Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Developing That Summer Body

There's nothing wrong with wanting to look like a stud or a hot woman for the summer season. Show off those curves, washboard abs, thigh gap legs and arms that would make chicks go "oooo lala" but in the end, how are you going to look good if you got nothing really to show for it with real strength? Many people want fast results and want to look like a greek god(dess) for beach season so they can show off what they feel really accomplished. In some places in the world or even just the country; you work on a beach body all year round so what are you really trying to do in those other areas?

It's never easy developing a physique, it's even more difficult to get that physique but also have strength, endurance & flexibility as well. Most beach bodies look pretty but for the most part that's it, there's no real strength to show for and why need flexibility when you can make robotic turns and pose to impress someone? To have the total package; you must go all out on what is truly needed to develop what you want. The funny thing is, many beach body "practitioners" focus on bodybuilding type exercises and think cardio is the best way to lose fat and weight. This isn't just women, a lot of guys do it too and a lot of them don't get anywhere because they don't have the right method and they end up blaming something else instead of themselves.

Use methods that have stood the best of time and make that summer bod year round instead of only a season and then destroy yourselves the rest of the time. Methods like Animal Movements shed fat really fast and develop muscle faster than most methods, lift like the old-time strongmen doing Dinosaur type training, ladies; do body sculpting exercises using only your bodyweight that breathes life into the body YOU want, do gymnastic type movements to target the core muscles at its maximum without lollygagging around with stupid crunches and such.

Real beach bods develop not only an awesome look but you'll have other factors that contribute to developing that look; functional strength, stamina, conditioning, increased testosterone, higher metabolism, stronger organs (not just on the outside), creating natural muscle mass (not grossed out bulk) and one of the greatest factors of all; being pain-free or becoming that over time. Use the methods in this article and see your body change along with a balanced eating program. Why a seasonal bod when you can have it for life?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Why I Choose Animal Movements For Cardio Instead Of Running

Back in grade school it was fun running around on the playground, playing ball and just being able to move. When High School came around there were times where we had to test strength, stamina and flexibility in various areas in P.E. Back then I wasn't in any shape for running hell even sprinting for that matter and didn't have any real stamina to show for; I was pretty strong though and was able to move a lot of weight naturally for my age but I also had no flexibility that gave any incentive to my peers. I didn't understand cardio at the time, all I heard of what cardio was was just running long distances. I couldn't jog if my life depended on it and always failed at the mile test averaging 12-14 min. a mile which is pretty damn slow for them and you're considered weak and not in shape.

I mainly focused on strength in those days even before I broke my legs by going to the gym and just lifting heavy shit and that was it. From the bench press to the cable rows I did the best to my abilities to naturally get very strong without the use of steroids or P.E.Ds. I did get pretty strong without any coaching or being taught the fundamentals of lifting, I did it all on my own and learned from books and checking out guys like Ronnie Coleman & Jay Cutler. It wasn't until I broke my legs that strength wasn't the answer to all my attributes for fitness.

You've read my story on what I did at first when I started walking again; doing the Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups & the Bridge for a month; I never did that kind of cardio and strength training so at 21 I decided to make the most out of developing every attribute possible that I can learn and absorb knowledge on. At first it was just rehabbing my legs, than I started developing better conditioning and stamina, the strength came naturally and my flexibility was shooting the through the roof.

Now what is the whole point of all this or why am I still rambling about cardio and haven't fully mentioning the animals or running? Well, for the most part I hate running with a capital "H" but I do like sprinting. It wasn't until the last few years that Animal Exercises were my calling for utilizing the areas of cardio conditioning, functional strength and overall fitness that they're far better than running is and for good reasons: With running or jogging, you're only using specific muscles and going for distance at a specific pace but yet due to recent research, it can cause injuries especially in the ankles and heels not just the legs or feet. With animal moves, you're using your whole body in various positions where everything is engaged.

Animals reflect on using the natural formations of muscular movement such as crawling, jumping, balancing, climbing & coordinating and providing the ability to utilize many fitness attributes into one shot; Jogging isn't necessarily a natural form of movement but more of an isolated outlook to the nature of what real running is and that's running hard and/or fast like sprinting, chasing prey and other natural formalities. Early man didn't jog as a way to get fit; he ran like hell to get away from predators, ran hard to catch food, rushed his body into battle. Jogging is a systematic form of unnatural running. Animal Exercise take on the ideal of what early men had to do in order to survive. He had to climb, jump, swim and outrun what could potentially kill him or chase prey to feed his family/tribe/himself. Cardio when broken down is a term where you sustain a level of your heart rate whether in a short or long period of time. You can do 500 Squats and it'll still count as cardio, you can do 1000 Kettlebell swings it'll still count as cardio and you can do 5-10 Hill Sprints; that's still cardio. I choose to do animal movements because for me they're a sure fire to have hit peak levels of my heart rate and power up my lung capacity and develop a metabolism and fat burning zone even hours after a playout.

