Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Be Able To Do Bodybuilding Anywhere And Anytime

I'm not the biggest fan of modern bodybuilding for a few reasons; one it's not as simplistic as it was in the early 20th century, two there are too many exercises that make people overthink and hinder progress & three because too many drugs have taken over than the love of pure bodybuilding itself. Not everyone is meant to have that kind of lifestyle and it isn't practical to spend so many hours while the general population has a life to live when it comes to family, jobs & paying bills. When something becomes overcomplicated, you're going to really get anywhere.

I'm a firm believer in using simple methods that are not only effective but have a long term positive effect on the body, it is also rejuvenative and and doesn't wear and tear on the joints. Calisthenics are usually ideal in my arsenal of methods and I can never get enough of airope skipping and using the power wheel or doing Isometrics but when it comes down to deep and direct approach to bodybuilding, I go with VRT (Visualized Resistance Training). It is a system that provides pumping the muscles without ever touching weights and you can mimic any machine in the gym anywhere you want. It is without question one of the most powerful methods around and all it takes is flexing a muscle, moving through a range of motion and your imagination; those main three are the foundation. People tend to knock off this system because it has that negative notion of only "pretending to lift weights" ordeal and think the only way to build muscle is by moving weights.

Not everyone can afford a weight set and even moreso, they can't travel with weights on a plane or in their car and it's not ideal to moving weights in a hotel room if you're traveling. Weights can be beneficial for the body in certain ways but you do need specific spots to have them so it is safe for the surrounding environment. VRT takes out all of that where you can imagine lifting a weight and flexing the muscles through a specific range of motion without ever needing the equipment there. You can take VRT anywhere you wish because the only equipment is you and your mind. I have done VRT in a hotel room, at the park, on a plane, riding in the car and even did it at Disneyland (yes it is possible). You can make this system whatever you wish and whatever you can think of, you can make a VRT exercise out of.

Think of it this way; ever heard of the Green Lantern and that mighty Ring of his? If you ever read the comics or watched the disastrous flick with Ryan Reynolds; the ring is a symbol of how to apply imagination and turning it into action. He comes up with all sorts of weird stuff to defend himself and others and whatever he thinks of, the ring creates out of that. That principle is similar to VRT where you imagine something heavy and doesn't have to be a weight or a machine; it could be lifting a car, picking up boulders, doing chest flys with steel chains or whatever you can think of. You have your own Green Lantern Ring and that ring is your imagination & the muscles are the action of that ring. You have the power to be as creative as you wish to be and you control how much tension you create to build the muscles you want.

One of the most well developed human beings on the planet didn't lift weights and all he did was flex his muscles in certain positions of exercise similar to VRT; that man was Bobby Pandour. His physique at the time was extraordinary and was only topped by guys like Otto Arco, Maxick & Eugene Sandow; he was that well built. His body was so well put together it would give today's Physique Contestants a run for their money and this was long before the days of steroids, supplements & exercise machines. Back then the only way to even remotely find a way to lift weights like a barbell and such was in a massive gymnasium in a major town or at a YMCA that provided such luxuries. You couldn't really buy weights at that time and if you did, the most you'd get is maybe a 100-200 lbs. set. Bobby settled only for Muscle Control and his best style of leg training was carrying his brother up flights of stairs. Don't believe me on the possibilities of having a mighty physique by this system, take a look below.

You can develop a body to be proud of and not wear and tear on your joints. Be able to train anywhere you wish and do it in less time than with any other bodybuilding method. Wear whatever you want, do any exercise that your imagination can come up with and have fun developing the mind/muscle connection. Get VRT today for less than the cost of a monthly membership to any gym and never be bored with exercise ever again.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Its Schisandra Harvest Season Again

Every year between August 15th and September 15th in the Massachusetts Connecticut river valley, the floral fragrance of organically grown schisandra berries fills the air as folks hand harvest these precious little red treasures.

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Schisandra is known as one of the top herbs used in Chinese herbalism and has grown in use and popularity over recent years. With the tasty qualities, this berry holds it has been widely consumed as a single herb, made into teas, smoothies, and even alcoholic drinks. (They've included a few recipes below)

It has all five flavors: salty, sweet, sour, pungent and bitter in one food which is like nothing else on the planet. Just that alone showcases the magical properties of this herb.

