Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Have You Ever Been Stuck In A Rut?

At the start on our path of achieving a kick ass physique, it is common to hit a sticking point or plateau. Often we'll end up stuck there and don't know how to get out of it. If you feel you're in a rut then ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Do I deserve the body I want to achieve?

Are you worthy of developing a body that is supreme and lean? Many people firmly believe that they don't and why is that? Mainly because they feel they're not pushing past the limits or suffered in order to make gains or lose bodyfat. I've seen a number of people in the gym and those I've helped train see awesome results but have stopped because they felt like they didn't deserve it. A lot of us in the world really don't see ourselves as crazy fit so we stop dead in our tracks even when we get the best results.

It's like seeing themselves in the mirror and not see the same thing everyone else sees. It can be very painful and even traumatic to a degree but the fact of the matter is everyone no matter how old they are or what level they're at have every opportunity to create the body they want even if they have abused or neglected it in the past. You still can have a kick ass body and when you make the decision to make it work for you, it'll seem like magic and your physique will come even when you fall off the wagon every now and then, just don't make it a habit.

Don't you deserve to have food if you're hungry or to wear something warm and fuzzy when you're cold? Nothing will make you less worthy to something that isn't in your right naturally.

2. Am I impatient?

I have fallen into this many times since I was 13 years old. It's the need for instant results but in a nutshell, that ain't going to happen guys ESPECIALLY if you have been inactive for a long time. We all heard of those stupid ass "magic" pills and why they're soooo popular. Truth is, they don't do jack but give people hope and the illusion of quick and easy results.

When you stick with it and look at things at a larger perspective, you most certainly can get to where you want to go. A lot of people don't want to do what's needed to be done but in reality, getting fit isn't really that hard as a bunch of pricks make it out to be.

If you have the idea of what works and is giving you results, you'll have the patience and stick it out. Consistency is the key.

3. Am I having an adventure and it is fun?

To me this is the most critical question. I was told to be so damn serious about my training that if you're having fun, you're not training right. I learned later on that working out shouldn't be work, hence why I call it playout. You make a real effort but it isn't all torturous and devilish hell.

Many times in my training felt like crap and I hated it but yet I was told it had to be done. Shit, what kind of motivation is that? I'd be more motivated to prank Donald Trump by calling and saying "The oompa loompas called, they want their skin color back" then to feel like crap during a workout I can't stand. I've been through the motions of spinning the wheels and doing exercises I just didn't care for but that was mainly because I didn't want to feel weak and not be able to handle myself. It could only take you so far, trust me.

This is why Animal Exercises like Animal Kingdom Conditioning 1 & Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2 have been my go-to method for training as it brings adventure, excitement and learning something that interests me. They don't take a lot of time, they're extremely effective and above all can be seriously addicting. I have gone over an hour with them and it made me beg for more. Routines don't have to be so damn strict if you don't want to and just BE!!!

Are you really in need to love exercise? I don't think so but you shouldn't hate it either. On some level at least enjoy it man. I want you to answer these universal questions and find an insight into why on this beautiful earth you're stuck in a rut. Take baby steps and take your rightful place in animal awesomeness.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Who Else Wants Morning Wood?....GUARANTEED?? BIG SAVINGS INSIDE!!!

What if I could guarantee that about a week from now you could wake up with morning wood... on a daily basis?... not only that but you wouldn't have to take any TRT medication, or crazy drugs to get the sex drive you're looking for.Imagine waking up to your partner in bed a week from now ready to get it on... naturally!

This may sound too good to be true...However, one of my favorite herbal company's (Lost Empire Herbs') best selling product GUARANTEES just that! And they've got the BEST version on the market available.

It's called Pine Pollen.It's LOADED with over 200 bioactive vitamins, minerals, AND phyto-androgens (natural plant steroids that boost free T in humans)...

... which fights off the free radicals causing penile problems.

... floods your system with nitric oxide (the critical nutrient your body needs to get you hard).

... gives your body androgens (the foundational hormones that create testosterone).

"I tried pine pollen and was skeptical of the benefits. I use it in my morning smoothies and noticed the things down below became more “Rock Solid’ as well as seeing a boost in strength. I really could tell when I went a couple of months of not taking the supplement. I continued to lift weights and noticed I wasn’t making any gains in strength. I ordered a megadose and within two days of consuming the product, I almost doubled my reps in the gym. This is by far the best bang for the buck of supplements that I have ever tried." - Earl Heath

Because they're having their WINTER SALE they're giving YOU 15% off ALL their products, including their infamous, raw and wild-harvested Pine Pollen.

