Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Art Of Moving Like A Wild Primate

We are mesmerized by the strength, agility and overall conditioning of Primates; they use what their daily lives require in order to hunt, climb, run and take on daunting tasks that no human can match. We can however determine some simulated movements to develop our body's chemistry to build muscle, increase strength in the tendons and tremendous endurance in the legs with given exercises that mimic a primate's movement.

Gorillas & Chimps/Bonobos walk on their inner knuckles that's above the finger nails, orangutans walk more on their fists in full knuckle position; monkeys use more of the palms since they have a different structure compared to the apes, more of a cat/dog type structure especially in certain species such as Baboons, Rhesus Macaques, Lemurs and others of such. To move as close as possible like them our positioning needs to coincide with the way our structures will allow us.

Nowadays the bear crawl movement has opposite hand/foot type movement with back aligned as straight as possible; I take that style but locking in my inner knuckles and pressing my thumb into the floor as I walk in that position. It's not as easy as it looks but it develops insane gripping power, tendon strength and makes the forearms like steel cords. I have gotten such great strength from it that when I do massages for people I have gotten the nickname "Boney Fingers" due to the solid hardness and muscular structure of the fingers.

There are many ways that don't have to do precisely how a primate moves because lets face it, we don't have the optimal ability to have that side by side strength and coordination with them so we use what we can to get as close as possible. The hanging exercises alone build the body in a very unique way. I love to hang in various grip positions and even the most simple one is a tough bastard because you're holding your entire bodyweight in your hands. To make things a little easier and hang longer is to tense the muscles from the fingertips to the toes and with that method at my size, holding for up to 30 seconds is decent. The lighter you are the greater the chance of hanging for a solid period of time but the bigger you are, the greater the difficulty of time spent hanging.

Whether you grip into the floor or by a pull-up bar, primate movements and holds develop a unique set of strengthened muscles and elongating the spine that trims fat of the obliques and lowers body fat along the entire core structure. Once you get into the advanced movements, your body will begin to change. One of the greatest examples of this magnitude is to look at a young girl back in the mid-2000's I believe where she had a pet monkey and mimicked it throughout her childhood and it changed her structure to a degree of the way her hands, fingers, shoulders & core were developed. They tested her at a clinic to see what her overall strength was and pound for pound she had developed strength that most men couldn't match. She went on to become a rock climbing champion. You can check out her story here>>>

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Primate Fitness Wins Again

My back issues are really dwindling now and I'am loving it. Been waking up the last couple days with hardly any pain in my lower back and slowly getting back to what I love the most and that's moving like a primate (ape/monkey) and hanging longer on the pull-up bar. I'm also down to 253 lbs which has been the lowest in the last couple years. The most I have ever weighed was 273 so i'm happy to stay 20 pounds off thus far.

Just getting on the mats, lock in my knuckles and just have at it. Seeing a bit more sinewy muscle and more definition in my abs and back. To me it is the most natural form of exercise; squats and push-ups work great and natural movements but moving with primal instincts, movement & precision is far more natural to me. It'll look goofy but as they say, looks can be deceiving.

I feel blessed to have such a strong intuition and I know not too many people believe in that kind of thing but it is something every person should practice. It teaches you how to harness your instincts, what feels the most natural to you and the understanding of right and wrong using emotions and what makes you feel good. Too many forget how to apply their own instincts by going by someone else's ideals and be more of a follower which for them is great but I believe being too much of a follower leads to fear of becoming a leader in your own right. You can't control everything in life but you can control your emotional content and applying it to your natural abilities to do something regardless of others.

I practice Primate Movements not for the sake of others and what they think is fitness, I do it because it's fun, natural & it keeps me fit that is unique. Being different is one of the most difficult things to learn because in some ways you were taught to be like everybody else, listen but don't do things that are right for you. It's good to have common sense and the understanding of right and wrong but it is also important to learn about your own individuality; your own self being and discovering your true self. People are very fearful for who they truly are because they have been taught to be like someone else because of status, creed, race, religion and other elements. I don't consider myself fitness royalty and i'm damn sure that I don't let the color of my skin define me; I'm a human being and want to do something is different, something not many people see but seem intrigued. I don't seek approval, I seek self and gives me the best benefit.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Organic Beet Juice Powder

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Beets and Nitric Oxide

One of beets most popular benefits comes from the dietary nitrates it provides.