You can do Animals as fast or as slow as you want, either way your heart rate will go up and your fat burning zone will come into play because the more muscles you use, the higher chances of burning major calories and building powerful muscle in the process. Some of the greatest athletes on the planet have done animal moves to hit peak levels of cardiovascular conditioning. You don't need an insane amount of hours to get in high physical condition, just 30 minutes or less a day and you can get into a level of cardio similar to running 10 miles it is that powerful. The stamina you will develop and the ability to be nearly as strong in the end just as you started is what makes this so superior to many other forms of exercise. Want to get stronger lungs; do animal moves, want a stronger core; do animal moves, want powerful and enduring legs; do animal moves. Because of this method I'm in far better shape than I ever was in my teens and if I had a chance to go back in time to talk to a 16 year old Ben, I'd tell to get his ass into gear doing animal exercises; who knows what would've been if I had that knowledge then.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Product! Rehmannia

We have been sitting on this one for a while now, but we finally are sharing it with all of you. This herb is one of the most used in Chinese Medicine, and there are excellent reasons why! Rehmannia glutinosa, commonly called Chinese Foxtrot or just Rehmannia, is a powerful restorative Yin herb.

That means if you are in anyway suffering from chronic stress then you could very much benefit from this supreme kidney tonic. The adrenals sit atop the kidneys (the term "adrenal" comes from ad- (Latin, "near") and renes (Latin, "kidney") and Chinese Medicine considers them together to make up the Kidney Meridian.

So if you burn yourself out with constant work, life, family and never have enough time to recuperate fully, you are overworking your Kidneys. To be so go-go-go all the time is considered very Yang. So adding some Yin herbs can greatly counterbalance and create more resilience in the body, especially if you can't stop being that way due to your situation.

Rehmannia has been found to be adrenal-protective and renal-protective. It has also been found to be a potent anti-inflammatory throughout the system. This action allows the body to finally get about healing irritations that have been stifled by its trying to keep inflammation in check. It is just another way that Rehmannia can bring deep restorative balance.

All of this is very important to athletes. After all, who stresses their bodies more than those that day in and day out push their limits physically and mentally?

It should be noted for you athletes as well that weak joints, specifically, lower back, ankle, and knee pains, are common symptoms of weak Kidneys in Chinese Medicine.

I know many of you suffer from these maladies which are truly unfortunately for you. Well, now we offer an herb that can perhaps alleviate some of that.

On top of that, this herb does not taste bad at all! No bitterness to speak of! Right now you can get Rehmannia for $5 until the end of Sunday.

As I said, there is a reason this herb is so commonly prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine...perhaps it can help bring balance to your force (hehe, Star Wars).

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Developing Overall Conditioning With Animal Movements And Partial History

The late Karl Gotch once said "Conditioning is the basis for all Combat Sports; go back to nature and you'll find that animals in the wild are in the greatest of shape because they use their own bodyweight and stretching", although he was mainly talking about bodyweight in general it goes far beyond that in my opinion. I have taken this literal in the way of not just developing conditioning for a sport but for life itself.

I do believe systematic exercises such as push-ups, squats, pull-ups, sit-ups, bridging and skipping rope are incredible body conditioners whether for sports or not but nothing truly beats animal movements for strengthening the body from every possible angle. The reason why that is, is because animal movements represent the natural flow of the human body's instinctive and abilities of what has been programmed into us since the dawn of man. The systematic exercises were developed during the dawn of civilization and developing cities such as worldly kingdoms of the Greeks, Romans, Britannia & even African/Indian Settlers. Animals represent power, strength, grace, natural movement and the instinctive awareness of man's original "training" system for survival throughout the cavemen era. Before the Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Cossacks & other armies of the old world, man had to survive on instinct using his body to outrun predators, swim to catch food in rivers & streams, climb trees to get food, crawl at times to sneak up on prey to feed his family, had to balance himself through rough terrain to fight off other members of tribes and had to have quick reflexes in order to survive attacks.