Once you taste this little red berry, you will see why its popularity has spread far and wide and its uses have continued to benefit people of all ages.

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But, If you haven’t tried this sweet and sour little berry extract check this out:

As a top anti-aging herb in Chinese medicine, Schisandra chinensis is said to enter into every meridian channel in the body, once again a quite unique claim to fame, and work on the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Benefits taking Schisandra can have for you:

Antioxidant (Increases SOD)
Supports the Liver (Thru both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification)
Supports Concentration and Memory
Increases Alertness
Reduces Stress and Exhaustion
Improves Night Vision
Slightly Calming

The Highest Quality Schisandra Available

Their schisandra is grown on an organic farm Massachusetts, United States. These berries are hand harvested, soaked, washed, hand sifted, then sealed in large food grade containers and freeze-dried locking in the flavor and vibrancy.

This freeze-drying method naturally concentrates the levels to approximately a 5:1 and makes all the valuable nutrients in the seed material bio-available and absorbable. It also helps lock in the natural color, energetic signatures, and unique taste.

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Schisandra Berry Powder RECIPES

Schisandra Berry Tea Recipe #1

1 TB Schisandra Extract
1 Qt. Hot Water
Simply mix and enjoy. Doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Schisandra beautifies the skin. In Chinese medicine, it strengthens your “Wei Chi”, which is the defense chi of your body. It’s the first line of your body’s immune response and much more. As an astringent, it helps to tighten skin and tissues, helping to preserve moisture.

The following recipes contain several more ingredients to give you many more ideas.

Schisandra Berry Tea Recipe #2

1-quart water
3T Schisandra (soaked and drained)
1T goji berries
1T astragalus root
1t orange peel or a couple of pieces
1t fresh ginger root
Simmer the above ingredients in one quart of pure water for no longer than 15 minutes. Strain and drink alone with super sweeteners or allow to cool and blend into a smoothie or iced drink.

Schisandra detoxifies the liver. This is due primarily to antioxidants and lignan components including schizandrin, pregomisin, gomisins, and deoxyschizandrin. In China a drug was created out of Schisandra for this effect.

Schisandra Berry Tea Recipe #3

2 Tbsp Schisandra Berries
2 Tbsp Elderberries (optional)
6 small pieces of licorice root, broken into small pieces
5-6 inch knob of ginger peeled and coarsely chopped
A palmful or two of dried eleuthero
1-2 Tbsp of dried green stevia leaves
1-2 cinnamon sticks, crushed
Combine everything (except for the stevia) in a saucepan and cover with 4 cups of water. Cover and bring to a boil.

Schisandra berry is one of the top adaptogens in the world. Schisandrin B stimulates the expression of heat shock proteins in normal cells which enhances mitochondrial glutathione status, other antioxidant activity and ATP generation. The Russians heavily investigated this and other adaptogens to support their athletes and soldiers.

Fermented Schizandra Berry Tea

One tablespoon of water kefir grains
One quart of water
One cup of sugar
One cup of dried schizandra berries
Two cups of boiled water
Two cups of pomegranate juice (cherry and raspberry juice are great too)

1. Dissolve the sugar in the quart of water. (They recommend heating the water to help dissolve the sugar, but then allow the water to cool before the next step.)

2. Put the water kefir grains in a clean quart jar and pour the cool sugar water over the grains. Let it sit for 24 hours.

3. In the meantime, pour two cups of boiled water over the berries, cover, and let it sit and cool. (They've had no issues letting this sit for 24 hours.)

4. After 24 hours, strain off the water kefir grains to use in another recipe. Set grains aside.

5. In a half gallon jar, combine the sugar water, steeped berries with liquid, and the pomegranate juice or juice of your choice.

6. Cover with a tea towel and let it ferment until it reaches your desired sweetness.

Combining the benefits of schisandra along with the benefits or a fermented drink. Sounds great.

Schisandra is a great aphrodisiac. It’s not what many people think of, like other herbs such as tongkat ali and cistanche, but helps increase circulation, lubrication, sensitivity as well as libido for both men and women.

Schisandra Berry Smoothie

2-3 Tablespoons of Schisandra Berry Syrup
2 cups Strawberries or Mixed Berries
Vitamin C Powder ( 1000 mg. dose – I used ⅛ tsp.)
1½ cups of Homemade Yogurt, Coconut Yogurt or Coconut Milk
2-3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, melted Pinch of Sea Salt
2-3 Tablespoons of Gelatin (cold soluble)

Schisandra Juice

In Asia, it is common to infuse schisandra into other fruit juices. If you had fresh berries you could juice them but it wouldn’t be something you drink a lot of. But a little bit added to other juices can be great tasting and highly beneficial.

