Monday, October 21, 2019

Meeting Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

This past Saturday along with my Idaho Family (My Wife Holly, Mother In-Law Sophie, Step-Father In-Law, Brother In-Law Jeremy, Holly & Jeremy's Step Sister Faith, and niece JoJo) went to the Lake City Comic Con here in Coeur D' Alene, ID hosted by Lilac City Comic Con Runner Nathan O'Brien. It was a pretty awesome time despite the heavy rain. Got to walk around and check out some cool stuff like comics, toys, collectibles, costumes and tons more.

There were a few celebrities there, all I knew of but only one was bound to get money out of me for an autograph and picture taken with them and that's the legendary wrestler Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. I've studied bits of his career for as long as I've been a fan of pro wrestling (23+ Years) and is one of the guys I wished I could've seen in his prime. Safe to say I was a fan born in the wrong era LOL. The wrestlers I began with growing up were from the Attitude Era such as Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H & DX. I started learning more about that business through tapes of my favorites and documentaries such as The Unreal Story Of Professional Wrestling. As I got to understand the basic history and terms of pro wrestling, I began to look more to the early days most notably the 70's and the 80's.

Greg was in the thicket of what were the territories and the emergence of the New Golden Age of wrestling when Vince McMahon Jr. took over and dominated that era of television and PPV's. He had won championships in a lot of the territories such as the NWA & WWE most famously. A former tag team partner of Ric Flair, a guy who can go the distance in a Broadway (60 Min. Draw) and was one of the best Heels (bad guys) in the 80's.

Being trained in the Hart Dungeon and learning the ins and outs from his father the late Johnny Valentine, traveled the world and having matches with some of the biggest names ever. One of his most famous matches was a Dog Collar Match with quite possibly the greatest talker in Pro History history "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at Starrcade '83 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Another match that solidified his status as a exceptional performer was against the WWWF Champion Bob Backlund in a 60 min. draw at Madison Square Garden in 1979.

He's the only 2nd or 3rd Pro Wrestler I had the opportunity to meet up close along with Undertaker and former Karl Gotch Student Tom Puckett (RIP) who mainly did promotions in Japan and other MMA organizations that I had personally worked with. Got to ask Greg a few questions about his career and his thoughts on guys like Flair, Stu Hart & Verne Gagne. He did tell me a funny Ric Flair story where even though Flair was famous for his Drinking binges, he hated Weed, so whenever Greg rolled up a joint around flair or smoked around him, Flair would get pissed. Greg was no slouch himself with the drinking but he told me he prefered Beer & Wine but couldn't stand Whisky.

On the thoughts of Stu & Verne, it was quite the contrast where Stu was a nice guy and Verne was just flat out mean, I'm not surprised by this at all and coming from the horse's mouth, it was quite a confirmation. I think Greg wanted to say Verne was a rotten son of a bitch but I believe he held back and didn't want to swear too much around the crowd of people. I had told him at one time in my life, I wanted to see what getting into the business would be like, he just told me never to pursue it cause the rough toll it takes on family. I knew this and plus even at the time I wanted to which was at All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, CA when Rollin Alexander was alive running the promotion, the money just wasn't there.

I think because he didn't want to reveal his true self to fans, he didn't talk very much about his real opinions so his answers were a little vague and predictable but I can understand and didn't ask him any deep details about his career. Plus there are some things he has said in interviews that I don't agree with and personally, it would probably be difficult to be around him but you never know so overall, as a fan it was a pleasure meeting him and he seemed like a nice guy when I talked to him.

That's my Greg "The Hammer" Valentine story and I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him. If you want to see him on DVD, check out Behind Closed Doors: The Greg Valentine DVD and also check out his interview and match clips with the film 350 Days which talks about the drama, tragedy and crazy stories of traveling 350 Days a year in the wrestling business, amazing film. You can also see shoot interviews he's done like this one with THE HANNIBAL TV.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

You’ll Be PleasANTly Surprised By These Benefits — They Will GuarANTee It

Today we want to tell you about the most powerful micronutrients on the planet...


