Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Playful Ginastica

When you get to play as you exercise it becomes a whole new experience. Trends in fitness today take things way too DAMN seriously and its sucking the fun out of training. Unless you're a professional athlete or having to go up against competition in a matter of weeks or months that's where real seriousness comes into play (how oxymoron of me to say) or you're in the military or law enforcement being serious about being in shape is where it's at right there. Many courses today try to plant into your brain that if you want real results you train similar to those who are Navy SEALs or Army Rangers, train like your favorite NFL Player or your favorite actor that's in a Superhero Role so in turn you buy the magazines, watch and participate from a DVD, you go to a "Boot Camp" or whatever the hell it is they want you to do. It's not realistic training people.

I get it, you want to be inspired, something to motivate you or have something mentally kick you in the ass that tells you to do this or that; in reality the best type of training you can do is the type that won't have you get seriously injured, teaches about building strength not just in the muscles but the tendons & joints as well, gives you the ability to gain flexibility that will last you beyond your years, challenges that are logical but outside the norm that's interesting and it puts you in a state where you can kick ass but feel great at the same time both physically and mentally as well as emotionally.

My training as of late is utilizing a combination of different systems little by little and molding them into my own creative "Workout" where I merely just play and use my body's capabilities to their best formations without going so hard I collapse or feel like I need to go to the ER. There's a lot of different names I use for this type of training like Playful Movement, Playful Stretching, Playful Primal and as the title says Playful Ginastica where its playing around with movements based on animals, yoga, chi kung, stretching techniques, Isometric holds, flows and many others. It doesn't last long once you get the hang of it but its super effective. Playful sounds cheery, fun, creative, positive and imaginative. That's the beauty of my style of training, you can create anything by using only your own body. Some other workouts like the Darebee Circuits are not as playful but they are great for coming up with a simple and fun theme using basic bodyweight exercise that most can do and it can be done anytime anywhere. I love the style I created and will be sharing more often with because it sucks the life out of "Working Out" and letting your imagination run wild and free, sure its important to know the mechanics, the form and knowledge of bodyweight exercises and its not easy by any stretch but it develops interesting concepts where you don't feel like you're working but playing and experimenting.

When you have the basics down and you have a keen sense of movement than you are free to create whatever you desire to do. Its great for losing weight, burning fat, building functional muscle, agility, flexibility, mobility and the only thing limited is your imagination. You can do it anywhere you wish, don't have enough space, you can do it in a small area too by using stationary exercises and combining them as you see fit. I personally use whatever space I can get my hands on and have done the training both indoors and outdoors. Is it hard, yes, its not something to be loose and slack off on it takes effort but when you let go of that negative notion of that it being so hardcore and its too fast or not enough and simply make it work for you regardless of your age or sex. Look at it this way, its like you're writing your own script in a movie and you pick out the various scenes, characters, dialogue and angles of your shots and yo get to direct it, star, produce and control your own Oscar Winning flick. You know the exercises and you know what they do so what's next but pitting them together and creating something unique and out there that is an adventure and full of wonders. 

"It never gets easier, just more interesting."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Makes These Courses I Talk About SOOO Special?

When you hear someone talk about this course or that course and how it changed their life or made them a better athlete and all that sometimes can sound like a broken record. You heard me or in this case read so many times about my love for animal movements and conditioning and making progress its becoming sickening at times to some people. Truth is, I love to write what i'm passionate about, its not to annoy the crap out of anyone its more likely to give something a positive outlook and not look at the bull$hit that makes certain comments people make that is negative and full of bad reviews and why its total crap.

I don't just love any particular fitness course, I love the ones that make me feel awesome about myself, inspires me to train differently, not be like everyone else and break the rules. They make me feel special because at one point in time (actually more than a few) I didn't feel special towards other people, I wasn't living up to their standards or they're expectations and having to hear that its a hobby and not something to keep doing especially as you get older and things like that. Fitness at times for me is a sanctuary, a place where I can be my true self and do something that makes me happy and inlove with life. I have two loves in my life that matter more to me than anything and that's fitness and my girl. Talk about a double jackpot.

The courses I put up are special to me because they drive me and help me learn new things all the time and while growing up I had to learn in a very frustrating manner frequently learning how to be a social talker, say the right words, use my right hand more often, learn things similar to everyone else (although I was in the Special Ed System for the longest time) and act a certain way using body language and speech therapy. I had many teachers, my parents did the best they could or knew how and certain things clicked, some didn't and what didn't work usually works for the general population.

Fitness Books, CD's, Equipment and being in a seminar believe it or not taught me more about myself than all the therapy and learning in school combined in the sense where it made me discover my true self and my true calling. It skyrocketed my imagination, gave me something to focus on and enhance my learning abilities. I'm not discrediting anyone who ever taught me but yet when I discovered things on my own and went at my own pace I became smarter, stronger, willing to absorb what gave me that feeling of interest and felt good about myself. Fitness taught me about what to look for, the type of goals I wanted to shoot for, helped me find a place using skills I always had trouble with.

People can talk about the physical transformations, the praises from friends and family, the outlook of their whole existence and making a habit to spread out whatever made them turn into another person but for me it wasn't transformations or praises or talking about the stuff I do to stay in shape, its the discovery of being human and knowing that no matter what life throws at me, I will always have something that helps me be the best version of myself. That's what makes them so special. It is the love I get out of it that carries over to other areas of my life that many don't realize about me. I do hold back at times turning down the volume of my true self but those that see me at my highest volume know who I truly am and I show it. Whatever makes you feel special about yourself you should hold onto it for dear life no matter what because if it makes you happy, people will see it and whether they like it or not you'll let them see the real you and share your passion of it.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

How Many Courses Can You Possibly Learn & Master?

Something is always trending in the fitness wyrld and when someone finds it catchy they jump on it like a trampoline. Its not a bad thing to do something buts another to do it when you're told to or because it "looks" awesome than you aught to be doing it. You can learn the very best and the very worst courses on the planet from DDP Yoga to Insanity W/ Special Guest Jane Fonda and it still won't be enough to truly understand the concept of Self Discovery.

I have many books on different subjects ranging Charles Atlas style exercises to Chi Kung, Mythology Themes, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Animal Exercise, Gymnastics, Cardio, DDP Yoga and much more yet when it comes down to it, I just come up with my own thing and I'll tell you weye....I look at it as someone who's a MMA Fighter (Bare with me on this), you can learn 10,000 techniques and know them like the back of your hand but in a fight or competition the amount of techniques you actually use is a fraction of that. Let's take someone like Ken Shamrock who knows wrestling like its a second language, has an arsenal of submissions he can use and knows where on the body to take down an opponent yet in a fight he only used maybe a few moves and that's it to get a win.