1 tsp to 1 TB schisandra berries or extract
1 cup to 1 gallon of dark fruit juice (They recommend tart cherry juice for its many benefits)
Allow to soak for a day. Strain and drink.

A whole book could be written on the benefits of this amazing herb. Because it contains all five flavors, which is a rare thing for one food to have, it enters all 12 meridians in the human body, and nourishes the five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. In addition, it contains all three treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen, all in one place.

With all these options and recipes, you should give this organically grown schisandra berry extract a shot.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

THE Superfood That Will Enhance Natural Balance In The Body

It gets old, right?

You lead a busy life. You have responsibilities to your family, your job…

But when was the last time you thought about your responsibility to your body?

Now, if you think the dusty old duties of eating right and exercising are all you need, you are DEAD WRONG.

Recent science proves you've got one HUGE new health duty you (and millions of others) are ignoring...

It's a silent new health disaster caused by modern food and drug industries that NO amount of exercise and healthy eating can cure...

Combating Hormone Imbalance isn't impossible...

Specifically - a little-discussed growing epidemic called Estrogen Dominance...

Not sure Estrogen Dominance is that big a deal?

Well let me ask you this:

Did you know BOTH women's AND men's bodies already produce both Estrogen and Testosterone naturally?

It's true! Everybody needs and produces a bit of both - and maintaining the delicate balance of Estrogen to Testosterone in our individual bodies used to be so easy no one even noticed it... has become increasingly difficult for both men and women to avoid estrogen dominance, and the side effects to your health are extreme.

There is something that can help….

…. Chinese herbalists have been taking advantage of its infinite benefits for thousands of years….

….It’s called Pine Pollen.

The secret behind Pine Pollen is the Phyto-androgens it contains.

Phyto-androgens stimulate testosterone. They work to support the optimization of hormones within our body by balancing out that excess estrogen that we’re bombarded with.

The balance of hormones directly affects how our bodies function. Good balance translates into energy, weight control, sexual vigor, youthful appearance, recovery from daily stress and physical activity and overall sense of well- being.

Imbalance leads to fatigue, sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, depression, impaired immune function, chronic illnesses, disease, and ultimately, early death.

Why wouldn't we want to take something that could by far- have amazing health benefits inside and out? Especially with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Instead of shelling out thousands for painful, unsure, and time-consuming hormone replacement therapies created and administered by the very industry that helped cause this Estrogen Dominance epidemic in the first place, why not get back to basics and go for a purely natural, gentle yet effective, centuries-proven solution? You have a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to maintain your health fully. Don't let your Estrogen Dominant imbalance become impossible to fix!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Building A Strong Foundation For Great Posture

Having good posture has a certain presence to it. You don't have to be a pompous jerk or look down at someone in order to have good posture but it is important to have muscles that give you that solid look that grabs people's attention. Great posture is built on having a strong core and a mighty back with the shoulders pulled back and having the chest up.

How you breathe determines your posture as well, some people breathe through their chest, others through their diaphragm, i'm thinking why not do both and master them so when the occasion calls for it you know how to apply them. Some people actually believe diaphragmatic breathing makes a person lazy and weak while the chest breathing makes them super strong, for me that's a crock because from the diaphragm, it is a natural instinct that we as humans have had since we were born. How can you ever say something natural is an automatic outlook of weakness? There are many ways to breathe incorrectly but there are others that breathe with efficiency and power. Look to Paul Bragg's book on Super Power Breathing For Health on this subject.  

An ideal outlook on developing poor or bad posture is how you apply certain exercises and if there's too much or too little of what developes that posture. One thing you don't want to do is do too many exercises that require a ton of pushing that brings out that hunched over look. There are many people that love the bench press and do so much of it that it destroys their ability to have solid posture because the shoulders are too far forward, chest is caved in and looking like a hunchback. Now push-ups, bear crawls, crab walks and Isometric pushing really helps the opposite but it is valuably important to do a great amount of pulling which strengthens the back, powers up the core muscles and pulls back the shoulders. Lately due to more observations on my lower back issue, I instinctively learned to do more specific ab and back training. I do more of my pushing training through animal exercise but at the same time I realized I needed to open up the core and back more using specific equipment to target those areas without isolation. I use the TNT Lifeline Cables for back training doing curls, rows, pulldowns and stretching pulls while using the Power Wheel for strengthening the core muscles. Just after only a few times my posture and lower back have gotten way better.

