Monday, September 5, 2016

Jungle Training For Women

Happy Monday to all you awesome people. I was thinking about this in a meditation this past Wednesday and it got me thinking how sweet it would be for all the rocking ladies to get more involved with Animal Exercise. Now its not a must but I personally believe when it comes down to it, animal styled exercise will do more good for developing a sleek and feminine physique because mainly its not only really cool to move naturally but it would give inspiration for those who are confused as to what to do.

In reality, women are just as bad ass and far better than us guys than we give them credit for. Let's face it, for us guys we can never give birth so we have the luxury of not enduring the most powerful form of pain imaginable that a woman has to go through, plus its harder for women to lose weight, build muscle & burn fat like a furnace because they don't have the development of testosterone and the amount of growth hormone as men do. However, despite all that women have the ability to unleash that beauty that was breaded in their DNA both inside and outside. If you want to change your appearance; getting huge boobs done and having a fake ass isn't going to cut it and tummy tucks is definitely not the answer. Instead learn to move your body like in nature by crawling, jumping, swimming, balancing & coordinate like a wild beast.

Moving like a wild animal enhances beauty both inside and outside the body. When you jump like a rabbit or walk like a duck you're building your legs with strength & power no other "human" exercises can touch. You're developing crazy muscle that won't be bulky but shapely with real functional muscle from the hips down to the toes and not just muscle but strengthening the tendons as well. When you move this way, you're not moving isolated parts of the body but utilizing every muscle including the abdominals; one of the most fearful body parts women have. Think about it, being able to fire those abs without ever doing hundreds of reps of regular ab exercises that most of the time don't work (some do don't get me wrong but to get powerful abs is to not isolate them) and wouldn't you want an upper body that turns heads with powerful but beautiful arms, a crazy but proud bust-line & anything else you feel wants to be better. I personally think YOU are beautiful no matter what but if you decide to change the way you look, feel and have greater energy than you've come to the right place.

Be wild, be free and follow your instincts. I get it, you're really into Crossfit and seeing those muscular women (although a good number are on steroids) and you're seeing some of those women in those weird aerobics classes or using unnecessary very light weight but the truth of the matter is, you can't keep up that kind of training forever and its way too structured and could very much injure you and put you in the hosptal (trust me, pain through that kind of training is not worth your life). If you're going to lift weights, do so by learning from kick ass women such as Andrea Du Cane or Melody Schoenfeld. If you can't afford weights or want a better alternative than do Animal Exercises like Bear Crawls, Frog Jumps, Crab Walks, Rabbit Hops and many others. Beauty is within, so unleash that chick with a vengeance and show the world how awesome you are.

Product Of The Day: Athena Women's Formula

The inspiring Greek goddess Athena was the product of courage, philosophy, wisdom & more is the ideal outlook of a true woman. The combination of herbs that is in the depths of this formula are considered sometimes magical and i'll tell you why....Think about the energy you can possess of a wildcat, the sexual prowess of a lioness, mentally focus with ease and have support that is both hormonal & metabolic; developing breathtaking strength that most women that would envy and may even make Wonder Woman think twice before messing with you. That's how powerful this herbal combination can work into your mighty veins. One of its herbs alone means "She who possess 100 husbands" which should give you a crazy idea to what the benefits are. The benefits for the skin & hair are known to work wonders and have a natural level of beauty that helps these features better than the chemical crap you're used to doing.

(DOD): The Cheetara Workout

Speaking of wildcats; why not have a specific workout dedicated to the powerful Thunderian that is insanely strong and beautiful. Building a fierce but feminine physique that is always ready to battle, power up and feel the energy of the mighty cat. You can do this workout anytime, anywhere and modify it to your liking. Level up as you get stronger and unleash that inner Thundercat within and let the world hear your roar.


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