Monday, November 20, 2017

You Are The King/Queen Of Your Own Jungle

Strength comes from within and often times we sacrifice our own strengths to appeal to somebody else. We don't look inside ourselves enough these days and harness our true potential to be as powerful as we want to be. I don't just exercise and feel like "oh cool I worked out, hip hip hooray" no, I put my heart and soul into each movement or hold and make it so otherwise it's going through motions. For us men, Tarzan is king because he makes it a point to understand how he survives and thrives in a unpredictable jungle. Sure the Ape-Man is a mighty warrior with a physique that makes most men envy but at the same time, his conditioning and endurance makes up for it and not just physically but mentally as well.

For women, if you want to be the queen of your jungle, look to stories about the powerful Sheena. A woman who has vast knowledge on animals, has strength and agility many women would love to posses and has the mentality similar to Wonder Woman. She doesn't need a man to save her or protect her from danger, she's a badass in her own right and endures what she's willing to go through in the jungle. She's a protector, an animal shapeshifter, a goddess of the trees and has the fighting spirit of a lioness.

If you're going to have that self-reliance mentality, you must look inside yourself and condition your mind and body as if it was one thing. Train yourself in physical exercise, play with ideas to make yourself stronger both physically and mentally. Move like a wild animal in the bush, be at home in your imagination and open the door to the true nature you carry within.

This is one of the main reasons I keep coming back again and again with Animal Exercise, it opens up the window to limitless possibilities and teaches how to ultimately use your body in any direction and let's you be the one to learn how you apply the movements. Nobody is going to do them the same exact way but that's more beautiful than anything else because every one of us is built differently and we must strengthen where our weak points are. When you add in Isometrics and apply them with great focus, you can create an infinity number of positions to get stronger in and truly unlock the door to fitness immortality. Open up to yourself and learn the very laws of real strength & conditioning and you'll know the most secretive form of your true nature.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Enter If You Dare....The Blessing And Curse Of Having A Strong Memory And The Emotional, Physical And Mental Toll It Takes On

We live in an age where technology and information runs a muck and it can be extremely overwhelming. Let me ask you this, if you took someone who can absorb a ton of info and it passes by them from time to time or it can impact their thought process in a general outlook that doesn't do much afterwards; now take someone who's memory is so powerful and so absorbent that even at times the smallest amount of information can be extremely overwhelming. Because of the Meningitis I had as a baby, it re-wired my entire brain structure and has taken on a life of its own by having me do things very differently.

Because of my memory and process of information, I have had rollercoasters running through me my entire life and at times it fucking sucks. I'm not going to lie to you, it has put me on a whirlwind that isn't easily controlled or watered down. You have seen my facebook posts, my tweets, my love for exercise, the weird and odd videos plus a few cool effects here and there but what you don't see is the real reason behind them. When I'm focused and in that zone, it's really a mere distraction of not letting my mind go ramped because if it did, my brain will go all over the place and with how I can recall memories, it takes an emotional toll on me that I never discuss.

I'm not telling you I'm so different that i'm the only one of my kind of people, there are people out there that have it far worse than I do and I never wish anyone to have pain and roller coaster minds that can never be controlled. I do believe i am unique and go through things a little differently that even those closest to me can never understand. I have amazing memories but also some very hard and tough ones that when I do recall them, it can be almost traumatizing to a large fucking degree. When it's so difficult to find that balance especially if one's brain works and doesn't work like everyone else's, it can leave you paralyzed emotionally. Overall, I'm happy with who I Am but there are times where sleeping at night is a chore and your mind is all over the place and the only way to shut that off is by completely exhausting yourself physically that the only thing on your mind is being tired and needing to just pass out.

I will say this, I'm very shitty under pressure and if i'm pressured into something not only completely out of my element but have no real interest in, it turns me into someone you don't really want to be around. For me, I can only absorb so much that when it becomes overwhelming, not only do I show it but can be very vocal about it. When I read these exercises books and articles, I often at times feel like I'm expected to do them or feels like I'm being told to my face that if I don't do what's written or talked about, I feel guilt and dismembered mentally and feel like I'm a person who is wrong. When that's planted into you through years of absorbing and having being told what to do for the sake of others, it becomes so painful that your entire being feels like it is carrying a lot of weight.

