Monday, September 12, 2016

Thoughts On Steve Maxwell

I have yet to meet this amazing individual either on Social Media or in person but I have seen enough of his work that I believe I can make an observation. For the most part he clearly does not look like a guy who's in his 60's but more of a man at around 45-53 at best. One of the most knowledgeable guys on the planet when it comes to fitness, conditioning & Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and clearly that has been in the game for 40+ years. I watched his interview with Joe Rogan for the second time on his podcast, its a 3+ hour interview where he talks about his life story, the type of training he does, his traveling life and philosophy on fitness plus some history lessons.

Not many men at this stage of their life are in this kind of shape, the guy can do pull-ups, sprints, crawl, do hindu push-ups, swing a kettlebell and has greater conditioning than most guys half his age. When it comes down to it he's the type of guy many can learn from. Its not everyday you get a guy in later stages of life and lives it with a passion and is fit like crazy. He is the personification of elite conditioning taking the most basic principles of exercise and molding them into a powerful setting of training ideals that can be used by practically anyone and is one of those that teach that training should help you become injury-proof, not cause injuries otherwise something is wrong.

If you want to get an idea of who this guy is and how his conditioning is inspiring get this 3 pack combo of Steve's best work and you will see first hand how insanely conditioned this dude is. He's not a big probably no more than 5'7 around 160 lbs but yet makes many men twice his size think twice of going toe to toe with him. It blows my mind what this guy can do.

Product Of The Day: Phoenix Formula

A mythical form of re-birth is the summary of the Phoenix. A brave bird rising from the ashes with a stronger sense of purpose and powerful entities give you the strength to not only come back more powerful but with greater energy and force that will tackle your greatest obstacles and put extra zing into your body. A combination of the most powerful herbs on the planet will enhance your body's energy to go after your exercise with greater force and determination. Use it as a pre-workout formula to jump start your body's batteries and give it that jolt of raw, unadulterated strength that will make you feel new and full of life.

Darebee Of The Day: The Nightwing Workout

It's time you stepped out of the shadow of your old self and form a new line of conditioning that helps find your true individuality and hone the skills you have learned a time before that have now become your greatest weapon. Go out on your own and be your own fighter, your own brand of hero and become something nobody else could have imagined. You have been preparing and learning for this very moment, make it epic and make it your own.

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