Friday, September 2, 2016

Jungle VIP For Superior Conditioning

For a while now I've been living in the jungle being among the wild creatures of my inner Amazon & Congo. I travel there everyday and every night where I get to be free and transform into all kinds of animals that bring me joy, strength, health and most of all the love I can't get enough of. Its become such a frequent visit, I was made a Jungle VIP, a lifetime pass to not only visit but learn from the very best the Animal Kingdom has to offer. You can be a part of this too if you believe in your imagination and the will to move using your natural body's abilities to crawl, jump, walk, sprint, go backwards, forwards, side ways and long ways like a wild animal.

The other night I watched a remake of a classic Disney tale that just amplified my love for animalistic movement and that was The Jungle Book. The story, the coming of age tale & adventure of a little boy traveling through the jungle is full of beautiful artistic CGI, the amazing characters that just make you laugh, scare you or don't know what the hell to think. As a fan of the original, it just brightened up my imagination to move like like the characters Baloo, Baghera, Sheer Khan, Kaa and others. The jungle is full of wonders, life & lots of ways to move.

The only true way to introduced to the jungle is to start moving like a wild animal and build up your imagination. In order to become a VIP, you amplify your movements, create scenarios & feel like you are living among the animals as you move. Picture yourself being that animal and developing your brain while you move. Its not difficult to do but its tough to master because there will be a time where looking goofy can make you seem weird but don't fret, stay the course and build on your enhancing your Animal DNA. This type of training alone, creates strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, motor skills and makes your brain work more than just good old fashioned "human" exercises.

I have taught this type of training to young kids as young as 6 years old to folks over 50 & 60. With the way they learn from me they all have something in common that shares a bond with the way they move; they have fun and are happy. When you move like a wild animal, you putting energy into the blood in your veins, you develop nerve force that can take away negative thoughts, work your mental muscles to enhance performance, intelligence & so much more. Although you are physically moving, your brain is doing so much more as you move; it sends greater impulses to the spinal cord, enhances strength not just in the muscles but the tendons & ligaments which can lead to less injuries and build power in your body that can't be experienced by regular forms of exercise. Be one of the VIP and live in your jungle where you are free to move anywhere you want. You can train indoors but the results will come when you do them outdoors. Either way you're getting something most people have forgotten today. These are the original forms of exercise and the oldest conditioning style of training.

Product Of The Day: Animal Workouts -The DVD Course

Seeing is better than reading so why not learn how an animal movement is actually done. A conditioning program that develops functional strength, health & enhances brain activity for all ages. Any animal can put a modern man or woman to shame when it comes to strength & speed not to mention health. It develops that instinctual aspect of our DNA where we use natural movement to crawl, jump, swim & balance. There is no equipment involved, its just you and the ground where you can change from one movement to another in the blink of an eye. Grab it today and get in the habit of moving like a wild beast that is waiting to be unleashed.

(DOD): The Primal Workout

A workout that can be addictive will give you a sense of power through your veins and unleash your inner Animality. Open your soul to the animals and challenge your body in a different way. There is nothing like having the power of a wild animal and moving with grace and superior body strength.


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