One of the reasons that fitness is in my life is because outside of all the chaos, love and painful things I've endured, it is one of the purest things I can go to that doesn't have any ill feelings towards me and I can be truly myself. When something as pure as that is being pushed around and people tell me that it's a hobby or it is wrong due to certain style of movement, it makes me want to smack them up so damn hard, 5 generations will remember it. You know the old adage of an Elephant never forgets? I'm like that  so if you ever hang out with me, talk to me on the phone or get up in my face, I will remember it and not only that, I remember how I felt in those moments as if it was happening at this very second. A lot of people in my life never understood or grasped at the thought of how strong my memory and my way of absorbing emotions and info can truly be.

The most difficult thing with memory is the complete utter and universal inability to block out memories in and of themselves. There are people who instinctively or conditioned to block out memories due to whatever reasons good, bad, ugly whatever but for me, total impossibility so when a certain thing does trigger a memory, emotions are flipped on as if it was a switch. This is my blessing and my curse and I'm not ashamed of admitting that and those who can deal with me in those moments, you have my sincere and complete respect and love. Many of us have fear of being completely ourselves and there are ways to play around it but if you have to work so damn hard at being you, it takes a toll more on yourself than the people around you. I fear almost daily of being my true self except for the people who really let me be that way. Down to the smallest fraction, I'm growing out of that fear to be my true self around anyone regardless of who they are.

I wanted to share this with people who have had similar issues in their lives and feel they're alone, you're not. Life itself isn't easy so when you add on to things like being on a roller coaster in your own self, things can be a bit more crazy. Remember, life is never easy, but it can be interesting, learn that and things can start changing and you'll see things in a whole new way. Be amazingly awesome and don't forget who YOU ARE!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pine Pollen | The alternative to synthetic Vitamin Supplements

Pine Pollen is a Great Herb for Woman to Work Toward Optimal Health & Balance

In China, where pine pollen has been used for thousands of years, it is considered one of the great beauty tonics for women. Yes, it can be used on your skin too. Several of its compounds support both elastin and collagen. And taken internally, with its wide variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and more it’ll help promote your health.

Many women get scared off when they see the word “androgens”, not realizing that they too need these hormones, just in lesser amounts than men.

Taking pine pollen, especially in powdered form, will not make you wake up with a mustache, deepen your voice, or sprout huge muscles.

And even better… Lost Empire Herbs has just released their CAPSULED addition to their pine pollen line. learn more here...

That means, right now you can grab them or any pine pollen product for 15% off the original price (no coupon needed just head over and grab yours today)

Pine pollen is used by women for the same reason as it is used by men, to battle high levels of xenoestrogens which do not discriminate between genders. This imbalance of high estrogen and low male hormones is linked to a number of conditions like loss of muscle tone, osteoporosis, diabetes, low libido and weight gain. Pine pollen can play a significant role in helping to balance those hormones by increasing androgenic hormones and detoxify harmful xenoestrogens.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pine Pollen Capsules are FINALLY here!

Finally, finally, finally...the first ever capsuled product of Lost Empire Herbs.

What if I could guarantee that about 2 weeks from now you could wake up with morning wood... on a daily basis?

... not only that but you wouldn't have to take any TRT medication, or crazy drugs to get the sex drive you're looking for.

Imagine waking up to your partner in bed a week from now ready to get it on... naturally!

This may sound too good to be true...

However, our best selling product GUARANTEES just that!

It's called Pine Pollen.

It's LOADED with over 200 bioactive vitamins, minerals, AND phyto-androgens (natural plant steroids that boost free T in humans).

"I tried pine pollen and was skeptical of the benefits. I use it in my morning smoothies and noticed the things down below became more “Rock Solid’ as well as seeing a boost in strength. I really could tell when I went a couple of months of not taking the supplement. I continued to lift weights and noticed I wasn’t making any gains in strength. I ordered a megadose and within two days of consuming the product, I almost doubled my reps in the gym. This is by far the best bang for the buck of supplements that I have ever tried." - Earl Heath

Because we just released a NEW capsulated version (which makes it even easier to consume) we're giving YOU 15% off ALL our Pine Pollen products (until next Monday and while supplies last!).

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"I’ve been mega dosing for a couple of weeks. Great energy and a big increase in Morning Wood! I’m 61 BTW" - Nigel

Now, these NEW Pine Pollen Capsules are no ordinary capsules.

Yes, they're filled with our RAW, wild harvested, and T raising Pine Pollen...

