Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Athlete Bundle is Everything You Need to Kick-Ass

Why this Athlete Bundle will Change your Training

Once upon a time, three brothers started experimenting with herbal ingestion. Our results were that we experienced notable enhancements to each of our particular athletic endeavors. Those enhancements were so profound that they spread the word to friends and families, wondering why they had never encountered these tremendous products before. When the opportunity presented itself to help spread the word about how herbs could help those pursuing physicality to get off life-shorting synthetic supplements, they jumped at the chance! Of course, this idea very rapidly evolved into helping anyone and everyone experience the gift our wise ancestors gave.

This Athletes Bundle is a way to remember where they originally came from.

Lost Empire Herbs started to get potent, powerful, and natural herbs into the hands of all athletes and movement practitioners out there. After years of searching for and collecting unique and powerful herbs, we feel this bundle honors that desire in a way we were not able to do that well in the beginning.

This bundle possesses some of the most consciously felt herbs. On top of that, combining movement with herbs has always been the most direct way to feel the herbs, some studies have even shown this to be true. With so many stamina and energy enhancing herbs in one place and by combining this with the raw strength and mobility of the human animal, there is no way not to think you will become a believer like the three of us have.

These herbs will help with:

Increasing Energy
Supporting Optimal Blood Flow
Quicker Recovery Time
Nourishment at the Cellular Level
Decreasing Fatigue
Increasing Endurance and Stamina
Prepare to be amazed at what natural herbs can do to enhance your prowess in the realm of physical movement and honor what humans are born to do.

In this Athletes Bundle you will find:

Hercules Pre-Workout Formula
Spartan Adaptogenic Formula
Beet Juice Powder
Gynostemma Loose-Leaf Tea

Normally $139.99, it's an additional $5 off at for this week only for a total of $134.99. That is a total savings of $17.97 in regards to buying each of these products individually.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Benefits Of Being Your Own Personal Trainer

Nobody knows your body better than you and for good reason; you're you and everything is through a series of means to learn how your body works on an outside source. Not to say its good to learn from others and do exercises, playouts and programs but in the end, it comes down to YOU and what you want out of it.

I've done playouts with plenty of people and they showed me a thing or two but yet many exercises I learned, I applied by observing and paying attention to detail in order for it to work for me. Yes its awesome to train people and I always enjoyed that but when I did, all I ever truly did was show them certain aspects of technique and let them handle it the rest of the way. Back in College when I was given permission to train a functional fitness class once a week, I showed people from 18-60 how to do Animal Exercises from complete beginner to advanced and gave them the chance to do the exercise the way it could work for them, not even going through too much of a technique just being simple and letting them have fun.

You can learn all the exercises you want but if any don't apply to your way of movement and your body doesn't have proper leverage for your structure, its not going to go well trust me. Certain exercises are not meant for everyone and that is ok, do what gives you the best benefit and leaves you feeling awesome about it. Due to previous injuries on my legs and ankles, I can't do certain explosive type movements or in this case Plyometrics to a high level so I have to adjust to how my body reacts and instinctively, do things that work well for my body and my mind in order to bring a level of fitness that's suitable.

Not everyone is going to have the perfect squat or push-up or curl or whatever; its because the way their body is structure through a specific movement that may not have the greatest technique but it doesn't injure them either. I do curls a weird way, I deadlift a certain way and do Hindu Squats differently regarding foot placement and the way my back naturally is geared to in the squat. You learn as you practice and finding out the best way to handle exercises so you don't get hurt. A 150 lb. Gymnast isn't going to have the same exact technique for handling pull-ups as a 170 lb. Calisthenics Practitioner, they're built differently and their bodies handle things in a different manner so who's to say one is stronger than the other or has better technique.

Throughout the right side of this blog are many courses you can learn and apply to your own structure and get fit using your own style based on what works and what doesn't. If it doesn't work for you than move on to something else until you have found the golden goose for your way of training. Practice your best exercises and become your own trainer. Here are some benefits to know of this application.....

You get to use your brain more by applying techniques and learning how your body reacts.

Nobody can tell you what to do and if you're doing it wrong. If you're doing it wrong your body will tell you.

Create your own playouts through your own set of goals.

It teaches you how to construct the min/muscle connection as being self-reliant and learning who you are.

Applying what works best for you and not what others tell you to do.

Taking bits and pieces of whatever you learned and developing your own style.

Creating what you want and knowing the ins and outs of how your body works to your advantage.

That's just the tip of the iceberg and plenty more you can learn. Be you and practice what brings you the most benefit and never stop learning.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It Is The Conqueror Of Mountains And A Powerful Destroyer Of Weakness

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard those two names I immediately thought I need to have whatever they refer to.

