Monday, March 27, 2017

Playout Dont Workout

I wrote about the word "WORK" in a previous post and wanted to shed some more light on it. Work to me sounds demeaning and more like a job since everybody practically works and I do believe in making a living but that doesn't you shouldn't have fun in your life. When it comes to exercise; I don't work the muscles to move, my body already does that. What I add is Play. My body is doing its job, its the engine of an awesome car; what I do to turn the key in the ignition is playing and making the muscles work for me and not against me.

It can be complicated how you perceive the word work. Many use it as a badge of honor and I respect that; I believe in finding ways to provide for yourself and your family but at the same time, people have worked so hard throughout their lives and yet there's that feeling of depression, being miserable and not being able to enjoy your life because you didn't get paid enough. There are so many people who bust their ass yet have little to show for it. It has become a cliche of "you work hard, life will bring great things", it has for a lot of people and they lived long prosper lives but others who put their whole world into working hard have been left with nothing but heartache, broken bodies, mentally gone into a downward spiral for whatever reasons and even have died. To me, for a lot of reasons the word "work" just has that negative black cloud over the head feel to it.

The word Play however sounds exciting, adventurous, daring, makes you feel good. You don't get depressed through playing, you may get frustrated at times but more often than not it brings a smile to your face and internally makes you feel warm inside. Play whether it's through a job or anything else you're passionate about or have the mentality for brings an element of grabbing life by the horns and making it worthwhile for you and the people you love. Some people make little money in their job, some made millions but when they have that mentality of play and making it amazing for them it takes on a whole different concept than "Work."

That's what I do to develop my exercise routines and my job in writing, promoting and sharing tons of stuff with you; I create play in all those things. I'm passionate about it because without play, what's the point of having fun in your life. I take it seriously and do what I can to make people feel at ease and make things simpler to understand and make it fun, funny and using certain references whether through pop culture, music, sports whatever. I don't work for a living, I play for a living.

In my training, I play with exercises and do things that make me feel good and have a good time with. Whether it's for 5 minutes or going for an hour or longer if i'm really into it, it's an adventure and making the most of what I can. I have pushed myself to the limit with a smile on my face and sometimes breathing so hard I look like I just did a marathon but I make it worth while for me.

Working Out to me is not a healthy word and it has become a perverse, cold-hearted and thrown around set of words for far too damn long. Playing Out is a far better word and you can do all the same exercises, routines and programs but at the same time it won't feel the same. When you take away Workout and put in Playout, it creates a whole new universe and carries a far better mindset of training with passion, fun and lighting up your mind, body and spirit in a new way. Test it out and see what happens.

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