What does this mean for you? Nitric Oxide (NO) is necessary for proper blood flow and functioning. Most notably:

NO is important for healthy heart function .
NO is important for supporting athletic function and workouts, increasing recovery , decreasing fatigue , and providing better energy .
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Rich in Antioxidants

Another powerful group of compounds inside beet roots are betalains.

One of these antioxidant compounds is known as betanin. “Betanin’s high antioxidant activity appeared to stem from its exceptional electron donating capacity and ability to defuse highly reactive radicals targeting cell membranes”

But that is just one of many antioxidants. Others include rutin, epicatechin, caffeic acid and more. Even the nitrates have been shown to have antioxidant benefits.

Beet Juice Powder for Cognitive Function

Blood flows to the brain. As such you might expect this can bring some beneficial effects.

“It is conceivable that a NO generator like beetroot has the potential to improve cerebrovascular blood flow and challenge detriments in cognitive function.”

That's not all but I think you get the point!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Taking Care Of Yourself

We're all human and we get caught up in certain moments when we train and feel that confident in our abilities that we sometimes forget that we need to also be aware of the consequences that could happen, not by paranoia but by acknowledging that if something does happen we need to back off. Injuries happen, they can come at you at any moment and if it does happen and you don't do anything about it to let it heal, it can bite you in the ass. I have been having low back spasms and aches for a while now and doing movement does help and when the adrenaline is flowing the pain is gone but once it comes off, holy shit.

It finally occurred to me that I need to get strength and mobility back into my back (how redundant huh?) by backing off the intense training I've done lately (500 Hindu Squats, jumping movements, Finishers, long animal playouts) and focus on giving my body time to recover. That's not to say I'm going to stop training completely just means doing other things without taking on such intense formalities. My cardio for a time being will be most likely DDP Yoga which is always awesome, MovNat type training to get mobility going, Gymnastic Abs to really hit the Core Muscles to give my back that specific training through Core Training and more Hanging Exercise to really target the lengthening o my back and strengthening the little muscle along there. Bridging a little more often as well to hit everything and getting that stretch along the spine and oblique area.

That sounds like a lot of training but the thing is, i'm not doing them all at once, do little warmups, than do a solid playout for up to a half hour maybe more max and do little things throughout the day to stay active and sedentary. Some days do DDP Yoga, do bridging exercise at night, Gymnastic Abs on other days, MovNat here and there; it's all about mixing things up and putting your body through recovery training. I will be back doing 500 Hindu Squats, maybe not every single freaking day like I was doing but frequently so I can keep up my conditioning and only do the animal moves up to 4x a week (every other day) for no more than 20 min. Shift stuff around to when you feel ready and you are in the mood for that kind of training that day. I hate to sacrifice what I love to do at times but I want to be at my best every single session and if i'm not in shape that day for it, I'm not going to force it. You learn to compromise with yourself and do something everyday whether it is big or small down to the smallest fraction. If you need to only stretch that day, do so, if you have the energy for 500 Hindu Squats do so, feeling up to doing 20 minutes of intense animal training do so; be intuitive and back off when you need to.

People get so caught up in the moment that they forget that they're body is a tool and not just something to go so hardcore for they don't think of the consequences. It is a machine but it can also breakdown when it's not properly being put to good use. You can push yourself all you want but at the end of the day, you need to take care of it otherwise you can do some serious damage and putting your health at risk. I've heard too many stories of those crazy morons at the gym trying to one-up against others and show off their strength and think they're invincible. I have been training with various intensities for over 12 years without ever taking a day off and not one time ever having to go to the hospital because of training.