When you have studied something or practiced many things over an extended period of tyme, you will only use a small portion of what you have learned because you have a specific goal and these are the tools to help get you there. Many fitness courses are more useless than sitting by the fire out in a hailstorm, its just not going to turn out well. Learning long ago that in order to be the very best you have to find the things most suited to your goals and objectives. You can't possibly master everything you learned at 100%, not saying it isn't possible to attempt it but chances are when you master something its because there's going to be things that tie that goal together. I take bits and pieces of what I learned and mold them into my own puzzle shapes, use what I find useful for my goals and make it a habit to learn as much as possible and use the best of what's there in that particular time.

Discover for yourself what you want to learn, be intuitive and challenge yourself by studying and participating what would work best for you. There will be days you want to do something different, that's ok. Absorb what you're passionate about and take bits and peeces of what suits you.

"It doesn't get easier, just more interesting."

Friday, September 23, 2016

Maximizing Natural HGH With HIIT

With all the animal training and experimentation lately and getting a new toy; i'm thinking of heading back to doing really hard training 2-3x a week and the rest of the time just play around. Now what would I be doing? High Intensity Interval Training. For those playing the home game, HIIT is a form of conditioning that can be done by exercising really fast for a very short period of time. Its only done a maximum of 3 times a week and can be done by training to levels that get you winded fast and I mean fast, so fast it makes fast people look not fast (sorry had a The Longest Yard moment); this can be done by doing things like Hill Sprints, Burpees, Fast-Paced Push-ups, Run hard out on the field or track, anything that makes you huff and puff faster than the Wolf from the Three Little Pigs.

My favorite style of HIIT is doing Sprints, lately due to living in weather where the seasons change, I've done more of them indoors by running hard in place for 30 seconds. When its nice out and the grass isn't very wet I would do Animal moves like Bear Crawls, Kangaroo Jumps, Frog Hops and others that tire my ass out quicker than the Rock sweating in a Ballerina studio. Now what does this do exactly? I'm not going into scientific terms since I'm not into that stuff but in simplistic terms, this type of training done properly can skyrocket your hormones and burn off fat the fastest humanly possible. Our hormones are what keeps us young and our metabolism is what burns off the unwanted excess fat from our system and keeps us lean and mean. When we reach a certain age like beyond 30 or 40 those hormones begin to break down by a small percentage every year as we age.

For most folks its nearly impossible to have that surge of hormones and burn off food and not gain an ounce of fat like we did in our teens and our 20's. I'm here to tell you that it is possible to have raging hormones even beyond your formative years by using the right tools of training, eating & balancing stress levels it is amazing what you can accomplish. I'm in my early 30's so although i'm still younger than most I've been around my body is beginning that stage to where my hormones need to be in check and not be on high alert but need to beware cause let's say I stopped doing what I do right now at 32 and laid off for 10 years, I can lose up yo 15% or more of my natural growth hormone and testosterone and begin looking like an out of shape, lethargic & flat out ugly bastard that can't do shit for exercise let alone move. I may still be young and under 35 but I'm not going to let that happen not by a long shot. I do have good genes in small areas but for the most part, I have to bust my ass to balance out the levels I want to reach.

From my experiences when you move hard and fast say like how the cheetah chases down a gazelle, your body has to produce more hormone in order to rebuild and recover the muscles being used and everything gets on fire. That's what I love about Animal Moves & sprints, it doesn't take long to really feel it and your body feels like you're going to die. So if you moved very hard whether its power-walking, swimming, sprinting, jumping rope or doing basic bodyweight or weightlifting exercise it develops a greater surge of Growth Hormone and Testosterone to the point where even hours after a workout, you're still burning calories at an alarming rate and you produce greater natural muscle. So what would be a standard protocol of HIIT? You start out with 10 seconds of really hard exercise and do that 4 times, rest as long as needed between sets, after a while build it up to 15-20 and up to 30 seconds for 6-8 sets of work. You're resting the majority of the workout yet can have a greater calorie burn than in an hour of cardio. What's one of my favorite methods? I would do a hard sprint then rest for a minimum of 90 seconds up to maybe 3-5 minutes depending how hard I really went.

How is that possible to get those kind of results if you were told to do an hour of cardio a day and lift weights 2-3x a week? For the most part they tell you that so you can pay a ton of money to join a gym or buy cardio machines that barely fit in your living room and profit from your inability to think for yourself and tell you that there's a one-all be all way to get results when in fact that's simply not true. I've been around different types of trainers for years from cocky kiss-asses to hardcore no bullshit type of guys and out of all of them less than a few really know the true value of putting on real muscle that is functional and the ability to burn fat like a furnace regardless of your age and sex.

Product Of The Day: Superhero Sprints

One of my all-time favorite courses that is simple and inspiring plus it doesn't hurt that it's Superhero themed. This course teaches you how to Sprint anywhere and provides workouts that are challenging and fun whether you're a beginner or a World-Class Athlete. What would it be like for a guy to have the lean muscle of Wolverine? A powerful and conditioned woman to have the physique similar to heroes like Wonder Woman or The Black Cat? What's the full summary of this program, simply put its Sprint Training with an addition of Circuit Training (doing one exercise after another with no rest). So you would sprint hard either in place or outdoors whatever works for you than after catching your breath and ready you do a circuit for 3 minutes tabata style (20/10 protocol). Its a 6 week program that you do up to 3x a week and progress to doing longer sprints (either for time or distance) and do a circuit of exercises after resting, you repeat this process for a specific number of sets. The longest time it'll take to finish (depending on your rest) is roughly 20 minutes for the entire workout. So you're only looking at training very intensely around an hour a week. That's pretty insane if you can grasp that thought but it is possible. Now what's really insane is the price for this bad boy. I'm sure you're thinking somewhere around $40? Nope. $25? Not even close. How about $19? Still off the mark. When I got this course, it was and still is $9. Nine freaking bucks that is packed full of exercises, info and workouts that you can use for the rest of your life. That's literally a buck cheaper than the monthly cost of a Planet Fitness membership, so think for a second how much money you can save from getting this course alone. Crazy right? This can maximize your growth hormone to levels that made your teenage years look weak. I literally have greater energy and have levels of testosterone that are far higher than I ever was in my teens and I'm in better shape now than in my 20's. So if I can pull this off, I highly believe you can too.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Flow Of The Animals

Happy Thorsday Guys,

Thought I'd attempt to have you break away from all the politics, tragedies and Superstar Athletes' stand by kneeling by giving you something that is positive, fun & downright awesome to do. You see, as you may have read lately about my experimental Animal Fitness regimen, another form is bringing me back to the exploration of primal movements & that's the Animal Flow 2.0 Program where you learn to hold, travel, combine & even stretch the specific moves of the All-Bodyweight course. You've heard it a thousand times on how beneficial and fun bodyweight training can be when you mix in the Animals; from my personal experiences with other systems there is no other adventurous style of fitness than the animals.