Animal Exercise is the ultimate old school form of exercise because it forces the body to adapt every step and it creates a chain reaction in the spinal column and teaches the instinctive nature of movement itself. Think about it, if a man in the jungle was hungry and needed to find a way to get it; he would at times need to mimic the animal's movement to get an idea of how it behaves, how it feels, being aware of predators; it developed an ingenious way of striking down an animal's instincts and outsmart it. It didn't always happen that way but because man's brain at that time was only processing information and natural instincts to fight, swim, crawl, run and balance.

Today, exercise is more concentrated, more analytical than natural and takes on a systematic approach that has become chaotic and complicated. There are literally hundreds of thousands of ways to get fit but literally only a fraction have any real benefit. You have DVD's, books, workshops & classes that teach a concentrated approach to fitness yet in today's society, natural movement is acted like a mind-boggling "new" thing yet in reality it is the oldest form of exercise not because of exercise itself but what was originally the instinctive nature of man before becoming a colonized world.

When it comes to conditioning, the animals have it made and it can teach us the greatest things on how to use our minds and our bodies to adapt every step, every turn, every possible scenario to stay within the abilities to keep going without fatiguing or have gone so far, the body doesn't know it's fatigued. You can do all the push-ups, squats, bench presses you want but you won't last very long in a bear crawl, duck walk, Monkey Jumps and other movements because they utilize every muscle in the entire system of the body and goes beyond the typical modern movement. The more you practice moving like an animal, the more you develop the muscles and joints to last in certain situations. There are systems that use animal moves in a more concentrated humanized approach such as using push-ups while moving, concentrating on using opposite arm/legs in specific movements, using yoga-esq type drills or gymnastics/breakdancing but when you truly break it down, using animal movements in the best ways possible for us humans to adapt to, can create the ultimate conditioning tool.

There are animal moves that are not meant for everyone due to either severe past injuries, bone spurs, torn ligaments and such but in the end, when we go back to being instinctive and using our bodies to crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, swing, swim and other things, we are coming to grips on what truly gives us strength, power, endurance, conditioning, coordination & agility. Animal movements give us those qualities of the human body and how we can adapt and improvise in order to become our strongest selves mentally, physically, emotionally & even spiritually.

Get your hands on incredible Animal Movements from these courses: AKC 1AKC 2Kids Book & Workout DVD.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Benefits Of Playing The Animal Dice Game

Once you've consistently worked on as many animals as possible it's time to step it up a notch. Make a game out of the animals you have learned and use these games to attack goals and create challenges that are interesting and give you great benefit. The animal dice game is my most personal favorite and for good reason.

It goes beyond just doing random animals per round; it teaches you how to get ready for whatever comes next because like life it's unpredictable and certain things can happen when you least expect it. It teaches you to expect the unexpected and when you can go round after round it takes on a life of its own. The playout is never the same twice so you're on constant alert.

Conditioning both your mind and body gives you an idea of where things can go and you can keep going even when you're ready to quit. You can be just as strong even towards the end but you still never know what can come up. I have literally done hundreds, thousands of rounds with this game and done hundreds of reps total each time and it never gets easier; only more interesting. There can be times where most rounds are upper body others can be lower but again you're on constant alert and you must be prepared to do that animal. You can make up any animal you want with the dice and you can switch things up on a fly if you wish but never mistake that it is a cake walk. It literally forces you to adapt and having to improvise some rounds just to keep things going. One game can teach you many things beyond the numbers and the types of animals; it enhances memory, conditioning and tells you to always be ready.

To really spice it up, don't always do steps; do yards, meters, feet, inches whatever you choose make it interesting. I like to double sometimes triple the amount of steps per animal to make it challenging and force me to train harder than usual. It's always fun but in the end, I control the challenge but I can't control what animal comes up next. It's a simple game that will turn even some of the most conditioned athletes into the most humble individuals you'll ever witness. Like in sports, anything can happen and a single moment can change the entire outcome of a fight, match, game or whatever; like the game, one animal can bring you down when you least expect or you'll rise up and tackle it with a vengeance either in the first round or 50th.

Get in the habit of moving like an animal and challenge yourself while having fun and taking your conditioning to another realm.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Want This For FREE?

Last month Lost Empire gave away free acupressure rings. Everyone seemed to enjoy it…so it is happening again and I want you to be the first to know! Except for this time, the freebie is a copper tongue scraper with every shipped order from now until they are gone. That means about 470 lucky people these won't last long. It's first come, first served.

