Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Surge Of Testosterone Through Animal Exercise

For us guys its crucial to build our hormones as we age. As teenagers we go through those "wonderful" years of puberty where testosterone is basically in a whole other universe and our hormones raging like a fire to oil.

As we get older, our hormones slowly start to dwindle and if we don't eat right and train the right forms of exercise it will dwindle even faster. Its amazing what two things that go together really can do however when it comes down to it; I personally believe Animal Exercises take the cake for developing insane levels of testosterone and loads of Growth Hormone that gave us that youthful feeling earlier in life.

I'm over 30 and I do understand that the right training ideals are essential to stay on top of the heap when it comes to leveled hormones. I'm already getting the sense of what its like to not have that fire in the loins every now and then and mainly because of food intake. I've dabbled in bad fast food and heavy doses of soda in the past but its gotten a little better but Iv'e also noticed now that when I eat fried chicken especially the high salty kind, let's just say my libido is nowhere to be seen or felt so looks like that food is out the window man. I do find however when I do Animal Exercises, my energy levels rise, my endorphins kick in and the BOYS along with the SOLDIER are extremely happy and full of vigor and sexually strengthened.

Trust me, you don't need to train very long to FEEL it and the workouts last no more than 20 min. One of the reasons why I love the Animal Dice Game; its random and the animals come out of nowhere and my body is adapting to the style on a constant shift. When you move like a beast, you're not isolating muscles or working a couple muscles, you're hitting EVERYTHING!!!!

The irony in this whole realm of training is that I have a greater surge of energy now than when I was a teenager; can only IMAGINE what I could've turned into if I had done this type of training at say 13 or 14 and stayed consistent.

Get in on The Way Of The Animal and experience life in a whole new way and have greater energy, stronger bones, powerful muscles and develop Growth Hormone like nothing else. These exercises are much more intense than regular "human" exercises and when that intensity is being done, the intensity of what goes on in your body will be known.

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