Mike Fitch is the Owner & Operator of the world-renowned Global Bodyweight Training Website has developed & mastered a beautifully crafted course that is chalk-full of different ways to use the 3 basic principles of Animal Flow which are the Ape, Beast & Crab. These are are the basic animals that can be transformed into a level of fitness that suits all levels from the humble beginner to the highest of World-Class athletes. It develops coordination & agility unlike any other Animal course out there today and can be done for a variety of goals whether its building strength, attaining agility, insane conditioning or flexibility.

With practice you can come up with a variety of moves that take up every muscle in your body and stretches and tones the toughest areas around the body such as the abs, chest, shoulders and hamstrings. Although it helps lose weight and burn off fat it brings out more of a natural muscular frame where you won't have much bulk but lean muscle that gives you that athletic look and believe me you won't just look awesome you'll have the goods to back it up such as more energy, loosened joints, bodyweight to strength ratio, flexible shoulders & hips, surge of growth hormone, strong but supple wrists and many other cool goods that will developed. It can be tricky to learn at first but don't get discouraged, I was once in that same boat but I kept at it and got more agile & mobile. I mainly do this program to get more flexibility and create better mobility in my tendons and joints. At 268 lbs. that isn't easy by any stretch (pun intended) but it becomes more interesting.

Flow within your animal spirit and look into getting fit and strong the fun way that not only challenges you in the process but brings out a child-like imagination that in the long-run creates a better attitude towards fitness and strength training. Most programs can be a real pain in the ass because its either too serious, doesn't have any excitement & feels like you're putting in too much work just to get something going; with this type of program, it won't take you long to get winded, workouts are short and utilizes multiple muscle groups, teaches a variety of combos and stretches that last from a few minutes to however long you want. Once you have the basics, you can do whatever you want from there and create your own flows, combos, stretches and holds that work for you and your goals. I got in a few flow workouts yesterday and although I may still feel them, I also have a great deal of energy and loosened muscles that just has me feeling like a million bucks man.

"It never gets easier, only more interesting."

Have a great day and be AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being More Primal Everyday

Taking in the mighty style of Animal Exercise I've also been doing Primal Movements (Similar to systems like Animal Flow & Gold Medal Bodies) with an addition of more naturalized human movement that takes on ideals like crawling, jumping, balancing, twisting & moving laterally, forward, backwards & using all 4 limbs down to one. I'm fascinated by how these moves can be incorporated to any fitness regimen and aid in sports to help heal possible injuries, make the body near injury-proof and develop control.

Its becoming more of an epidemic everyday that young men and women are now weaker than their parents and grand-parents. I find that a little hard to believe at times but I see many kids today over the age of 15 just don't have the energy or the strength to go about day to day whether its in school, out and about, at home or wherever else. Its a shame that these kids have to live with this and its not all their fault; its pressure from the media, social media, parents, teachers, even coaches at times where its become so bad that bullying has become an issue, disrespecting elders, not earning respect and learning that showing up is all you have to do and you get a trophy for doing so.

Everyone can benefit Primal Movements because it doesn't just enhance muscle building and brain activity, it can benefit helping others learn various skills, work together, share tips and common traits in order to develop the best possible version out of that individual. Kids need this kind of training to give them hope that they learn the value of others and how to treat them, being respectful, being positively competitive & doing things that can increase their learning abilities and rewiring how they function with a great attitude. I get it some kids can be a little on the edge and that's normal but when you throw that off balance say more negative than positive, that's going to bite you in the ass later on. Its important to model play, fun competition & teaching the ethics and active body of movement.

Being primal in fitness opens up doors for many people and makes exercise interesting & exciting. When you do something that's boring and uninteresting, your brain is going to shift into an area where when you aid that element its going to transition to other areas of life that can make a person be a little more introverted, less likely to be motivated & positive, learn that life isn't up to their standards and takes their anger out on someone. I can't prove this theory but when you go in a certain direction, a chain of events begin happening. When you lean more towards doing something that is exciting and gets someone motivated and positive, that part of the mind can crossover into helping someone live their life with fuller aspirations, being loveable and fun to be around, has a great attitude and helps others the best way they can.

Movement is much more than physically doing something; it can start a chain reaction to a path for someone that enjoys life, finds things to learn, be open to other possibilities and has a mindset that carries over to other areas in their life. Be more primal everyday. Train anywhere and be excited about it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Be A Sponge

For over 10 years I've been learning and absorbing everything that peaks my interest in the fitness world. Although my main interest is Animal Exercise I love finding out cool stuff about training that is unique, off the wall and very off to the side non-mainstream styles of programs. Taken in so much yet use very little which is the best possible way to get what you want or the type of work you're willing to put in.

You can learn 10,000 things in your lifetime but most likely you'll end up using only a fraction of what you learned in order to get the best possible results. We can't use every single thing 24/7 otherwise we won't be able to sleep and take in what can be truly useful. When it comes to fitness I believe its important to utilize our senses the best way possible in order to get the best results when it comes to losing weight, building muscle, burning fat or whatever; hell we can do multiple things in order to get what we want out of our learning but like Bruce Lee once said "Use what works, throw away what doesn't." Everything you have learned may not always work in a particular situation so you pick little things here and there and take what you can get out of it.

Learn what you can and take it in like a sponge, its important to have as much knowledge as possible and using the very best to get what you want. Its like being in a fight, you can know 10,000 ways to take out a guy or cripple him but in the end you may only use no more than 5 moves at best. Absorbing what interests you keeps you motivated and finding out what brings you joy and taking in what YOU want to learn. I can be a stubborn SOB when I learn from people and if I don't have an interest in it, its not going to work out very well. When I really take in what interests me, my creativity comes out, I find fun ways to write and share things with people. When you learn as much as possible, it develops your individuality and finding things about yourself you didn't know before. I would have never thought back in 2005 that I'd become a writer that is being followed by people all over the world, make money from selling products, afford food or save up for trips, save up for a ring for my girl or buy cool toys, books & my favorite movies all because I promoted something I love and talked about it. That's the reward for learning and taking in what I can use. It can only get higher and you can do the same thing and do it even better than I can ever do.

Make the best of what you learned and put it to use that works best for you. Share with other people, help them learn and give them tips that help develop themselves. We all can learn from each other, the question is what is it you have learned that you have used to be successful? Even if you have failed there's always something to learn to pick yourself back up. I'm constantly learning this because yes I have failed in a lot of areas of my life but I've also been successful in many areas too so it is possible to make the best of things no matter how bad or good they are you always have a shot. We all fail and succeed at some point in our lives but no matter what, we can choose to do something from what we have learned and absorbed.

