Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Way Of The Animal

With all the latest fitness fads today and the body shaming its no wonder we are confused, disoriented, quick to judge and killing the spirit of helping one another. I'm not putting down those that do Crossfit or practice extreme levels of fitness that's great for them and wish them the best but what needs to be realistic is the notion that in order to be fit you need to push yourself to the very brink of puking, passing out, getting injured just to prove how fit you are is sadistic, cold-hearted & just plain psychotic. I know what it's like to nearly pass out and get hurt in training and i'm telling you right now its not worth it. If your body can handle the stress that's one thing but if you're taking unnecessary risks to make yourself fitter its not worth killing yourself.

The human body can only take so much and putting it through so much stress that it ends up in the ER over a stupid workout will only add pain into your later years. I too have gone into the unknown of how far to push the body that was according to my size, age, stress levels & the will to go as far as I was willing to and i'm going to tell you right now your life is more precious than that. I do believe in being mentally tough to go through physical training but not to the brink on a daily basis or prove to myself that no matter how hard I train its never enough. That's why I train in the way of the animal.

Animals strive because they know they're not perfect, they don't give a damn what other animals think of them; they survive, they are predators & preys, they fight or run like hell & the offspring learn how to develop these elements by playing. Animals move naturally, they don't jog, they sprint like its a life or death situation, they have nothing to prove but be an animal living among other animals. We are the only species on the planet that fears more than we can talk about, we strive for perfection instead of striving for true development of our bodies and minds. Even in the fitness world, if you have a physique that is full of sculpted muscle & low bodyfat that somehow makes you superior than anyone else. Animals don't care how muscular you are or how much you can bench or how you compete to lift the heaviest weight, if they get a hand on you, chances are you'll die instantly if not live long enough to be in excruciating pain and die from injuries.

Moving like a wild animal builds real strength, develops functional muscle instead of grotesque comic book muscle, burns fat and put on lean muscle mass that increases hormones, metabolism, energetic stamina (I know redundant lol) and strengthens the brain. Moving like a wild animal gives you protective strength meaning builds strength in the tendons and opens up the joints so in turn can develop mobility and flexibility. This type of training is simple, to the point & isn't complicated to learn. If I were to learn any other method besides this and Isometrics it would be developing real man strength and old school muscle building that develops a crushing grip, hardens the tendons, makes you hungry as hell afterwards and creates an injury-proof body.

The power of the animal is not just in the movements, its the development of going into another state of mind that pits you against you, not against a clock or a series of obstacles that will cause you to break your leg or tear joints because of a misplaced area of the weight. Animal Movement is freedom, its structured but at the same time can change just by a single placement of an hand or leg and doesn't have strict rules.

Product Of The Day: Baran Brother's Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks

How many B's can you find in one title of a course LOL. Seriously though, for most, its tough starting a fitness program where it can be a struggle to keep up or feel that its too tough or not enough for you to start with. That's where this course comes in, it lays out a foundation where you're in the driver seat and the exercises are your key to put in the ignition. No confusion, no playing around the bush and no BS about where to start and how to progress. Be able to exercise anywhere, anytime without useless equipment and the freedom to listen to any music you want and do exercises that take off flab, build muscle and increase energy all in less than 20 minutes a day.  Do them at any age and its for all fitness levels from the complete beginner to world-class athletes. I do some of these very same exercises in my own training to help me recover, pick a variety on those days where I don't want to be so intense and they help me regenerate when I push myself hard.

(DOD): The Highlander Workout

"There can be only one." This workout gives you a piece of the type of training to prepare for battle of the sword and get ready for the quickening. An immortal is only as powerful as his/her conditioning and awareness for survival. If you're not ready for the fight you might find yourself getting your head cut off. Be ready for what lies ahead and be in the best shape because there are those that are gunning for you and they won't stop until your head is clean off your body. If you want more training then you'll have to look for Connor or Duncan Macleod of the Clan MacLeod's.

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