Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thick Bar For Killer Upper Body

    When it comes to functional strength and super muscle, there are many ways to achieve it but one of the most effective is the use of a Thick Bar or better yet (for a cheaper price) use Fat Gripz and attach them to your favorite barbell and dumbbell for better muscle activation, hell if you want to attach them to a cable machine like Rows, Chest Squeezes, Tricep Pressdowns and Curls. In the early years of Bodybuilding and Strongman, an athlete had to have some serious power in his hands to lift crazy weight or perform specific feats of strength. They needed to increase the strength in their tendons and ligaments of the lower arm in order to lift some of the heaviest weight in the world. Arthur Saxon most likely lifted with Thick Bars in order to help him lift and hold the world record 350+ lbs Bent Press or lift the 448lbs Two Handed Anyhow. John Grimek one of the greatest natural bodybuilders of his time was freakishly strong as well doing the Olympic lifts, presses, deadlifts, pulls and even performed nail bending and card tearing. Fat Gripz save the cost of regular thick bars and can be used for practically any upper body exercise you can use in the gym or in your home gym.


    Want to build crazy thickness in the lower arms, get yourself some Fat Gripz. With the amount of effort and activation it creates in the upper body, it will jumpstart those tendons and have the muscle fibers needing to use more power for growth. You won't be able to do the same poundages you normally would do because in order to even get the bar or bell up takes far more effort than normal and it fries you real quick. Say you bench around 315 with a regular bar, no way in hell you'll be able to lift that with 2inch thick (or more) fat grip; you'll most likely hit the 250 lb range at best if you got a good solid grip. Imagine building your upper body strength using these bad boys in pull-ups, talk about build gorilla size forearms or mighty pythons like Popeye. If you're into Arm Wrestling or other sports, having a solid grip is essential to your success and brings a whole new element to your game. Have more pulling power for arm takedowns, more pushing strength for football, better grip for batting and knocking balls into the field or out of the park and why not for Combat Sports like MMA and wrestling; you'll be a beast on the mat.


    One of the most effective ways to build natural strength and muscle is to do basic exercises whether bodyweight or weight lifting; presses, pulls and curls are a key to successful muscle building and when you put on the Fat Gripz, you've just jumped into the next evolution of muscle building. When you can do basic exercises with a greater thickness you're activating far more muscle fibers and your body will need to repair itself much greater. Less than a few times a week is best if you're at a good solid level of lifting but if you're a beginner don't even think about doing them yet but it is worth the challenge and you'll gain strength with flying colors. Doing the Basic lifts with Fat Gripz will turn you into a beast, guaranteed.


    When you activate multiple muscles in one shot, you're also turning on the growth hormone in your body that allows you for greater muscle growth and natural shaping of the muscles. This also works your strength factor as growth hormone generates more power in the nervous system which switches the muscle fibers to amp up the effort in what you do. When you do long cardio, it's great for endurance but doesn't activate much muscle per say unless you're doing crazy heavy stuff for your cardio like carrying a heavy rock several feet at a time, doing circuits with heavy weight and bodyweight movements. The best person to look into on this is Bud Jeffries who has developed a way to utilize strength and cardio at the same exact time in precise style of training. Natural testosterone is essential for keeping fat low, gaining strength quickly and recovering faster. You do not need steroids and PEDs to get serious muscle. It takes effort and dedication but with the right tools and the right education and physical example you can get some muscle that the old-timers got like Grimek, Reg Park, Bob Peoples, Bruno Sammartino, Saxon and many more.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Movement For Adventure

    Spring is blossoming and new life is rising and it's time to head outside and get some of that crisp air and natural vitamin D. It's time to bring out your inner Tarzan; hang from the "Ape" bars, crawl, swim, swinging, rolling, squatting and of course a sprint or 2. If there ever was an athlete any man should strive for it's the Ape Man himself. He's not full of bloated and overly useless muscles and doesn't pretend to be somebody else or live by someone else's rules. He's a man's man and takes care of business in ways men today can't even fathom. He's the pinnacle of real man's fitness; he doesn't lift barbells are dumbbells even though he probably could do them if given the chance but he moves the way a man should. He's the embodiment of the ultimate athlete. A hero in many ways and man can he move.


    Swimming is one of the fascinating and most powerful methods in the world. You work every muscle in your body, you lubricate the tendons and joints plus it feels incredible after being in the water for a while. Swimming makes you mellower and releases stress in ways most methods can't. I always feel like a new man after a good swim in the lake. Think what it would be like to swim and live with vigor and vitality; bringing more life to your nerves and feeling relaxed and at peace. You don't need to swim for miles or tread water for an hour but a few good laps and just diving down in the water feeling like a strong and vibrant fish or shark on the prowl. Bring that sensational endorphin feel into your veins and you can't go wrong.


    What of the best ways to take your movement to another level once you've mastered them enough to create a few combos; build scenarios around you, duck under a table, put little platforms around for jumping and imagine them as safety nets as you jump over lava or crocs or whatever it is you want to imagine jumping over. Crawl as if you're under part of a cave and you have only a short amount of time, do a few sprints and imagine you're being chased by a wild tiger or pitting yourself against The Flash in a race. Use your imagination, be creative and utilize your skills in different ways that are interesting to you and brings out a side of you that nobody has seen before, go nuts (just not in crowded area or the street). It's about being free and living out your comfort zone. Take a chance.