Product Of The Day: Advanced Bridging Course

Our spines are our most valuable part of the body that we mostly take for granted. If you sever your spine, you can be paralyzed for life and lose a piece of yourself you can never get back. When you lose those nerves from the brain to the spinal cord it can be very challenging to live life at its fullest. Its very important to strengthen our spines and keep them as injury-proof as possible. I've hurt my back a time or two and because of those times I almost felt paralyzed and can barely move and every muscle hurt just to get out of bed. When I learned Bridging Exercises, I began to feel things that I never experienced before, it helped me regain strength in my spine, legs & feet, my neck got stronger to the point where I was pain-free or close to it and opened up my posture. I got so good at it that I can fall back into a bridge without hands and (using my hands) kick over without hurting myself. At over 250 lbs. that's not an easy feat to do and feel amazing that I can do this at my size. This type of training can save your life in more ways than you'll believe. Become more flexible, agile and do amazing things all from learning the aspects of the Bridge.

Darebee Of The Day: The 100 Seconds Workout

It almost sounds too good to be true to get in amazing shape in 100 seconds. I mean come on, aren't you suppose to get the best results from 30 minutes of cardio and an hour of weights? 100 seconds is only a minute and 40 seconds so how the hell is it possible to get exceptional results? By putting in a great deal of High Intensity training that is anaerobic (Without Oxygen) and burns off fat the fastest way possible. When you do a Level 3 workout (all 7 sets) that's a total of 12 minutes worth of training. When you do this workout up to 3x a week maximum, you can burn fat like a furnace and build lean muscle mass that increases Growth Hormone up to 520% capacity, that's 10 times more than the leading injections that athletes and actors take to build muscle and look younger and its all done using your own body's capabilities no matter what your age or sex. Build up to this and this workout can literally be done anywhere and anytime.


Friday, September 16, 2016

An Ancient Angle for Workout Recovery

In Chinese medicine there’s the concept of the Three Treasures.

Jing, Qi and Shen

Shen is your spirit.

Qi is the everyday energy you use for all things.

And Jing is your foundational energy.

While all three are important Jing is considered the most, because without it, you can’t have the other two. Without it you’re dead!

With an abundance of Jing you have tons of energy reserves, bounce back from injuries, and would certainly recovery quickly from even the toughest of workouts.

Unfortunately, most men find that they take longer to recover from workouts as they get older.

 You could say this aging. You could say it’s less helpful hormones. But the Chinese would say it’s because of Jing, which encompasses both of those things.

Sadly, as we age our Jing tends to dwindle downwards from various stressors, lack of nutrition, sleep and so much more.

Some say the only thing you can do is preserve the Jing that you’re born with….

But the ancient Taoists believed that certain practices could actually replenish and build it.

These include certain forms of qi gong…

And a select few herbal supplements.

He Shou Wu is one of them.

If you’d like to bounce back from your workouts like you use to you need to check this out.

And remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is one thing that you can take for the long term and it will just continually support you better and better.

That means your recovery will stay high throughout your life.

Recover Like A Boss & Be Awesome

Darebee Of The Day: Running Through The Minefield Workout

Get that adrenaline pumping and the sweat dripping with this high impact routine that will guarantee the lungs being on fire. Increase that explosive power and drive through the torture that will give your legs a run (pun intended) for their money.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Neck-Rupturing Centrifuge Science…


Science certainly investigates some odd things and in odd ways, but this one may just take the cake.

You know how ants have the reputation for being the strongest creatures on the planet pound for pound? (Or perhaps more accurately milligram for milligram)

Recent research has looked into how true this is…in a very odd way.

It is estimated that ants can carry about 1000 times their weight. To test this, Castro, Nguyen and Lilly anesthetized ants and glued their heads into a centrifuge.

They then sped this centrifuge faster and faster until the ant body ripped from its head.

Castro said, “We had to put a Plexiglas barrier around the centrifuge to protect the grad students because the ant bodies would go flying at the moment of rupture.”

I guess that gives new meaning to the term “bullet ant.”

What a way to go!

They found that the force applied was from 3400 to 5000 times their bodyweight, well above the 1000 time idea they started with. (Of course lifting and withstanding force are certainly different things).

And did you know that ant extracts have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine?

In fact, it's such a potent remedy that it has been called The Herb of Kings.

Anyone that has taken them as a pre-workout supplement has noticed that “feelable” energy they seem to provide.

Find out more details here.

Get Ant Strong & Be Awesome
Nguyen, V., Lilly, B., & Castro, C. (2014). The exoskeletal structure and tensile loading behavior of an ant neck joint. Journal of Biomechanics, 47(2), 497-504.

Darebee Of The Day: Cardio Step Workout

There are those days where you don't want to so intense. A gentle workout that will get your heart rate up without all the impact. Think of it as a recovery type workout or something to do because it just feels right for that particular day. Have fun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rise from the Ashes like a Phoenix

In Greek mythology the Phoenix was a bird that lit on fire and was consumed from it. Then from the ashes it would be reborn and come alive once again.

Do you feel like you need to be reborn to greater health and vitality at times?

A powerful class of herbs known as the “Superior Herbs” in both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda can do that for you.

Why settle for an herb or supplement that may help you with a symptom you’re suffering from?

The other option is to get a powerful formula of some of the VERY BEST herbs in the world. Something that can support your health, your hormones, your immune system, just about everything in your body.

My friends at Lost Empire Herbs put together Phoenix Formula for this reason.

This blend of four herbs has some of the most powerful stuff on the planet.

Shilajit - The Destroyer of Weakness and Conqueror of Mountains, the #1 substance in Ayurvedic medicine

Polyrhachis Ant - The Herb of Kings and #1 Qi Tonic in Chinese Medicine

Pine Pollen - The Superfood of the 21st Century and a Rare Source of Phyto-Androgens

He Shou Wu - The Ultimate Jing Fortifier and #1 Anti-Aging Herb in Chinese Medicine

You have to try this out.

Rise My Friends & Be Awesome

Darebee Of The Day: The Right Side Workout

You have two choices when you get up in the morning, you either wake up and pumped for the day or you will wake up feeling like the world is going to be crappy. Either one will be the one thing that determines your entire day, choose wisely. A workout that jump starts your morning can be a powerful thing even if its for a short period of time yet can wake up the muscles with a vengeance and can be all done before you even get out of bed. How cool is that? Talk about NO EXCUSES!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Will The Animals Inherit The Earth?

Maybe not in a literal sense since a lot of species are dying out although plenty still flourish. In a fitness sense its not likely but it will make people think twice about what to look for in a program. There's always going to be that age old question of who or what will inherit the earth but for today let's focus on what becomes of the way to animal training than to crazy schemes like Crossfit, P90X, Insanity, Triceps Extensions On Bosu Balls or any other form of crazy training.