But what makes these unique is the capsules themselves. They're made with Pullulan Capsules.

These are very unique capsules made from fermented tapioca (a starch extracted from a vegetable root). So YES they're vegan and animal free.

The reason this is important (and useful) is because these fermented vegetable capsules actually protect what's inside them from oxidization - which helps keep Pine Pollen intact and lasting longer.

Here's a bit more about Pullulan:

· not produced by chemical modification, 100% natural

· manufactured by natural fermentation of plant extracts

· neither genetically modified nor pathogenic

· well known in the pharmaceutical and food industry

· non-allergenic

· starch- and gluten-free

Rooting for your health.

Monday, November 13, 2017

More On Isometrics

It's been a great journey lately into doing Isometrics daily and the practice of deep breathing. I've lost a little weight but have toned down pretty fast and one one of the secrets is to practice Isometrics throughout the day. Not just pitting muscle against muscle but also using the Isometric Power Belt & Muscle Control hitting as many parts of the body as possible inthe day's time.

Now what's the main purpose of doing this? As you may have read, I'm healing my lower back due to overstressing the muscles and hurting them moving furniture and other appliances this past summer so I've had to take a major step back into letting my back regain strength & mobility using certain movements but more importantly really target the muscles without putting hypertension on them. The muscle control exercises I have added recently into my daily practice has helped in a very short period of time and hold them for time or just do a few seconds of bursts and move on. This helps keep my energy up and keeps highly oxygenated blood flowing throughout the day.

Muscle Control is a lost art and it used to be a staple for Physical Culturists throughout the early 20th century. Now although Muscle Control has been around for thousands of years in various yoga practices around the world and teaching ancient chinese chi practitioners how to control their bodies for sustaining a long and healthy life, the term itself wasn't said until the time of Alois P. Swoboda & men like Maxick and Otto Arco. This type is based on individually flexing and relaxing isolated muscles where you only do one at a time or hitting multiple muscles on command.

These types of Isometrics are more common with bodybuilders but when properly applied, anyone can practice them and it has incredible health benefits such as: Strength to the organs, increased blood flow to energize the body, induces the mind/muscle connection, can increase brain activity, strengthens the joints and ligaments, increases muscular definition and helps with performance in physical activity.

Believe it or not, you can do Isometrics practically anywhere and at anytime throughout the day. You can do them at a park, in the grocery store, stopped at a red light, in your hotel room, waiting in line at the bank, in a chair, in the crowd at a sports game, in between practices for sports and so many other places. Another awesome benefit is that it can help calm the nervous system and relax the body into a meditative state plus from my own experiences, they can help you sleep at night because when you work certain muscles say an hour before bedtime, you're putting in greater blood flow and because it forces you to deep breathe, it brings that endorphin high that helps the body calm down later on and with that sensation, can help you fall asleep.

Make Isometrics a part of your life and see the cool things start to happen to not only your body but your mind as well.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NEW Memory and Focus Boosting Lion's Mane Formula

If your memory isn't as sharp as it once was, then you're going to LOVE this.

One of our favorite brain boosting, memory enhancing and focus sharpening herbs has just gotten even BETTER.

You see one of the most powerful herbal nootropics (cognitive enhancer) is Lion's Mane Mushroom.

Studies have shown that it helps grow, maintain and proliferate NEW nerves... and particularly in YOUR BRAIN!

These studies have made Lion's Mane renowned amongst groups of people who are looking for a cutting edge in work and life... for better memory and to think as clearly as a freshly cleaned window.

If your mind is like a dirty window, then you're going to have trouble seeing what's inside. You'll have trouble seeing your memories... which will make your decision making a lot harder.

Here's where Lion's Mane comes in. It clears the window in your mind by increasing what's called Nerve Growth Factors (NGF).

Check out what one user has had to say about Lost Empire Herb's Lion's Mane:

"Lion’s Mane has become a staple in my morning coffee. Not only does it boost my immune response but it provided me with a superior cognitive enhancement. I had a literal change in mind when I first started regularly taking it at the beginning of my college anatomy class. I began recalling vocabulary and visualizing images of the anatomy studied that week which became clear images in my head. I had to stop and acknowledge the fact that I am remembering significantly more information than before. I aced my anatomy tests which consisted of 150+ anatomical terms, correct spelling and all! So, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement." - Kevin

What's even better is we've created an even more potent and stronger formula of Lion's Mane... extracted with BOTH water AND alcohol... to get more of the NGF components.

