Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Husband Gets His Energy, Sex Drive and Zest for Life Back (And You Can Too)!

Over 45, it’s like more and more things go downhill…

… your energy slowly creeps down

… your hormones slowly get out of whack

… and it starts to negatively affect multiple areas of your life.

Like your sex life, your motivation, and your passion for life itself.

What if I told you in as little as a couple of weeks, you could turn it all around … without taking any pharmaceuticals?

How would you like to feel like your 20 or 30-year-old self again? Even if you’re over 60!

Would that be a stretch?

Well, thousands of men all around the world have started doing it. Rebooting their hormones, raising their T, and regaining the energy and passion they’ve been missing out on for years, even decades…

All by simply using the power of Mother Nature: Herbs.

And now you can too!

Here’s a story from a wife who used Pine Pollen Tincture (the extract of Pine Pollen powder) to help her and her husband regain their sex life, energy, and vitality back in just ONE month.

“Finally a product that does what it says. I bought this for my husband.

He and I have suffered from his no libido, weight gain, and just a lack of energy and zest for life.

He has been taking the tincture every day for just over a month now and we are ecstatic!

I must say that since he teamed up the tincture with Tongkat Ali, we have REALLY noticed how it ’s enhanced the process.

He ’s also noticed more clarity in his mindset, his libido is back and I can’t even keep up with him. We feel more connected and it’s helped our relationship.

He was already on a fitness regime and had lost weight, but he feels like this has helped him with being more motivated. He gets up at 4.30am to do his exercises and he ’s no longer bombing at 3 pm.

Not only has this helped our sex life, but now I have my happy husband back who has found his mojo and loves life."

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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Joyful Entity Of Animal Exercises

As kids, we often had a huge imagination and can see things others couldn't; big things like planes and ships, animals of different shapes, scenarios that were off the wall and moved in ways that couldn't be explained. The energy, the enthusiasm and the way we enjoyed ourselves. As we get older, we start to drift away from that skill we had and ride off into the world of adulthood by going after girls or boys, impressing others, getting a job, going to college and have the joys of being stressed out over midterms, having kids and marrying someone you either love or it's some form of arrangement. We lose what made us happy or used as a defense mechanism.

Sort of the same thing happens with exercise; at first you're playing around, learning new things but later on, it becomes a little too serious. Don't get me wrong, exercise is awesome and should be taken serious in some form but not to the point of becoming analytical and overthinking. That's why I love doing animal exercises, it doesn't take up much time and you can progress and use the exercises anyway you see fit. You get to make choices, can go on a massive ass field or roaming the living room. Once you get the idea of how to make the move work, start expanding your mind and take yourself back to that time in your life where imagination was incredible. Have fun with these exercises and create an imaginary surrounding, visualize yourself as that animal.

If you take it way too serious, you're not getting the full benefit of the movements. When you're too serious, you're stiff and overthinking which hand and foot goes first. Do you really think an animal thinks like that? No, an animal strategizes in order to get food or get away from being food, they move and live their lives. They climb, run, jump, crawl and swim.

When you really begin to play with these exercises, your results can be extremely beneficial and you'll start to have keen awareness and brain power you didn't think existed. You can also jumpstart your hormones and generate youthful qualities of those hormones like when you were a kid. Build muscle, burn fat, strengthen tendons and have a very strong core.

Take a look at this video I did earlier this week. It may look like just moving like a tiger but in my mind, i'm stalking prey and getting ready to pounce. There's more than meets the eye.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Keep Those Hands Up Grandpa

Last night I learned about the tragic loss of a friend; Tom Puckett. For a period, I got to workout and hang out with this one of a kind individual. He was rugged as they come but he was as honest as can be. He was a former student of the God Of Pro Wrestling Karl Gotch. He learned his craft from Gotch of Catch Wrestling, Conditioning and Toughness. Tom was a Grappler in various early MMA bouts including a tour or so in Japan. A soldier to the very end and one of the toughest dudes I ever met.