More and more, animal exercise is becoming more popular due to the Primal Movement & Animal Flow workouts that focus on moving more naturally utilizing movements unilaterally, all four limbs in various positions and developing the body's natural function to jump, crawl, balance, coordinate & control the awareness of movement. When it comes down to it, the animals are the originators of Bodyweight Exercise period. Sure you can claim that the Romans started doing bodyweight exercise, tribes in Africa began it and it expanded throughout the continent into Europe, the Pacific and everywhere in between, the shaolin monks with their style of Animal Kung Fu, warriors of India & the middle east are believed to start the Physical Culture revolution but in reality; the wild animals are truly the real ideal for bodyweight training because the most famous species such as the birds, bears, cats & snakes were observed and people of ancient times started to mimic their movement, studying anatomy and behavior. Over time, we have faded away towards humanized form of exercise to develop our own species and teach what brings more to the table.

Exercise has been formed in millions of ways throughout countless centuries in endless names of cities, countries, tribes, civilized culture & ritualistic groups. There's nothing new you can come up with that hasn't been done before; its merely just re-invented into a different style kind of like how stories are told, many are repeated but using different characters, storyline & other entities. However when you dig deep into the very depth of evolution, religion, storytelling, exercise & living; a form of animal was observed and man got creative and interpreted what he observed and developed his own style of life.

Think about it, in religion what are the most evil animals named? A snake, a goat, bird & a cat. In Greek Mythology, you have the Bull, a 3-headed snake and a lion; in classic fairy tales you have a Dragon, a series of forest animals, sea creatures & a Cricket. In India, Hindu Mythology has the Monkey as one of the ultimate gods, in films we have werewolves, golden terriers, a shaggy dog, Cat loving Villain in Batman. In Comic Books you have a Black Panther, A Beast, an animal shape-shifting Teen Titan, a man who controls Ants, a Rat who trains Ninja Turtles there is countless animals being used in every area of culture on the planet.

In exercise terms, the movement of animals are the true beginnings of fitness & conditioning. They can be used to strengthen your body regardless of age, race, creed & whatever else, conditions the lungs for various sports, gives kids something fun to do, They are the pinnacle of functional strength training. Weights, Hammers, Maces, Sandbells and others are all cool to get in shape with and aught to be used in some form but animal training in its simplistic form is the fastest and most fun way to get in shape. Will the animals inherit the earth? we will never know but they are a part of history's greatest beginnings and it greatest up to date powerhouses.

Product Of The Day: Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

A course dedicated to help children overcome anxiety, hyper-activity, obesity, depression and many others that plague many children today. I wished I had this when I was younger like 10 or so, maybe my life might've been different if I had this for exercise. It's very unique in the sense that its not a typical workout book but a well-written aspect of giving children & families the opportunity to not only teach exercise using fun elements of fitness like games, lessons & progression that leads greater brain activity, muscle/bone building, endurance, fat loss, balanced energy & mobility that kids in this day and age need now more than ever. With over-excess of technology that includes cell phones, ipads, video games and more its become a bit of an epidemic where kids need exercise to build not just a functional body but more importantly a greater mind. It has been said that compared to 100 years ago, kids today are far weaker than their parents as thy got older and that to me is a damn shame. Strength is not always in the muscles but the strength of one's character, sure teens have attitudes which is understandable in most cases but not when they don't have the strength to help others or be able to run, jump, climb, crawl with fatiguing and being strong enough to hold themselves up. With this course it can aid in getting kids in shape in fun ways that are disciplinary as well so take a look and get the course, its far cheaper than a gym and its way less time consuming (They can get a workout in as little as 5 minutes a day to start).

Darebee Of The Day: The Jade Workout

Create the body you want using this Combat Formed workout that develops skill & strength in areas that women want to be hit. Let the workout do your bidding, make it work for you instead of you being against it. Train hard, Train Smart and be empowered.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Thoughts On Steve Maxwell

I have yet to meet this amazing individual either on Social Media or in person but I have seen enough of his work that I believe I can make an observation. For the most part he clearly does not look like a guy who's in his 60's but more of a man at around 45-53 at best. One of the most knowledgeable guys on the planet when it comes to fitness, conditioning & Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and clearly that has been in the game for 40+ years. I watched his interview with Joe Rogan for the second time on his podcast, its a 3+ hour interview where he talks about his life story, the type of training he does, his traveling life and philosophy on fitness plus some history lessons.

Not many men at this stage of their life are in this kind of shape, the guy can do pull-ups, sprints, crawl, do hindu push-ups, swing a kettlebell and has greater conditioning than most guys half his age. When it comes down to it he's the type of guy many can learn from. Its not everyday you get a guy in later stages of life and lives it with a passion and is fit like crazy. He is the personification of elite conditioning taking the most basic principles of exercise and molding them into a powerful setting of training ideals that can be used by practically anyone and is one of those that teach that training should help you become injury-proof, not cause injuries otherwise something is wrong.

If you want to get an idea of who this guy is and how his conditioning is inspiring get this 3 pack combo of Steve's best work and you will see first hand how insanely conditioned this dude is. He's not a big probably no more than 5'7 around 160 lbs but yet makes many men twice his size think twice of going toe to toe with him. It blows my mind what this guy can do.

Product Of The Day: Phoenix Formula

A mythical form of re-birth is the summary of the Phoenix. A brave bird rising from the ashes with a stronger sense of purpose and powerful entities give you the strength to not only come back more powerful but with greater energy and force that will tackle your greatest obstacles and put extra zing into your body. A combination of the most powerful herbs on the planet will enhance your body's energy to go after your exercise with greater force and determination. Use it as a pre-workout formula to jump start your body's batteries and give it that jolt of raw, unadulterated strength that will make you feel new and full of life.

Darebee Of The Day: The Nightwing Workout

It's time you stepped out of the shadow of your old self and form a new line of conditioning that helps find your true individuality and hone the skills you have learned a time before that have now become your greatest weapon. Go out on your own and be your own fighter, your own brand of hero and become something nobody else could have imagined. You have been preparing and learning for this very moment, make it epic and make it your own.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Deck Of Wild Cards

I was reading an older article of mine yesterday and it got me thinking; a workout that was simple, basic but fun to do and can be done quickly so I ended up doing it. It was a deck of cards workout that would be cool to share with that can aid in amplifying conditioning in a very cool and very unboring way.

So for today you don't get 1 but 2 workouts that can get you going. This was a very cool session of flipping a card and getting to move like a wild animal. The objective is to get through the deck as fast as you can but still on good form and getting them lungs firing. It didn't take me too long to get through the deck so it wasn't difficult but wasn't easy either. Most of the cards had me bending my legs either in a full deep squat or partial squat that really hit the muscles everywhere. You pick 4 animals to the regular cards like spades, clubs ect. but the jokers if you had two or three you pick up to 2-3 animals so you can get a variety of movement that isn't on one area of muscles but multiple muscle groups.