So if you want to wake up in 2018 with morning wood... this is an awesome time to invest in your health.

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If you want the BEST results, to crank up your T, wake up with morning wood FAST then I recommend combining any of the Pine Pollen POWDERS with the TINCTURE. That's because the powder has all the bioactive vitamins and the tincture gives you a DIRECT dose (almost like an injection) of androgens.

Just remember that cycling the tincture is highly recommended.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

The #1 Herb At Lost Empire Herbs

Do you know what the #1 herb is at Lost Empire? It is Pine Pollen Tincture.

The Pine Pollen Powder has been known to be a close second, however the tincture moves way more units every month or so. It has moved so freaking fast, the company had trouble keeping up stock, as of late though, they have increased their batch sizes. The last batch was 10,000 BOTTLES! Now there shouldn't be a big issue moving onward unless the demand has to jump again.

A lot of people around the globe know the powers and knowledge about Pine Pollen so far for its yellow powder coating their cars. In the western world, it's just breaking out of its shell to the public eye. Let's count ourselves lucky for knowing this when the rest do not.

I encourage you to keep spreading the word on this. The main reason for its popularity is because of its effects on HORMONES! To continue on having a vibrant and vigorous life, it is vitally important to keep your hormones intact. It is however sad in this modern age and only going to get tougher. The blog posts on the site shown overall how men today have far less testosterone than those of the past. This is caused by just about everything from plastics to harmful pesticides and even EMF's.

We need a major support. Now it isn't just the guys who've got it bad, the women may have it even worse because of the added complexity of their hormones. Not to fear, this is where the mighty strength of Pine Pollen comes into play. Providing certain trace amounts of Androgens, it could very well for a lot of women as well.

Some people however don't use the tincture like my friend and Lost Empire owner Logan Christopher and even for someone as powerful as he is, it is too strong for him. His last blood test showed a testosterone count of 992. He doesn't need Pine Pollen as he's only 32 but that wasn't always the case. Some years back he felt his hormones weren't in the best of places despite being so young but for certain reasons let's not get into that. He felt like he was born with less testosterone than the average guy. The tincture and other herbs like Tongkat Ali, were very helpful in building a better baseline and now can maintain it without them.

Now it wasn't just the physical actions the herbs were effective on, but they were also effective on the emotional  and mental aspects as well. If you haven't tried the Tincture, I suggest you do so by going here. Granted if you have tried it then you know damn well that it works for 4 out of 5 people. It is now the perfect time to stock up as it is Lost Empire's End Of Year Sale and by using the coupon code 2018 at checkout, you'll get 15% plus some big time bonus' as well depending on the size of your order.

Jump on this NOW and jumpstart your system with a powerful dose of Pine Pollen Tincture and other mighty Herbs.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Gift Is One Of A Personal Entity That Makes It Special

Don't get me wrong, giving someone a gift is better than no gift at all but where's the personal attachment behind it? To me nothing says gift more than sending someone love and positive energy their way, it doesn't have to be a physical material to make someone happy. As a kid growing up, there were gifts for birthdays and holidays that meant the world to me and still use them to this day but others were great but I never felt it being personal due to it being random or just a gift card.

I'am grateful for all the gifts I have received over the years but now that I'm older and I understand the concept of how gifting works both on an emotional level and physically giving someone something. The Secret Santa thing is a great idea but unless you know the person you're a Secret Santa to very well, it can be a bit of a burden on your part to what to give them that you know they may like. If you're open to the idea of giving someone something you know deep down in your soul you know damn well that they'll love, it shows more than just getting a gift, it shows your character and shows that you make it personal and wholesome for them. I never even liked the idea of someone using my name to get someone a gift that I had no control over and had no say of what to get them, to me that is almost hurtful and impersonal at its highest level. If you're doing a gift, you make sure you're in on it 100% with the knowledge and the idea of what's in your control of the situation.

