Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Advocare FIT Line

What would it feel like to you to DOMINATE in your training and/or workday? The ability to pass through plateaus and develop great energy using a guided system of nutrition can be in your hands. Knock the guesswork right out of the park with the ADVOCARE FIT LINE. A new & awesome innovative line of supplementation that aligns three phases in your training: Pre-Workout, During Training & Post-Workout. You can even take hold of an awesome ready to go protein shake that can be used anytime for a pick me up.

Focus on the most important aspects of your training all the while to support your recovery & boost those big results you're seeking. What does the Fit Line include? Here it is.....

1. Pre-Workout Multi-Nutrient Dietary Supplement: To get you energized and ready for an awesome workout. Take 30-45 min. Before your training.

2. Intra-Workout Electrolyte & Amino Acids Supplement: To help you stay hydrated and give you a boost in the middle of your workout that has the potential to give you energy to blast through plateaus. Also aids recovery.

3. Post-Workout Protein & Herbal Supplement: To help those muscles recover with efficiency. Take within an hour after your hard fought training.

Be able to grab your day by the horns and bring in a new surge of energy that will aid in the results and able to maintain a powerful force that you have been craving. When you order this line personally from me, I will send you some bonus workouts that will really inspire you and just by the names of them can give you that burst of inspiration. They're bodyweight type circuits based on Superheroes of your favorite Marvel & DC Characters that will help you get fit, build lean muscle, burn fat and increase metabolism. Use them how you see fit, adjust them if you feel the need to and go at your own level, its already set up for you, just do the training. If the superheroes I sent you aren't your favorites shoot me a text or email me and I will help you find the Hero Workout FOR YOU!!!

Want to get a discount on this BRAND NEW LINE? Sign up as Preferred Customer and start out at 20%. If you want to sell it and make a PROFIT, become a Distributor and that will also give you a 20% Discount and you can build on it up to a killer 40% off.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting Excess Energy Out

Often times, some of us feel jittery at night and having trouble falling asleep. Maybe we had too much caffeine during the day, didn't let ourselves mediate and clear the cobwebs, maybe you've been wired from going out or partying at the house; it happens. I'm a night owl so sometimes it's a bit more challenging to fall asleep. I tend to do certain to really let that energy out; one I can't mention so i'll keep that to myself, I'll do some bridging which helps at times, some stretching to loosen things up and get blood flowing that's more euphoric but the one thing that does help me sleep when I need it the most is getting out to the dungeon and doing Animal Moves.

Animal movements are so intense that after a bit and you've used up all you have, your body begins to calm down and kick start that forceful deep breathing and putting your emotions and your physical being into a state that feels incredible and it's not overriding the CNS, its the pinnacle of getting energy out that needs to be let go of. If your body is kicked into overdrive running on fumes, emotional conflicts in the mind, you're a little shaky and you have restless leg syndrome it can be a heavy burden trying to sleep because without good solid rest, you can't function at optimum levels.

If you've been out partying and have hit the booze a bit with buds, I wouldn't recommend heavy exercise that could put your body into a state of shock trying to sober up so something like deep breathing, water and some calming music might be a better option; however, if you're restless from having a little too much fun and haven't touched any form of drinking or smoking, something productive like exercise can help get that excess energy out and give your body a chance to lay low afterwards. Taking a cold shower for me helps a lot with excess energy because when all the blood flow is rushing into your system it creates a chain reaction to get that extra adrenaline out. Whenever I do this, I feel so much better and when all that adrenaline wears off I'm out like a light man.

The animals are a great answer to getting that extra juice within out of your system and it's not just for getting you to sleep like a baby but to help be more focused in the day like at school or on a break at your job (as long as you don't sweat so hard your boss thinks you just ran a marathon in the crazy Arizona heat). Energy is a powerful asset but it can be disruptive to yourself and/or others around you if there's too much. One of the greatest Hockey Players in history Jaromir Jagr is known for his crazy conditioning but one of the things he's also known for is having a lot of excess energy so at times after games even when it was way into overtime, he would skate some more or go train and so sprints on the bike, do bodyweight or whatever to get any excess energy out of his system. Make it productive to get rid of any energy that is cooped up that can disrupt things so you can be focused or be able to sleep.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Music Can Be A Powerful Training Motivator

Off and on throughout the years I have listened to a lot of music during playouts and sometimes they have put me in such a state that I'm in a world where I feel invincible and nothing can stop me. I do prefer no music at times because I want to incorporate more focused breathing and put my mind and body on manual just to get a solid session in. I don't use music to distract myself like many do in the gym or elsewhere. A lot of people use music to distract themselves from focusing on both mind and body and go through the motions; they're not fully aware of their surroundings and their intuition is diminished more than increased.

When I was training in a gym every so often, some of the music in the place was decent at least for my taste but when you start hearing pop songs and country songs, it just doesn't seem right. My choice for music is mainly hard rock, metal and 80's metal. Some of my favorite bands to listen to while training are Metallica, Ozzy, Sabaton, Falconer, Iced Earth, In This Moment, Disturbed, Fozzy & recently Van Canto; they give me such a rush that the world is closed off and I can truly be me and let my mind and body go up a notch. Music shouldn't be the only thing that gets you fired up, to truly do that, you have be in tuned with yourself within without looking to an outside source.

