Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hill Sprints: It Does A Body Good

The ultimate form of explosiveness and speed is through Sprint Training period. The funny thing is, you can do all sorts of exercises to play with that will give enormous fat burning effects but the cream of the crop, the big cheese and James Bond of all exercises to burn fat faster than the wicked witch screaming "I'm melting" is hitting Hill Sprints.

The very best athletes on the planet have used Hill Sprints to generate incredible speed, power and explosiveness. To name a few, Ricky Henderson, Marcus Allen, Kurt Angle & others. These types of Sprints are only done a maximum of 3x a week and within a short amount of time, you will burn flab like no tomorrow, have incredible surge of testosterone, recover with greater ease, sleep like a log and have an appetite that would make strength athletes blush (last one was slightly exaggerated).

Because of the way gravity works, the best way to keep solid form as you speed up the hill is stay leaned forward and bringing them heels to that ass. This will help you move with an extra spring and help prevent injuries. I use to do Hill Sprints for weeks nearly months at a time and always felt amazing each session. You don't need to do that many to get the full effect. Doing no more than 10 at 30 seconds per sprint is enough to really kick start your hormones. When you combine this type of training with a solid foundation of healthy foods and (optional) supplementation such as Pine Pollen, Muscle Gain, &/or Titan Post Workout Formula, it will make you feel like a young kid again.

Take a cold shower after session and burn even more calories; think what that can do to shed unwanted pounds, burn fat like butter to a hot plate, grow muscle like a sprinter and have energy that would make friends jealous and your woman or guy wanting you more because of your stamina in the sack. Believe me when I tell you it is the fastest way to burn off fat and you'll be doing far more recovery than running. The recovery should be up to 3x or longer than the sprint time because your body builds up an insane amount of lactic acid that needs to fueled by fresh blood that is being rushed throughout the body, get rid of bad cells and strengthening your tendons.

This is the season to get into Hill Sprints and if you don't have one, sprint on a field or track. Get outside and run like the Flash.

Never forget to....Playout, Not Workout.

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