    For us men, our manhood is at stake in these troubled times of obesity, heart disease and very bad Viagra. Movement sends the body into overdrive and marking your territory in how you move and how open up the body with good solid stretching and utilize multiple muscles per movement. We have the ability to create our own testosterone and whether we're 20 or 100 we can produce high levels of natural growth hormone although it gets harder and harder after a certain age and beyond but there are possibilities and it's time we claimed it. Testosterone gives us vital points in our immune system, helps us recover from strenuous exercise and the sex drive for you my friend can be off the chain, it's really how you apply yourself and taking care of yourself from within and understanding how your body processes through various movement. Never say it's too late to have great testosterone, it's yours but in order to keep it from going low, step it up and find natural ways to keep feeling like an overgrown teenager that is full of vigor and life. Be a man and give your body the fuel it needs. Live with power my friends.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Never Hate Your Movements

    When you hate something, a piece of your soul becomes tar in the very deepest levels of your being. When it comes to movement and the process of getting better, you should never hate what you put yourself through to make things happen. It can be frustrating and there are people that tell you if you don't hate what you do you're not putting in enough work, Bullshit. Movement is about life living in motion and being creative in how you form patterns and combos to make some kick ass stuff happen. It sucks at times because you haven't progressed the way you wanted but there's a fine line between hate and frustration. When I was learning to walk again and doing squats, push-ups and the bridge; it sucked and I'd get mad a time or two at myself but I never once hated what I was doing because I was determined to bust my ass and I loved what it was doing for me. If you hate training, there's something wrong there and it has nothing to do with your weight, your flexibility, strength or how you look; hating it means you're either doing something that you're uncomfortable doing, pushing so hard by some shmuck who thinks he's a drill sergeant or you're doing things that you're not meant to do. We all have different shapes, strengths and weaknesses but that doesn't mean when something you hate isn't working, something is there and you just have to look for it.


    You know the old phrase "no pain, no gain" that every trainer with an IQ of 50 says? It's crap, there's a difference between pain and discomfort, and if you're in pain you need some serious help. Discomfort means it may not always feel like rainbows and the warmth of the sun but you're doing something that pushes you past a certain zone. Do movements that bring you joy and excitement; even if you can only do 5 push-ups or 1 pull-up. Feel that surge in your body that gives you that adventurous sensation and finding something glorious within yourself to get past your obstacles. Feeling the freedom to do what you love and getting better each day, month or even years. I can barely do 10 Hindu Push-ups when I started and I felt like I was just wasting away because I felt that was it but I then I began using my imagination and using little tweaks and magical things were happening. I used this on every exercise I wanted to learn and now my brain is on fire just coming with cool stuff to do. I never do what brings me pain and suffering I've already been through that with a busted head, two broken legs, near broken ribs and getting punched a time or 2, pain is not the answer. I do what gives me something to be happy about, living in my own world where anything is possible and making an adventure out of it. Live within your own limits and your own sense of what works for you.


    There's a fine difference between hating your workouts and giving it your all for the love of it. We grunt, yell, curse and even make weird faces occasionally but if you love what you do, it makes everything else look obsolete. If you're miserable and you can't stand what you're doing, than you need to check your priorities and look within yourself to not feel that type of energy. Many people hate what they do and they go through life feeling like everything is not up to their standards, nothing ever works and they want to dump it on everyone. It's sad really and I sympathize with those people but in the end, it's not worth hating something that doesn't have a positive thing behind it. I love what I do and I never force myself to do something I don't feel that's right; I'm very intuitive and when the right hits, it's stuck with me. Sometimes though you may need to make room for hate so things can balance out because if you treat everything with optimism and think the world is full of pots of gold and love well stop daydreaming. I sometimes hate the fact that there's murder in the world or hating that Robin Williams died or why bad things happen to great people but at the same time I love what some people are trying to do to make the world a better place, people do things because there are no other options but I have to respect what needs to be done and when something awesome happens for a kick ass person it's really warming and beautiful. Find that balance and listen to your inner self.


    Think of the words from Stevie Ray Vaughn "She's my pride and joy, she's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy." I love that song Pride & Joy, it's got a great riff, bad ass sound and a rhythm that is just incredible. We may not know what he was referring to by she, maybe it's his guitar, wife, dog, wine bottle who the hell really knows but its way cool how he puts it. When you love something, treat it as if it's a joy to you, something to be proud of and feel something worth your while because if you hate it why bother loving at all. I love exercise, I see it as my passion and love for what's behind it and it's been good to me. I treat it as a second language, a marriage and something I can always count on. If there's any hate in it I apparently don't see it because I don't feel the need to look for the negative crap behind it. Do you really want to take pride in what you hate? Is it really that horrible to you to enjoy something? I may not like certain things but I take pride in what I do and it makes my life interesting and insightful. What you do is none of my concern but I do want to show you that life has its perks and you can enjoy great things if you open up enough to let it in. When you enjoy what you do love it until the end of time and make it your sweet little thing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Live In Your Imagination

The imagination truly is the greatest nation on earth when you apply yourself. Sometimes the real world can be scary and a tad boring depending on how you look at things. It can also be beautiful and wondrous. Living in the real world isn't always what it's cracked up to be; you have people murdering each other, living like slobs, taking others for granted and having a personal agenda. On the other hand there are those who you can trust, learn great things from, help you when you need, form a group of people of similar interests and share friendship in different ways. Living in your imagination doesn't mean daydreaming and losing sight of things but to create your own world from within and utilizing it in different facets of your life that brings attraction and fierce energy.

One method I love to do from time to time is what's called Theater Of The Mind, opening up your mind and watching yourself in your very own movie theater doing really amazing things and achieving incredible goals as if they were live and in living color. It's very powerful and lets you control what happens on screen and what you want to happen. Turn up the volume/sound system, zoom in, see yourself at your best whatever you want to make it. Picture yourself as if you lived in your own Disney movie full of animation, colors, sounds and characters of your own; hell throw in Mickey, Donald and other favorites if you want, it's your movie. Set a goal as if it already happened and you're replaying it on the big screen; taking notes and looking for ideas that can help you along your journey.

You can unlock aspects of your muscle fibers by using your mind and applying it into action. Some of the strongest men on the planet used mental techniques to help them do extraordinary feats of strength as if the vision was real and every muscle was firing in the snap of your fingers. Your power is in your breath and in your imagination, make certain sounds, move in certain positions and see as if you can move an imaginary ball using electrical currents, as you move the ball using your style of the Force, you can harness strength and speed in ways you couldn't do before. Only you control what is going on and you can open up doors to gaining crazy strength, endurance, flexibility and matrix-like power.