Now for a limited time and while supplies last, you can boost your memory with this new Lion's Mane formula at a discount ($5 off no code needed). In fact, while supplies last you can get a discount on either or both of our Lion's Mane formulas (the original is still amazing... the new one is just enhanced - combining BOTH may be ideal!).


Monday, November 6, 2017

The Powers Of Wolverine Using Isometrics

Anybody who is a Marvel or comic book fan in general knows who Wolverine of the X-Men is. He is by far Comic wise, one of the most popular characters and one of the most intriguing. Most superheroes or anti-heroes have typical superpowers like speed, high intelligence, super strength, unlimited endurance and other attributes but Wolverine is a bit different; he's the ultimate hard-ass and his powers are literally and figuratively in his bones and overall structure. He can heal very fast, has heightened sense of smell, has claws coming out of his fists and if you piss him off, better run for the hills.

Despite his obvious attributes, he's also one of the most tortured souls in comics; sure he can live a very long time but in spite of that, it is one of the things that make him vulnerable. He's seen his share of horrors, sadness, love and emotional pain that keeps him at bay with people that get close to him. He's very important to the X-Men but he's better as a lone wolf that tackles physicality and emotional imbalance.

Now what does this character have to do with Isometric Training? Well, it relates to some of his powers specifically healing and a extremely strong skeletal structure; when Isometrics are applied with great intensity and consistency, it puts new life into the human body in ways many never really understood. Iso's tackle the very structure from within instead of the normal outside purpose of conventional methods such as weights, calisthenics and other uses of exercise; it literally opens the door to a whole other level of strength and muscle sculpting.

When you apply Iso's from all sorts of directions and targeting specific muscle groups, you impact bringing fresh oxygenated blood into the cellular structure and strengthen not just muscles but the tissue that holds our bones together like the tendons, joints & ligaments. Iso's refurbish and enhance our skeletal frame to become stronger from the inside out instead of the typical outside in mechanism. Your muscles become denser and when targeted such as in the lower arms, legs & abdominals, they harden those muscles making them less prone to injury. Think about it, Wolverine's adamantium skeleton is packed with strength in the tendons and ligaments that make him virtually indestructible; sure he feels pain like the rest of us but even then, that level of power is an incredible element to how the body can be strengthened.

On the level of his healing ability or in our reality, Iso's are incredible at bringing in new blood to the cell walls thus having a dense nutrient base on healing the body in a very cool fashion. Between 1946 and 1961 in Germany, there were tests done to help soldiers from the war regain strength and mobility from injuries they had sustained. Even back then when medicine was only just developing through the post-war era, a doctor took on the use of Isometrics to give soldiers an opportunity to strengthen their bodies when regular exercise rehab wasn't enough. Incredibly with proper applications, the majority of those soldiers and other patients were rebuilding strength that helped heal old injuries to their full range of motion.

Like Wolverine, when you practice this method often especially from how the old-timers like Alexander Zass, Bruce Lee, Galen Gough and other strongmen/athletes, you will have muscles that are so damn powerful that even though they feel like solid rock, they'll also be crazy fast, strong and can do damage from just every possible direction. One of the strongest men of the modern era Steve Justa used Isometrics to strengthen himself bailing hay and lifting some solid weight that to this day most of his poundages cannot be matched by any other man. Isometrics didn't however give him the strength to lift heavy weights but they did give him some of the toughest tendons and ligaments you can possibly imagine and this in turn helped in addition to weights that gave him the opportunity to do things that would kill the average person.

I'm currently using Isometrics myself for not just strength training but for healing my lower back as well. I can already feel my body toughening up from the inside and it has helped me become flexible and agile again. I'm not at 100% but i'm getting close and already seeing a difference. I do both free-handed Isometrics & the Isometric Power Belt to add variety and hit muscles free-handed can't touch. It normally takes me about 20-25 minutes to complete a full Isometric Playout hitting various muscle groups on different days such as Arms & Neck one day, Back & Legs and Shoulders and Chest; I do however hit the lower arms and the abs every single day because I do want to have that strong core that protects my back from injury and have an insane grip for whatever I may need.

