Thursday, September 1, 2016

Using Comic Books To Inspire For Training

For those that have always had a fantasy or two, comic book mythology is more than just words and pictures of different characters in various situations. Whoever has a read a comic at one point or another fantasized about having the powers or abilities of their favorite heroes. Some even wished they had the body, a muscular physique, a slender but wired build like Spidey, the indestructible power of the Hulk. Most will never achieve the dream of being super strong and healthy that was inspired by a comic book. I know I didn't up until a few years ago.

I was never a big comic book fan growing up like other kids were, I knew about superheroes from watching Saturday morning cartoons and watching them on film like Blade & the Batman movies. I didn't get into comic books themselves until a few years ago and started collecting them in various volumes and an omnibus or 2. It really kicked in for me seeing the Avengers films especially the titled name itself and decided to learn more about the mythology by reading the stories of my favorite heroes. The more I read, the more inspiring it was to do my training with a different style of imagination I never experienced as a kid or in my early 20's.

The one hero that started this for me was believe it or not Thor because of the hammers that were built by Stronger Grip. It helped me develop a level of strength I never experienced before and had a grip I can be proud of. It continued in different ways as I read about Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and others. The very best book that inspired me to train in a specific will be today's Product Of The Day. It's not the greatest comic ever written, actually its not that huge in terms of popularity and its mediocre in writing style at best and more comical than serious but it gave me the very best ideal of imagination that I can relate to and made me believe in the type of training that suited me.

There is always something in a comic, the capturing of the situation, the faces of fear or victory, the dialogue that ignites a fight or a build up and way more. Some of my personal favorites are those of Thor & Batman. You train through them and they light up your brain with a vengeance as you do your damnedest to look like them and have the thought of super strength, unlimited endurance, invincibility, razor claws, teleportation or being able to shapeshift (one of my favorite powers). I believe if you want to heightened your imagination to train at your very best, go pick up a comic book.

Product Of The Day: Marvel Apes (Apevengers)

Remember that book I had a favorite on? This is it. The book that inspired me to unleash my inner animal while I train in Animal Movements. It takes you to an alternate universe where its similar to Planet Of The Apes but its all Marvel heroes and villains. There are gibbons, gorillas, orangutans & mandrills (baboons) that are alternate versions of the greatest heroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and many others. The artwork, the storylines, the action and the feeling of being a mighty ape/monkey with not only the powers of a hero but the added strength entities of a primate just fuels my training to another level. The writing is pretty comical and the dialogue is not that great but when you get past that and see the power of an ape with hero qualities and similar personalities of the humanized heroes, it creates a very inspiring and hard to put down book that puts you in another world not normally seen especially through the eyes of a character or the writers themselves. Very fun read.

(DOD): Xena Workout

Women around the world were inspired by the Warrior Princess & her sidekick Gabrielle for years and lives on in reruns that continue to strike into the very heart of what it be like to be a bad ass chick. She to me is the equivalent in terms of badassery of Wonder Woman, a woman not afraid to stand up to men and show them not to mess with a chick that can kill you in so many ways and still has tricks you don't see coming. Obviously i'm not a woman but I do believe women can be a bad ass and rock it with the best of them and go to limits us men will never achieve and taken for granted. This workout is an idea of turning little girls into full fledged women that can take on anything. If you can give birth and go through all that pain, you can do this workout without much problem, start out at a level that works for you and build up to Level 3 sets.

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