I have a deck of Indiana Jones playing cards that are just bad ass to use working out or not and that alone fires me up because come on man its Indy. If you can find a deck of wild animals on the cards that's even better because it gives you a better visualization; oh wait a second I think I found some here. This kind of workout can be done by anyone and you can go as fast or slow as you want all that matters is its fun and doesn't feel like working out. Here is the example I'm speaking of...

Spades= Bear Crawls
Clubs= Monkey Crawl
Hearts= Duck Walks
Diamonds= Chimp Walk
Jokers= Octopus/Starfish/Condor

You can pick other animals if you wish, be creative and do your favorites. For reps its very simple; face value is 2-10 as you see on the cards, Aces are 11-20, King/Queen/Jack is 10-15. Set a timer and have at it. If you can't get through the deck at first that's ok keep building up. Once you beat the deck go for time and really spice up the intensity but don't ever lose form and get sloppy, we want you to be safe and have fun not be lazy and injure yourself. Pay attention to your breathing, count out loud if you want I do that but my motto is to count backwards instead of forward. If it becomes too easy no matter animal you throw in the mix, double the reps and really make it interesting. Normally a deck of cards for training is usually doing Push-ups & Squats which are great i''ve done it many times but I tend to get bored with doing the same one or two movements; my philosophy is to make things interesting and enjoyable but challenging as well. Push-ups & Squats are foundational exercises for sure but eventually it can wear thin and its going to be really boring going just up and down. With Animal Exercises you move in all sorts of directions and your imagination is more open to possibilities.

Have fun with this workout and let me know how it goes for you.

Product Of The Day: Animal Kingdom Conditioning

My all-time favorite fitness book. This course takes away those "human" exercises that can be so tedious and boring and take you to a world full of wonders, possibilities and most of all the imagination. Learn about the strength of animals as you go through this course and mimic the very best of the wild kingdom. There's exercises that have going on all fours, jumping on two feet, hopping on one leg and having you moving more naturally forward, backwards, side ways, long ways, up ways and down ways (sorry got into my willy wonka mode, I miss Gene Wilder RIP bro). It takes you into the jungle that can aid in building functional strength, conditioning, endurance, mobility, brain activity, tendon strength and much much more.

Darebee Of The Day: The Ivy Workout

Now this workout does have simple bodyweight exercises but you can make them even more fun when you ladies imagine yourself as Gotham's Villainous Goddess of Plants World (that was a mouthful). This fun workout has you doing movements that are based on that of the Ballerina & Yoga that strengthens and tones the muscles in the arms, legs and butt so you know you're training those hard to develop type muscles that women are frustrated with. Takes roughly 35 minutes to complete or you can make it shorter by either doing only 3 sets at Level 1 or you can build yourself up progressively by cutting the reps in half and go from there. If you're a lean and mean Goddess of Plants you can double the reps and see how far you get or go for 10 sets of the regular reps, if you can pull that off you would make the majority of men envy of your conditioning and not to mention having an insanely built physique of a Greek Goddess. Enjoy....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Does Music Have An Importance In Training?

I'm part of a 2-sided coin o whether to listen to music while training. Now hear me out (no pun intended) I do believe music is great to workout with but at the same time, it depends on the type of training you do. If you listen to any type of music that you love do so but look at this type of perspective; Music is great but also focusing on your mind and body as one is just as important.

Some people listen to music while training because it revs up the adrenaline and gets them into that "zone" which is awesome I do it too but also at the same time, its very difficult to pay attention to your breathing and focusing on the mental aspects of training like utilizing visualization & internal energy. Sometimes music can be distracting when it comes to training in certain aspects like Qi Gong, Yoga & other meditative practices. Maybe its just me but my preference is to listen to music during intense training where I can move with the beat and shred it up with the movement yet when I train in qi gong, DDP Yoga or Theater Of The Mind meditations I do without any music whatsoever for specific purposes; I want to pay attention to how I breathe and I want to view my mind's eye without any distractions because it works better for me that way.

It is important to have motivation and spice up that energy to train at your very best but its also important to quiet your mind and listen to your inner self so that's where music can be very distracting because you're not just blocking out your mind, you're blocking out the energy of within that can generate greater power than you think. I listen to tunes while I write because the sounds enhance my brain waves thus having more creative ideas but I also look within without music and see the writing without needing to hear the tunes.

So is music really that important? depends on your preference but in reality you want to be a master of being able to train with or without tunes; its very different when you shut out the world and your mind and another thing when you open your mind without a shred of distraction. Do what works for you but read my words and learn the difference between training with or without music. It all comes down to how aware you are and how you feel when you have done both. Trust me its very tempting to listen to tunes but for a few sessions go without tunes and focus on the breathing plus the movement. If you can't hear yourself breathe, you're not breathing correctly.

Product Of The Day: Upgrade Your Breath

Our greatest sense of power and strength doesn't come from how big the muscles are or how good we look, its the way we breathe and how it can be our greatest asset in our training or being our greatest enemy. It can help us relax, increase our endurance, enhance our speed & strength and it can even put us in a state of mind where you are calm in every sense of your surroundings. Most of all, it doesn't cost you a damn thing and yet we take it for granted. You can go weeks without food, days without water but you can die in a matter of minutes or less without breathing. Breathing is what made the weakest become the strongest, breathing is what helps you fall asleep, breathing is what gives you that strength to lift the heaviest weight, breathing is what gives you the greatest endurance & its breathing that can increase your flexibility & youth. Double your lung capacity just by using breathing techniques, activate your organs by these breathing techniques that enhance digestion, energy, blood flow and more. Grab this course and power up on the breath.

Darebee Of The Day: Boxer Endurance

How do these athletes have such crazy stamina to last 12 rounds or more in the ring? By training for that specific reason. Get those lungs firing by testing your will in this workout that will make you sweat, breathe harder than usual and breaking down those muscle fibers down to the smallest crease. Some boxers back in the day fought for more than 25 rounds. The closest I can think with that kind of endurance are wrestlers that need stamina to stay in a match from start to finish. You want an idea on how much conditioning is worth in a fight? Look up the UFC Fight between Maurice Smith & Mark Coleman.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Way Of The Animal

With all the latest fitness fads today and the body shaming its no wonder we are confused, disoriented, quick to judge and killing the spirit of helping one another. I'm not putting down those that do Crossfit or practice extreme levels of fitness that's great for them and wish them the best but what needs to be realistic is the notion that in order to be fit you need to push yourself to the very brink of puking, passing out, getting injured just to prove how fit you are is sadistic, cold-hearted & just plain psychotic. I know what it's like to nearly pass out and get hurt in training and i'm telling you right now its not worth it. If your body can handle the stress that's one thing but if you're taking unnecessary risks to make yourself fitter its not worth killing yourself.