It doesn't matter if its a gift for your best friend, an acquaintance, a relative or a little kid, you want to make it memorable for that person and something that says that they know it was YOU!!! You want to give them that excitement of joy and smiles that just light up a room not to boost your ego or make it that you're a better gifter, its to let them bask in that radiant energy that makes them feel warm, emotionally in the moment and feeling amazing about what you have given them. Sure kids these days want Kindles, Laptops, XBOX's, Iphones and even a trip to Disneyland if they are SO ambitious but even in this day and age, if you find a gift that makes it memorable they'll never forget it regardless of what it is. I'll never forget the first Christmas I had with my girlfriend's family, I got her dad a Kansas City Chiefs Football Card of one of his favorite players and he just lit up like a little kid and you can see it in his eyes he loved that thing. My girl got some cool stuff too including a few Star Wars collectibles and other things but the way she just smiled and grinning from ear to ear, it made me feel awesome that I could do that for her.

Whether you're on a budget or stinking rich, making things memorable for that person is what counts more than anything else. If you're really ambitious, make something yourself or write something original, make it unique and something that no one else can give them. Don't just go for a random gift and expect them to like it, whatever you give them, their reaction is out of your control so be creative and learn what they love, it shows that you made a real effort, not that your intentions and effort aren't productive but a real emotional investment.

Here are a few places to get ideas for that awesome gift......

Holiday Toy List At Amazon

Lost Empire Herbs

Kick Ass Kettlebells At Onnit

Energizing Products At Advocare

Fitness Programs From Eddie Baran

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

15% Off Herbs: Abundant Energy, Sex Drive & Optimal Health - Bonus' With EVERY ORDER

It's once again the end of a fine year and Lost Empire is having its End Of Year Sale that includes Bonus' with every order. Check out the page to see what perks you can qualify for...but wait, you might want to keep reading. If you're over 30 like myself, I'm thinking you're starting to feel the effects of time and even more so GRAVITY on your body.

It can be harsh...

You may feel more lethargic, just getting out of bed can seem like a chore.

Your sex drive diminishes... and sometimes you can't get "it" up.

Your mind isn't as clear... and you forget details at times.

Luckily for you, NATURE is on your side. And there are all natural superfoods to boost your health.

Today I want to share with you Lost Empire Herb's top 12 Herbs.

These are super powerful herbs that will help with your energy, sex drive, hormones, memory, and focus.

There's a reason why this company is alive and doing well: Their products WORK... and the best part is they don't have the NASTY side effects that you'll find in drugs (and with any purchase you're GUARANTEED satisfaction for a whole year. So if the product doesn't WORK for you, let them know and they'll make things right).

Below is a small TEASE of Lost Empire Herb's top 12 products.

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For ENERGY that lasts all day long: Get our Phoenix formula (to recreate your health like a phoenix emerging from the ashes!)

For WOMEN's beauty, energy, and hormonal health: Get Athena formula

And that's just a quarter of their best selling herbs for superhuman health (FYI: their company used to be called Super Man Herbs, but because of copyrights they had to change the name).

Remember... until Dec 18th you can get 15% off everything.

Code: 2018

This is the perfect time to stock up on herbs for the year...

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You're backed by their ROCK-SOLID, 365-day, money-back guarantee. So if the herb doesn't work for you, just hold onto the bag, let them know and they'll make things right.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Isometrics Are The Ultimate Anytime Workout

You can create virtually a limitless amount of exercises throughout the day that give you clarity, strength and muscular definition without ever moving a muscle. Once you understand the concept of Isometric Exercise, you will never have an excuse to not workout ever again. Many have this illusion of an idea that in order to have a workout you need a gym, equipment and a plan in order to succeed in fitness; that's only part of a huge idea but not as big of a part as you may think. 

One of the reasons why I love isometrics so much is that no matter where I Am, I can flex, push, pull, grip and squat at any given time. This comes in handy when you're in line at a particular place say waiting at a restaurant, at the movie theater about to get popcorn and a soda, at an atm getting some cash out or even (my personal favorite) in line for a ride at Disneyland; seriously how fun would it be to press, pull or do a wall sit at Splash Mountain or Pirates Of The Caribbean? I know it's a workout in itself moving around the Happiest Place On Earth just by the walking and running to get a fastpass yet you can develop muscle on any body part using your imagination (what better way to use that word than THAT place). 