What music do you listen to? How does it put you in that focused state? Music can be a powerful motivator not just the style of music but how the sounds, the vibrations and the energy it brings into your bloodstream as you listen to it just sends waves of power. Now when you're at the gym and you're watching TV on the cardio machines that's a whole new ball game and for me, I find it way too distracting and no where near the level of awareness to train with. Unless you watch epic scenes like Dragon Ball Z or other forms of training scenes that fire you up I can go along with that but when you watch commercials, a movie or even a TV Show I don't see any real value of motivation to unleash your true potential. Music however is vibrational, the sound of a riffing guitar, the pounding rhythm of the drums and the sequence of a heavy song working together to me is very powerful.

Here's a great song from Van Canto that I personally start with at times to really fire me up called Rebellion (a cover from the band Grave Digger).

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NEW PRODUCT Gynostemma!

This is one of the only plants not in the genus Panax (of which American, Chinese, and Noto- ginsengs are a part of) that contains compounds called ginsenosides where many of the beneficial effects of the ginsengs stem from. It is also cheap! In fact, one of Gynostemma's names is poor man's ginseng.

This is pretty miraculous and is good for all those that can't afford rather expensive high-quality ginseng. Even we don't have access to that great ginseng much of the time which is why you'll like this tea so much! Gynostemma is also known as the Herb of Immortality.

Much of that name has to do with its help in lowering insulin levels and balancing blood sugar. It is very protective of the pancreas and other organs such as the liver. Insulin has been shown to influence biological aging in human beings profoundly. Gynostemma can help with normalizing the insulin response, thereby promoting longevity.

It is also a potent adaptogen, working on the other side of the insulin-cortisol cycle as well. Cortisol makes the body crave sugars, these being the best to fuel the evasion of danger in the short term. High blood sugar, in turn, will jack up your insulin levels, which can have adverse effects that eventually help release more cortisol into the system, beginning the process anew.

Gynostemma helps tone down the stress response, thus, toning down cravings. Perhaps that is one mechanism of how it helps with insulin levels? These are all well and good but if that doesn't interest you, then perhaps when we describe how it works for athletes, you might perk up a bit? But if you want to check out more info, read more about it here. It is currently $5 until Sunday.

Gynostemma every day makes the doctor go away. ;)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Most Revered Mushroom on the Planet

Can you imagine a mushroom so powerfully good for you...

That its called the Mushroom of Immortality?

That it is painted into artwork carried by Gods and Goddesses in China?

That it is literally carved into the stone of Shaolin Temples?

That is has a history of being the #1 herb in all of Chinese Medicine, which is being well studied to back up the claims scientifically in both the East and the West?

That many top herbalists say the world would be an infinitely better place if every single human consumed this mushroom every day of their life?

Think that this might be something worth investigating for yourself?

Think it might be worth consuming on a daily basis?

I’m talking about Reishi Mushroom, also known as Ling Zhi or Ganoderma Lucidum.

Read more about it here and get some for yourself.

Monday, July 10, 2017

What Is Your Style Of Conditioning?

There are literally thousands of ways to get in amazing shape; you can do hundreds of squats & push-ups, do 100 Burpees or HIT 2-3x a week, you can hit the gym and do circuits there, do strongman type training to build strength & conditioning, you can do sports, follow along on DVDs and so on. What gives you the greatest benefit of being in top condition for you?

The truth is, whatever helps you break barriers and/or lets you find that niche to keep going and fighting on is a solid foundation in my book. However, in reality, only a fraction of programs give you the best tools to be in the best shape possible. It's all about what your exact goal is and what style of program or training system that requires you to proceed through specific forms of exercise.

MMA Fighters have all sorts of styles to be in shape for the ring such as the old Hindu Wrestling Workout Traditions, Boxing style conditioning, condition the hard style of Muay Thai Boxing and others. Strongmen lift heavy objects but also do high reps with extreme heavy weight, Football players condition by Sprinting, Drilling and patterning for catches, blocks & others. There's all sorts of ways but whatever you end up doing and it works will give you the best benefit.

I like being unique in learning different styles to mix together and form my own style which in my opinion is the best thing you can do. Don't follow someone else's style and try to keep up with their stats on it, you're not them and some of the exercises are not meant for your body type and going at the same speed/tempo can only spell disaster because you're not leading your own example, you are lead by someone else. Sure I do the same style of someone from time to time but that's only to switch up and learn so when I go back to doing it on my own, I can do the exercises by memory and form my own program with it.

I have done workouts using decks of cards, done many burpees, hundreds of reps for the abs, followed along to DDP Yoga and done finishers that would make the average person puke yet the best conditioning style for me is using animal movements. They represent the attraction of what is natural, instinctive and unlocks doors to major elements of conditioning to where you practice moving in specific positions or flows and learning where you are in space as you move.