The human body can only take so much and putting it through so much stress that it ends up in the ER over a stupid workout will only add pain into your later years. I too have gone into the unknown of how far to push the body that was according to my size, age, stress levels & the will to go as far as I was willing to and i'm going to tell you right now your life is more precious than that. I do believe in being mentally tough to go through physical training but not to the brink on a daily basis or prove to myself that no matter how hard I train its never enough. That's why I train in the way of the animal.

Animals strive because they know they're not perfect, they don't give a damn what other animals think of them; they survive, they are predators & preys, they fight or run like hell & the offspring learn how to develop these elements by playing. Animals move naturally, they don't jog, they sprint like its a life or death situation, they have nothing to prove but be an animal living among other animals. We are the only species on the planet that fears more than we can talk about, we strive for perfection instead of striving for true development of our bodies and minds. Even in the fitness world, if you have a physique that is full of sculpted muscle & low bodyfat that somehow makes you superior than anyone else. Animals don't care how muscular you are or how much you can bench or how you compete to lift the heaviest weight, if they get a hand on you, chances are you'll die instantly if not live long enough to be in excruciating pain and die from injuries.

Moving like a wild animal builds real strength, develops functional muscle instead of grotesque comic book muscle, burns fat and put on lean muscle mass that increases hormones, metabolism, energetic stamina (I know redundant lol) and strengthens the brain. Moving like a wild animal gives you protective strength meaning builds strength in the tendons and opens up the joints so in turn can develop mobility and flexibility. This type of training is simple, to the point & isn't complicated to learn. If I were to learn any other method besides this and Isometrics it would be developing real man strength and old school muscle building that develops a crushing grip, hardens the tendons, makes you hungry as hell afterwards and creates an injury-proof body.

The power of the animal is not just in the movements, its the development of going into another state of mind that pits you against you, not against a clock or a series of obstacles that will cause you to break your leg or tear joints because of a misplaced area of the weight. Animal Movement is freedom, its structured but at the same time can change just by a single placement of an hand or leg and doesn't have strict rules.

Product Of The Day: Baran Brother's Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks

How many B's can you find in one title of a course LOL. Seriously though, for most, its tough starting a fitness program where it can be a struggle to keep up or feel that its too tough or not enough for you to start with. That's where this course comes in, it lays out a foundation where you're in the driver seat and the exercises are your key to put in the ignition. No confusion, no playing around the bush and no BS about where to start and how to progress. Be able to exercise anywhere, anytime without useless equipment and the freedom to listen to any music you want and do exercises that take off flab, build muscle and increase energy all in less than 20 minutes a day.  Do them at any age and its for all fitness levels from the complete beginner to world-class athletes. I do some of these very same exercises in my own training to help me recover, pick a variety on those days where I don't want to be so intense and they help me regenerate when I push myself hard.

(DOD): The Highlander Workout

"There can be only one." This workout gives you a piece of the type of training to prepare for battle of the sword and get ready for the quickening. An immortal is only as powerful as his/her conditioning and awareness for survival. If you're not ready for the fight you might find yourself getting your head cut off. Be ready for what lies ahead and be in the best shape because there are those that are gunning for you and they won't stop until your head is clean off your body. If you want more training then you'll have to look for Connor or Duncan Macleod of the Clan MacLeod's.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Jungle Training For Women

Happy Monday to all you awesome people. I was thinking about this in a meditation this past Wednesday and it got me thinking how sweet it would be for all the rocking ladies to get more involved with Animal Exercise. Now its not a must but I personally believe when it comes down to it, animal styled exercise will do more good for developing a sleek and feminine physique because mainly its not only really cool to move naturally but it would give inspiration for those who are confused as to what to do.

In reality, women are just as bad ass and far better than us guys than we give them credit for. Let's face it, for us guys we can never give birth so we have the luxury of not enduring the most powerful form of pain imaginable that a woman has to go through, plus its harder for women to lose weight, build muscle & burn fat like a furnace because they don't have the development of testosterone and the amount of growth hormone as men do. However, despite all that women have the ability to unleash that beauty that was breaded in their DNA both inside and outside. If you want to change your appearance; getting huge boobs done and having a fake ass isn't going to cut it and tummy tucks is definitely not the answer. Instead learn to move your body like in nature by crawling, jumping, swimming, balancing & coordinate like a wild beast.

Moving like a wild animal enhances beauty both inside and outside the body. When you jump like a rabbit or walk like a duck you're building your legs with strength & power no other "human" exercises can touch. You're developing crazy muscle that won't be bulky but shapely with real functional muscle from the hips down to the toes and not just muscle but strengthening the tendons as well. When you move this way, you're not moving isolated parts of the body but utilizing every muscle including the abdominals; one of the most fearful body parts women have. Think about it, being able to fire those abs without ever doing hundreds of reps of regular ab exercises that most of the time don't work (some do don't get me wrong but to get powerful abs is to not isolate them) and wouldn't you want an upper body that turns heads with powerful but beautiful arms, a crazy but proud bust-line & anything else you feel wants to be better. I personally think YOU are beautiful no matter what but if you decide to change the way you look, feel and have greater energy than you've come to the right place.

Be wild, be free and follow your instincts. I get it, you're really into Crossfit and seeing those muscular women (although a good number are on steroids) and you're seeing some of those women in those weird aerobics classes or using unnecessary very light weight but the truth of the matter is, you can't keep up that kind of training forever and its way too structured and could very much injure you and put you in the hosptal (trust me, pain through that kind of training is not worth your life). If you're going to lift weights, do so by learning from kick ass women such as Andrea Du Cane or Melody Schoenfeld. If you can't afford weights or want a better alternative than do Animal Exercises like Bear Crawls, Frog Jumps, Crab Walks, Rabbit Hops and many others. Beauty is within, so unleash that chick with a vengeance and show the world how awesome you are.

Product Of The Day: Athena Women's Formula

The inspiring Greek goddess Athena was the product of courage, philosophy, wisdom & more is the ideal outlook of a true woman. The combination of herbs that is in the depths of this formula are considered sometimes magical and i'll tell you why....Think about the energy you can possess of a wildcat, the sexual prowess of a lioness, mentally focus with ease and have support that is both hormonal & metabolic; developing breathtaking strength that most women that would envy and may even make Wonder Woman think twice before messing with you. That's how powerful this herbal combination can work into your mighty veins. One of its herbs alone means "She who possess 100 husbands" which should give you a crazy idea to what the benefits are. The benefits for the skin & hair are known to work wonders and have a natural level of beauty that helps these features better than the chemical crap you're used to doing.