Living through movement and imagination can transfer into a greater reality than what it perceives to be. There's always room for practice and it's important to open up your mind as wide as you possibly can because the way you think and apply movement can have a profound effect on your brain capacity, your ability to coordinate and utilize your muscles you didn't know you had and with practice you can use it anytime you want. It's not just blasting through a workout or anything but whatever you choose to do in life, even write or pick up groceries, running to catch the bus, how you walk and talk and so much more. Reality may be what you see, but your imagination is what you feel and see from the inside.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Combinations Are Endless

    To get the very best out of you training, you need to brush out of the norm and dial up the inner power to go beyond most people's capabilities. In order to do this, you practice with as much accuracy and precision within your area of strength, flexibility, endurance and agility. You practice movement that creates a standstill of most who dare to reach. Even the most basic movements can become some of the toughest forms for the average person. I remember not being able to do 25 push-ups or 50 squats when I was learning to walk again; I needed to learn the basic principles first until they became natural to me in order to progress to the next stages; now I can do clapping push-ups, one-arm hindu push-ups and even do jumps like a grasshopper or cricket (I choose not to do a bunch of these), for squats I can do half one-legged, able to do lunges starting from the floor, jumping squats and other. I learned to develop my own way of training after learning the basic progressions. I wanted to do things most couldn't do even at a much heavier weight (I'm 260+ pounds). It's all about practice and what you're willing to get good at; if you practice terrible, you're going to end up doing something terrible so find what you can become good at.


    Everyone trains differently and we have certain body types that aren't always equal but if you can find a way to beat the odds, it makes everything that much more bad ass. One of my friends Bud Jeffries is one of the strongest people on the planet drug free yet at his size (close to 300 pounds) he is also one of the most agile men I've ever seen; doing handstands, rolling, cartwheels, the splits and more so how is that possible? He did what most don't think to do, he made it a habit to not let anything stand in his way of being the very best he can be. Another example of defining what people see as is Dennis Rogers; a complete opposite in size compared to Bud yet at 5'8 and 170 lbs. soak and wet he is pound for pound the world's strongest man for the feats he performs like wrench bending, holding back Harleys, break out of handcuffs, rip the thickest phonebooks and tear decks of cards like they were a piece of paper. It's amazing what some of these men can. You need to find your own style of how you do things and combine the very best that you have learned and take it to a level only you can reach. Whether it's strongman, various movements, athletics or whatever, learn to create your own style that is unique to anyone else.


    Given the fact that movement in itself is incredible and powerful, to truly test your abilities is how you live in the moment of your movement. What I mean by this is that no matter what you do, if you're good at it and are confident in it, live within what you do as if it was an adventure. Think differently and see yourself in a different light as if you're the only one who truly live it. Your imagination is the key and when you apply it into action, it becomes this glorious reality that inspires people to take a chance on. When I train, I live in those moments as if I was in another universe and basking in the strength and power of my very being into what I do. Right now I'm focused on Animal Movements and transforming myself in my mind as if I was a wild animal in the jungle like a bear, gorilla, alligator, a majestic bird soaring through the air, an underwater creature just watching to take on the danger that is coming or a mighty ape establishing his dominance; it's those moments that makes what I do interesting and exciting. Make your own moments and live them with passion and fierceness.


    At a young age, we don't know what the hell we're really doing but yet we become very expressive and very imaginative, making up games, playing pretend and living in our own world. We can't do that as we get older because we have to be serious, analytical, uptight and boring as hell because apparently being expressive and imaginative is for children not grown adults. Sure we need to be aware of things as we get older and it's important to know how the world works but that shouldn't stop you from having a high spirit and living with expression and imagination. When I write, I'm very much into what I type down and I love to express myself in what I'm comfortable doing and don't care what other people think of me. When I train, I'm very imaginative and live in moments where it becomes more like play and adventure. I do get looks from time to time from others and have had kids mimic what I was doing because they thought it was cool or funny to do. Being expressive opens up your personality, takes you to another level in your soul where freedom is your best friend and how you portray yourself towards others; some won't like it at all, some will love you for it and others will just find it plain weird because they don't understand your way of doing things. In these past few years, I've grown to love what I do, I'm confident in what I do and I express it very openly because I have learned that in life, you can't please everyone and not everyone is going to agree with what you do and it's their loss for not learning to open themselves up and live with passion. Be open to your true self and live in the moment because you never know how long it's going to last and nothing lasts forever. Be bold and move with power both internally and externally.



Friday, March 20, 2015

Animalistic Philosophy

    I once read somewhere that training (or moving) like a wild animal doesn't constitute as training like a man, if you're a man you exercise like a man. I started thinking what he meant by that, it wasn't exactly those words but the clear statement he wrote implied it. He was right, moving like a wild animal doesn't as training like a man, it goes beyond that; it takes the average person and making them stronger by challenging his body to new levels of fitness. It really pisses me off when people try to force others out of what could work for them just so they can fill their ego with a sales pitch. Now any one of you can correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the word itself ANIMAL have the letters M-A-N somewhere in there? No please I'll wait…..So in other words moving like a wild animal does in a way make a point of being a man and training like one. Being a man is more about character and personality than the way of our obvious physical attributes and not always how you do an exercise system.


    The real power behind animal exercise & fitness is not just how you move and mimic the animals themselves, it's the imagination within you to live out your wild side and utilize it to help build muscle, burn off fat, gain flexibility, being mobile and just have stamina like the energizer bunny you just keep going and going and….you get the picture. Our thoughts are followed with action and when something begins to show light we have an idea of what to do about it (depending on what you're thinking). In our minds there's a whole vast universe that is a living fantasy; some of it is amazing, others can be nasty and some even are pretty damn ugly but still we can create anything within our minds. Some of the craziest ideas from top people in science, fitness, art and more became our most treasured liveliness and wonderful outlook on what has expanded over decades, centuries even millennia and the first thing people said about those ideas at first were that you were nuts and there wasn't a chance in hell they will ever come true and look what happened. Fitness today as compared to 100 years ago is astounding yet when it comes down to it, people end up going for the more simple things even though there are gadgets and equipment in millions of gyms across the world. Animal Exercise is no different because it's simple, doesn't require a shred of equipment (except maybe a pull-up bar or a resemblance to something to pull with) and it's simple enough for practically anyone to figure out plus once you get the hang of it you can make it as long/short you want and you can also do things with it that works for you. Live out your fantasy as you move like a wild animal (within reason).