Muscle Control is another powerful method for developing posture as you apply the flexion and relaxation of the muscles being performed whether individually or as a group. Some of the strongest athletes of the early 20th century had tremendous posture and it helped them live a long life. One of the best was George Hackenshmidt the wrestler and weightlifter from Estonia that lived until the age of 90. He emphasized the application of exercise using the best methods possible that went beyond just strength. Posture is what separates you from the pack.

Make it the best you can and strengthen your body with purpose and health, not just for vanity.

Friday, September 8, 2017

A Workout Fit For The Ultimate Star Wars Fan

What would it feel like to have the Dark Lord of the Sith in your hands? To feel the power of the darkside in order to be in the best shape possible; look no further than Onnit's new line of Kettlebells based on the phenomenon that is Star Wars. Kettlebells have been a staple for physical strength & conditioning for years now and have been a part of Physical Culture for well over 100 years. There have been different variations of the Kettlebell but never anything like this.

When you have a Bounty Hunter, a Stormtrooper & the greatest villain of them all Darth Vader as the new heads for Kettlebells, it brings out a whole new level of fear in competitors and inspiration to be not only in incredible shape but an added bonus of Bad Assery. These three loathsome figures have been meticulously sculpted and cast in dark black iron to strike fear into the hearts of all in their presence. You will never find a more wretched group of scum and villainy in any gym.

There are plenty of exercises to do with these awesome bells and regardless of your age or sex, they can give you the tools to develop a level of conditioning and physique that would make Luke Skywalker hide in fear just like he did when Rey found him in Episode 7. With the addition to Kettlebell Training, it can help build loads of explosive power and other major attributes through efficient full body movements. These bells come in sizes of 50, 60 & 70 lb weights; a bell for every creature in the galaxy.

Pre-Order today and get ready for the battle of your life and hone the power of the darkside in the palm of your hands.  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Developing A Thick Bull Neck Without Weights

In sports and in life it is critically important to keep your head on your shoulders yet many neglect to train the area that is attached to the head which is the NECK. The people with thick necks are usually football players & wrestlers and that is because of the full contact blasts they take especially pro wrestlers who get tied up in headlocks, rolling out and even kicking out have to have a strong neck otherwise it could be disastrous. Same thing with football players that tackle head on like fighting bulls, buffalos & rams; they're necks need to be a key factor in winning a fight otherwise you can shatter your spine and be paralyzed from the neck down.

For over 12 years, I have studied, trained & learned various aspects on training the neck. Off and on and a lot more on lately, I have been working on building a strong neck for practically any occasion. I rarely ever touched weights for neck training and that's mostly because most weights or machines isolate only a small portion of the neck in a specific position so unless you need to fix a weak area you don't necessarily need a machine to build a powerful neck. Because of the methods I have practiced, I have developed a thick 20 inch neck without ever touching a single pound.

Some exercises even for bodyweight can be debatable or controversial depending on who you talk to and how certain methods are applied. When I had my very short stint training in high school wrestling I was taught to bridge on the top of my head and because I never heard of the bridge then I didn't know any better. It turns out years later, it wasn't the best type of bridge to do. I really began my style of bridging from learning from Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning Book and applied the more stretching component of bringing the nose to the mat. This was my first taste of learning how to handle my neck in awkward positions and the experience just kept growing. Eventually within a short period of time I was able to hold a bridge for 3 min. with feet flat, arms off the floor and nose touching the mat.

I wanted to learn more on how to make my neck stronger not just from bridging. One of my favorite methods came from Jim Forystek's Book Flexercise where it taught how to build a strong neck using self resistance exercises where you applied pressure to really make the neck work as you went through a movement. It had a specific level of repetitions that you progressed to so you can safely build the neck without straining. I hit level 3 status for those exercises quickly and my neck was getting sculpted but the funny thing was I didn't really care how sculpted my neck looked, only cared about making it stronger, durable and flexible.