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What is a Copper Tongue Scraper? You brush your teeth regularly, right? But do you scrap your tongue?
Advocated particularly in Ayurveda, benefits include:

-Eliminating or reducing bad breath 
-Supports oral microbiome (that’s the 600+ species of bacteria that make your mouth their home!) 
-Removes toxins (what in Ayurveda they call Ama) that stay on tongue 
-Enhances the sense of taste 
-Supports whole body health by reflexology of the tongue to organ systems
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Most tongue scrapers are plastic, full of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Instead with a copper tongue scraper, you get the benefit of it being a bacteria-resistant metal. It fights harmful bacteria and assists the good bacteria more than tongue scraping alone!
How to use your Copper Tongue Scraper? 
Hold each end of the tongue scraper in each hand. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out. Place the middle of the tongue scraper towards the back of the tongue (as far back as you can comfortably go). Then with a slight downward pressure drag it forward. Rinse off the gunk and repeat a few times.
Use it both morning and night, whenever you brush your teeth. You might be surprised to notice how much cleaner your mouth feels.
Once again, you get a single free copper tongue scraper with any shipped order.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Similarities Between Animal Exercise And Disneyland

Let me ask you something; have you ever read a title like that before? I sure as hell haven't and believe me I'd be asking myself the same damn question "What the bloody hell is he talking about? What does a form of exercise have to do with a Theme Park? This can get interesting so sit back and learn a thing or two. Here.....We......Go.

I've talked about the animals very often and for good reason; they're bad ass and they are fun to do. However, there are certain things that go beyond just mimicking an animal. What could make it more interesting to compare to? You see guys and gals, the animals represent more than just movement, they are a perfect format for what is creative and unique. It's a blend of movements that can be done in many directions, can be unpredictable and above all, something new nearly every time you do it. It's the same with Disneyland.

The Theme Park is a place where anything can happen, something new is there you didn't see before, it can move the day really fast or it can move really slow. Forget for a moment the expensive food and souvenirs, forget about the long lines and such; its a place where no matter where you go, it can have an impact on you for life. You never truly know what's there because there's something being built or added on frequently. Like animal exercise, you go somewhere one way or another, you can even stay in one place but even then something hits you and you don't know what it is. Your movement can change in a heartbeat, you see and feel things that make you smile and provides you with a guide to another world.

You can travel into the distance past like the explorers in various jungles from an era long ago being a monkey, a flamingo, a wild tiger; you can go on the frontier journeying through the canyons like a coyote or a hawk soaring through the wild west, pass through the bayou roaming the swamps like an alligator or a frog; scamper into the woods of critter country like a bear, rabbit or mountain lion; look to the future and find a new animal to discover. See what I'm getting at here? They both bring new discoveries within our psyche and give us a glimpse of the adventures we seek. Other parks you have an idea of what to expect, kind of like having an idea of what the typical gym is; you've seen all the equipment that has you doing movements that are very well known and aren't big on surprises. In a way its like a park filled with roller coasters, sure they're thrilling but at the end of the day it's the same old thing like weights; you've seen the bench press a thousand times, the dead lift, the squat, the pull downs. Disneyland is different, it has something for everybody, it has been known to bring greater memories than at any other park; the characters, the charm, the danger, the wholesome joys and the ability to give something back whether you're 5 years old or 100 years old.

Animal movements are unique in the sense where no matter how old you are, you can enjoy it and doesn't have a narrow demographic, everyone can enjoy it. Disneyland is unique in the sense where no matter how old you are, you get to experience things from different sources. Animal moves can be scary, exciting, different and above all takes on a life of its own. I've been to other theme parks in my life, some are good, some were boring but none compare to Disneyland and its the same way; it can be scary, exciting, different and above all, take on a life of its own. Movement is a part of life, it shows us what we can do and what we can learn and has wonders that cannot always be explained. It's the same with Disneyland, it's a part of our culture, it shows what can be creative and what we can learn that also provide wonders that cannot always be explained.

For many, Disneyland can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience; with animal exercise, its a method to movement that when it is experienced, becomes a lifetime of opportunity. Although one experience is far different than the other, they both have life-changing opportunities that everyone should experience at least once.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Sensations Of Bridging

Was there ever a time in your life where you were at peace with yourself and just laid back and felt the world pass by and nothing kept you from smiling and feeling warm, powerful and full of euphoria? I love that feeling. When it comes to certain variations of the Bridge such as the wrestler's bridge, gymnast bridge, wall walking etc; it brings out certain sensations that are so powerful it creates a euphoric state that can be only described as love or blissfulness.

Many people fear bridging as if it was the devil and anyone that practices it is going to break their neck or break their wrists or other some kind of ridiculous thing. Those that fear it, never practiced it fully or never took the time to learn it properly. I've seen a video of a trainer in his gym telling people the negative "side effects" on the bridge and the cause of compression. What he showed was no where near a proper bridge where he only went to the top of his head and held it. That is the WRONG way to bridge. Some people are not meant to bridge due to specific former injuries or don't have the body capacity to put stress on the head that's one thing but to come out and say how horrible it is without stating realistic facts is a crock of s*it.

