Monday, March 13, 2017

1000 Reps In Animal Workout

Yesterday I made the decision to go after a goal that I knew I could do within this month but never thought I'd get there this fast. In my animal workout I went for doing 1000 Reps or Steps playing the animal dice game. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath and making sure the numbers were on par because the number of steps or reps you do come at random so after 35 Rolls I stopped to check the totals and it came out 704; OK so I had another 296 to go, at 44 Rolls it was at 920 so only 80 more to go...YES!!! I did 2 rolls of 40 each of 2 animals and low and behold....1000 was in my hands.

Felt amazing and although going through so many animals, I wasn't sore at all and just felt high and invigorated (:

Lots of energy flowing, hormones were hitting the roof and a smile that felt warm, awesome and beautiful.

Going after a goal like that can be intimidating. I mean come on its 1000 Reps, many people never total that high in any workout but it is achievable and once you set your mind on it don't ever let it go until its done.

Can you hit 1000 in a workout?

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