Friday, March 17, 2017

(1000th Article) Brand Spanking New Herb That Helps Your Joints & Skin Health

Our joints keep things together in the body and produces great movement; without strong joints we wouldn't be able to run, jump, swim, climb, crawl or balance the right way.

This HERB is a low growing plant that flourishes in swamps & moisty areas. Found in countries such as India, South Africa, Sri Lanka & other tropical climates around the world. The leaves are about the size of a British penny.

GOTU KOLA as it is called is also named Brahmi in Ayuveda sharing also with the herb BACOPA. It's been claimed that the shape of the leaves seem like in similarity two hemispheres of the brain which in turn is indicated of of it's powerful brain effects.

A legendary Sri Lankan tale claims that elephants have lived amazingly long lives because of their eating of the GOTU KOLA. Watching animals eat this herb could be why us humans learned to consume it as well like many others.

Get your hands on this powerful herb that is pure and simply brain food. Certifiably Organic and rich in vitamins & minerals that can lead to great skin health, joint health & much more.


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