Monday, March 20, 2017

A Hard On For Cold Water + Animal Movements + Pine Pollen

You want to talk about testosterone and building crazy growth hormone? You're going to need something to write with because you're going to learn a GOLD STANDARD for developing one of the best ways to burn fat, build lean muscle and engage your body's abilities to create a powerful and natural physique.

When you eat healthy meals and exercise right, it could work but for some people it isn't enough. You need a few things that will help you get an edge on your lifestyle. It can be difficult getting lean and it can be difficult finding the right workout program that suits your needs.

When you add the triangle of health, I believe things will fall into place for you. They can be tricky, bitter and it takes a level of mentality to get past a few things but in the end there is gold at the end of that beautiful and kick ass rainbow. For us guys, a healthy sign of testosterone is having our little soldier rising in the morning. It is apparent that he is alive and well because if isn't and doesn't rise very much it could mean a miserable life as a man.

When we sleep, we can't be too hot or else our boys will drop way too low and that can affect your life in a very bad way. That's why I recommend taking a cold shower an hour or 2 before you drift off and have sweet dreams of that pretty lady you had your eye on or live with. Cold showers may seem weird because of the "shrinkage" that occurs. Well what if I told you you because your body has to burn off a lot of calories to stay warm that blood flow also hits that area too. As you cool off at night while sleeping, that blood flow takes on its fun little journey and when there's morning, it could also bring a wake up call and have little johnny stand at attention.

Among the flow and having the happy salute, an exercise program should have a standard of using the body as a unit instead of isolating parts like you're painting a damn portrait or think you're made of clay; you're not. That's where Animal Movements come in, you're using your body to move throughout various ranges of movement that includes crawling, jumping, balancing and other areas that nature intended for us humans to do. Explosive movements create a jumpstart in the growth hormone process as you utilize the nerves in your body to generate great force to jump up, forward, backwards, side to side or 180 degree turns. Now that doesn't mean you do this for hours at a time, your body is not meant to have that kind of stress and can cause a decrease in your testosterone. Crawling is a great plane of motion as you shift your body in all sorts of directions and move in a way where you walk/run your hands as your legs follow and keeping the core tight so you don't hurt the lower back. A good 20 min. Animal Workout will do the trick and make you lean and mean in no time.

Pine Pollen is a insanely powerful herbal supplement that contains more vitamins and minerals than you'll know what to do with. It takes getting used to because it is bitter but one you get past it, you'll feel things you didn't before or when you were a teen having urges out the ying yang. Start in small dosages and as you get better and need more of a boost, increase to a MEGADOSE and gain even greater benefits. I've taken it and it worked like a charm.

The triangle of Cold Water, Animal Moves & Pine Pollen won't just give your soldier a powerful boost but your hormones, health, strength, endurance and energy will skyrocket and may as well give you a greater boost in the sack and have your lover begging for more.

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