There’s a certain Ayurvedic supplement that has earned multiple names and reputations for GOOD REASON!

One of those is Indian V----- (I’m hoping you can fill in the blanks because if I write that word this email would probably be in your spam folder. If you need a hint it is a little pill prescribed by doctors for old men who need help getting it up.)

This supplement is more properly known as Shilajit.

Shilajit is an amazing substance that does many things. It first and foremost can be thought of as anti-aging.

One of the many things it does is help the mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells, to work better.

Another thing it does is supply trace minerals to your body.

In all of these cases, it helps to restore proper functioning of the human body, or halting or slowing its breakdown in the first place thus helping increase overall performance physically and mentally.

When it comes to THAT problem, well that’s a sign of lack of health not just there but elsewhere in the body.

Shilajit goes to the root issues and is not just a temporary quick-fix its a lifestyle while it is working in the background changing your cells and affecting your health for the better.

And that, my friends, is how it earned that nickname.

#DestroyerOfWeakness #ConquerOfMountains

Check out the full details on Shilajit Powder here & Shilajit Resin here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Animalistic Physique

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes and so does a physique. It's never easy to obtain the body we always dreamed of and more often than not, it becomes too much of an obsession than a goal to achieve. I personally feel that a body should only look as though it gives off strong vibes and it doesn't always have to be through the bodybuilder type. Certain athletes and other individuals have certain bodies that they have obtained through various styles of training.

Vanity isn't always the most pleasing to me and never wanted to settle looking like a greek god because quite frankly, not all greek god physiques are that strong in this day and age. In all my years, nothing came close to having an animalistic physique that gave you the impression of not only strength but incredible conditioning to go along with it.

When I talk about an Animalistic Physique, i'm talking of those that practice movements based on the ideal of wild animals and building mass or a more sinewy look that just screams fit. Combining elements of bodyweight exercise and animal movement patterns take on a level of exercise that is unique n the sense where the more muscles used in a movement, the greater your fat is burning like a furnace, strength in awkward positions, powerful functional muscle appears and a stronger core. My style is based on Primates and combining various bodyweight movements that creates a whole in a repertoire that not only makes me happy but have a better creative mindset. I'm not talking just movements like an ape but utilizing the pull-up bar to get in all sorts of pulling movements and holds that stretch, strengthen and harmonize the tendons and ligaments of the hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders and back/core.

Even at 250+ lbs. I can do multiple pull-ups in various grips and hanging for periods of time has helped my strength in a great way. Due to my lower back issues, I haven't been as strong as usual but thanks to the Primate Movements & Holds, I have maintained flexibility and strength in my back that I couldn't have done with anything else. My back I feel is the most muscular out of all the other areas of my body but not just muscular but incredibly strong and flexible as well; even though i'm going through a rough patch in my low back, I can still do some cool stuff just not at 100%.

I'm saying this because when you develop and adopt the animal movement style, it changes your body in a unique way, creates spatial awareness and builds on your abilities to move in directions you normally don't do. You enhance the abilities to understand where you are, how you apply the hand placements and the control of the patterns you perform. The more you practice it, the greater your physique will be; it won't turn you into a bloated bodybuilder or have that unrealistic outlook of a V shaped torso but it can create a stronger core, build muscular arms that have all show and go, legs that are explosive and grip power unlike anything else.

You are an animal, act like it. For more info on Animal Exercise, go to the right of this blog and click on the pics of the Gorilla, Puma & Mandrill (Baboon).

Monday, October 9, 2017

Caffeine Vs Adaptogens What You May Want to Know!

Most people drink coffee for its stimulant and energizing effects. Yet take a look at this…Stimulants just don’t stack up to adaptogens.

If you’re not familiar with adaptogens, is a group of natural herbs and compounds that, essentially, help the body better adapt to stress.They’ve got both physical and mental fatigue fighting abilities. For one of the best sources of adaptogens in a well-rounded blend check this out.

Whether you need more energy for your workouts, your work life, or just back at home so you haven’t crashed at the end of your day this can help you.Seems like at the very least you should add some adaptogens to your morning coffee!

Find out here all that Spartan Broad-Spectrum Adaptogenic Formula can do for you.

P.S. This comes from a paper titled Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress-Protective Activity by Panossian and Wikman published in Pharmaceuticals 2010.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Superhero The World Needed But Was Taken WAY Too Soon

This is one of those very difficult articles to write but it's something I felt the need to do. Yesterday afternoon, a young man barely 21 years old had his life taken away in a tragic motorcycle accident. His name was Noah Jeffries; the name may sound familiar in the strongman world because he was the son of Bud Jeffries. Nothing can be truly said of this horrific event of what has brought on this beautiful, amazing and very strong (in and out) family.

