Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This Man 30X His Sperm Count!

A few weeks ago my friends at Lost Empire Herbs held a contest...

It was for people to submit their top case studies having used their herbs.

Now, why am I sharing this with you?

Well, I'm hoping this inspires you and shows you there's hope.

... especially if you're dealing with low T, low sperm count, and infertility.

There IS hope! And there ARE natural solutions.

Here's what Shawn, of 43 years of age, did to solve his low sperm count.

"I had very low sperm count due to excessive smoking and taking 2 warm baths a day for years to help with muscle recovery.

About 6 months ago I tested for less than 1 million sperm.

Upon the news, I immediately stopped smoking and the baths and started on a herbal regiment of pine pollen, Tongkat Ali, Maca, macuna purines, shilajit and ashwagandha. My sperm count began a steady come back.

My last test was Nov. 1 it was 30 million! I have no doubt that the herbs helped me make a come back."

This is incredible! Good job on taking massive action, Shawn.

It's well known by doctors that smoking negatively affects sperm count. So quitting smoking was a smart move... and it's no easy feat.

Shawn's next power move came from taking the specific herbs which he did. Let's look at them and see how they help with sperm health.

- Tongkat ali has been proven to be effective for "treating fertility conditions where there is testosterone deficiency or estrogen excess.” It does this by increasing men's testosterone levels by as much as 440% in studies... to fight estrogen excess.

- Pine pollen, maca, and tongkat ali are all powerhouses of ANTIOXIDANTS. This is crucial because antioxidants fight off the terrorist cells called "free radicals" that are causing infertility in men. "30% to 40% of infertile men have elevated levels of ROS in their seminal plasma". These 3 herbs target ROS and free radicals and destroy them.

- Ashwagandha helps lower stress and cortisol levels. This has proven on studies done on humans. In as fast as 60 days, people's cortisol levels dropped by 30%. The best part... as a byproduct this also helps men boost their T levels.

 Shawn's case study also illustrates how important it is to find the RIGHT herbs for your problems. Because if he had picked other herbs, chances are his sperm count may not have 30X'd that fast.

***DISCLAIMER: Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of the Lost Empire Herbs. Lost Empire Herbs does not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Testing Out The Yoke For The First Time

Since joining a new gym recently, I found out they had a strongman room for all kinds of crazy things to do something stupid with. I tried out an atlas stone, log press and did a 285 lb. bench press but the one that hit me the most was the Yoke. This thing killed my cardio big time and as a first timer I will say it was a humbling experience. I figured just for kicks test it out and see how far I got, starting with no weights was 200 lbs. Going from one end of the gym to the other was not too bad.

I was also training with another guy that's a co-worker of my fiance's. He was adding the weight on as we got going. Not being used to it, I rested quite a bit since that sumbitch wore me down after each carry (like I said humbling). My last carry was with 435 lb. I believe maybe less. This alone just made me want to die but it was fun to hit that high. Finished up with just picking up the weight just to see if I could pick it up, it was around 525 lbs. 

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes and you never know what kind of strength you have until doing things like certain strongman lifts. This was out of my element since i'm more of the old-time school of strongmen bending bars, ripping phone books and bending spikes. Wanted to do something a little different for a change and get a sense of how this exercise was a big time entity for the strongest on the planet. Haven't gotten the full mechanics of it yet, just using raw strength barely knowing the technique. I'm 33 years old and this was my first experience, not many guys can say that in my opinion. Many men at 33 are starting to wind down and have that slow transition into the realization that they're not young and vibrant anymore and I'm doing my best to keep up with a 24 year old who's been doing it a while and never touching a major strongman implement in my life, I think I did pretty good. 

Want one for yourself or added on to your gym? Go HERE.....

Monday, January 8, 2018

I Find Your Lack Of Energy Disturbing

I bet at times in your life you have struggled to get out of bed in the morning or/and had a slump within the mid-afternoon. I would even guess that your energy is lacking to even do anything other than sit and watch your favorite stories. You have fought tooth and nail to get your energy kicking by getting hopped on energy drinks and a grande coffee. You can have that buzz going for sure but after a while but later on it's only going to make matters worse for you my friend.

The feeling of insane energy from when we were young is a feeling we all share whether we admit or not. However, this isn't NORMAL!!!! No matter what your age is, you should have an abundance of energy. What makes our levels of energy go down or completely go off the grid? There's a lot of contributing factors so how many of these apply to you?

Overwhelmed With Stress?

Trouble Sleeping?

Hormones Not Up To Par?

Having Issues With Your Immune System?

Lacking Nutrition?

There are so much more but I think you get the idea. It's a shame but overall, it's our root not having the support it needs. In Chinese Medicine, they discuss the value of tonic herbs. Now unlike most areas of medicine or even typical herbs that mainly treat symptoms, these specific tonic herbs are designed to support your health. Your Root Energy. For the greater approach that deeply supports you having the energy you truly need, take a look at the Phoenix Formula.