Another notion of fitness people seem to think or been taught is that you only need one workout 3x a week and that's it; bullshit. Sure you can go to a gym and jump on a machine or lift a few heavy things which i'm all for it is better than nothing but also it keeps you closed off from the true secrets of exercise and applying it regardless of where you are. Let me tell you a story; I'm in line at The World Of Tomorrow just chillin a bit with quite a number people surrounding me waiting like I Am to get in and I decided to do a Handstand, not against the wall but free-handed and held it for about 10-15 seconds (to this day I'm in awe that I pulled that off) and some people gave me a few looks like I was nuts but I didn't care, I even did a few hindu squats in the middle there to pass the time; the point to this is that if you an use your imagination and safely do exercise anywhere, you have unlocked the biggest door in the fitness industry. 

Isometrics generate positional strength, high oxygenated blood (when relaxed) and programs your mind to use anything in your surroundings. When you tap into that realm of becoming strong at any position and develop definition that takes on a life of its own, you have the power to create any program you want. People tear down Isometrics for mainly three reasons: They don't understand it, to promote weightlifting as the one all be all and to make use of their own egotistical aspirations that it never works and doesn't do a damn thing to your body. It creates internal power beyond belief and is one of the fastest methods to burn fat and put on muscular definition quick. Even if you don't have any goals to lose weight, Isometrics provides the means to get rid of unwanted fat and developing denser muscle. So even if you weighed 200 pounds but overweight, with the practice of Isometrics you can still weigh exactly the same but have denser looking muscularity. 

Make Isometrics a part of your routine, if you need a pick-me-up just do a wall sit for 30 seconds or press/pull against a chair, press your hands together for ten seconds while sitting in a couch or a chair, put your fist against a wall, hold a plank, pull on a towel while you dry off after a shower; there are so many ways you can use this method throughout the day. Open up to possibilities and transform yourself both internally and externally. 

I do Isometrics practically everyday from a full 20-25 minute playout to various exercises in a given day, pay attention to them and breathe correctly so you don't injure yourself. What's stopping you? 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

No Pain All Gain Conditioning

Unless you're in sports, training for a mud run or spartan race or try to one up your boy, going all hard till you drop isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Training till failure can be dangerous on your body especially on the central nervous system where you go crazy and all of a sudden your body shuts down and you're out for some time. Been there, done that and you know what? It can be a royal pain in the ass trying to recover fast enough to your next psychotic workout. I believe in challenging yourself but never to the degree where injuries are more than likely to occur.

There are people out there that think they have something humongous to prove to themselves that they're in better shape than somebody else. Crossfitters fit right into this category; don't get me wrong those guys and girls are tough bastards and some can go extremely hard but like the old saying goes "Everything comes with a price" and they pay for it sooner than later in major injuries, paralysis and possibly death. There was a time where the big fitness rage was "No pain, no gain", this was made by bodybuilders who "taught" people that by building muscle, you have this mind boggling element of pushing through pain in an exercise in order to make a muscle grow. Yes that is one way to do it but there are healthier ways to build muscle than the go big or go home bullshit.

As we get older, our bodies begin to change once again but this time, it's a drop in hormone production and our bones become frail little by little. I know deep down I'm not going to have the same level of conditioning and strength/flexibility in my 50's as oppose to my 20's and 30's yet by adjusting and tweaking things using wisdom and knowledge, I plan on being in crazy shape still in my later years than my peers because unlike many people in the world, I'm not just going to stop training just because I'm this old and that form of state. I first learned the term All Gain, No Pain from my mentor John Peterson of Transformetrics; call him a quack, call him a genius, call him an egomaniac I don't care; I just take bits and pieces of little advice and put it to use on my own terms.

Gaining health and strength without the pain is a great treasure to learn and anybody can do it if they learn to listen to how their body really responds. I'm still a young guy according to those 20 years older than me hell even 10-15 years older than me but at my age, I see those in their late teens and early-mid 20's just getting the crap beat out of them in the gym and doing these crazy things that will in no way, shape or form is going to help them later in life than most likely kill their bodies from the inside. At 33, I'm now old enough to be some trainee who's just starting out at 11-12-13 years old's dad, that scares me sometimes and I worry often for these kids that are pushed so hard that they don't understand what they're doing to themselves or what a parent is doing to them. There are some kids out there that are phenomenal at what they do and some rarely get injured and have a great level of discipline plus being able to defend themselves which I greatly admire but also hope that they don't go down that path where things will bite them in the ass later in life.