I had the humble opportunity to have met this one and a million young strength prodigy in the middle of 2011 at a strength seminar in San Jose, California. Just from the first glimpse of seeing him, you knew there was something extraordinary. From a physical stand-point, he was and always will be, one of the strongest kids I had ever witness. He was around 15 at this time and the things he could do with weights, steel bars and other aspects of strength were just surreal. He was doing things no child that age should be able to pull off and he was already taking the world by storm in our circle. The first time I shook his hand, he called me Sir LOL; no kid before or since has ever called me that and I was blown away by that to this day. He was humble, quiet but very happy and upbeat.

When I read the news on him, my heart just broke, this was a young man that had so much left to give in this world and he was I believe and stand firm by it, he was the strongest kid of his generation, bar none. This was the son of one of my dearest and most amazing friends and I can't help but feel not only saddened but just beaten down. It was like losing a little brother and a piece of you died with him. He was a man among men and had a fearlessness that was so unique and so powerful it makes you wonder how in the bloody hell can a kid that age be like this. He was raised by one o the strongest men on this planet and it is just so shameful that someone of this magnitude can be taken so soon.

He truly was a real life superhero with powers inside and out that no one of any age can match. He wasn't just a humble strongman either, he had one of the sharpest eyes for shooting me and others had ever seen. I kid you not, this human being was able to shoot quarters, pills and other objects in the air, it was beyond just trick shots, he had a legit eye for being to shoot from anywhere he wanted. His humbleness was second to none but if you messed with him, he had the potential to break you and you would remember it for life. He even had a mighty stint as a Jujitsu practitioner which made him even more dangerous in addition to his strength and keen eye shooting, he literally could've been a James Bond type beast with a smile that just made you like him right away.

He is and always will be a hero of mine and is loved by all that knew him and to his parents Bud & Heather, you are loved beyond recognition and your son made an impact that will never be forgotten. Wherever he is, I want the world to know that Noah was an amazing & powerful human being that wasn't meant to leave so soon. Rest in peace my friend, I will miss you everyday. It was an honor and an amazing privilege to have met you and to be a proud man to have at one time shake your hand. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Herbal Answer For Men! Energy, Stamina, Health…

Just put together the ultimate man package! And today until Monday, October 9th at midnight it is an extra $5 OFF

We're just gonna call this the ROCKSTAR BUNDLE.

An ideal combination for any man Over 30!

In modern times we sit susceptible to many factors that affect our hormones and in return affect our bodies, our health, our energy, our well-being and even our own happiness.

When it comes to working with hormones, a multi-prong approach is often best. This is because the symphony of hormones within our body is very complex. Even the best hormone experts probably understand maybe 1/10th of how it all works.

It didn't take rocket science that we needed to pair these three top herbal extracts together and create the 3TB.

What are some benefits of taking the natural path to optimal health?

Lets cut to the chase…

Pine Pollen Tincture

Pine pollen is the lead singer and guitarist of this power trio. Loaded with bioavailable phyto-androgens this extract is directly boosting to the male sex hormones.This supplies T, DHEA and other hormones (the same exact ones that humans have), along with novel plant sterols.

This tincture has the ability to boost, balance and promote normal activity within the body.

… Next, comes the right-hand man

Nettle Root Spagyric Tincture

Nettle root is on the bass. This is the yin to pine pollen's yang. Nettle root works with enzymes such as aromatase, 5-alpha reductase, that can support the androgenic hormones.Not directly boosting, this is more support and maintenance thus helping keep as much free T as possible for use within the body.

This is a full spectrum nettle root extract Wildcrafted and Spagyrically Prepared Nettle Root from pristine areas of Oregon.

Ashwagandha Spagyric Tincture

Ashwagandha is on the drums. One of its many great effects is how it helps normalize cortisol, the "stress hormone."

If cortisol is too high, if your body is under too much stress, physical or mental, you can kiss your chances of optimal hormone health goodbye.

Ashwagandha is known to support the hormones, primarily through this action and this is an action neither of the other two has.

Stabilize one of the root issues of what may throw off your hormones in the first place, and everything else will work better.

Also known to:

Support the Immune System
Reduce the Effects of Too Much Stress
Helps Normalize Blood Pressure
And much more.

There is a good chance that this package or even one of these herbs individually can benefit you greatly.