These are some of the healthiest compounds you can put in your body.

Berries, dark chocolate, beans, and vegetables are just a few common sources of polyphenols.

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Yep. I said A-N-T-S.

Many insects are chock full of polyphenols… but ants take the cake. (And they will, literally… if you leave it out too long!)

No, but seriously, studies prove it.

According to the latest research, ants contain the highest levels of TPI (Total Polyphenol Index) of water solvable extracts of edible insects.

Ants also contain a similar FRAP (ferric reducing antioxidant potential) to that of fresh orange juice.

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Kyle Montgomery —

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Do You Do High Reps Or Do You Not Do High Reps? That Is The Question

Debates can be fun but every now and then, they can can become so annoying that it's no longer a debate but who has the bigger dick and only one person is right. The truth is, high rep and low rep workouts both have qualities over the other and one has a person work on a set of goals that are different. Some people prefer high rep exercise while another work low reps for different reasons but in the end, it's about the individual and their goals.

It's even common to do both in the same workout but the big question is, are high reps really necessary? Don't get me wrong, high rep training is phenomenal with the right format but it isn't the cream of the crop of fitness unless you're a blue-collar roughneck with a hard on for high rep workouts. You can be very fit with high rep training but you also can be fit with low/medium rep training. What are you really shooting for?

My favorite forms of high rep training is deck of cards workouts and circuits that total up to some huge numbers in the end. High reps mainly come in the form of doing a certain number of reps in a set such as 100 Push-ups or 50 Reps of a Barbell Squat, both give you exceptional strength one way or another. Another way to do high reps is by doing an exercise in a period of time say doing Step Ups for 20 minutes or doing 5 minutes of Burpees, either one will kick your ass. Low Rep workouts are mainly for building strength or building strength by firing as many muscle fibers with heavy resistance. This can be done by bodyweight or weights it doesn't matter.

Here's another question that comes up quite a bit in fitness, if you're doing high reps, are you just building endurance and no longer dealing with strength? It's a complicated process to answer because you have people on one side saying there's no way you're building strength but on the other end, you are building strength but in a different way. So what does strength have to do with high reps? A lot actually because when it comes to exercise, the more difficult one is and is done for reps, it's actually a form of building strength or Strength Endurance. Say after doing 50 push-ups, are you building strength? Well, once fatigue sets in and you have that final rep, you're using strength to get that last one in. How about making the exercise more difficult? Do One-Arm Push-ups or Arms Extended Push-ups, if you're doing high reps with either one, that is some serious strength and you have incredible control and power. What about fingertips, Handstands or just one finger, where does it end to tell you you're building only strength?

The fact of the matter is, you're working your body hard regardless if it's high reps or low reps, some prefer one or the other and others do both. Neither one is superior to the other yet both can be tough as hell with the way you apply them. Do what gives you the biggest benefit and go with that. Sometimes, you'll switch things up, other times, you'll just stick to it, its neither right or wrong what you do, the endgame is what you want out of them. Make it interesting and make it an adventure. Kill it one way or another.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bob Backlund's Deck Of Madness

Setting a goal no matter how small or big can make an impact on you no matter how you slice it. I've put myself through deck of cards workouts in a variety of ways from doing just push-ups and squats to 4 exercise decks, animal movements, one exercise deck of doing nothing but Hindu Squats but never in this fashion before. I had set a goal just to see what was possible with doing Step Ups & Ab Wheel Rollouts.

I've talked about the wheel and mentioned the great wrestler Bob Backlund in an article a while back which you can find here.....The Bob Backlund Workout. Going through phases of doing his workout in supersets that range from going for time non stop with certain reps, using them in circuit training and utilizing other exercises as add ons but what would it be like to go through these exercises using a Deck Of Cards? Most deck workouts are mainly bodyweight and getting the most in a quick fashion or just being a little creative but this felt different.

