Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Makes These Courses I Talk About SOOO Special?

When you hear someone talk about this course or that course and how it changed their life or made them a better athlete and all that sometimes can sound like a broken record. You heard me or in this case read so many times about my love for animal movements and conditioning and making progress its becoming sickening at times to some people. Truth is, I love to write what i'm passionate about, its not to annoy the crap out of anyone its more likely to give something a positive outlook and not look at the bull$hit that makes certain comments people make that is negative and full of bad reviews and why its total crap.

I don't just love any particular fitness course, I love the ones that make me feel awesome about myself, inspires me to train differently, not be like everyone else and break the rules. They make me feel special because at one point in time (actually more than a few) I didn't feel special towards other people, I wasn't living up to their standards or they're expectations and having to hear that its a hobby and not something to keep doing especially as you get older and things like that. Fitness at times for me is a sanctuary, a place where I can be my true self and do something that makes me happy and inlove with life. I have two loves in my life that matter more to me than anything and that's fitness and my girl. Talk about a double jackpot.

The courses I put up are special to me because they drive me and help me learn new things all the time and while growing up I had to learn in a very frustrating manner frequently learning how to be a social talker, say the right words, use my right hand more often, learn things similar to everyone else (although I was in the Special Ed System for the longest time) and act a certain way using body language and speech therapy. I had many teachers, my parents did the best they could or knew how and certain things clicked, some didn't and what didn't work usually works for the general population.

Fitness Books, CD's, Equipment and being in a seminar believe it or not taught me more about myself than all the therapy and learning in school combined in the sense where it made me discover my true self and my true calling. It skyrocketed my imagination, gave me something to focus on and enhance my learning abilities. I'm not discrediting anyone who ever taught me but yet when I discovered things on my own and went at my own pace I became smarter, stronger, willing to absorb what gave me that feeling of interest and felt good about myself. Fitness taught me about what to look for, the type of goals I wanted to shoot for, helped me find a place using skills I always had trouble with.

People can talk about the physical transformations, the praises from friends and family, the outlook of their whole existence and making a habit to spread out whatever made them turn into another person but for me it wasn't transformations or praises or talking about the stuff I do to stay in shape, its the discovery of being human and knowing that no matter what life throws at me, I will always have something that helps me be the best version of myself. That's what makes them so special. It is the love I get out of it that carries over to other areas of my life that many don't realize about me. I do hold back at times turning down the volume of my true self but those that see me at my highest volume know who I truly am and I show it. Whatever makes you feel special about yourself you should hold onto it for dear life no matter what because if it makes you happy, people will see it and whether they like it or not you'll let them see the real you and share your passion of it.  
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