Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Flow Of The Animals

Happy Thorsday Guys,

Thought I'd attempt to have you break away from all the politics, tragedies and Superstar Athletes' stand by kneeling by giving you something that is positive, fun & downright awesome to do. You see, as you may have read lately about my experimental Animal Fitness regimen, another form is bringing me back to the exploration of primal movements & that's the Animal Flow 2.0 Program where you learn to hold, travel, combine & even stretch the specific moves of the All-Bodyweight course. You've heard it a thousand times on how beneficial and fun bodyweight training can be when you mix in the Animals; from my personal experiences with other systems there is no other adventurous style of fitness than the animals.

Mike Fitch is the Owner & Operator of the world-renowned Global Bodyweight Training Website has developed & mastered a beautifully crafted course that is chalk-full of different ways to use the 3 basic principles of Animal Flow which are the Ape, Beast & Crab. These are are the basic animals that can be transformed into a level of fitness that suits all levels from the humble beginner to the highest of World-Class athletes. It develops coordination & agility unlike any other Animal course out there today and can be done for a variety of goals whether its building strength, attaining agility, insane conditioning or flexibility.

With practice you can come up with a variety of moves that take up every muscle in your body and stretches and tones the toughest areas around the body such as the abs, chest, shoulders and hamstrings. Although it helps lose weight and burn off fat it brings out more of a natural muscular frame where you won't have much bulk but lean muscle that gives you that athletic look and believe me you won't just look awesome you'll have the goods to back it up such as more energy, loosened joints, bodyweight to strength ratio, flexible shoulders & hips, surge of growth hormone, strong but supple wrists and many other cool goods that will developed. It can be tricky to learn at first but don't get discouraged, I was once in that same boat but I kept at it and got more agile & mobile. I mainly do this program to get more flexibility and create better mobility in my tendons and joints. At 268 lbs. that isn't easy by any stretch (pun intended) but it becomes more interesting.

Flow within your animal spirit and look into getting fit and strong the fun way that not only challenges you in the process but brings out a child-like imagination that in the long-run creates a better attitude towards fitness and strength training. Most programs can be a real pain in the ass because its either too serious, doesn't have any excitement & feels like you're putting in too much work just to get something going; with this type of program, it won't take you long to get winded, workouts are short and utilizes multiple muscle groups, teaches a variety of combos and stretches that last from a few minutes to however long you want. Once you have the basics, you can do whatever you want from there and create your own flows, combos, stretches and holds that work for you and your goals. I got in a few flow workouts yesterday and although I may still feel them, I also have a great deal of energy and loosened muscles that just has me feeling like a million bucks man.

"It never gets easier, only more interesting."

Have a great day and be AWESOME!!!

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