I first got a hold of him years ago when he was still training off and on. He lived less than an hour away from me and went to a gym called Peak Fitness in Hayden, ID. He would go there Tuesdays and Fridays doing some Bodyweight Training & Weights just to keep up his shape because even then, internally, he wasn't in the best of shape. He was a bodyguard and consultant to some very high political leaders overseas. He didn't tell me very much about it but he did tell me what happened to him and it just didn't let up on him.

Even with his condition being severe, he still fought as big of a fight you couldn't possibly imagine. I still couldn't keep up with him when we did our warm-ups together. He was still capable of doing 250 Hindu Push-ups & 500 Hindu Squats each in a row. When I was working out with him, I only managed maybe 120 Hindu Push-ups & 300 Hindu Squats so his influence made me step up my game. After our warm-ups, he would do some free weights and show me a couple of bodyweight stuff he learned from Karl Gotch. At one point, he even showed me a few catch wrestling submissions (Neck Cranks mostly) which I can tell he was reluctant to show me since he wanted to keep Karl's legacy alive with the teachings of not showing any holds until you were in the conditioning shape Karl believed a person should be in. I was lucky enough to learn a few of these and still remember them to this day.

It was a shame that I stopped training with him because mostly, I felt off that I couldn't keep up with that type of exercise at the time. I did call him up or talk on facebook from time to time. Most of our conversations didn't last too long but he would always tell me straight up how he was feeling even if it was a little thing.

Now I know what you're thinking "What does the title of the article have to do with this man?" Well it is a funny story and one I'll never forget......

One day, we went to the park like we did on a couple occasions and we would swing his custom made Mace (Gada) that weighed 50 lbs and had a thick handle. We did the deck of cards workout together and unlike me, he blasted through it and I struggled but finished it with him. We got to doing Bridging and it was tough for him at first since it had been some time since he did it, I would push him to get into a full bridge and he got back at me for it when I did my own bridging. We timed each other in the Front & Back Bridges, the Back Bridge was a cakewalk for me but the Front Bridge was always awkward and I rarely kept my arms off the floor at that point in time. He was timing me and when I felt like quitting and putting my hands on the grass to take the pressure off but still hold he shouted at me "Keep those hands up grandpa" and I did and held it for 3 full minutes.

He pushed me to get better and I guess it's one of the reasons why I've kept myself in greater shape since then and inspired me to do 500 Hindu Squats again for a period. Whenever I bridge now either in the front or back I'll always hear those words from him. I will miss him and never forget the time we had together.

If you want to see Tom in action, check out Conditioning For Combat Sports or see some of his bouts from Japan on youtube along with some incredible wrestlers from The Land Of The Rising Sun. He fought the best of his abilities and kept many people safe during his travels as a trained bodyguard. RIP my friend, say hi to Karl for us.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Learn From The Turtle

Turtles for the most part have the longest life capacity than the majority of the animal kingdom. They can live up to as long as over 150 years old, that's insane. So how can we learn from the Turtle? Let's face it the most famous Turtles are the fictitious Teenage Mutant Ninja variety where you have 4 heroes in a half shell kicking butt and eating pizza. Although we focus on the cartoon aspect of Turtles and the story of the Tortoise & The Hare, Turtles have phenomenal things to teach us.

They have patience like you wouldn't believe, his home is literally a shell and it is consistently moving its neck. A Turtle's neck is something we don't always pay attention to but it is very powerful in a unique way. It has been written that some Turtles use their necks to snap up prey. Ever heard the phrase "Sticking Your Neck Out"?

As humans one of the most exposed body parts next to the arms is our necks; some have a thin neck, others very thick, some so big you can't tell if they have a neck or not. George F. Jowett once wrote "In men and the other male beasts, the neck has always been the true indication of a quality and quantity of his concentrated nerve power. A strong healthy man always has a powerful neck, and he always will have one.” Our necks are the line between our brains and the back, they connect to the spinal cord and have that electrical stimuli that helps us function in the nerves for movement. When that area is compromised in a severe way, it can paralyze us for life. It is important to train the neck accordingly so it can protect us from possible incredible injuries.