The neck is a fist impression of a strong and powerful individual. It doesn't need to be sculpted like a bodybuilder which to me is more counterproductive because most bodybuilders today don't have that strong of a neck. A neck with power shows confidence and gives off a strong vibe that tells a person that is full of vigor and posture. If you have a weak neck, you have a greater chance for injuries and very hunched over. The course that settled it for me to really develop the neck I wanted was none other than Advanced Bridging by Logan Christopher; this alone taught me the true value of neck building and honing a thick bull neck that screams strength. From holding specific positions to rocking gave my neck the fuel it needed to develop size.

If you're interested in learning the deepest aspects of building a thick neck, look for the man with the world's strongest neck Mike Bruce who developed his neck in ways that cannot be matched by anyone. His neck is so strong, he's literally lifted hundreds of pounds while moving his head up and down, has had steel bars bent across his throat and even a horseshoe. This was all done by applying methods he used in wrestling and Martial Arts while utilizing strongman techniques and firmly applied bodyweight style conditioning.

You can apply weights for neck training but you have to be extremely cautious and be safe at all times. The neck is a set of muscles and tendons like everything else but its a lot more delicate than practically any other part of body because its in congruent with the spinal cord and that electric power from the brain to the spinal cord is firmly in the neck. So train with intent, purpose and able to apply with proper technique. There have been countless injuries due to spinal cord breaks and hitting the neck in the wrong spots. One of the most famous is from the injury that put legendary Superman actor Christopher Reeve in a wheelchair until the day he died. Another athlete that had a major neck injury but had someone or something on his side that had pull out of being a vegetable was pro wrestling technician and high flyer TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd. He had a match a while back and landed really badly on his head or his neck I can't remember which one and it was so bad he had to be carried out on a stretcher and put in a severe neck brace. The upside to this is that because of his training building that neck, it was so strong it kept him from being in a wheelchair for life or worse killing him.

I'm not trying to get you thinking the worst scenarios but I'am being honest on how important it is to train the neck with proper technique and developing a strong foundation that can help prevent disastrous circumstances. Here are my key ingredients to developing a powerful neck.....

Bridging (Front, Back)

Bridge Rocks (Front, Back, Side To Side)

Self Resistance Movements (Side To Side, Turning Of The Head, Up, Down, Circular)

(Advanced Movements)- Bridging Gymnastics (Kicking Over & Back), Headstand Neck Stretches, Circular Walks In The Bridge, Front Bridge Plank

I personally do the majority of these almost daily alternating a couple exercises. Don't jump into some of these right away, build up to them and progress to advanced variations & exercises. It's not going to happen over night and some of these are extremely difficult especially if you're someone of a heavier size. When I first kicked over in the bridge I was 230+ lbs. and I had to have solid form in order to pull it off, you can be far smaller and kick over with not so good solid form but its vastly important to have the best form possible to safely do this. Build the best neck you can and pay attention to weaknesses & the ability to progress.    

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets Of Exercise

This all depends on your goals and what you're trying to accomplish whether it's preparing for competition or overall fitness. Resting can also mean a lot of things; are you sitting down? Are you walking around after a set? Are you active at a lower intensity? Or are you just going non stop?

In my opinion, you should rest as long as needed, not as long or short as someone tells you to. I've been through the 30 seconds rest periods, 2 min., 5 min., 15 sec. and so on and so forth and I have come to the conclusion that if you need to catch your breath then do so and take as much time as you need. When it comes to conditioning, the objective is to keep going and if you're in need of a rest or finished say a circuit, do a lower intensity exercise that is active and keeps you at a solid level of cardio. If you've been hitting it hard with the weights or you have done some rough HIIT than I suggest you rest as long as needed to.

Rest periods for the most part written out by various trainers and fitness enthusiasts make mere suggestions and some are very questionable especially those that have you doing some heavy training but your rest time is way short. I get it, you want them to keep their heart rates at a high level but suggesting a rest period when someone isn't in the shape for that workout and telling them if they're weak or not for how long they rest is ridiculous. I have been through some of the most intense training around and some that are considered beginner, I barely made it and i'm in good shape.

This is where it can be debatable for people and depending where the training is from and who teaches it can be overwhelming. When you're following someone at their pace, at times you won't be able to keep up, doesn't mean you're not in shape, just means you're not meant to. When it comes to programs like DDP Yoga, the objective is to keep going but he does remind you if you need to back off a bit then do so because if you're going harder than you need to, it can cause injury.