I have been around bridging exercises for nearly 12 years now, I'm less than 6' tall and weigh close to 260 lbs. That's a lot of weight to bridge the body into yet I have no severe back pain, my neck stretches very well, I don't have a compressed spine and I never once got injured while bridging. I'm not the only one here, countless people have experienced great strength and flexibility while bridging and have even gotten to the point where back pain has vanished within less than a few weeks after years of suffering. Now the bridge in it's glorious forms, isn't just something that gives you a strong neck and it goes beyond being a neck exercise; it has full of worldly sensations and euphoric properties that cannot be experienced by many other methods.

Bridging when it's properly done creates powerful nerve force; the electrical charge in the spine that gives off insane amount of strength coursing throughout the body and strengthens the bodily organs especially the sex organs. It stretches the spinal column and lengthens it as well. Some variations generate power in the legs, hips and core. The abdominals are being worked in ways even sit-ups can't touch and they help burn flab and bring in functional and revealing muscle.

When I do my 3 bridges at night before bed, I get into this state of pure calmness, blissed out and full of life charging relaxation. The world passes by, my body feels like a million bucks, I'am calm, living with love and happiness that is just so beautiful and so rich with deep breathing it is as if life has stillness. After these bridges, I would often just lay back on the mat for several minutes sometimes an hour just feeling incredible and stress is nowhere in sight. So you see, it's not so much a playout or workout where you get fit and test your abilities, it is to feel like you can take on the world but in a great calm state and feeling like nothing mentally can harm you and stress is nothing but a memory. That is the essence of what bridging is. It is harnessing that force within and feeling protected and put into a state where being happy is automatic and releases hormones and positive sensations.

This is my reason to get high; you don't need drugs to feel euphoric. Learn to exercise with proper intentions and applications and you will find yourself feeling things you didn't think could be felt.

Practice these exercises by getting this book.....It has many variations on the bridge and how to do them correctly.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Be Able To Practice Animal Moves Anywhere And Anytime

In certain sports programs, bootcamps & even gyms, people may say that if you want to do Animal Exercise you need to do it outdoors. There's no way you can do them indoors in a closed in space can you? I mean isn't the point of this type of training to be done in a large amount of space roughly 20-30 square yards or more? When I read that in a magazine or on youtube, in the gym or wherever I just sit back and laugh because there's two things running through my head when those people say those things: They either haven't had very much experience in understanding the grasp of them or they never opened up their minds to the limitless possibilities of where and how much space you can do with Animal Exercises.

In my Dungeon, the mats from the wall to the final row is 16 feet in length, the square feet alone is around 200 square feet; that's pretty small amount of space for those specific exercises yet have managed hundreds of yards at a time, hundreds/thousands of steps worth of movement and even had playouts where I did them in place. Now how is that possible and what animals can be done in one stationary spot?

Sometimes you need to stop analyzing and use your brain and imagination to learn the true aspects of animal movements. At the top of my head; the flamingo is a great exercise to do in place, frog jumps, bunny hops, kangaroo jumps, Monkey picking fruit (Squatting up and down as if to pick fruit and put it down next to you), Starfish, Donkey Kicks ok you get the drill. There's a playout called the Caged Animal where you train hard in place doing animal movements or holds. Now if you have a ceiling that's less than 8ft high, you don't need to jump very high and with the donkey kicks, you don't need to kick very hard either but you can still get exceptional results with this kind of training especially the conditioning and lung power you can possess.

On a nice day, its good to get outside in the fresh air and move like a wild animal but on days where the weather sucks but still want to train like an animal, do them in your living room or your garage; there's no excuse. Don't hold back because you think you have no space; that's bullshit and a cop out. Make it work for you.  

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Top Woman's Herbs Great For MEN Too?

Hey Guys,

Just Released Dong Quai! If you know anything about this herb I am sure you think…hmm… that’s a woman's herb? Well, you're right and you're wrong! Despite its amazing hormonal support for women, men have benefited just as greatly. 

As mentioned, despite its strong reputation as a female herb, dong quai can be great for men too. It may be especially interesting to athletes of all ages.

The hormone and sexual effects of dong quai do benefit men. For instance, the ferulic acid found inside has been shown to help improve sperm quality.

Some other benefits that will help both sexes include:

Supporting Cartilage Repair
Protective of Neurotoxicity
Supporting Mood

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