Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Indian Viagra

There’s a certain Ayurvedic supplement that has earned multiple names and reputations.
One of those is Indian Viagra (I’m hoping you can fill in the blanks because if I write that word this email would probably be in your spam folder. If you need a hint it is a little pill prescribed by doctors for old men who need help getting it up.)

This supplement is more properly known as Shilajit.

Of course this is an all-natural herbal supplement so it’s not going to work quite in the same way as a drug, and anyone telling you it will is lying to you.

But if that’s the case, why did it get this name?

Shilajit is an amazing substance that does many things. It first and foremost can be thought of as anti-aging.

One of the many things it does is help the mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells, to work better.

Another thing it does is supply trace minerals.

In all of these cases it helps to restore proper functioning of the human body, or halting or slowing its breakdown in the first place.

When it comes to THAT problem, well that’s a sign of lack of health not just there but elsewhere in the body.

Shilajit goes to the root issues and is not just a temporary quick-fix.
Now this means it may not act as aggressively or quickly. In fact, it could take months of daily dosing before you really notice any major effects…

But all the while it is working in the background changing your cells and affecting your health for the better.

And that, my friends, is how it earned that nickname.

Check out the full details on Shilajit here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Love Being An Ape

Acting out like a big primate and doing all sorts of movements, hanging and playing makes up for a hell of a training session. When you play around with Primate (Ape/Monkey) Exercises, you're moving your body in a very unique fashion. Utilizing natural movements of Jungle Animals gives you a muscle building and tendon strengthening entity you can't get from other training programs.

Hanging on a bar alone is not as easy as it looks and the bigger you are, the harder it is. When a gorilla or orangutan hang from a tree, they're supporting their whole body weight which can very from 180-400 lbs. or more. It takes a lot of tendon strength to withstand that kind of power; so when us humans do it it's quite remarkable. Think of how rock climbers, gymnasts, acrobats and other type of athletes that need pure strength throughout their whole body to hang on in a specific hold or move throughout a plane of motion. Chimps have a bone crushing grip to the point where if you had the balls to let one or a monkey squeeze your finger it won't only hurt but chances are you'll hear bones crack.

Not all Primate Movements are created equal so us Homo-sapiens have to adapt in a manner that's more practical and safe for our body's abilities. We don't have the bone strength of a chimp or have the muscular density of a gorilla but we do however have the ability to become stronger than the average person by doing exercises that give our structure greater support. Sure we may get calluses on our hands and build denser forearms but the strength we can develop truly inspires the imagination that it is possible to have stronger bones, thicker muscle and insane tendons than most people.

Moving like an ape gives me freedom to live out my spirit animal and have fun hanging, jumping, walking and running like a primate. Because of my passion for ape exercise, I've dropped weight, starting to slim down from the hanging, move better on the ground, hold deeper squats and lots of other cool stuff. Calisthenics is awesome but yet doing Animal Calisthenics is whole other sport and it generates greater properties of functional strength.    

Monday, February 20, 2017

Energize Your Body With Odin's Blood: A Pre-Workout Formula Fit For The Gods Of Asgard

Many Pre-Workout formulas don't always seem to live up to the hype and most of the time have nothing but horrifying ingredients that can lead to health issues. The Norse Gods were the strongest of warriors in Mythology from Thor to Balder to The All-Father himself and when they drank, it was with ferocious intensity because when you have had the battle of your life, you need the fuel to bring forth the power and durability of a warrior that fought with honor.

Pre-Workout Formulas aren't just an energy booster, it's to prepare you for the battles (training) ahead and give you a jolt of strength to withstand the upcoming exercises that will forge a body that was made for strength, health and the endurance to take on intense training. Odin's Blood doesn't just give you that boost; it turns you into a beast of a being that is ready to give into the powers of the Norse and turn your training from a subtle move through the motions to a high level of enduring power to bust through obstacles and break peak barriers you didn't think were possible. The energy bursting through your veins, opening up the channels of your adrenaline and fire up your energy faster than a Super Sayain Transformation.

 Open your body to the blood of the mighty All-Father and down his power that will give you the ultimate power of the Norse Gods. Make it your mission to carry on a legendary force that will strengthen your body from the inside out and give you overwhelming power through your veins and thrust into your training and achieve legendary status. When you drink this, Valhalla will have no choice but to open its doors for you as you bring forth your legendary strength into its hallowed walls.

Odin's Blood is yours for the taking.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monkeying Around Is For Me A Compliment

In the short couple days that I've had my Pull-Up Rack, its becoming very addicting and fun to use. When I get too tired from the hanging and pull-ups, I move like an ape on the ground walking, jumping and a lot more. That's the beauty of monkeying around when I exercise, its an adventure and I'm not settling for the "human" structure of sets and reps schemes that can sometimes be overwhelming. Its fun and full of excitement.

Being a primate or the Simian kind; gives off less restrictions and more freedom to test your abilities and see what the body is capable of without needing to go overboard of a structured workout and going to failure. I never truly believed in going to failure because for one, I can't afford to get injured and be out for an extended period of time. I don't go for the "Go big, go home" bullshit; I play and make my training interesting. The only thing serious about my training doing Primate/Animal Exercises is learning to do them well without risking injury and figuring out solid foundations to build the most efficient strength & conditioning possible.