You want to be able to recover at an optimum level for you and how do you know if you're resting enough? Is your form at a solid level when you move onto the next exercise or set or is it sloppy? Are you able to go at the pace you've progressed or are you going slower? How are your energy levels? These are the things many don't think about and the reason why that is it's because they were told to only do this and that. The key to learning this is being able to be intuitive and understanding your awareness and the ability to go at a level needed to progress to a greater stage or efficiently in another exercise or set.

I firmly believe in resting until I'm ready for the next set. I've been experimenting with skipping rope or the airope lately where if I get too tired during certain rounds of the animal dice game or I used it as rest between each exercise from the recent Cable workout, I skipped enough to let things go down a bit but at the same time i'm staying active. I rest only enough to where my breathing is good and the lactic acid has died down a bit for me to go hard again. So far this has been working extremely well for me and I have stayed on active rest sometimes shorter to catch my breath and sometimes a little longer to be at a good pace so when I go back, i'm efficient.

Resting is just another word for recovery and if you're able to go through an entire workout without needing recovery time, that's awesome and impressive but if you need to catch your breath and need to move around a bit and recover than do so, don't be afraid to recover. Recovery is just as important as the training itself and if it's not on a balanced level (which can vary an individual) than you need to make it so. Have a foundational ratio and you'll be reaching levels of fitness that are just awesome.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Super Conditioning For Women

A strong woman both inside and out make up the very best of what this world has the potential to be. It's more common nowadays for women to have a strong and powerful independent nature and be able to handle things many men cannot fathom. Forget physical strength for a second and let's look how conditioning plays a major role in both life and in sports for women; in my opinion, women have just as much of potential or even more so often to be in better condition than most men for a specific purpose.

The mere hardcore fact that women pull off more strength and endurance for going through childbirth should give you the not so subtle hint that conditioning for training isn't just possible, it'll be a greater capacity to progress at the best level. Girls are beyond capable to being in the best shape they can possibly be in and more often than not can have greater strength pound for pound than the average man. Men do have a greater capacity for developing hardcore strength due to our testosterone levels compared to women but yet women can be so freakishly strong that would make a man run in fear. 

Think of a woman that can swing a 100+ lbs Kettlebell and weigh no more than 110 lbs. That's just insane, most men cannot match that if they were to weigh 200 lbs. or more and swing with the same weight. Women can possess incredible physical strength but they also have the enormous capabilities to be highly conditioned and can go for periods of time that is just incredible. One of the best ways to develop great conditioning is to be able to handle your bodyweight in various positions where it does take some great strength to do it. Eddie Baran's Body Sculpting For Women can do just that and turn them into powerful and strong women that can go and be able to pull off some amazing feats. 

Women can get seriously conditioned using nothing more than their bodyweight. If you decide you want to get on the weights wagon then I suggest you check some amazing women such as the Scottish Tankerbell Kirsten Tulloch, the 5ft badass of Ant Strong Melody Shoenfeld & one of the most athletic women on the planet today and the South African Queen of Kettlebells Vanessa Raymond. Go beyond just building great muscle (without great bulk) and take on fun and exciting training ideals that not inspire women to be very strong but incredibly skilled at whatever they want to accomplish.

One of the cool things I love to do for others is to give a bit more than they pay for because let's face it when you invest in something especially in health and fitness you want the best bang for your buck. That's why when women order products at my Advocare Store, you won't just be investing in top quality supplementation with healthy tips on food but from me personally you will also get bonus workouts you can do anywhere, anytime that are based on powerful women in Comic Books & Mythology; Heroines, Villains, Goddesses & others that break stereotypes and inspire girls from all walks of life to be in the best shape possible using simplistic methods that have stood the test of time. Most men cannot do some of these workouts and as a man myself, I had trouble keeping up with a few of them, that's how tough they can be but despite the challenge they're fun and don't take too long to get you going. Be able to train less than 30-45 minutes a day with workouts that do more in that time than it takes to get the gym, train and leave. Wear whatever you wish, listen to your favorite tunes and get into that amazonian mindset of kicking ass and conquering a workout that could take down some of the best athletes on the planet. This isn't crossfit or extremely hardcore, they're very simple yet highly effective to be fit on a long-term basis. Adjust your own levels according to your current state of fitness and build up to high levels of Super Conditioning. 

