Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being More Primal Everyday

Taking in the mighty style of Animal Exercise I've also been doing Primal Movements (Similar to systems like Animal Flow & Gold Medal Bodies) with an addition of more naturalized human movement that takes on ideals like crawling, jumping, balancing, twisting & moving laterally, forward, backwards & using all 4 limbs down to one. I'm fascinated by how these moves can be incorporated to any fitness regimen and aid in sports to help heal possible injuries, make the body near injury-proof and develop control.

Its becoming more of an epidemic everyday that young men and women are now weaker than their parents and grand-parents. I find that a little hard to believe at times but I see many kids today over the age of 15 just don't have the energy or the strength to go about day to day whether its in school, out and about, at home or wherever else. Its a shame that these kids have to live with this and its not all their fault; its pressure from the media, social media, parents, teachers, even coaches at times where its become so bad that bullying has become an issue, disrespecting elders, not earning respect and learning that showing up is all you have to do and you get a trophy for doing so.

Everyone can benefit Primal Movements because it doesn't just enhance muscle building and brain activity, it can benefit helping others learn various skills, work together, share tips and common traits in order to develop the best possible version out of that individual. Kids need this kind of training to give them hope that they learn the value of others and how to treat them, being respectful, being positively competitive & doing things that can increase their learning abilities and rewiring how they function with a great attitude. I get it some kids can be a little on the edge and that's normal but when you throw that off balance say more negative than positive, that's going to bite you in the ass later on. Its important to model play, fun competition & teaching the ethics and active body of movement.

Being primal in fitness opens up doors for many people and makes exercise interesting & exciting. When you do something that's boring and uninteresting, your brain is going to shift into an area where when you aid that element its going to transition to other areas of life that can make a person be a little more introverted, less likely to be motivated & positive, learn that life isn't up to their standards and takes their anger out on someone. I can't prove this theory but when you go in a certain direction, a chain of events begin happening. When you lean more towards doing something that is exciting and gets someone motivated and positive, that part of the mind can crossover into helping someone live their life with fuller aspirations, being loveable and fun to be around, has a great attitude and helps others the best way they can.

Movement is much more than physically doing something; it can start a chain reaction to a path for someone that enjoys life, finds things to learn, be open to other possibilities and has a mindset that carries over to other areas in their life. Be more primal everyday. Train anywhere and be excited about it.
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