This bad ass motha has a wicked combo of Pine Pollen, Ant Extract, He Shou Wu & Shilajit that will synergistically work together to give you that "Get off your ass and go." Just imagine for a second what it would literally feel like to have energy at 100%, maybe 50%, hell even 10%? What could you do with that much energy? Now don't take my word for it, let's take a look at what others have said about this awesome formula:

“I took this a few times off and on before realizing how much better I felt when I did take it. Six years of midnight shift up until my retirement left me exhausted and badly burned out, and this formula has helped my recovery more than any other sup I’ve tried.” – JC

“It’s like an energy shot. Working great for me.” – Inderjit

“I am on my second bag now, the results have been excellent…more energy and focus, better sleep and a nice libido boost.” – Bryan


“Love this stuff. Gives me the power I’ve been envisioning myself with in a balanced, holisitic way. Def some valuable stuff as in incorporates all the right herbs in a good mix. Tastes awful but love the effects.” – Ryan

That's right, it doesn't have the greatest taste in the world but only because it's not chalk full of sugars and artificial sweeteners, those 2 tend to cause root issues anyway. Just incredible and pure herbal bad assery. Come and jump on the bandwagon with JC, Inderjit, Bryan, Alfred, Ryan and countless others in feeling an abundance of pure, awesome energy. Click HERE now.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Lion's Mane For The Brain

Pretty catchy huh? Having a solid level of a memory can have many benefits, trust me I know what I'm talking about. However, as we get older, sometimes our memory can go a little downhill and when that happens, our brains tend to go a little haywire. I do know you're going to love this if you want to keep your memory intact.

A favorite at Lost Empire Herbs is a brain boosting, memory enhancing and even more so focus sharpening herb has just gotten better. It is the Lion's Mane. It is without question one of the most powerful herbal nootropics (Cognitive Enhancer) on the planet bar none. Studies have proven that it helps grow, maintain and proliferate NEW NERVES, specifically in the brain. The studies have made this herb a world renowned supplement to those groups of people who are looking for that cutting edge in work and life as well for better memory and to think as clear as damn crystal.

If your mind is metaphorically dirty, it's going to be an issue on what's inside. Your memories won't be so clear which can lead to problems making decisions. Now here's how Lion's Mane can really kickstart that nogging; it washes away that dirty entity in your mind by generating powerful elements called Nerve Growth Factors. Here's what one person had to say about this mighty herb:

 "Lion’s Mane has become a staple in my morning coffee. Not only does it boost my immune response but it provided me with a superior cognitive enhancement. I had a literal change in mind when I first started regularly taking it at the beginning of my college anatomy class. I began recalling vocabulary and visualizing images of the anatomy studied that week which became clear images in my head. I had to stop and acknowledge the fact that I am remembering significantly more information than before. I aced my anatomy tests which consisted of 150+ anatomical terms, correct spelling and all! So, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement." - Kevin

LEH has now even developed a stronger and more potent formula to really get things going by extracting both WATER and ALCOHOL to kick in those NGFs.....

For more info check out Lion's Mane Here

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Making Animal Exercise Games Interesting And Challenging

Regardless of who you talk to, everyone wants a challenge even when we don't want to admit it. Challenges teach us how to handle ourselves in certain situations and in this case on fitness, it's to challenge your will and creating results. When I take on the Animal Dice Game almost daily, i'm constantly challenged because I never know what comes next and when something tough comes up, I must be prepared or I won't be able to finish it. I keep going until I feel I've had enough.

For some, the dice game isn't for them, maybe they'd prefer a different game that keeps them interested. Challenge yourself in ways that keep your brain stimulated because if you get bored, it could make you weaker from an overall point of view. How about a game of Tag? That could be one of the toughest playouts of your life yet it can be fun; of course you'll need someone or multiple people to do this with but still. Why not have a race, this builds speed, cardiovascular/muscular endurance and pushes you to great limits. Pretend you're caged up and there's very little room to move around in, for animal moves this is very challenging because you can't go past a certain amount of space so you have to coordinate how you move around, it's not easy trust me.

So what's the point of having a silly game in order to exercise? For one it's not silly at all, it is taking yourself out of the norm and thrusting into a world of the unknown and although you understand the objective, what comes next is out of your control. I like the dice because it is unpredictable and you have to be constantly aware of what comes next, you can use it to apply any game you wish and it is literally a form of exercise roulette. Getting fit doesn't have to be boring in order to get results; a matter of fact, you can get results faster if you're stimulated and it makes you keep going without actually telling you to. You're enjoying it and having a good time, sure it can be tough and yes it takes effort but it is also an adventure. Makes you feel like a kid again.

If I'm really ambitious with the dice game, I would roll sometimes for doubles or tripling the amount of steps/reps per animal so you want to talk about challenging, this is the pinnacle; think about it, the amount of steps needed to play this is tough on its own when you just have a 1-20 rep scheme but double or triple that, it is insane. It's not easy bear crawling for up to 60 steps but what about 60 Frog Jumps or having to hop on one leg each for a total of 120 in one set, it is brutal and you can only go so many rounds until you're just ready to collapse. After hundreds of rounds and literally thousands of reps, I still want to go back and do it again, does that make me crazy? Maybe, but it keeps me interested and actually wanting to challenge myself. Be bold and have fun, it is just a game after all, or is it?

Take the plunge and hone new skills and build a animalistic body by checking out the following courses:

Animal Kingdom Conditioning: Survival Of The Fittest

Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2: Call Of The Wild

Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

Animal Workouts DVD Course

Each have a series of progressions to go from a complete beginner to advanced beast. Make these a part of your journey and learn the Way Of The Animal.