Monday, September 4, 2017


Hope everyone is having a fun Labor Day and making the most of it. This weekend has been a partial rollercoaster for me mentally but I never give up on what I love and that's training. Got a couple of new movies on Blu-Ray such as Baywatch & Batman And Harley Quinn and experimented with something I never tried before and wanted to give you a little tip...

During some recent playouts, I tested out how I can keep moving during rest periods or if I start to feel a little tired. It was during my Animal Dice Game and in between rounds I would go to the Airope and do some skipping to keep myself in that cardio zone and boy did it pay off. Just doing enough rest with this to catch my breath but still moving and I was cruising through that game really good. Once I started feeling tired, I repeated the skipping.

Now I know what you're thinking (In that Magnum P.I type tone), you might be asking "Why don't you just use a regular jump rope or just sit down and/or walk around if you're tired?" Well my good man (or woman), I could use a jump rope which I do have that you can get here but lately, its been very smoky due to forest fires from the state east of us (Montana) and breathing that in can be hazardous and it isn't easy to jump rope with ceilings. Also yes I could just walk around which I do from time to time but sitting down is out of the question because in order to stay in top condition in training, you never stop moving.

I like the airope because for one it gives me a chance to work on coordination with my right hand and I can skip anywhere, anytime.  It works the calves like crazy and you get a hell of a lot of cardio out of it and that's what you need to help increase chances of fat loss and weight loss. This is only needed in between sets of any exercise you do or in between rounds if you do circuit training. This keeps the blood flowing and keeps your heart rate at a solid level while "resting". If you prefer a jump rope, awesome use it. Jump ropes are a classic conditioning tool that has been around for generations. The airope is just another tool in the arsenal.

You want to be in as good of shape as possible regardless of what you're training for. Using a simple tool to keep up cardio while going for strength, agility, conditioning and/or endurance can take you into the far reaches of fitness. Imagine what it feels like to never tire, make your friends go "damn does this guy ever stop" and be able to have so much energy you'll be burning calories like no tomorrow. Rope skipping can be a great starting point or it can be a part of your bag of goodies to be in the very best shape possible. Make it work for you.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sometimes 20 Minutes Is All It Takes

While making the best of the animal dice game, I have learned that despite being able to do a full at one time, its not the ideal amount of time to get in the best shape possible. You can play it as long as long as you wish and if you could go longer than an hour that's awesome but I have found that my best for staying as strong in the end as the beginning is around 20 min.

People like to go to extremes seeing how long they can really go and regardless of form or consequences they shoot beyond what the body is capable of. The important aspect of true fitness is not to push beyond the limits for a long-term basis. Many won't like this but it is the truth. I don't want to be hovering over like I just got my ass handed to me like McGregor in the 10th round, I want to be able to walk out knowing that I could still go but have done enough to say "ok that's all for today." That doesn't mean I'm not putting in the work to get in shape, very much so and because animal moves are often so intense that training hard for too long of a period of time can be more diminishing than result producing.

The way the game is set up is different every single time because one day you might find easier exercises to move around in and not go all explosive but another day you can put your legs through the ringer and only last maybe 10 min. before you're spanked. After going through hundreds of rounds, thousands of steps/reps and many many animal moves I can expertly say some days you'll feel like you can take on the world but don't expect it to be permanent because sooner or later, you'll have that playout that is so intense it'll be short as hell but you'll still be in awesome shape.

There's a massive difference between running on a treadmill for 20 min. than it is to do a full animal playout; the intensity are pure opposites because while running at a fixed speed and a specific motion, you'll be putting your body through a whole other realm of crazy as you crawl, jump, hop, balance, hold and coordinate in very awkward positions and using muscles you don't normally realize are being worked. I've ran and walked on treadmills in the past and they were boring as hell but when I do the same amount of time doing animal moves, I'm moving through planes of motion, having to adjust every single step to stay balanced, be able to stabilize my core in weird positions and i'm building much more than cardio; i'm building strength and power in those positions. You can't get real strength from a treadmill, its physically impossible.

The most intense training is more likely to gain a success in your fitness endeavor than a low intensity style of fitness. Greater intensity builds muscle quicker and you're burning calories far greater than at low intensity due to the nature of muscles being used and the ideal movement it provides. Sometimes, 20 min is all it takes.