Apply this method and who knows, you may even start to feel like you got some Adamantium in you and your ability to heal and move with great force but agile as well. If you truly want to see Isometrics in action, look up Jarell Lindsey & the modern king of Isometrics Matti Marzel. These two guys in this day and age represent Isometrics in a very unique but bad ass fashion and if you look at their physiques, you'll know what I mean. I'm talking steel cords for forearms, eagle claws for fingers and a core so freaking strong, they can hold themselves up and do incredible feats that are a sight to see. They are living versions of Wolverine.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Are you getting your daily brain foods?

This week is Lost Empire Herbs "Mind Does Matter Week"

Do you use your brain? A lot or just a little?

Well, I hope you said a lot :) because that's the truth...

...I also hope you take care of that precious and complex organ.

That's what we are covering this week: Herbs for Cognitive Function.

(Our most popular) Bacopa is back in stock (finally!), so we wanted to show our appreciation for certain herbs that act as nootropics and give you a chance to up your mental gymnastics game.

The current products that are discounted 15% until the end of Monday include:

Gotu Kola
Lion's Mane

Head to the site and get yours this weekend before stock is depleted.

Today, we are going to talk about two of these herbs briefly.


Mucuna is one of the best herbs for helping balance dopamine levels. Because of this, it has some definite mental effects, though some of it's positive mental results stem from other brain activity.

One study concluded that, "...These results suggest that the neuroprotective and neurorestorative effect of Mucuna pruriens may be related to its antioxidant activity independent of the symptomatic effect." This study has found that mucuna was able to chelate iron, effectively allowing the body to detox the body of too much iron in system (1).

Bree (from way back in 2014), found out that Mucuna had a great effect on her mental prowess.

With these herbs, I feel better overall. Physically, these herbs give me more energy and stamina, but in a way caffeine can’t provide. There is no jittery feeling, no elevated heart rate, and no crash afterward. Mentally, there is much more focus and clarity in simple tasks and my memory during more complicated and multi-tasking events was much better. Emotionally, I feel lifted. I see things from a more positive lense and am able to handle stressful events with a much calmer demeanor. The best way I can put it is I overall feel as if I’ve had the best night’s rest of my life. I feel very refreshed, balanced, and well.

On top of the mental effects, Mucuna has been found to be great for hormonal support as well, working through the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis in both men and women (2).

Gotu Kola

Both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have ‘tonifying’ herbs, that is, herbs that have a tonic effect on particular organs. The term ‘tonic’ implies a herb or formula that uses a multifaceted approach to making an organ healthier and work better, toning the organ much as working out will tone muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Most tend to be the organs in our torso so it is rare indeed to have a herb that works to produce a well-rounded, higher functioning brain.

Gotu Kola has had much scientific work undertaken to show how it improves the mind. A study done with it isolated 45 unique compounds from the plant and found, "The most effective fraction (of compounds) showed robust induction in neurite outgrowth and neurofilament expression."

They found that two of the more active compounds in this regard were those named asiatic and madecassic acids.

Their, "...results support the use of a combination of asiatic acid and madecassic acid as an effective means to intervene neurodegenerative diseases in which neurotrophin deficiency is involved (3)."

Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that induce the survival, development, and function of neurons. They belong to a class of growth factors, secreted proteins that are capable of signaling particular cells to survive, differentiate or grow.

Gotu Kola will literally revitalize your brain if it has suffered from a lack of care. I recommend taking a bag of this one at least on a semi-regular basis to help the brain age gracefully (or not at all...). Combining Gotu Kola with the learning of new skills will keep your mind sharp well into your 90's and beyond.


Just kidding, I'm not gonna guarantee that one! If it doesn't work out that you make it to 90 and are still forgetful, you won't remember to ask for your money back anyway. Scandalous I know. ;)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Isometrics As A Healing Method

Although it is not specifically intended to cure, Isometrics can in fact heal the body in amazing ways. By healing, it can lower blood pressure due to a specific breathing method and help heal areas of the body that have been plagued by years of pain. I'm not a doctor and I don't intend to drive people away from having their bodies being healed by other means however; you do have other options.