No pain and all gain conditioning is a system where you do exercises to the degree that you can keep going without fatiguing and you're not overexerting your CNS. They can be calisthenics, kettlebells, cables, dumbbells or machines but you never push past to the point of failure and you're safely strengthening the tendons and ligaments. I understand the need to push beyond limits and I've done my fair share to the point of collapsing and passing out, getting dizzy and even be so stiff that in the morning every move hurt so bad it feels like a crowbar is hitting you all the time. Pain may tell you you're still alive but it's also torturous and can threaten your very sanity as a human being.

Be aware of how you train and come out strong at the end feeling like you could do a little more but you're reserving that for the next session and recover well. When you train All Pain and No Gain, you'll recover faster and operate with highly oxygenated blood in your system that keeps your lung capacity at a great level and you will last longer in your sessions plus you'll have better reserves for higher volume if you choose to go that route.

Monday, November 27, 2017

An Effective Way To Help Those Who Are Hyperactive

For some, it can be difficult getting to sleep and having a good night's rest. I've had my fair share of nights even lately where it was tough to be knocked out and doze off. I'm one of those people who's a night owl and have a lot of energy at night; even if I didn't sleep too well, it still happens with me. This method may not have an effect on people 100% of the time but it can be a solution when it is needed most and practiced along with developing sleeping habits.

The method is Animal Exercise. Because of the great intensity these moves have, within minutes you'd be down for the count. If it's during the day I only do animal work for a short amount of time just to get some solid conditioning in and feeling enough to go as long as needed; at night however, because of high energy levels, I'll go until I feel exhausted and that endorphin high kicks in hard and then do some deep breathing to completely take out any excess jitters.

Many kids can be very hyper active and getting them to bed at times is more of battle than a chore. That can be frustrating for a parent or a person babysitting and you don't always know what to do in those kinds of situations and don't get me started with kids who can be resistant and cop an attitude. It happens. Frustration isn't going to help them sleep any sooner so it is important be as firm as possible without getting too overwhelmed, I've been around kids my whole life so I know those moments both as a kid and one that has taken care of kids. Have them do Wild Moves and see what happens

Now unless you have a night job, as an adult, hyperactiveness can be a real pain in the ass if you have to be at work in the morning and you didn't sleep well the night before. Exercise at night can be very effective to help get rid of excess energy. You don't need to do Animals to do this although it is a very high level solution; you can do Core Work, circuit training, Isometrics, high volume push-ups & squats (deck of cards anyone?), a 3-10 min. finisher of supersets or have great sex with your significant other, whatever helps you get rid of excess energy.

Being Hyperactive doesn't have to be a burden and the answer is not always medication (unless you have a specific condition that a doctor has you on some form). Some people take muscle relaxers which does help from time to time but you don't want to rely on it and possibly get addicted to it. Find positive ways to balance yourself out and never stop learning. We all go through things in life and it isn't easy dealing with certain issues whether physical, mental or emotional.

One of the reasons animal exercise is useful to me is because it doesn't just take out the excess energy physically but mentally as well; I have been known to have what I call Excess Thinking where your brain just doesn't shut off and many things run through your mind at a million miles an hour, talk about a pain in the ass. The animals being practiced have a profound effect on the brain because you're using so many neurons and so many muscles all at the same time so when you keep going and going, your brain will tell you when it needs to rest and when you have finally calmed down, everything shifts the focus on having the body be in neutral both physically and mentally as the brain sends waves of energy to the nervous system and helps you fall asleep. I'm no Neurologist and I don't have any scientific proof on this but I do have personal experiences and I know how my body plays out Physiologically and have felt these experiences to great degree. I will tell you it's not completely 100% effective but it is right up there in the 90+ Percent.

Get some sleep and be happy when you wake up.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Save Yourself From Bodily Harm

As they say, only in america where people trample each other the day after being thankful for what they have. Sad yet true, we have become a gross and vulnerable society where we can be easily manipulated into believing how great a deal is yet we have to wait in line for hours on end and destroy each other to get it.

If you're looking for an awesome gift on Black Friday, I believe in shopping online. Sure it isn't the same as being in a store but at the same time, you get to keep your sanity and not listen to people bitch about what they couldn't get because some other asshole beat them to it. Think how much gas you can save and the type of gifts you can find in a much more convenient environment. Be able to find what you want to get in the blink of an eye. We take certain things for granted and we get stressed over something that can easily have another alternative that is safe, less stressing and it's there right in front of you.

