Wednesday, March 29, 2017

9 Minutes Of Bliss

I told you yesterday about the Playout I've been experimenting where I do 200 Total Reps of Neck Resistance Exercises, DDP Yoga & the 2 Bridges at 3 min. Each. Here's a little add on with the Bridges......

When I want to get that full on Endorphin High and my body is at its core with the breathing, contraction and relaxation into total bliss, I turn to the bridge. What I didn't tell you is that during my DDP Yoga Play is that during towards the end, DDP has you doing a series of exercises, 2 of which are the hip bridge & the cannonball hold. Me liking to spice things up, I switched from the hip bridge to the Gymnastic Bridge where I get the full benefit of strengthening my spine and strengthening my arms and legs, not to mention lengthening the torso to get rid of excess flab on the obliques.

I would hold the Gymnastic Bridge a few times during this ending of the routine (Only for a few seconds) and sometimes my heels are up, at times their flattened, both are very beneficial. Bridging is a powerful element in developing strength and flexibility in the best ways possible. Bridging has been my go to Isometric Exercise and have done quite a few variations to tell you that the more challenging the bridge variation, the more fun.

So what do I mean by 9 minutes of bliss? Well after finishing my playout with 3 minutes each of the front and back bridge, I'm blissed out for quite a while the rest of the day. However that's only 6 minutes so how does 9 fit in the picture? Before I jump into a cold shower before bed, I cap off the the night with one more 3 min. Back Bridge to get a great stretch and power up my neck before heading into dreamland. This has helped me sleep a bit better than usual and helps me be more relaxed and calm during sleep. So there's your 9 minutes, 6 minutes during first playout and capping off the night around 10pm with one more 3 min. bridge to get that high to help me sleep.

For more info on developing a strong Bridge, hit up Advanced Bridging and learn the mighty keys to a strong neck, flexible spine and powerful & functional body that will burn fat, build muscle, strengthen tendons, harness strength from the inside out and learn specific skills that are not only impressive but a lot of fun.

P.S Don't forget to....PLAYOUT, NOT WORKOUT

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