It drives me nuts that these crossfit psychopaths with a death wish spend so much time doing the most intense & hardcore form of extreme training. I've watched the latest film on The Fittest Person On Earth about the 2016 Crossfit Games and I have to say as much as I admire the work ethic and the drive they have I also feel sorry for those men and women who get injured on a frequent basis and torturing their bodies to the point where they have this mentality of thinking they can keep this up for years on end which quite frankly makes them age much faster. 75% or higher of those athletes are more than likely to not only have crippling side effects when they reach 50 (possibly 40) because they never took the REAL time to take care of themselves in a healthy manner. Their form on many of those exercises alone are so horrid and disgustingly terrifying to watch it boggles my mind that bones aren't popping out of their skin. I'm not knocking Crossfit in itself not all of it is horrifying, it's when you have some coaches and athletes that push so damn hard to the point where form and common sense becomes negative and you see people puking, passing out, screaming in agony when they tear muscles, rip tendons and other injuries that occur. I'm all for going the distance and seeing what you're capable of that's not what I'm getting at, I just don't see any reason why you go so damn hard you end up in the hospital and having to spend thousands of dollars on surgeries that could've been prevented if you were truly aware of what you're doing. It's not just crossfit, it's other areas too that put people in the crosshairs making them believe they're in the damn navy seals and pushing to limits that shouldn't have to go any further than they have to. Take care of your body.

It is important to realize that you don't need to go to extremes to make yourself fit. I'am stronger now at 33 than I was at 23 and far more conditioned and flexible yet haven't even remotely peaked yet. My goal for the next 10-20 years and beyond is to be as strong, conditioned and flexible as I' am at this very moment and be able to say that even in my twilight years, I can still go and be able to take on kids half my age. When you go to such extremes and not take care of yourself, you can end up crippled faster and you're going to utter these words at 50 if you're still alive "man I use to be able to do that but can't anymore." There shouldn't be a use to, there should be a "still can pull off" mentality. I want to still be able to bridge at 50, 60, 70 years old, still be able to knock out 100 Hindu Squats or more, still be able to do bear crawls and push-ups, still be able to bend spikes and bend steel; all those things can happen. You can do extraordinary things but it's also important to be mindful and have self-awareness and intuition. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Taking On The Heat

It's hot out here in Idaho. Sometimes in the upper 90's and humid, holy crap. It's not easy training in that kind of heat no matter how many fans on in the house. Being in the Dungeon is no picnic either and end up most of the time doing playouts in my boxers only. One of the things that help on occasions is only doing a small bit of training than go on to do something later in the day. It gets so hot at times I barely want to eat and maybe a few exercises just to let myself know I have done something.

Usually regardless of the weather lately I still manage to do 500 Hindu Squats and do a workout either right after or later on or even do a little something at night when it's cooler. Drinking water is basically a necessity and refilling practically every time. If you're an athlete, 2 gallons of water a day might be your best option. I do my best to try to drink a gallon a day but even that is a challenge because heat can do crazy things to you; lose appetite at times, tired & other sorts. It's not fun when it's so hot you barely want to do anything and it can be even more challenging when you have trouble sleeping.

I build up heat very easily so one of the things I manage to keep consistent is taking cold showers a little more frequently sometimes up to 4x a day because if I overheat and no matter how much water I drink if I don't stay cool enough there's a possibility of heatstroke. Heatstroke is no joke and people can die from it of neglecting to keep their body at level temperature and drinking enough water. Cold Showers are a must in my opinion. You may hate it at first but if you're only taking hot showers it's practically redundant and not letting your body be at a level of temperature it needs to maintain energy. Some people can handle heat like nobody's business but regardless even for them there's a limit. Heat can be life giving but if it's past a certain limit it can also be damaging so it's important to maintain balance for your body.

If you plan on taking on the heat, be safe and keep cool as best as possible.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Horny Goat Week?

Join us in celebration of Horny Goats everywhere this week.

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The so called “active” constituent of epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) is icariin, a unique flavonoid. What is special about this molecule is that it is a PDE5 inhibitor. That probably doesn’t mean much to you until you know that this is what the various Erectile Dysfunction drugs are too.