    Most fitness programs don't last very long because there will come a time when people will get tired of it and it won't work for them because they're burnt out, got injured or because some dumbass told them it's the only workout and if you don't do it then you're a loser doing anything else. Fitness is more than just the physical side of getting in shape, it's also putting your mind into perspective and finding what's fit about your character, your individuality and your personality towards what you do. I love being fit and doing cool stuff physically but because I've learned so much, it's carried over through my mental concepts and helped me make the person I 'am today as a writer, building my brain to make ideas that will benefit other people and help others find their own path. It's really the journey that counts, not where you'll end up. It's what you go through in order to get where you want to be and you can't always control the outcome, you can't force your body to do something that it doesn't want to do and you never know what the real outcome is. Everything happens for a reason and things will turn out the way they're meant to. For me, training like an animal is adventurous to me and brings out a side of me I like and feel good about because at times in my life, it's not always pleasant or fun and games so Animal Fitness is like a sanctuary in my mind and body to help some of those rough patches even though those rough patches aren't very common like they use to be. Listen and learn what goes on in your journey, it's like a really good book; you don't skip to the ending, you read along and the best parts are always in the middle and the ending is just icing on the cake.


    Going wild in a fun and unique way builds up your spirit and you have a blast doing it. It's the true beauty behind the exercise and movement; you're honing your skills and building something very few people achieve and because it's different it makes it even more interesting because you're going outside the norm, rebelling against the mainstream crap and you're doing what works best for you. Nothing can truly stand in your way when you do something you love and cherish. So instead of training like a "man", be a Wildman/woman and just have fun with it, do it because you're passionate about it and who cares about certain people not liking it, they can think for themselves and put up their opinions but in the end, you're the happy one and you're doing what comes natural to you. That's my philosophy from an animalistic point of view. Take it as you will.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Into Action With Animal Exercises

   The air is beginning to get warmer, the flowers are blooming and life is being reborn after the cold winter. You have been inside too long, not knowing if you should exercise or not and whether you're prepared to do awesome outdoor training. It can be cool, you may even join a gym which is cool if you want a place to go to but yet why choose the gym when you can be free to roam at your favorite park, the backyard, a nice little area near your house or the beach. You can always do both but it's very important to get that vitamin D and open up your lungs to fresh air and the feeling of a nice breeze coming down on you. Like a bear coming out of hibernation, it's time to get your spring legs going.


    Most people hate the words "workout", "intense training" and "hardcore" because they sound harsh, single minded and only have one goal in my mind and that's to take you down as hard as possible. Replace them with words like "fun", "play", "worldly", "happy" and "awesome". Get out and move, don't worry so much about your set and rep schemes; make up games, race, go swimming and be adventurous. That's the beauty of training the animal way, you get to have fun and train your body in a very unique way. Kids in particular love to use their imagination and make up cool stuff and make weird noises as they play their games, its fantasy used in motion. Imagine yourself being an animal, transform yourself in your imagination into a powerful wild beast like the Tiger, the Gorilla, The Bear, the Alligator, a fast moving Greyhound and many more to feel out and get fit by. Work in workout is no longer a part of your vocabulary, it's replaced with fun and awesome by doing what makes you happy, being silly and living your life with joy.


    Here is some playful training that both kids and adults can do and it only takes 5 minutes to start or do. It's based on your favorite characters from cartoons and movies you grew up watching. You can even do some of the funny gestures and singing from these cool dudes from your past and for the new generation…..


Baloo The Bear: 1 minute
King Kong: 1 minute
Tigger: 1 minute
Krusty Krab: 1 minute
Marlon The Gator: 1 minute
    Just these 5 animals alone will get you going on the path to great health and fitness. Kids love mimicking animals especially if they see them in their favorite tv shows and Disney movies. I loved watching Baloo as a kid doing the Bear Necessities or being in a dance craze like in Disney's Robin Hood. Too many people get all uptight and analytical about things; it's important to learn the movements but once you amp up that other in your head and living it out in your exercise your results will have a greater affect. Kids these days need to be helped on getting fit but not making them do push-ups as a punishment or making them feel worse about themselves because they didn't get what you want them to do. Kids do need to be disciplined in some form I agree but rather make some of it a disguise as play to help them learn lessons, value teamwork, being mindful and even chilling them out because as you know they can be very energetic and its hard keeping up with them. Be bold but also let them figure out who they are and keep them happy in ways they'll never know. Animal training for kids helps out many types like the underweight needing to build muscle, the overweight needing to lean out, hyper energetics needing to cool down and relax, those with low self-esteem to pick their spirits up and release those endorphins, even the lethargic turning them into robust energetic individuals. Do it with them and play together, get a family game going, have them exercise so they'll be hungry for dinner later, instead of making them sit for an hour on timeout; supervise them by having them move around like they're favorite animal until they give in. It's about compromise and doing something that isn't verbally/emotionally/physically abusive.


    It isn't fun when you hate what you're doing, training is supposed to be adventurous, specific, useful and understanding of what you want out of it. Forget the reps and sets schemes, go out for distance, see how many jumps it takes to get 100 feet or more, how fast can you go without losing your form, going backwards, picking certain species that are meant for either land or water whatever you choose to do go for it and make it as long as you need to and rest when you need to. Most work outs last less than 30 minutes because they are intense and full bodied but if you wish to go longer because you're up to it who's stopping you. Do it throughout the day, while your kid is sleeping, in the morning before work, at night before going to bed make it work for you and if you only have a small window of time use it. It is far better to do something you love then dread something you hate because if you hate what you do your energy will spread around and it wouldn't be pleasant to make others feel miserable just because you are; use it to make yourself happy, release those stress hormones and crack open a genuine smile because when you are glowing with happiness it will spread to others around you. For us men, Animal movements are essential to our manhood not just as we get older but also because in order for us to stay looking young & vibrant we need to keep our testosterone at optimum levels so we don't get our bodies to have that flabby gut or getting moobs on our chests. For women it's just as important because women have greater trouble putting on muscle and losing weight than men do so they need to train just as efficiently so they can keep an awesome figure. So get those bodies cruising on the grass or any natural place to move around and open up your mind to becoming animalized.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ST Patty Day Fit

   Top of the mornin' to ya laddie. It is the day of St. Patrick in one of the most celebrated Holidays of the year. A day of green-filled adventure of happiness, drunken shenanigans across every major bar in the country and possibly having the hopes of finding a little Irish gold under the rainbow. I'm not a drinker so I'm not in the habit getting wasted off my ass and having a hangover the size of Dagda's Cauldron but I'm somewhat a fan of the Irish culture and those awesome accents that you can't help but smile about (at least to me). I 'am however going to have my own fun filled day of playing with Animal Exercises, awesome food (not traditional Irish Cuisine like Cabbage & Corn Beef) and watching a little underrated Disney flick titled Darby O'Gill & The Little People, where a young Sean Connery burst on the scene years before he became the first and most bad ass James Bond in History.


