sprawl, Hop like a Flamingo, Donkey Kicks and others. They may not look like much but they can get you into serious shape if you do them right. They can even get you breathing hard within seconds and that in turn can get you some great cardio.

So remember, just because there isn't a ton of space to use it doesn't mean you can't get a great workout in. Make it interesting and make it fun. Move like a werewolf, go crazy like Cujo, slither like a creepy snake, Flap your arms like the wings of a scary bat that could turn into a horrifying Vampire, Hop like a bullfrog; like I said, make it fun.

Happy Halloween everyone and get moving to burn off that candy. 

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