Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Does Music Have An Importance In Training?

I'm part of a 2-sided coin o whether to listen to music while training. Now hear me out (no pun intended) I do believe music is great to workout with but at the same time, it depends on the type of training you do. If you listen to any type of music that you love do so but look at this type of perspective; Music is great but also focusing on your mind and body as one is just as important.

Some people listen to music while training because it revs up the adrenaline and gets them into that "zone" which is awesome I do it too but also at the same time, its very difficult to pay attention to your breathing and focusing on the mental aspects of training like utilizing visualization & internal energy. Sometimes music can be distracting when it comes to training in certain aspects like Qi Gong, Yoga & other meditative practices. Maybe its just me but my preference is to listen to music during intense training where I can move with the beat and shred it up with the movement yet when I train in qi gong, DDP Yoga or Theater Of The Mind meditations I do without any music whatsoever for specific purposes; I want to pay attention to how I breathe and I want to view my mind's eye without any distractions because it works better for me that way.

It is important to have motivation and spice up that energy to train at your very best but its also important to quiet your mind and listen to your inner self so that's where music can be very distracting because you're not just blocking out your mind, you're blocking out the energy of within that can generate greater power than you think. I listen to tunes while I write because the sounds enhance my brain waves thus having more creative ideas but I also look within without music and see the writing without needing to hear the tunes.

So is music really that important? depends on your preference but in reality you want to be a master of being able to train with or without tunes; its very different when you shut out the world and your mind and another thing when you open your mind without a shred of distraction. Do what works for you but read my words and learn the difference between training with or without music. It all comes down to how aware you are and how you feel when you have done both. Trust me its very tempting to listen to tunes but for a few sessions go without tunes and focus on the breathing plus the movement. If you can't hear yourself breathe, you're not breathing correctly.

Product Of The Day: Upgrade Your Breath

Our greatest sense of power and strength doesn't come from how big the muscles are or how good we look, its the way we breathe and how it can be our greatest asset in our training or being our greatest enemy. It can help us relax, increase our endurance, enhance our speed & strength and it can even put us in a state of mind where you are calm in every sense of your surroundings. Most of all, it doesn't cost you a damn thing and yet we take it for granted. You can go weeks without food, days without water but you can die in a matter of minutes or less without breathing. Breathing is what made the weakest become the strongest, breathing is what helps you fall asleep, breathing is what gives you that strength to lift the heaviest weight, breathing is what gives you the greatest endurance & its breathing that can increase your flexibility & youth. Double your lung capacity just by using breathing techniques, activate your organs by these breathing techniques that enhance digestion, energy, blood flow and more. Grab this course and power up on the breath.

Darebee Of The Day: Boxer Endurance

How do these athletes have such crazy stamina to last 12 rounds or more in the ring? By training for that specific reason. Get those lungs firing by testing your will in this workout that will make you sweat, breathe harder than usual and breaking down those muscle fibers down to the smallest crease. Some boxers back in the day fought for more than 25 rounds. The closest I can think with that kind of endurance are wrestlers that need stamina to stay in a match from start to finish. You want an idea on how much conditioning is worth in a fight? Look up the UFC Fight between Maurice Smith & Mark Coleman.

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