    Since reading up on a little Irish History, I've also learned of a fitness course that turns little boobybuilding wanna-bes into full on powered men of muscle and strength called the Dagda Course. If you're a fan of Non-Traditional fitness than you'll love this my fitness junkie friend. It's not a trend that is used in everyday gyms or used by the latest meathead who is strapped for cash to model on but it is one of the most serious and fun muscle building courses out there that takes you back to the days of the Irish All-Father with a zest for food and drink and carrying his trusted Club where on one end, can destroy armies but on the end can heal lives. With that type of imagination using a club from the brain child of Scott Sonnon the Clubbell it will take on a whole new meaning to the stories of Dagda. On one path with the clubbell you'll burn fat, destroy flab and crush death destroying illnesses like Diabetes, Obesity and low testosterone but on the end of the spectrum, you'll gain muscle, mobility, flexibility, stamina, strength, coordination and dominate your workout like the Irish Myth himself dominating his enemies.


   I don't care if you're out at the club having a blast and I believe everyone is entitled to. Having fun and interacting with others, I went to places all the time when I lived in Santa Cruz, CA going to concerts, the Boardwalk, the beach anywhere where the fun was especially with my boys and whoever I was with at the time. I do however have more fun these days training and seeking out new adventures to go on and have a blast doing something most people won't do or think it's too weird for them to do. Go Clubbing in a different way where your liver can still be intact and go to sleep happy and energized and not passed out drunk and wake up next to a buck-tooth barmaid with a donkey in the living room and some dude pissing in a potted plant. You never know what really might've happened, so be smart on this green lit day.


    Be happy and merry on this wee day of St. Patty and have fun wherever you are. Be like King Louie who is tired of moping around and wanting to be like YOU!!! Dance, be wild and go animal on this incredible day, give some love to others and have a positive outlook on life. It's a day of joy and full of leaf clovers that could bring you the luck of the Irish. Never let a dull moment get in the way of being filled with heart and awesomeness; not Guinness and shots that will have you end in the hospital or end up in an alley somewhere with a homeless dude named Buck.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Jungle Fever

    Not it's not a disease infected virus or have a drug addict having a withdrawal in the bush; it's the love and good feeling you can have after doing a few animal exercises or adding them into your routine. Most "human" exercises today are terrible, you got your cardio machines, your weighted machines, little pink dumbbells and those god awful sweat induced prissy gyms that only care about your money and not your damn health. Do you really think machines are really going to help you in the real world? Do you really think that doing tricep kickbacks on a bosu ball is going to truly help your balance? Seriously people get some brains will you? A lot of those machine infested exercises take away the freedom of moving your own body; if you want to lift something, lift it or learn how to progress to a specific level of lifting. When you move like a wild animal, you're utilizing every muscle in your body that has some awkward movements because not everything is up and down or a straight line. There are curvatures and a few twists and turns. It can also be fun if you use a little imagination.


    Sure you may not want to eat bugs, chase after a gazelle or wrestle alligators but it is important to follow one of our basic components of the human entities; our animal instincts. Even as humans, we have urges and the need for movement and fight or flight. We are taught to control our urges by various aspects of society and it is a valuable tool to learn self-control but yet it is important to act on what is instinctive and utilize what makes us human in the first place. Living up to that with a sense of balance, not controlled strictness because let's face it, whenever we are very strict of something someone ends up breaking free sooner or later. It's like trying to fill a balloon full of water more than it can handle, it's going to eventually pop. When it comes to your fitness, be instinctive, act on what values you as an individual and do things geared towards your personality and interests. Be bold and challenge the norm but also have fun with it, not push yourself to the brink of death or punish yourself with a 2 hour workout and not sleep for 24 hours. Using a little of your instincts you can change the very course of how you live your life.


    With one animal movement at a time, we can change the landscape of the obesity epidemic (sounds like a plague) that is taking over our country and cities across the world. When I was a kid in the 90's and early 2000's, most of my P.E teachers didn't give us a chance to really have fun with our exercise. I learned a lot from them don't get me wrong but I was mostly taught "do this, do that and see what you can do." It isn't as vague as it may seem but looking back on it from 97'-03' it sucked quite a bit and I never really was taught any real technique because the teacher had to teach so many kids at times how could they keep up? It almost felt like torture on some days and it made me hate exercise at times. There were times where I loved going to lift weights or play basketball but others it felt like here you go and let's see how you run with it. Fitness is about structure, learning the value of teamwork and making it interesting, not this very bleak look at some basic stuff that a ten year old can learn and feel miserable. Kids crave activity whether they admit it or not or even understand the concept yet also they have an expanded imagination that is beautiful yet mysterious. Disguise exercise as play and I guarantee you it will be a little more interesting and favorable among the young ones. Get in the habit of utilizing Animal Movements for kids because it can help the in ways typical exercise can't like help their self-esteem, burn off fat, build natural lean muscle, gain stamina, wear out excess energy so they can relax while in other classes, form games to keep things interesting. There are so many ways to do it its mind boggling.