My goal was just to see how far I got in this workout, the first time around, I barely made it through half the deck. These exercises are no joke and can be exhausting. The second time around, I made it through the whole damn thing. I was determined and yes I did take a few breaks but mainly just to regain composure for a few seconds and get my head straight, I'm going to tell you it was difficult and mentally off the wall to pull through. The exercises themselves weren't difficult, it was the ability to keep going and keeping that mindset at the task at hand.

I don't have a clue if Mr. Backlund has ever done this himself although it wouldn't be a surprise to me. The guy is a machine and the energy of someone in their 20's in a 70 year old body. The exercises aren't impressive by any stretch of the imagination but they can be done by a beginner or world class athletes and have quality results and impressive conditioning. To go an hour straight with either one of them non stop is a testament to incredible endurance and crazy functional strength. Physical Conditioning is a goal most should strive for with a mindset of being fit in the long run.

I'll admit, I don't have the greatest attention span to go for an extended period of time when it comes to workouts and not shy of saying that routines don't sit well with me but if I'm determined to figure out and push through without hurting myself, that I have consistently done for years and it's something I'll always love about my training. That workout gave me another perspective of understanding my abilities to challenge the norm and take something so basic and mold it into a crazy idea. I have read and researched many workouts and exercises with the deck of cards but never on just Step Ups and the Ab Wheel.

There were times where I wanted to stop but something kept hounding me to keep going and get past that hump. It was grueling both physically and mentally and sweating like it was niagara falls was part of the proof that when you push hard, your body lets you know what's going on. The funny thing is, I didn't feel sore the next day, I felt it and knew what I put my body through, but didn't wake up aching or crackling all over. I felt great and had an incredible sense of energy. I did however take it "easy" yesterday by going for a long walk and later on did a small workout of step ups and rollouts doing ten rounds supersetting the exercises of 10 step ups and 5 rollouts.

If you want to give this workout a shot, be sure to have experience and knowledge of handling both and not going for world records in speed. Being fast is important but quality movement especially with the wheel is crucial to success in this workout. If you start to get sloppy, stop cause you can hurt yourself and there's no point of pushing through pain that can land you in the hospital. Challenge yourself but also be aware of what you are doing.

Here's the Rep Scheme for this workout.....

2-10 Are Of Face Value or Per Leg 

Face Cards Are 10 Reps Or 10 Per Leg

Aces Are 16 Reps Or 16 Per Leg

Jokers Are 50 Step Ups Or 25 Per Leg

This workout will test your mental toughness, your conditioning, your strength endurance and more. Your Core will get the workout of a lifetime and your legs will feel like jello. This workout isn't about how fast you can go, it's about the ability to keep going and making quality reps each time. It isn't for beginners and it surely isn't going to turn you into Bob Backlund, that title of crazy is already taken but it sure as hell will make you strong long term and give you immense power in ways you didn't know before.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Hey You Guys....Is Your Testosterone Low? Here Is A Game Changer To Help This

Do you often feel sluggish throughout the day? Even after 8-hours of sleep?

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If any of these sound familiar, you could be suffering from low Testosterone.

Low T in men has become increasingly more common these days.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

How To SUPERCHARGE Your Energy, Endurance & Mental Focus...NATURALLY!

Have you ever taken one of those ‘pre-workout’ supplements or can drinks from the convenience store?

I’m talking about those energy drinks and powders that contain….

A list of ingredients so complicated they can tongue-tie a chemist
More colors and dyes than your average rainbow
Enough caffeine to energize an elephant for 2 weeks
Claims of ONE major health ingredient (but its barely a trace amount of it)
If you’ve tried these before (and most of us have)...

Then you know the experience I’m talking about.

First, you feel a sudden rush of energy, but it only lasts a little while (if you’re lucky).

Then it all goes south in a hurry.


You feel jittery. Your energy levels tank. Your heart may even start to race.

