Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rise from the Ashes like a Phoenix

In Greek mythology the Phoenix was a bird that lit on fire and was consumed from it. Then from the ashes it would be reborn and come alive once again.

Do you feel like you need to be reborn to greater health and vitality at times?

A powerful class of herbs known as the “Superior Herbs” in both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda can do that for you.

Why settle for an herb or supplement that may help you with a symptom you’re suffering from?

The other option is to get a powerful formula of some of the VERY BEST herbs in the world. Something that can support your health, your hormones, your immune system, just about everything in your body.

My friends at Lost Empire Herbs put together Phoenix Formula for this reason.

This blend of four herbs has some of the most powerful stuff on the planet.

Shilajit - The Destroyer of Weakness and Conqueror of Mountains, the #1 substance in Ayurvedic medicine

Polyrhachis Ant - The Herb of Kings and #1 Qi Tonic in Chinese Medicine

Pine Pollen - The Superfood of the 21st Century and a Rare Source of Phyto-Androgens

He Shou Wu - The Ultimate Jing Fortifier and #1 Anti-Aging Herb in Chinese Medicine

You have to try this out.

Rise My Friends & Be Awesome

Darebee Of The Day: The Right Side Workout

You have two choices when you get up in the morning, you either wake up and pumped for the day or you will wake up feeling like the world is going to be crappy. Either one will be the one thing that determines your entire day, choose wisely. A workout that jump starts your morning can be a powerful thing even if its for a short period of time yet can wake up the muscles with a vengeance and can be all done before you even get out of bed. How cool is that? Talk about NO EXCUSES!!!

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