Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Playful Ginastica

When you get to play as you exercise it becomes a whole new experience. Trends in fitness today take things way too DAMN seriously and its sucking the fun out of training. Unless you're a professional athlete or having to go up against competition in a matter of weeks or months that's where real seriousness comes into play (how oxymoron of me to say) or you're in the military or law enforcement being serious about being in shape is where it's at right there. Many courses today try to plant into your brain that if you want real results you train similar to those who are Navy SEALs or Army Rangers, train like your favorite NFL Player or your favorite actor that's in a Superhero Role so in turn you buy the magazines, watch and participate from a DVD, you go to a "Boot Camp" or whatever the hell it is they want you to do. It's not realistic training people.

I get it, you want to be inspired, something to motivate you or have something mentally kick you in the ass that tells you to do this or that; in reality the best type of training you can do is the type that won't have you get seriously injured, teaches about building strength not just in the muscles but the tendons & joints as well, gives you the ability to gain flexibility that will last you beyond your years, challenges that are logical but outside the norm that's interesting and it puts you in a state where you can kick ass but feel great at the same time both physically and mentally as well as emotionally.

My training as of late is utilizing a combination of different systems little by little and molding them into my own creative "Workout" where I merely just play and use my body's capabilities to their best formations without going so hard I collapse or feel like I need to go to the ER. There's a lot of different names I use for this type of training like Playful Movement, Playful Stretching, Playful Primal and as the title says Playful Ginastica where its playing around with movements based on animals, yoga, chi kung, stretching techniques, Isometric holds, flows and many others. It doesn't last long once you get the hang of it but its super effective. Playful sounds cheery, fun, creative, positive and imaginative. That's the beauty of my style of training, you can create anything by using only your own body. Some other workouts like the Darebee Circuits are not as playful but they are great for coming up with a simple and fun theme using basic bodyweight exercise that most can do and it can be done anytime anywhere. I love the style I created and will be sharing more often with because it sucks the life out of "Working Out" and letting your imagination run wild and free, sure its important to know the mechanics, the form and knowledge of bodyweight exercises and its not easy by any stretch but it develops interesting concepts where you don't feel like you're working but playing and experimenting.

When you have the basics down and you have a keen sense of movement than you are free to create whatever you desire to do. Its great for losing weight, burning fat, building functional muscle, agility, flexibility, mobility and the only thing limited is your imagination. You can do it anywhere you wish, don't have enough space, you can do it in a small area too by using stationary exercises and combining them as you see fit. I personally use whatever space I can get my hands on and have done the training both indoors and outdoors. Is it hard, yes, its not something to be loose and slack off on it takes effort but when you let go of that negative notion of that it being so hardcore and its too fast or not enough and simply make it work for you regardless of your age or sex. Look at it this way, its like you're writing your own script in a movie and you pick out the various scenes, characters, dialogue and angles of your shots and yo get to direct it, star, produce and control your own Oscar Winning flick. You know the exercises and you know what they do so what's next but pitting them together and creating something unique and out there that is an adventure and full of wonders. 

"It never gets easier, just more interesting."

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