I love to play and that's what drives me to be good at some really tough methods and get strong from all sorts of angles. It is important to have something that works for you and if you train on things you hate or don't suit you, you will learn the hard way. You have opportunities to make your training an adventure and take on challenges that appeal to you and give you something to strive for. For me it's being the strongest possible as a heavyweight using mainly methods that require nothing but myself. Being a primate has opened doors for me to develop my strength and weaknesses that I never really experienced with any other method. Growing up I had an extremely difficult time using my right side for anything; this method has helped me build strength in a matter of months when I started out as oppose to over 2 decades of using only a chunk of my potential for insane strength. When I was 18 years old, I could barely do a push-up, couldn't hang on a bar to save my life and wasn't anywhere near able to do 100 squats or more. When bodyweight exercise and Primate Exercise came around I was in shock on how much I needed to learn and within a couple years I was able to do over 1000 squats in an hour, be able to hang for with one-arm (including my weak arm) for more than 30 seconds, do hundreds of push-ups in a single workout and manage to do Handstand Push-ups in the double digits beyond the 200 lb. mark in Bodyweight.

When you see me playing like an Ape and doing all kinds of crawling, jumping, balancing, hanging, twisting & doing pull-ups its not just because I learned to do all that but because I made a choice to be serious on finding how to gain real strength that I wasn't able to do when I was very young and well into my teens. Everyone has a hard road they have fought and were victorious and had shares of failures. I failed so many times in my life and yet I made something of myself and not only does it make me happy, it gives me a purpose in what I want to do. Be serious about how strong you want to be but make it an adventure and have the best time of your life doing. The moment it stops being adventurous and its not exciting; something has to change. Never underestimate the power of excitement.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hanging At The Bar Works Wonders For Your Health

Thought I'd start off with a little joke. No i'm not talking about an establishment that serves alcohol. For people that really know me know I don't drink and get wasted. For me, going to a bar means something different; more jungle like and developing physical abilities from simple forms of exercise that are actually quite difficult for the average person. Exercises that are not only essential for amazing health but can alleviate back pain and slim the abdominals to a great degree.

Hanging at the bar to me is a literal sense of activity, you are hanging on a pull-up bar and staying for as you can. This exercise alone has insane benefits such as: Tendon Strength Builder, stretches & tones the core muscles including the obliques, strengthens the grip, opens up the shoulders, elongates the spine which can eliminate back pain and develop natural posture. There's far more but you get the idea.

I just got my new CAP BARBELL RACK yesterday and although I don't plan on doing bench presses or squats any time soon, I'm using it for a healthier and more fun approach; building strong primate muscles & tendons. As you know I'm a big believer in animal exercise especially those of the Primate Category (Apes, Monkeys) and developing the ability to hang from different positions and build pull-up strength in a unique way. Some of the most powerful animals on the planet are Primates primarily for their climbing, hanging, running & swinging skills that give them strength no human can truly possess. Sure we don't have the capacity at 100% leveled to be strong enough exactly like them for many reasons however; we can develop strength & pure muscular endurance utilizing exercises that are safe and practical for us humans to do and be in a healthy situation.

The ability to hang is not as easy as it looks, doing so for more than a few seconds can feel like an eternity at first. The average person at first can't hang for more than a few seconds if that. The grip is the key component because without it regardless of how strong the rest of you is, you won't last long and sure as hell won't be doing pull-ups very much. Many people don't understand the required strength to just hang on the bar because when they see a bar all they think is pull-up pull-ups and pull-ups. There's more to be seen than just pulling yourself up which is very difficult in itself. It is one of the toughest body-weight feats whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainee.

To become very strong at pull-ups it is critically important to be able to hang and do so without tiring. The longest I ever hung on a bar was just over a minute and that was brutal. Many crossfitters can't do that because the majority of the time they're seeing how many they can do by kipping which to me isn't anywhere near a real pull-up, unless you plan on rock climbing a mountain and building that jerking strength that's one thing but if you're trying to break records by swinging yourself so damn hard and jerking your shoulder sockets around bad things will happen to you. A real pull-up is when you have complete control of your body, tightening and flexing all the muscles from your fingers to your toes and not jerking or swinging to get your chin over the bar. When you tense the muscles enough so you can move its nearly impossible to completely jerk the movement. The most chin-ups I ever did was 21 at a 225 lb body-weight and there was no jerking or swinging whatsoever.

Having that Gorilla/Chimp type strength to hold your body-weight in those positions and do all kinds of cool stuff is a powerful form of mastering your body. To be able to swing, twist, pull and hang with complete control without being too loose can make your training be legendary. I'm a big dude at nearly 270 and I'm amazed that I have the strength to hang onto a bar even for 10-15 seconds. Even at this size I can still do multiple reps in both pull-ups and chin-ups and trust me, one wrong move or a bad jerking motion can cost me not a torn rotator cuff or series of joints, it will be breaking bones. So you can't possibly understand how hard it is to train on a bar at my size unless you wear a heavy weight vest. It takes a lot of focus and control to be able to just hang. When you can control your body either by hanging or doing pull-ups, it is a beautiful thing to see and do; I have seen guys do pull-ups that would kill most people's shoulders and destroy their elbows but I have also seen guys small and big have control that is just jaw dropping to watch. Hanging is nothing fancy but even something as simple as that can bring a lot to the table when it is mastered.

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