I'm nowhere near touching a store today and although it would be entertaining, just not in the mood to shove people out of the way to get things done. Be around your family, have the ability to find gifts just a click away. I want to help you find the best deals today because you deserve to be stress-free and know someone has your back. You don't need to be overwhelmed of the fact that just by going to a store, you're risking possibly your own safety both physically and mentally. Be safe and find deals that suit you without having to get all hyped up and full of adrenaline. Here are some great deals to start with and if you need help finding something, just give me a holler on facebook or twitter:


At DragonDoor you can get 40% OFF of the latest products in fitness from books to dvds and kettlebells. Just enter BFCM2017 at checkout.

The best products on Amazon are in full swing today for Black Friday from appliances to movies to cooking and more. Get the best deals for the people you want to get a gift for and if you're shopping just for yourself, awesome there are awesome stuff for you as well. Can't pick anything, just get a gift card for someone and have them get what they like. No hassles and no need to get your ass kicked over a Crock Pot LOL.

Onnit Fitness products are top notch in the industry not just in supplementation but very crafty Kettlebells that not only look badass but are incredibly powerful and can help you achieve levels of strength you didn't think was possible. The Kettlebells alone are worth it from killer looking animals to freaking Star Wars such as Darth Vader & Boba Fett. Here's what you'll save when you shop at Onnit...50% OFF DoorBusters, 25% OFF Supplements, 20% OFF Foods, 30% OFF Apparel, 18% OFF Fitness Products, 30% OFF Books & DVDs 20% OFF Personal Care & 18% OFF Certifications. Talk about overload of SAVINGS!!!

  I can only imagine the smiles you'll bestow on someone when they open gifts and you made it possible for them. If it's just you, then you're investing in some awesome stuff that not only make you happy but can bask in the glory knowing that you made the choice to shop in a safe way and make it your mission to seek out deals that aren't just a cool deal but an investment that lasts in a lifetime of pure awesomeness. Find the best deals for you and others. Happy Black Friday and be sure to send some feedback on this article. Have a wonderful and awesome day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Transform Thinking and Anxieties by Relaxing the Mind | Blue Vervain Details Inside

Busy with the holiday run around? have time to relax? feeling wiped out?

Too many people too often run themselves into the ground and forget to take care of what is most important - YOUR BODY and HEALTH

For this reason, we have decided to bring on Blue Vervain in Spagyric tincture form.

It transforms thinking and anxieties by relaxing the body and mind.

The effects can be immediate in this regard. A bitter nervine is something most can feel right away.

Like anything else, this will not work for everyone. But for those specific areas where this herb works best, its effects can be like magic.

However, my point in all of this is that there is another class of herbs that are not trendy, popular or hot right now.

I’m talking about nervine relaxants.

Like our new Blue Vervain Spagyric Tincture.

The people that use coffee too much, the people that use adaptogens too much, tend to be the hard-driving types already.

Once again, this is part of our culture, so it covers lots of people, myself included.

What they need more so is to be able to turn it off.

Just look at all the sleep problems so many people have. Many of these are about the lack of the ability to relax and let go. The incessant mental chatter leading to insomnia. The tension in the body that keeps you up.

A bitter nervine such as Blue Vervain allows you to relax. The feeling of taking the tincture is so immediate that it might startle some people.

Specific indications that this may be precisely what you need (as it is for someone I love!) include:

· Type A Personalities

· Entrepreneurs

· Anyone that has a hard time stopping working

· Anyone that “burns the candles at both ends”

· People that live in their heads

· People that make lots of lists (especially if you’ve ever written down an item on a to-do list that was already done so that you can cross it off and already feel satisfied)

Some ways that I’ve used this tincture include:

· After a hard workout

· After my workday is over, to transition to being with the family.

· Throughout the day when I get stressed about something.

· Before sex (details about that tomorrow)

Herbalist Matthew Wood says Blue Vervain “is indicated in cases where people are intensely driven but do not have the energy to sustain their drive. They often are stiff-necked, metaphorically and literally. They suffer from extreme tension in the neck, yet the neck sometimes weakens and the head drops slightly. These people are often thin and lack the physical sustenance necessary to carry them through the intensity of their work habits and drive. They are constantly exhausted, yet constantly striving.”

That is why I love this herb! It is perfect for me, and for lots of my friends.

Right now it’s $5 off, so go pick up a bottle or a few here.