(DOD): The Cheetara Workout

Speaking of wildcats; why not have a specific workout dedicated to the powerful Thunderian that is insanely strong and beautiful. Building a fierce but feminine physique that is always ready to battle, power up and feel the energy of the mighty cat. You can do this workout anytime, anywhere and modify it to your liking. Level up as you get stronger and unleash that inner Thundercat within and let the world hear your roar.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Jungle VIP For Superior Conditioning

For a while now I've been living in the jungle being among the wild creatures of my inner Amazon & Congo. I travel there everyday and every night where I get to be free and transform into all kinds of animals that bring me joy, strength, health and most of all the love I can't get enough of. Its become such a frequent visit, I was made a Jungle VIP, a lifetime pass to not only visit but learn from the very best the Animal Kingdom has to offer. You can be a part of this too if you believe in your imagination and the will to move using your natural body's abilities to crawl, jump, walk, sprint, go backwards, forwards, side ways and long ways like a wild animal.

The other night I watched a remake of a classic Disney tale that just amplified my love for animalistic movement and that was The Jungle Book. The story, the coming of age tale & adventure of a little boy traveling through the jungle is full of beautiful artistic CGI, the amazing characters that just make you laugh, scare you or don't know what the hell to think. As a fan of the original, it just brightened up my imagination to move like like the characters Baloo, Baghera, Sheer Khan, Kaa and others. The jungle is full of wonders, life & lots of ways to move.

The only true way to introduced to the jungle is to start moving like a wild animal and build up your imagination. In order to become a VIP, you amplify your movements, create scenarios & feel like you are living among the animals as you move. Picture yourself being that animal and developing your brain while you move. Its not difficult to do but its tough to master because there will be a time where looking goofy can make you seem weird but don't fret, stay the course and build on your enhancing your Animal DNA. This type of training alone, creates strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, motor skills and makes your brain work more than just good old fashioned "human" exercises.

I have taught this type of training to young kids as young as 6 years old to folks over 50 & 60. With the way they learn from me they all have something in common that shares a bond with the way they move; they have fun and are happy. When you move like a wild animal, you putting energy into the blood in your veins, you develop nerve force that can take away negative thoughts, work your mental muscles to enhance performance, intelligence & so much more. Although you are physically moving, your brain is doing so much more as you move; it sends greater impulses to the spinal cord, enhances strength not just in the muscles but the tendons & ligaments which can lead to less injuries and build power in your body that can't be experienced by regular forms of exercise. Be one of the VIP and live in your jungle where you are free to move anywhere you want. You can train indoors but the results will come when you do them outdoors. Either way you're getting something most people have forgotten today. These are the original forms of exercise and the oldest conditioning style of training.

Product Of The Day: Animal Workouts -The DVD Course

Seeing is better than reading so why not learn how an animal movement is actually done. A conditioning program that develops functional strength, health & enhances brain activity for all ages. Any animal can put a modern man or woman to shame when it comes to strength & speed not to mention health. It develops that instinctual aspect of our DNA where we use natural movement to crawl, jump, swim & balance. There is no equipment involved, its just you and the ground where you can change from one movement to another in the blink of an eye. Grab it today and get in the habit of moving like a wild beast that is waiting to be unleashed.

(DOD): The Primal Workout

A workout that can be addictive will give you a sense of power through your veins and unleash your inner Animality. Open your soul to the animals and challenge your body in a different way. There is nothing like having the power of a wild animal and moving with grace and superior body strength.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Using Comic Books To Inspire For Training

For those that have always had a fantasy or two, comic book mythology is more than just words and pictures of different characters in various situations. Whoever has a read a comic at one point or another fantasized about having the powers or abilities of their favorite heroes. Some even wished they had the body, a muscular physique, a slender but wired build like Spidey, the indestructible power of the Hulk. Most will never achieve the dream of being super strong and healthy that was inspired by a comic book. I know I didn't up until a few years ago.

I was never a big comic book fan growing up like other kids were, I knew about superheroes from watching Saturday morning cartoons and watching them on film like Blade & the Batman movies. I didn't get into comic books themselves until a few years ago and started collecting them in various volumes and an omnibus or 2. It really kicked in for me seeing the Avengers films especially the titled name itself and decided to learn more about the mythology by reading the stories of my favorite heroes. The more I read, the more inspiring it was to do my training with a different style of imagination I never experienced as a kid or in my early 20's.

The one hero that started this for me was believe it or not Thor because of the hammers that were built by Stronger Grip. It helped me develop a level of strength I never experienced before and had a grip I can be proud of. It continued in different ways as I read about Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and others. The very best book that inspired me to train in a specific will be today's Product Of The Day. It's not the greatest comic ever written, actually its not that huge in terms of popularity and its mediocre in writing style at best and more comical than serious but it gave me the very best ideal of imagination that I can relate to and made me believe in the type of training that suited me.

There is always something in a comic, the capturing of the situation, the faces of fear or victory, the dialogue that ignites a fight or a build up and way more. Some of my personal favorites are those of Thor & Batman. You train through them and they light up your brain with a vengeance as you do your damnedest to look like them and have the thought of super strength, unlimited endurance, invincibility, razor claws, teleportation or being able to shapeshift (one of my favorite powers). I believe if you want to heightened your imagination to train at your very best, go pick up a comic book.

Product Of The Day: Marvel Apes (Apevengers)

Remember that book I had a favorite on? This is it. The book that inspired me to unleash my inner animal while I train in Animal Movements. It takes you to an alternate universe where its similar to Planet Of The Apes but its all Marvel heroes and villains. There are gibbons, gorillas, orangutans & mandrills (baboons) that are alternate versions of the greatest heroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and many others. The artwork, the storylines, the action and the feeling of being a mighty ape/monkey with not only the powers of a hero but the added strength entities of a primate just fuels my training to another level. The writing is pretty comical and the dialogue is not that great but when you get past that and see the power of an ape with hero qualities and similar personalities of the humanized heroes, it creates a very inspiring and hard to put down book that puts you in another world not normally seen especially through the eyes of a character or the writers themselves. Very fun read.

(DOD): Xena Workout

Women around the world were inspired by the Warrior Princess & her sidekick Gabrielle for years and lives on in reruns that continue to strike into the very heart of what it be like to be a bad ass chick. She to me is the equivalent in terms of badassery of Wonder Woman, a woman not afraid to stand up to men and show them not to mess with a chick that can kill you in so many ways and still has tricks you don't see coming. Obviously i'm not a woman but I do believe women can be a bad ass and rock it with the best of them and go to limits us men will never achieve and taken for granted. This workout is an idea of turning little girls into full fledged women that can take on anything. If you can give birth and go through all that pain, you can do this workout without much problem, start out at a level that works for you and build up to Level 3 sets.