You don't have to have a neck the size of Mount Rushmore but if you want a powerful one, train it to a degree where it doesn't overstate your comfort levels and becomes painful. It can be discomforting while training the neck in specific ways but it never should be to the point of pain. Off and on for nearly 13 years, I have trained my neck to the point where I have never had a severe injury and this is from falling back onto my head & kicking over/back, bent spikes in the wrestler's bridge, moving my neck in a headstand, landing awkwardly playing sports, lifting heavy weight and others.

Train your neck doing various exercises that have calming effects but also ones that are a bit more vigorous like bridging, bridging gymnastics and so on. Now I will tell you this, bridging is the greatest form of neck training there is period, but it isn't meant for everyone, there are ways to train that area and still make it mighty strong. Most of them can be done standing, laying down or sitting in a chair. My personal favorites are doing isometrics and dynamic movements for the neck in multiple directions and angles. A more calming form of neck training that can be used for those over 40 and those who have no intention on doing any form of bridging is what's called Neck Chi Kung:

A style of Chi Kung where you move the neck using breathing techniques in various stages of movement. This is not meant to be done fast paced or rushed; it is very calming, relaxed and moving in a comfortable fashion. As you gain strength and flexibility, you'll move in a greater range of motion and learn a pressure point technique and massage method for the neck that feels amazing. Sign Up at Matt Furey's Furey Faithful Website to get the complete method of this program and literally tons of Special Reports, Books, Videos, Workouts & more on Health, Exercise, Meditation & Healthy Eating. 

If you're a more ambitious person that wants the strongest neck possible and snap up on prey like the mighty Turtle, grab Logan Christopher's Advanced Bridging Course. Learn the real methods of building a neck through stages of exercises that progress into more difficult exercises like the one exercise that made the legendary wrestler/strongman George Hackenshmidt have one of the strongest necks around.

Last one I will give you is a link to a program many athletes use especially those in Combat Sports like MMA, Rugby, Football, Wrestling & Hockey called the Neck Flex by the man who is known as "The Man With The World's Strongest Neck", Mike Bruce. A former marine and grappler that has taken neck training that literally less than a handful of people possess knowledge of and has strength 99.9% of the planetary population can't even match. Learn from this guy and he'll take your neck conditioning to a level that your competitors wouldn't dare want to think about. He is that awesome.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Over 40? This Will Make You Feel Like a Man Again

As a man it can be really crushing to your ego and confidence when your partner wants to have sex…

… but your body, specifically your wang, just doesn’t perform.

When this persists for weeks, months or even years it can tear you apart.

Not on the outside… but inside you.

So what can you do to rebalance your aging hormones, raise your T, and sexually satisfy your lover like you did in your 20’s?

There’s definitely the synthetic route. Drugs.

However, they’ve been proven to become addictive and have an almost endless list of negative side effects (you’ve seen those crazy commercials where at the end the narrator lists off 50 side effects while speaking as fast as he can… hint, he doesn’t want you to hear all the side effects).

One proven, all natural way to rebalance your hormones is with the help of herbs.

And not just any herbs, but specific ones, which contain phyto-androgens (naturally occurring plant steroids) which can raise your T fast.

The best part? These herbs typically have little to NO side effects.

How is that possible?

Well they aren’t just ONE single isolated compound, plucked out of a plant (this is what many drugs do… they pluck out one compound from a plant and sell it to you. That would be great if that isolated compound didn’t need all sorts of other compounds to balance it out).

… instead herbs are holistic organisms with millions of micro-nutrients that harmonize one another (making them generally safe for the average person to consume).

So when you consume an herb, your body’s getting ALL the nutrients needed to balance out the specific compounds that will benefit you.

So which herb do I recommend using to raise your T, get hard and balance your hormones?

My favorite is Pine Pollen Tincture, from Lost Empire Herbs.

It’s got the phyto-androgens which naturally boosts your T, and it’s filled with over 200 bio-available nutrients which help repair the toxicity in your body.

… and it doesn’t have a long list of negative side effects (in fact it has a long list of incredible, positive side effects, check out the review I’m posting below).

Try it risk free today. Lost Empire Herbs guarantees all their products. So if you don’t get the results as advertised, then you can get your money back.

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