Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Will The Animals Inherit The Earth?

Maybe not in a literal sense since a lot of species are dying out although plenty still flourish. In a fitness sense its not likely but it will make people think twice about what to look for in a program. There's always going to be that age old question of who or what will inherit the earth but for today let's focus on what becomes of the way to animal training than to crazy schemes like Crossfit, P90X, Insanity, Triceps Extensions On Bosu Balls or any other form of crazy training.

More and more, animal exercise is becoming more popular due to the Primal Movement & Animal Flow workouts that focus on moving more naturally utilizing movements unilaterally, all four limbs in various positions and developing the body's natural function to jump, crawl, balance, coordinate & control the awareness of movement. When it comes down to it, the animals are the originators of Bodyweight Exercise period. Sure you can claim that the Romans started doing bodyweight exercise, tribes in Africa began it and it expanded throughout the continent into Europe, the Pacific and everywhere in between, the shaolin monks with their style of Animal Kung Fu, warriors of India & the middle east are believed to start the Physical Culture revolution but in reality; the wild animals are truly the real ideal for bodyweight training because the most famous species such as the birds, bears, cats & snakes were observed and people of ancient times started to mimic their movement, studying anatomy and behavior. Over time, we have faded away towards humanized form of exercise to develop our own species and teach what brings more to the table.

Exercise has been formed in millions of ways throughout countless centuries in endless names of cities, countries, tribes, civilized culture & ritualistic groups. There's nothing new you can come up with that hasn't been done before; its merely just re-invented into a different style kind of like how stories are told, many are repeated but using different characters, storyline & other entities. However when you dig deep into the very depth of evolution, religion, storytelling, exercise & living; a form of animal was observed and man got creative and interpreted what he observed and developed his own style of life.

Think about it, in religion what are the most evil animals named? A snake, a goat, bird & a cat. In Greek Mythology, you have the Bull, a 3-headed snake and a lion; in classic fairy tales you have a Dragon, a series of forest animals, sea creatures & a Cricket. In India, Hindu Mythology has the Monkey as one of the ultimate gods, in films we have werewolves, golden terriers, a shaggy dog, Cat loving Villain in Batman. In Comic Books you have a Black Panther, A Beast, an animal shape-shifting Teen Titan, a man who controls Ants, a Rat who trains Ninja Turtles there is countless animals being used in every area of culture on the planet.

In exercise terms, the movement of animals are the true beginnings of fitness & conditioning. They can be used to strengthen your body regardless of age, race, creed & whatever else, conditions the lungs for various sports, gives kids something fun to do, They are the pinnacle of functional strength training. Weights, Hammers, Maces, Sandbells and others are all cool to get in shape with and aught to be used in some form but animal training in its simplistic form is the fastest and most fun way to get in shape. Will the animals inherit the earth? we will never know but they are a part of history's greatest beginnings and it greatest up to date powerhouses.

Product Of The Day: Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

A course dedicated to help children overcome anxiety, hyper-activity, obesity, depression and many others that plague many children today. I wished I had this when I was younger like 10 or so, maybe my life might've been different if I had this for exercise. It's very unique in the sense that its not a typical workout book but a well-written aspect of giving children & families the opportunity to not only teach exercise using fun elements of fitness like games, lessons & progression that leads greater brain activity, muscle/bone building, endurance, fat loss, balanced energy & mobility that kids in this day and age need now more than ever. With over-excess of technology that includes cell phones, ipads, video games and more its become a bit of an epidemic where kids need exercise to build not just a functional body but more importantly a greater mind. It has been said that compared to 100 years ago, kids today are far weaker than their parents as thy got older and that to me is a damn shame. Strength is not always in the muscles but the strength of one's character, sure teens have attitudes which is understandable in most cases but not when they don't have the strength to help others or be able to run, jump, climb, crawl with fatiguing and being strong enough to hold themselves up. With this course it can aid in getting kids in shape in fun ways that are disciplinary as well so take a look and get the course, its far cheaper than a gym and its way less time consuming (They can get a workout in as little as 5 minutes a day to start).

Darebee Of The Day: The Jade Workout

Create the body you want using this Combat Formed workout that develops skill & strength in areas that women want to be hit. Let the workout do your bidding, make it work for you instead of you being against it. Train hard, Train Smart and be empowered.

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