    Being able to benefit the way of the animal is a beautiful thing for both adults and kids. I love the idea of giving someone the chance to be themselves while they do something cool and exciting. It can be a bit goofy at times but who cares. They're getting fit while having a good time and they become accustomed to its concept of movement, imagination, playfulness and the ability to take their strength to another level. If I knew at 13 what I know now, my life would've been way more interesting to me and would be far fitter and probably developed a six pack in the process but things happen for a reason and I do the best to my abilities is to stay athletic as possible while being a bigger guy. I love Animal Movements, it's incredible to feel my body was worked in a very short amount of time and get amazing benefits in the process. Doing a 10-20 min. workout is like playing a game that is fun and get practice all this cool stuff. What would it be like to you and/or a child to have natural strength, high levels of happiness, incredible stamina, elf-esteem through the roof and sleep like a baby? That's just some of the benefits anyone can have if they apply themselves in animal fitness. Let's spread the word by learning, teaching and valuing a high level of getting anyone who wants to learn; young or old the awesome tool of moving like your favorite animal and get in awesome shape inside and out. Are you with me?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Movement Is Life

    It's not always just moving and doing regular exercise, it's how you move that makes the difference. There are simple movements, creative movements and just plain dumb movements. How you move dictates the efficiency and quality of what separates you from others. For me, I don't move quite like a gymnast or an acrobat but what I create in various movements helps me challenge what I can do and learn the value of moving really is. You don't have to show a spectacle or look like you belong in the circus but moving with efficiency and good technique that is suitable to your body type but then again it's not everyday you see a 260 pound man doing cartwheels or a bad ass husky ninja doing the splits or doing push-ups on a wine bottles so make the best in how you move and be alive.


    Creative movement breaks you away from "the pack"; you know those stuck up fitness people who would rather have you on a machine that does very little for your overall balance on the body than to use what your body is capable of and give you the tools to be free to make your own style. I like some gyms where you are challenged in the best way possible but most of the others are just plain (in my Danny McBride voice from Your Highness) tedious and boring, you literally have no room to really move unless you're walking and going to your next calf blaster machine or Smith Bench Press. I get it if its cold out and you don't want to work out in that type of environment it's ok I have that issue too but I don't act like a little whiny little 6 year old because "I don't have a way to work out without my gym." You don't need that crap, the world is your oyster, find the treasured value of moving with freedom and creativity. Practice different disciplines like Hand Balancing, Muscle Control, create different combinations, Animal
, Move like Tarzan (in the most efficient way of course) or take up swimming in a much warmer climate and do Self Resistance Training for indoors. Pick what you're interested in or do a combination of anything you want to do, you have options.


    Learn how to use your body's abilities, modify if you have to especially if you're a beginner. Like they say you learn to walk before you can run or built up to doing calculus in mathematics by doing arithmetic. We all START somewhere and we work up to certain things; no gymnast started out doing backflips and tumbles like a pro, nobody hits a homerun the first time using a bat and no one sure as hell deadlifts 1000 pounds if they never lifted before. It takes practice and skill to develop all of these things and if you want to be the very best you can be it will take time. Learning various movement is about challenging your brain, creating adventures and finding what to use next that hits the right spot. Your body is very powerful; I realize not everyone is a greek god or a sculpted bodybuilder (before 1960) I'm certainly not one, I don't have a six pack or looking like an Adonis and sure as hell don't look like a supermodel (although I do have that boyish face looking ten years younger than I'am) but I do the best I can and it's far from perfect but that doesn't matter because I enjoy the challenge and it makes me happy.


    It's hard out there for a pimp (sorry I had Hustle & Flow on the brain, damn you Terrence Howard) but seriously, it can be freighting out there in the unknown and it's scary to do things you normally don't do or have never done. I was always afraid of falling into a bridge on my head because I was scared I'd crack my skull open (already happened at a much younger age) but I didn't, I kept at it and learned to control my body to the point where it became natural to me and it felt amazing to go back and fall into the position and stretch every ounce of my body like my life depended on it. I was scared of learning to do Cartwheels (you read that right) but I learned to trust myself by pretending I'm playing and pretending I'm a cool ninja or something. I was even afraid of lifting heavy rocks because I felt it would drop on my head and kill me, but it has never happened otherwise I wouldn't have written this and it feels good to lift something that is natural and challenging in case I need that strength one to save someone's life or move heavy boulders out of the way if needed. Movement is an adventure, living with a sense of daring and unlocking your true potential.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Progression Into Super Mode

    Sounds like an additional level or an upgrade in a video game don't you think? Seriously though, there are ways to progress in any area of fitness or sports, you start somewhere most likely at the very bottom of the totem pole. Unless you're superman, you're not going to have the strength to lift 100 tons in a press; you can however progress to heavier weight with specific strategy. You're not going to be as fast as the Flash or Usain Bolt but you can build up a level of explosiveness and speed that would take down the average guy and you sure as hell won't have the stamina like Lance Armstrong or Jack Lalanne, yet you can progressively have greater endurance than when you started with if you follow a good system. I believe in finding creative ways to achieve levels of strength, endurance, flexibility and all others without risking major injury, I just don't condone it and getting hurt as a badge of honor is just idiotic in most cases. I do believe in taking yourself past your limits but in a safe manner that doesn't involve scarring, tearing muscles everywhere and even ripping out joints. I have pushed myself this past month using the Superhero Sprint System and to most people on paper looks ridiculously deranged and I should be put in the nuthouse but in reality I have tweaked it a bit that still has nearly the same principles of the program but to my liking and it's working. I can hear my fat crying and screaming in agony like the Wicked Witch Of The West (not the Mila Kunis version). I have pushed so hard these last couple workouts I look like I'm ready to drop dead but in fact I'm just waiting for that opportune moment for when my body and mind are ready I blast on it like a bat out of hell.


    It is not your job to push past limits that are set by someone else. Nobody ever should decide what limits you should be past or "can" past because they don't have your body, they don't have your possible injuries or what your mental establishment is. I have people pushed me because I didn't know at times how far I can take it, they didn't set a bar for me to push towards, all I did was ask for a little nudge that I normally wouldn't do when I'm alone, there's a difference between pushing the limits set by someone and pushing because you want the push. Work within your own limits and set the bar your way no matter how small or big even by the tiniest fraction. You're not going to be the next John Cena or the next Kobe Bryant or take it harder than Bruce Lee it's impossible to reach their level; you can either be way beyond them or fairly under their level but never exactly like them so prioritize the standards for which you set. This is one of the reasons why I can't stand some of the crossfit stuff or that dumb ass P-90X crap or even those magazine workouts, most are not that sustainable, it's difficult to follow someone on film in exact moments without feeling like you're going to die and he's on camera looking like he just got laid after his wife came home and why in the hell would you want to beat some other time clock on a dumbass name of a workout that is meant to make you sound like a weakling? You have one body and one life, be creative and set your own bar not the bar chosen for you, come on you're better than that.