Then you end up feeling worse than before - all cranky and irritable, so the chances
of you actually finishing out your day productively...becomes IMPOSSIBLE.

No bueno.

Look… lifting heavy at the gym is no easy task. It requires heaps of energy and a desire to power through even when you feel like quitting.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Core Conditioning With An Ab Wheel And Ditching The Sit-Ups And Crunches

Never was big into sit-ups, leg lifts and worst of all crunches. I use to think ab exercises were done doing thousands of reps and isolating the muscles to get the most benefit. If you're a beginner that's one thing but true Core Conditioning is when the abs are strengthened in a unified entity with the rest of the body. Bridging is amazing for core work because it involuntary contracts the abdominals and stretches the spine and obliques but yet there's more fear in bridging which can be learned to overcome. The most simple things can make the greatest of progress.

If I were to do sit-ups, I'd use a one-two punch combo so I don't feel like I'm isolating the muscles but that gets boring. When it comes to Core Strength nowadays, I go for the Ab Wheel or the three types I have: The Standard Ab Wheel, The Ab Carver Pro & (the best of them all) The Power Wheel. Each one works the core in various formats but the endgame is conditioning the muscles for long term strength and helping prevent injuries.

The Standard Ab Wheel has been around for decades and is a staple for many athletes that can train their core wherever and whenever. The biggest advocate in my mind when it comes to this device is Bob Backlund without a doubt. A former champion pro wrestler that many arguably say is one of the most conditioned men on the planet and for good reason. This device was one of his foundations for developing into a machine that rarely if ever got tired. Doing hundreds upon hundreds of reps and during his career, would do this for over an hour. It's a simple roll out yet a lot of muscles involved in order to be effective because if you get sloppy, you can hurt yourself.

The Ab Carver Pro is a fairly recent device that was brought out by the people that made the Perfect Push-up products. This has a wider base so you can work more of the muscles along your core including the obliques as you can move to the left and right as well. The handles have a better stance to grip and work your arms as well. It does take some getting use to as it has a steel spring that provides resistance and requires solid smooth motion and control. With a solid nutrition plan and workout regimen, you can shrink your gut and develop stronger abs, not just looking strong, you'll be strong.

The Power Wheel all in all is the ultimate out of the three devices because not only more exercises can be executed, but you have the opportunity to do both upper body and lower body training modalities. Invented by Lifeline Fitness' Jon Hinds, he's taken the wheel to another level and revolutionized the way Core Strength & Conditioning is done. You can do Push-ups, Leg Pull-Ins, Rollouts, Walk On Your Hands, Combos and others, think how strong your Core can be in a matter of minutes a day and getting benefits beyond the standard Rollout.

Get the most out of your Core Training and forget doing Hundreds upon Hundreds of Sit-Ups because in order to effectively train your center that way, you'll have to go to harder exercises and find some form of resistance. With Rollouts and other exercises with the wheels, it'll cut your time down big time and make you work the muscles more efficiently and get them stronger from all sorts of angles without isolating them. Get strong and get conditioned with real Core Training.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Hindu Squats Progression Using A Deck Of Cards

In my research, I come across many different ways to use progressions when it comes to a specific exercise, sets and reps schemes and ideas for workouts to keep things interesting. I've recently gotten back into doing Hindu Squats and doing 500 Reps at a time and found a cool way to do the 500 rep workout. Now in the past doing 500-1000 Reps in the Hindu Squats wasn't much of a challenge for me as I could blast through rep after rep with little to no rest doing 500 in under 13 minutes and doing 1000 in 33 minutes wasn't the biggest deal to me but I did have a slight injury to my lower back a couple years ago and it's been going going on and off since.

I felt the need to do 500 Squats again because my mind was there and just wanted to see how I can do them again. Granted, I' am being more careful these days not to hurt myself and do what's possible without aggravating anything. I found a post that had an article written by the late Catch Wrestler Billy Robinson years ago about using the deck of cards to do 500 Hindu Squats. This sounded like a cool idea so I went for it and made it work for me. Whenever I needed to break from the cards for a bit, I'd do so? Not because I was out of breath or my legs couldn't take it, but to keep my back from straining and keep the tension at bay because I've had spasms and they're not fun.