I have been battling with back issues still and i'm not 100% of what my strength & athletic ability normally would be but in a very slow process, I Am getting stronger again in that area of my body. The pain has gone down although it has shifted to my right side but because of Isometrics, I'm getting closer and closer to being completely healed. I do both methods of practice Free-Handed & using the Isometric Power Belt. Because of the issues in my back I have to adjust certain exercises in order to be efficient and not have those spaz moments for example I can do do Deadlift Isometrics & Upright Rows with the belt and can do the Superman Hold Free-Handed but I have major issues with the Back Isometric versions of picking up the leg where you grip the hamstring and do your hardest to pick up the leg, I really feel it in my lower back and feels horrible. You make due with what you can and as you get stronger, start adding in certain other exercises.

I have used Isometrics in the past to heal my legs and even helped my shoulders after hurting them doing too much of the deck of cards workout of Squats & Push-ups. I got a little carried away and hurt myself but I wasn't going to let that stop me from training. I'm also getting ideas in my head where because of my back and not being able to do the animal exercises the way I really want to, think it is time to do those exercises in Isometric Fashion instead of being so explosive normally. Using other methods for movement & mobility such as DDP Yoga or MovNat, Isometrics are the best thing for me to really do at the moment until I heal or VRT Type method.

As we get older, we do have to adjust our training. Don't get me wrong, I plan on doing some crazy stuff still by the time i'm 40 and beyond and have seen first hand the crazy things guys in their 50's can do. It is important however to balance out the crazy stuff with keeping yourself healthy and pain-free as possible. Isometrics are one of the safest if not the safest form of strength training when it is properly applied; you're not damaging the joints, you're developing your structure with powerful exercises that can be done at practically any angle and it is one of the fastest methods to burn fat and build sculpted muscle. I never want to stop training and if it means using other methods to be as injury-proof as possible more than ever, so be it. You never stop learning and you never stop finding the best ways to keep yourself in shape beyond your years. Too many people just flat out stop training because they can't do what they use to or they don't have what it takes anymore, there's always something you can do.

Learn the power of Isometrics and make it a part of your life, it could very well save it and give you strength other methods can't even reach. Keep your joints safe and value the power of self-healing.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mind Does Matter Sale Starts Today! BOCOPA back in stock 15% Savings Code Inside

If you're anything like me, then you care about your MIND.

It's probably what helps you earn your income.

Without it, you couldn't survive.

I want to share with you what I consider to be the #1 nootropic herb.

This herb has been proven in studies to help with memory and focus. So it's super powerful to use either in times of high stress (when your mind could use the most support) and as a daily preventative and IT'S FINALLY BACK IN STOCK

It's going to help you think CLEARLY and recall memories like you may have never experienced before (see the testimonial below).

It's called: Bacopa

Unfortunately... age, stress, and life, in general, takes its toll on our minds.

It's been shown that chronic stress actually SHRINKS your brain's grey matter.

That means the more stress you have, the less sleep you get, the more conflict you find yourself in...

... the worse your mind operates.

If you ever feel under pressure, talk to some friends of mine.

One runs a full-time business, and it's tough.

Combine that with a wife and a baby on the way... Holy Crap.

The stress gets to him sometimes.

If you can relate, then I have some good news to share with you today.

"Bacopa was a game changer in my memory enhancement this last semester at school. I take this every morning and before tests. Just add a .5 teaspoon to water and drink. I am able to effortlessly recall vocabulary as well as things I was supposed to do on a daily basis. If before bacopa I where to say a “fog” hung over my memory, after taking regularly the “fog” was lifted and my rational thought process improved.

If you are in school or if you just want to actually remember shit, take bacopa regularly! DO IT!!!!!!" - Kevin

The reason I'm telling you about Bacopa today is that, for the next 6 days only, we're having a promo on herbs that are great for your mind.

Until next week, you can get 15% off any of the herb's we'll be talking about.

Today, it's Bacopa.

To get 15% off just use this code when you check out: BRAINHERBS

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So if your memory could use a BOOST, give Bacopa a try.

You're guaranteed by Lost Empire Herb's ROCK solid 365-day money back guarantee. We guarantee results. So if the product DOESN'T work for you, just hold onto the package. Let us know and we'll fix this situation for you.

Remember, I'm rooting for your brain. From having Meningitis I understand the need to have a strong brain. Although I have a very strong memory, I'm also prone to stress so having Bacopa is an amazing thing.

 If memory enhancement isn't what you're looking for... STAY TUNED. We will be going over all the herbs that are on sale this week. The current products discounted 15% for the next six days include:

Gotu Kola
Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Sale Ends Monday Nov 6th 2017