    There is a difference between training hard and training smart; some look at training hard is pushing to failure every workout and push to the limits like they're in Dragon Ball Z (which can be a motivator in some cases) and others look at training smart as being cautious and being a scared twerp with the complexity of a five year old and thinking they're being "smart" about what they're doing. Training hard from my observation for the true warriors is taking things to another level and putting yourself to the test that requires focus and physicality for which you get as high as possible in what you do; smart training is based on strategy for how you handle a progressive load whether it be an amount of weight or sets/reps you have concocted and how you move on reaching a higher level one step at a time. When you combine the two despite the differences you're taking your limits to another realm based on your knowledge and wisdom of what makes it work and what might happen. You have the abilities to create your own style of training and what prompts you to make it work. Don't beat yourself up because you don't have incredibly insane strength yet, it will come when you make the decision to progressively get up that part of your mountain. Just because you didn't beat the clock doesn't mean it wasn't a great workout, you did and it came out the way it was meant to.


    Here's an outlook of my current training so far: First 3 weeks of training have had me run in place (sprint), do a circuit and Sprint again; I don't push so hard that I pass out or have a heart attack but I push enough to where I'm aware of what's happening and I can still think within my body as I breathe deeply and rest for as long as I need to. I have completed every workout I put myself through without fail and still managed to keep my sanity and not be put in an iron lung. The last couple workouts had me out on the field doing 2 brutal sprints and a circuit & repeating that 4 times; sounds crazy right? Here's the kicker; first off the circuits are actually tougher than the sprints, at least from what I've noticed but for the most part on the sprints, I don't go 100% full speed because if I did, I would not only tear something but my lungs would be so messed up that an Iron Lung wouldn't even begin to work so I go as fast as I can but at a certain percentage so I can still maintain myself in the workout. It's still brutal and only rest when I need to but I have created a blueprint in my mind of what I want to do and go with my intuition on how it'll play out. You can't lose if you develop your own blueprint, you can make mistakes and you're going to have to correct them but there's nothing to lose on when you have devised the strategy yourself. Test your limits the right way and you'll be on your way to gain that Super Mode of muscle, fat burning, weight loss, endurance and gaining a perspective on how you train with the right amount of intensity, strategic sets and reps and making a statement that the workout doesn't own you, you own it and it's your bitch.

Monday, March 9, 2015

If You Love It Who Cares

    I do my best to bring you cool ideas on fitness and other things. I have many opinions about the good, the bad and the extremely weird styles of training but if you are passionate about something; do it and do it with love, pride and give back from what you have learned. There are things I can't stand in this field at times, one of them is drugs, another is giving lousy advice that can lead to injury and I can't understand feeling forced to do something you don't want to do and think you'll be happier that way but you are a human being and you choices, how you do them and what you're willing to go through them is up to you. I promote kick ass fitness and creative ideas on how to get in awesome shape both physically and mentally but I also draw the line and if you have ever read my stuff, you ought to know by now, if not then start reading.


    How you do things is a reminder of who you are and what works and what doesn't. Many people live their lives doing things that don't work for them but expect great things to happen; that's almost like saying you're dating a girl who is a complete bitch and treats you like crap but you think down the line she's going to turn into this loving and caring person out of the blue trust me I've been there I tried it. Do things that define your personality, bring you a flow of awesomeness that gives you joy and feeling incredible about yourself. So what you wear weird clothes, who really cares you like to watch cartoons at an older age, does it really matter how many push-ups you can do in a minute and why do you give a shit what people really think of you? You're awesome in your own right and the right people will come along to support what you do even if you screw up because they know the real you. I've had people turn their back on me, shut me out and verbally abuse their words on me because I didn't live up to their standards, didn't like to dress up to every damn gathering and even because of the way I exercise and you know what; screw them, what I do reflects my personality and if they don't have the guts to let me be a part of them even at my worst, they don't deserve a damn thing from me.


    Most people's approval is pointless. Not saying everything regarding an approval is pointless it's usually the objective from other's opinions. Sure if you want to school well you have to keep your grades up and yes sometimes a good appearance while applying for a job would need approval if you want to get hired I get that I've done it; yet if you're a gothic looking person and you like what you wear, awesome. There were a lot of things my friends and family didn't approve of especially how I live and what I do with it, some still don't but that's their opinion and they can have it. Most of approvals are meaningless recognition like trying to please people that don't need pleasing. However, even I want some approval on some things like being able to feel like I'm being accepted and people share my philosophy, to me that's a sign of approval or something like being to do something awesome and it's being spread around by people who recognize my work, to me that's a sign of approval. What I don't see the need for approval in my own way, is that what I wear shouldn't concern anybody; I dress like a I'm going to the beach: Shorts, T-Shirts and an occasional sweatshirt and sweat pants, I don't wear jeans or button down shirts and I certainly hate dressing up for practically anything unless it was my own wedding. You don't need approval for who you are and who you try to prove yourself as. Want to know the most common thing (at least from my observation) I've ever noticed about "needing" approval from people, is what you wear or how you look; think about it, how often have you heard "do I look ok in this dress?", "Is this tie on straight?", "Should I wear the tight one or the loose one because I'm afraid they won't like me", and many more. Most people in reality are very shallow when it comes to approval and the real people that like you for you no matter don't need anything from you because you are all that matters.