I suggest taking a peep at the single product pages for an even deeper spiritual, historical, and scientific dive into these tinctures extracts one by one and grab the match for you...but if you order before Monday you can save an extra $5 OFF the regular price. (No Coupon Needed)

$5 bucks is $5 bucks... PLUS we have our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE :)

Optimize Your Health Starting Today

Monday, October 2, 2017

Why Walking Running And Hanging Like A Primate Is Beneficial

Systematic exercise is the typical norm of modern day fitness; you do this many reps for strength/endurance, you go at this speed to burn fat, you run this many miles to determine if you're in shape and so on and so forth. Everything is planned out, you have your machines, weights and all sorts of things at your disposal, hell even bodyweight exercise has a ball point system of carefully planned pre-noted exercises like push-ups, squats, sit-ups and various pull-ups. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape for various purposes and with the right kind of training you can increase hormones and enhance brain activity which is always a good thing. Now what I'm about o tell you goes beyond all this.

You see, I was never fond of predetermined routines that had do this and that; not that I don't love a good circuit or do 500 Squats when I have the opportunity but I feel like if I step out of that and went a completely different direction where reps aren't relied on and you can do things for as long as you want or as short as you want and get something out of it either way, that's where I turn to the unorthodox style of Primate Training/Conditioning. I feel it's just as beneficial if not more so than a full on narrow systematic approach.

It's not truly "exercising" like a primate, it's basically mimicking animals, that's it. Nothing more than just learning movements and holds that resemble an animal's behavior. The primates in general are our closest animal relative, humans are considered primates in a scientific sense. Now why is this method beneficial? It does far more than just playing and making weird sounds or a gorilla or a chimp; it's reinventing or studying through our own physiology in order to take on the body's capabilities in a very unique and very primitive way. Yes it's true, we can't exactly mimic every primate's movement patterns for obvious reasons but it shouldn't prevent us from finding a suitable adaptation to basic and even tough ways to move our bodies similar to a simian.

Moving like a primate in various ways, opens up channels of the body that releases a natural satisfaction of being free and learning to use the body unlike the normal fitness crazes. Walking like a chimp can be very silly looking but on a deeper and much more open minded outlook, it can lead to healing shoulders, enhance leg conditioning and more. Moving like a gorilla or bonobo or orangutan can strengthen the fingers to a degree even greater than fingertip push-ups; unlike FTP where you go up and down using all ten fingers down to one and all the variations you can do, try doing the same exact principle when walking like an ape. You're going in all different directions and you need a sense of balance that is very unique, I have done this with different movements of apes and only a couple are very easy to do, I have walked on my fists, my knuckles, my fingertips, my thumbs alone and even did them going backwards and have developed strong hands because of them.

Hanging is by far one of the most beneficial exercises or holds of all-time and for good reason; when you hang from various grips, you're not just hanging on (which in itself is difficult for most people) you're lengthening the torso, stretching the back in it's natural position, building the core muscles in a very powerful way and increasing strength in the tendons and ligaments. It's a bit of an irony when there are people who can do quite a few pull-ups but if you ask them to just hang there, chances are they won't last more than a few seconds. If you can't hang, you shouldn't be doing pull-ups period. Hanging alone can help alleviate back pain, open up the shoulders, gain flexibility in the obliques and give you grip strength that is natural & functional.

Make Primate training a part of your daily lives, don't just do it for a particular workout/playout, do it throughout the day in small segments, if you have sat too long, get deep into the squat position and put your palms on the floor, if you can't then do what you can. If you're a complete and utter beginner, practice what is possible for you and build from there. I didn't start out being fast or able to hang for a solid period of time, hell even at 250+ lbs. its still a challenge at times but make it fun and work for you. Be a primate, it's in your blood.

To learn the top movements and hold for primate get Animal Kingdom Conditioning I & II, want your child to build that kind of strength; get Wild Animal Fitness For Kids. These courses by themselves can give you a lifetime of practice and having the adventure of a lifetime.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017


How was your sleep last night?

Did you get a solid 8 hours of rest?

When you woke up did you feel awake, energized and ready to tackle the day?

If you’re like many men over 40 then you probably had a rough night and had trouble falling asleep and getting out of bed.

Why does this happen to us?

Why can’t we just wake up feeling refreshed?

Being the health nut that I am I’ve been learning to hack my sleep for years.

What I’ve discovered is that the #1 factor that ruins sleep is…



When I don’t exercise multiple times a week my mind begins going crazy… I stress over little details, my mind doesn’t shut up and I lose sleep over it.

I have trouble falling asleep. When I do fall asleep, I wake up several times during the night. And finally, when my alarm goes off it becomes impossible to get up!

So what’s a guy supposed to do when he doesn’t have time to work out often and needs to relax and get a DEEP good night’s sleep?