Practice the movements, become accustomed until they become a second language than you form your own style of program and utilize those moves to create the best workouts or playouts for YOU!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Combat Conditioning

My real introduction to Physical Culture was through the book Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey. This got me on the path to strength training that would change my entire concept of exercise. The first three exercises in the book (Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups & The Bridge) were all I did the first month I fully used it and holy crap they were a wake up call. Very tough to do 25 reps on either Squats or Push-ups and a 30 sec. Bridge was the most I can do at that time. As I added other exercises in the book and really taking off, I was astounded by the amount of shape I developed physically, mentally and yes emotionally.

Within months I did over 1000 Hindu Squats/Jumpers in a workout, over 60 Hindu Push-ups in a row and could do the Deck Of Cards workout in under 30 min. These give you the tools to take your body to a level that was traditional in the Hindu Wrestling Culture of India and what it was like to have the conditioning and endurance of an old school pro wrestler. You don't have to be a wrestler to be in amazing shape, look at guys like Bruce Lee, Marcus Allen, Ray Lewis, Mike Tyson & other athletes, they used similar or practically identical methods of bodyweight exercise to get in insane shape.

Workouts (playouts) based on these exercises will strengthen your body and give you natural muscular shape and stamina that you can't even remotely get from weight lifting. You think being on a treadmill is considered cardio and its tough? Test out doing 500 Hindu Squats or more in a row or do the Deck Of Cards in 30 min or less. That builds toughness and it builds a level of strength endurance that's off the chain. There are 48 Exercises in this book that are very powerful and although may not look like much, can take down even the strongest of men. Once you become efficient at them, challenge yourself on certain workouts like doing 500 Squats in a row doing 5x80/20 or the 250 Push-ups Workout or 250 Hindu Push-ups in a row. This was the staple for the old-time wrestlers. This book goes beyond exercise and challenges your body, mind and soul to the brink of crazy conditioning for whatever you have in stored in sports or in life. Come and grab it and let the kids do it as well with you.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

48 Hour FLASH SALE!!!

Hope you Americans out there are having a blast today celebrating our country's independence!

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Have a Happy J4 Everyone

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Follow Blindly With Pride 2: Don't

I wrote a while back about following blindly with pride on fitness programs that are more experimental. There were a few things I admittedly was wrong about. Following blindly isn't the best idea to look for something to help you get the results you want. Learn what the program does and how it applies to the goals you're searching. Going in head on without learning is like jumping into a wrestling ring and not knowing a damn thing how to wrestle; you'll get your ass kicked.

Training should be about learning and venturing into something you can be interested in and getting results, if it doesn't work then you move on to something else. You may not know at first what you're getting into but start at the beginning, learn the basics and absorb what you can. Following without really knowing all the details can sever your chances of succeeding.

When I first truly learned about animal movements I was in for a shock how tough they were and I blindly went for the dice game and nearly passed out the first time. It was a tough lesson learned and I made a point to learn the exercises themselves before making the mark for a big workout. It paid off in the end and now it has helped me be in the best shape of my life.

Think of it this way, if you just jumped into olympic weightlifting and thinking because you've seen it done so easily by champions why not do the same exact thing. Let's face it if you don't have the basics and just lift without any mechanical training, you can end up hurt and you'll find something to blame for your failures. Follow the basics not the blind.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Animal Style Movements Enhance Brain Power & Mental Toughness

Some refer to animal movements as nothing more than warm ups for the "big" exercises; that's fine if they think that but that mainly tells me they have fully experienced the benefits of the movements themselves and what they truly represent. When you break it down, each movement in its capacity brings in a full engaged body otherwise you won't be able to move very well and you're not using your body's natural instincts. This in turn establishes more power into the body's Central Nervous system and flows up the energy of the spine and produces blood into the streams leading up to the brain. When your body flows with that much energy, it enhances the activity in the brain which can enhance memory, the ability to process better and increase possibly with intelligence.

The focus of the movements opens up the areas of the brain that produces endorphins and with the blood flowing at a powerful, natural rate it stimulates all areas of the brain. I'm no scientist, I'm only going on experiences and the possibilities of what these animal moves can really do when engaged. The mental toughness comes from the ability to keep going. Like an animal in the wild, it has to be tough in order to survive and be able to take down prey or run from it when it's called for. In life, things do get tough and when you have the drive to keep moving even though you're tired it brings out a whole other realm of strength that's within you.

After doing thousands of steps, yards ect I personally believe that when you're done with a session, you'll experience a level of focus, blissfulness & calmness that anything that is thrown at you would just fly by. Other than Bridging exercises I have never experienced an endorphin high and level of positive energy than through the training of animal moves. I feel like the world is my oyster and I can do anything even if its just for a few moments. Because of all that energy, your mind and body become one and you will have abilities you didn't think existed. I have literally done hundreds of programs and playouts and none of them gave me that kind of energy. It was scary but I have come to accept it and learn how to apply it in my everyday life. So like I said, its beyond a warm-up, it is a way of BEING!!!