This progression has worked very well with me and as I got better and the soreness is slowly fading, I'm resting less and less and naturally letting my back get stronger without feeling any pain. It's coming along and not guaranteeing anything, let's see how long I can go with this. I'm not a pro athlete or a wrestler so I'm not worried about how good of shape I need to be in, I'm already in shape and doing what works for me. If I need to back off a bit, I do so, if I need a day to do something else, I'll do it. Do what's possible for you and make the most of it, progressing at your pace and being in top shape for you, not anyone else.

Here's how the progression goes with doing 500 Hindu Squats. Take your time with this and if you can't do the full deck right away, don't worry about it. Your body will get acclimated naturally but yet at the same time, it's never the same workout twice as you you never know which card will pop up and make you work...

2-10 = Face Value

Face Cards = 10 Reps

Aces = 16 Reps

Jokers = 50 Reps

Total that up and it'll come out to 500. Do as many cards as you can in the beginning. 500 Squats in and of themselves is no easy task anyway but don't mistake you can't do them. Rest when needed and as you get better, reduce the rest time until you can go through the deck without needing a break at all. Trust me when I say this, it's better to have the jokers in the beginning than in the middle or even the end cause they will kick your ass and if they happen to be towards the end of the deck, be mindful and get though them.

The benefits are incredible with this kind of workout....Phenomenal cardio, strength in the legs, strengthening the tendons of the knees, great lung builder, stamina, muscular endurance, flexibility and making the muscles work without doing the same set of reps twice in a row. Unlike doing 500 in one set or through a countdown, you're doing 500 differently every time. Have fun with this and get those legs cooking. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Is This Mushroom The Solution To Modern Day Problems?

Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of modern life?

Do you find yourself worrying a lot? Even if nothing is going wrong.

Do you wish you could chill out and ENJOY the present moment WITHOUT fretting over trivial nonsense?

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Not sure if you knew, but it’s National Mushroom Month.

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Reishi also…

Boosts immunity to protect you against intruders

Promotes sound sleep

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Antioxidants to keep you looking young

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These include…

Reishi — A destroyer of stress. The compounds in Reishi help you relax even in your toughest moments. It also promotes sound sleep for optimal recovery.

Turkey Tail — Rich in Krestin and Peptide. These beta-glucans regenerate natural killer T cells for more firepower against intruders.

Shiitake — A superfood that’s abundant in Eritadenine, a chemical that suppresses lipids to lower cholesterol. It also detoxifies the liver to promote optimal immunity.

Chaga — A remarkable beauty mushroom. Chaga is rich in melanin for glowing skin, hair and nails.

Lion’s Mane — Known as the ‘Brain Mushroom.’ Lion’s Mane triggers Nerve Growth Factor to enhance memory and learning. It also repairs neurons to help recovery from head trauma.

Artist’s Conk — The cousin of Reishi. Artist’s Conk supports the respiratory system, a rare feat for a mushroom.

Maitake — Contains compound SX-fraction which helps regulate blood sugar, cholesterol, and excess fat.

All these Mushrooms provide a full-frontal assault on toxins in your system.

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Here’s what some of their customers are saying about Mushroom Alchemy Tincture

Kahroline di Passero –

“I love this Mushroom Alchemy Tincture! From the first day it began working (this after almost a year taking an inferior mushroom blend from some other company). It’s been a couple months now, and I feel as though I couldn’t get sick even if I wanted to! My skin feels more taut and clearer as well!”

Aloixa –

“I was taking mushroom supplements from another company, and over the past year, the results were barely registering. After taking Mushroom Alchemy for only a couple days, the results were amazing!! I’m bright and awake without caffeine, my skin is radiant and strong — like I’ve gained years of youth back! It’s my new must-have supplement!”

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