You can get drunk and pass out. There are drugs out there that will knock you out (legal and illegal).

But none of these solutions are sustainable.

Recently I was talking with one of my herb suppliers and he introduced me to a really interesting herb, Albizia.

Turns out this herb is a natural sedative. In Chinese medicine it’s called the “Tree of Happiness” and it’s been used for literally thousands of years (the first documentation of it was in the 2nd C).

After looking at studies I found that albizia helps with:

· Sleeping disorders (like insomnia). So you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

· It induces peaceful feelings by regulating your mood. It does this by blocking your brain’s anxiety-inducing receptors. This is key for stressful times. Can be used during the day or at night.

· Fights depression. This is literally a natural antidepressant.

The best part? Little to no side effects were found and can be used safely for prolonged periods of time (for months).

So if you ever need a good night’s sleep, and want to wake up the next day ENERGIZED, then I highly recommend picking up albizia HERE.

Since this is a brand new product for us, for the next week ONLY you can get albizia for just $15.99… instead of $19.99!

Rooting for your sleep!

P.S If you really want to get a kick start for the day, in addition to taking Albzia, grab some Spark to get that extra kick for the energy you've already woken up to, this will help with your focus and a clear pathway to make the day filled with energy, happiness & clarity.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Developing Tarzan Muscle And Conditioning

In the last few weeks or so I've been reading an omnibus book on Tarzan that has stories going as far back as the late 40's to the mid 50's (Talk about CLASSIC) and as far as I'm seeing, these are just insane stories from rescuing slaves to going after his son Boy and leading a tribal army to rescue a chemist. These stories just don't depict the exciting life of Tarzan but show how physically strong and conditioned he is from swimming sprint style, to lifting up certain heavy objects, flying through the jungle on the vines and his endurance to fight as long as it takes. These attributes are what is inspiring to be in that kind of shape.

Now not everyone can be like Tarzan but we can however become very strong and conditioned than the average person. There's a lot of mixed things that happen in life today that brings a complicated style of fitness and educating those wishing to learn it. On one end you have people that are extremely overweight and have issues with eating healthy, finding "time" to exercise and building a foundation that helps them live longer and have a healthier lifestyle, on the other end of that extreme spectrum you have athletes or those who develop physiques that look like cartoon characters that seem to be out of a comic book that have huge muscles or extremely lean muscle that looks "obvious" they're on steroids. In the middle of this there's everyone else but don't have a complete informed outlook of what true fitness is. Because of the overwhelming level of information provided today it can be extremely difficult to find what suits you the best.

This is where I like to provide simple info that doesn't overwhelm a reader or someone who wants to get fit. There are many ways to get fit but many many courses tell what reps build the most muscle and what gives the most endurance and exercises that work for this bodypart and that bodypart plus you have those infomercials that sell basically crap and pass it off as a sparkling entity. The very best training style that has worked for me has been the Animal Exercises; it takes out all the crap of which bodypart and how many times you do it out of the equation and gets down to the nitty gritty of how to move like a wild animal and do it as long as you can and making a fun game out of it.

That's the emphasis of what Tarzan means to becoming strong and powerful, you take certain things and master it and not always through a single spot but by moving and making the most out of those movements to take on life's biggest challenges. You do movements where you learn step by step how to move like a wild beast in the jungle just like Tarzan; he studies the animals, he practices their movement, calls and makes it the very best for his style whether it be friend or foe. You no longer get to just go to the Zoo to watch animals, you get to become that animal. When you move in various directions, speeds and control; you are using muscles that you didn't think existed and forget crunches and sit-ups, practically every animal you learn to move as will force you to use your entire core from the upper abs to the pelvic area in order to stabilize you and protect you from injury because a lot of these exercises are very intense and usually 1st timers of animal workouts don't last the 1st 5 minutes, that's how tough they are.

As you progress through these animal movements, you'll find your body changing by having greater definition, functional strength, greater flexibility and have conditioning that is very unique unlike other programs of regular calisthenics and/or weights. You'll have a set of lungs that will impress people and if you play sports, your opponents will be terrified of your endurance. I was already quite fit when I started to do these almost exclusively but even at that, they kicked my ass big time and it gave me a goal to shoot for. You don't need more than 5 minutes to start and once you get to the advanced versions of these movements, you can go as long as you want however you want. You can make a game out of it, race friends, make it a part of your current regimen or you can use it to enhance your sports training. Tarzan is a symbol of courage & inner/outer strength with incredible endurance and the will to get better as life goes on. I don't workout with animal exercises, I play them and learn the value of making the most out of them because they're fun & exciting and that's what true fitness is about.