PDE5 is an enzyme that breaks down the result of nitric oxide with cGMP pathway, causing the erectile tissue to lose its blood flow.

This is just one of the effects of Horny Goat Weed. Horny goat weed also helps to boost nitric oxide, not just inhibit its breakdown working well for athletes and promoting healthy sexual function.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Uses:

· Organ Meridians affected: Kidney and Liver

· Tonifies the Kidney Yang

· Used for increasing Libido, Impotence, Infertility, Forgetfulness, Lower Back Pain

· Strengthens Lung Qi

· Strengthens Sinews and Bones

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chimps Vs. Bonobos

In the animal kingdom, the chimp and the bonobos are the closest to our primate family tree and although both apes possess enormous strength, agility and power; they are vastly different in terms of personalities and the way they treat each other in their social groups.

Chimps in my mind are the strongest of the two species of ape but they're also far more aggressive and have hunting skills that even lions would think twice about. Bonobos on the other hand are more compassionate and share more similar qualities to us humans in terms of how we love and show affection. Chimps dominate in groups and have a violent side that gears towards overpowering other groups and species of both monkey and ape alike. The bonobos are no where near as violent and have a unique distinction of women ruling a troupe than the usual males. This type of ape gathers in groups and shows how "close & personal" they can be; ever heard of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960's? Bonobos were doing that long before that term was even heard.

When we look at the world, we see both areas of these apes in everyday society, some more revealing than others but we can learn how to adopt a powerful outlook on how we treat our fellow man & woman. We don't need to be as sexually explicit like a bonobo but we can learn how to share each other's company by being friendly and showing compassion and sympathy for another. Chimps can be friendly in certain times but if you piss them off and test them, you're in for a rude awakening as you may be on your last life.

Both species of Ape are extremely strong and have powerful grips that would make even the strongest of men cringe with fear. The way they walk, run, climb and leap is an extraordinary sight to see. When you begin to walk or even hang like an ape, you're developing the body the way it was meant to; strong tendons, flexible shoulders, pain-free backs, muscular core & have arms and legs that are so powerful it would make the average man look like a weak little boy.

I love the practice of moving like a wild ape as it opens up the imagination to what us humans are capable of to the degree where for our structure and bodily purposes we can create strength greater than the average man without needing to go to extremes like actual apes. The mindset of being aggressive when needed but also have the love and compassion that's within all of us. They are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom and it's not always what they can learn from us but what we can learn from them.

Monday, July 31, 2017

New PRs In The Hindu Squats

I've been on a rampage lately with the Hindu Squats & Hindu Jumpers. Building up that conditioning and forming the rhythms of breathing and form. I'm hitting 500 Squats a day in a single workout and on my birthday for my age in minutes I hit 1000 in 33 min. Yesterday I did 500 in under 15 minutes (14:39) which I have never done before in my life.

Accomplishing something like that is no easy feat and I have been battling a weird low back issue for a while now but I still wanted to beat my goals and I have. The only person that should have expectations over you is YOU!!! Living up to others' expectations in life can be a drag and there are some people that will never be satisfied with your expectations. Even if their proud and you're an overachiever, it's important to expect yourself more than others expect of you.

Hindu Squats are a phenomenal exercise and it's going to either make you love them or hate them depending on what you do. I always say things are never easy but they can be interesting. For most doing high rep squats builds endurance for a number of sports especially in wrestling but if you're also a soccer player, football running back, Base Stealer in baseball the squats will help tremendously with explosiveness and speed. Power and drive come from the legs so it is important to utilize the best methods possible.

Breaking PRs is always great and as you get older its even more awesome. I have never pulled off 500 Squats consistently like this before even in my 20's and now i'm in my early-mid 30's so it feels amazing to be able to do this and know that if I wanted to do 500 Squats with some of my favorite wrestlers, I can do that. Once you hit a peak, its mainly mind from there but it is also important to not be bored when you train. You can only push so hard and if your form becomes sloppy, you need to stop and fight another day. Depending on leverage and body to weight ratio plus your balance, not everyone is going to have perfect form but if the form is in their favor that it doesn't cause pain then practice having the best form possible for your body. I have a weird hip/thigh ratio so my form may not be up to certain standards but it works for me and I can go all the way down in the hindu squat without bending too far forward and not feel pain in my back from it.

