Monday, March 6, 2017

Disney's Animal Kingdom In Your Imagination

I've always loved going to Disneyland & California Adventure and seeing all the characters, going on the rides and hitting up the expensive shops. I've never been to the Animal Kingdom in Orlando though and always wondered what it be like to go there. One day maybe down the road I'll go but until then I have the park in my imagination.

Practicing Animal Movements is like being at the park and watching all the awesome creatures from all corners of the globe showing off their abilities from Apes to Tigers to Koalas to all sorts of reptiles and other animals. In your imagination you can expand on it and take it as far as you want to and the best part, you get to be any animal you want and do amazing things like one. Look at it this way, you'd be saving thousands of dollars and not just for hotels either but on all the shopping and craziness. I do believe visiting a Disney park is worth once in your lifetime; I'm lucky to have done it more than that.

Picture in your mind being in a city like Zootopia or the park in Florida, moving like a beautiful animal in the wild, having adventures and not only that but getting stronger and healthier. Many of us adults have lost our sense o imagination and become over-analytical plus not laughing as much and taking things way too damn seriously. You don't need to be at a Disney park to be happy and full of life. Take into consideration what it would feel like to walk like Baloo in the Bear Necessities, be the Jungle VIP like King Louie, swing through the jungle as two worlds become one family in Tarzan, lay back like a cool fox as Robin Hood in well lol Robin Hood. The wild power and strength of animals is our birthright and the greatest teachers of bodyweight training by crawling, jumping, balancing, pouncing, climbing, hanging & best of all, be FREE.

Next time you do an animal workout, picture yourself in the Animal Kingdom or as an animal from your favorite Disney movie and just roam around playing. I do it practically everyday and the only thing that sucks is that I have to stop so I can let my muscles get stronger other than that if I had it my way, I'd be having Jungle Fever 24/7 and never need to worry about what muscles look good for and how much I need to do to get ripped abs. Strength comes from the heart and your imagination is the window to your heart and soul.
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