Make your goals as awesome as possible and only expect out of yourself not from others.

Monday, July 24, 2017

500 Squats

Old-Time Wrestlers believed squats build insane endurance and muscular conditioning. There is a common variety of variations but since around 1999, the Hindu Squat has been the most popular and most decorated squat in Combat Sports. The only way you truly learned this exercise before it was written on paper or shown on video was by being a student at a Martial Arts Gym or a Pro Wrestling School. When it came to numbers, that was set by the late Karl Gotch that believed 500 Squats within a period of time was the gold standard for optimal conditioning. You can go higher or lower but overall 500 got you in the door and had to do that number consistently.

It's not easy building up to that number but like any progression, you get better and better until you can do them without stopping. I've been doing these numbers a couple times now for the first time in well over a decade and I was shocked how my body adapted to them really fast. The time to beat by Karl's standards was 15 minutes or less; others say 20 minutes or less, that's on average between 75-100 per 3 minutes so that's cruising. Some top level athletes have done under 13 minutes which is basically blasting through. Billy Robinson had students hit 500 in 10 minutes which on average is 50 per minute; that is FAST!!!

So far I have hit 500 Squats within 18 minutes which is great to me (520 in 20 min. overall). I don't just do the Hindu Squats, I also add in what's called the Hindu Jumper Squat. The first couple times I was doing 5 sets of 80 Squats & 20 Jumpers resting as little as possible and keeping solid form and the breathing pattern of inhaling first then exhaling as you went down while swooping the arms like rowing a boat. This motion utilized the whole body and puts you into a state where every rep is about quality. I'm not one to keep the same rep patterns and eventually one day I'll do 500 straight through but until then I rest when I need to since the lactic acid builds up and be able to pace myself. Yesterday and today I'm doing a countdown method of 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 40(So it comes out to an even 500), 30, 20 & 10 so I'll be able to move at a bit of a quicker pace utilizing a few less reps to keep going.

Some people look at the number 500 and think it's crazy or only for elite athletes, that number can setup problems later on, bad for the knees, why not just use a cardio machine? There's more than one way to hit 500 without needing to believe it's for superhumans. You can do 500 in a day by doing them in sets of 50 throughout the day, straight through if you're in real good shape, pyramid reps, do half in the morning then another half at night either in a row or split into sets there are a lot of ways. I'm not a pro athlete, I don't have that pressure on my shoulders to be in that super condition but I do believe in the ability to train anywhere at any time plus I can rest when I need to. I was going to drop the squats and jumpers after making the goal of 500 in under 20 min. but they became addicting and as of late I have done them as a warm up or started out in the morning as a cardio playout to get the day rolling. I want to be in the best shape possible so I can do things the rest of the day with very little to no fatigue. I find them fun and exciting. Gets me into a state of mind where sweat and toxins rush out of my body, it creates an endorphin high, develops serious cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength & endurance in the legs, builds lung power, strengthens the chest, powerful fat burning and especially for us guys creates an intense surge of Growth Hormone & testosterone. I love how it gives me a great shot of adrenaline and has greater sense of balance and coordination than being on a treadmill.

Not all exercises are for everybody but the majority of people in good health can do this exercise. It may take an adjustment to get a rhythm going yet it's very natural and it doesn't cost you anything. It is by far one of the best for cardio and strength training. Start at building up to 100 then move on from there. Get to a point where you can do them and still have a ton left in the tank. Max out only once a week or every couple weeks. Never reach the point of having sloppy form whether in the beginning or at the end; quantity is awesome but quality is greater. At first you might be a sore for a day or two but once you recover and get stronger you'll be able to go into the higher reps and before you know it, you'll be blasting through them pretty easily.