    Getting back to things that don't work for you than expect something great to happen, stop it, seriously you're killing me smalls. There will be things that you may not like and you have to go through them like a human being but that doesn't mean you have to suffer what doesn't work for you. Build a foundation for what works for you and how it can help you in any area of your life. I love helping people and if it involves lifting and giving someone a chance to feel better at ease within that context it makes me feel great and always has but when they take advantage of that and utilize their own agenda against what I represent and force me to do what they want, that pisses me off and I'm not somebody's toy they can play with just so they can get what they want out of me, you don't do that to people. Life has it's struggles we all go through them but it also has its shares of laughs, loving one another and have an understanding of what works and how to compromise so no one is feeling stressed or emotionally distraught. If what you do is making you feel depressed, angry, makes you doubt yourself and makes you feel miserable; you have a problem and you need to fix it any way you can that is sustainable, productive, positive and meaningful. I like to cook a certain way because I'm not a fan of stoves, I train in ways that are interesting to me and not give me something I hate to do, I have a particular way of folding clothes that is simple to me and I wear clothes that feel comfortable to me not what makes me miserable; starting to get the picture, find a way to better yourself by doing what is comfortable for you but also gives you interesting challenges. Feel good about yourself, if you love what you do than who really cares what other people think, it's your thing and how you show it bares to the people you believe worth showing to. Do a sport you love, go to your favorite movie, write a book if that interests you, workout the way you feel to and laugh what you find funny. If it works for you, you will feel happier, have a higher self-esteem and you get more things done faster.

Friday, March 6, 2015

It Is Good To Get All That Energy Out

    One of the most common things that you see in children (you parents know this very well) is when they get all hopped up and start running around like the house is on fire and you need them to blow off steam. This happens with adults too at times when we can't sit still and get hyper at times we can't fall asleep because your mind is on something and you just get so worked up over certain things. Blowing off steam doesn't always mean grabbing a beer or two to get away from something and it certainly doesn't mean getting high (although I see certain reasons needed to for some people) off of weed or whatever makes you see something that isn't there. One of the very facets about fitness is its ability to teach you to get all that energy out of your system and have a more calming demeanor. Go to the gym, go for a run, do animal movements (perfect for taken down a kid if you need him or her to chill out) or go lift some heavy stuff and just do what you need to do to get those endorphins kicking in and letting your nerves wind down.

  Being hyper is a common thing especially among kids and hormonal teens, all those little tweaks that happen in your body, adrenaline is running and you're doing your best to calm down and nothing is working. Take care of it by working your body for as long as you need to. Taking a walk and deep breathing is a start but for the most part, it's really telling your body to move and utilize your body's abilities to do various things. When I'm in hyper mode after being at a concert or coming home full of adrenaline, I do different things like Bridging, moving like a wild animal or push-ups. Even one time I was so hyper I was bending this steel bar I had and used every ounce of energy I had to twist and pull from every direction I can think of. By the end I was ready to pass out because it takes a lot out of you. Have a little fun with it while it won't scare the living hell out of your spouse/sibling/parent or whatever.
   What seems like a polar opposite of what you think happens, getting all that energy out productively actually calms the nerves in your body and bring flow back into your body on a much different scale. I don't believe I ever met anybody that got a ton of energy out of their body from working out and saying "man I'm pissed off." Your body is brushing with endorphins and adding a cold shower into the mix helps regenerate everything and lets the body use its cooling system. Funny on how the body works. Go outside if you have to; I wouldn't be howling at the moon like a retarted werewolf scaring your neighbors but moving your body in a fast pace manner for even a few seconds can elevate your emotions and clear out the cobwebs. Every time I hold the bridge for three minutes, my body just begins to float and when I'm done I feel like I'm in heaven, floating with calmness and awareness and feeling refreshed and happy. Animal Movements are great to get everything out of your system because they don't take that long for you to be huffing and puffing when you do it right.

  Want to pass out without the need to be drunk? Go do some Animal Movements or create moves from Gold Medal Bodies and see how long you last. Movement is life but so is sleep, so in order to balance things out, you have to take care of your need to chill out. Don't take those crappy sleeping pills full of chemicals and crap that can harm your insides and I can understand the need to drink a little something but it's not the only way. For me, my drug is exercise, when I need a fix, I take care of it and I feel like a new man afterwards without the side effects of withdrawals and feeling the need to do it every 5 minutes just to feel good, at times one time is all it takes and my ass is knocked out like a rock. You know how they give names for these "diseases" kids have like ADHD or whatever they came up with, they just want to feed these kids drugs so they can sit down long enough so they focus on a board they'll be staring at for an hour and having them feel like they're nearly comatose. I 'am very much in tuned with a kid needing an education and finding a way to focus so they can get their school work done but feeding them drugs is not going to help your cause. Remember back in the day when we were told drugs were bad and whoever took them were losers and now drugs are great for "helping" in school; what a crock and very contradictory. Be productive by giving them something they could enjoy doing, something fun and letting their imaginations run. 

  Moving like a Wild Animal creates structure, helps out self-esteem and takes lazy kids out of the house, hyper kids become calmer and kids with attitude issues lighten up because of the endorphins. Don't force it on them or be so damn strict they'll hate you for it, make a game out of it and help them find a way that works for both sides. It's not easy but it's far better health wise than taking some crazy drug that can screw up their bodies later in life just so they sit still for an hour every class. Be smart about it and make it fun for them.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inhuman For Your Thoughts

    Over the decades we have been influenced by our favorite superheroes and comic book characters within all walks of life. They inspire us to believe in a world filled with wonder and imagination. They help us escape reality for a while and get sucked into a really cool story involving major players like Captain America, Superman, Thor, The Hulk, Aquaman and many more. It's the centerpiece of finding within that raving hero that lives inside many of us. We do have heroes in real life plus many villains and we want those heroes taking down the bad guys. But do superhumans live among us?


    In reality you can't fly or shoot lasers out of your eyes or have strength like the Hulk but we do have however some amazing human beings being able to do extraordinary things. Great minds like Einstein and Tesla, incredible athletes that seem to have god-like powers like hitting a homerun 500 feet, run the 100 meters in around 9.5 seconds, picking up 1000 pounds, bending/snapping wrenches in half and even withstand high doses of electricity. I'm learning about a series of heroes in Marvel called the Inhumans; earthlings that have superhuman abilities from an ancient entity that harnesses their senses and abilities that is different to each individual. Some of you may know more of the Royal Family of the Inhumans such as Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnack, Triton and the Satyr Gorgon. They're kind of like the Ancient Greek Family the Olympians just on a different scale with different powers but all related to each other. What's amazing is that some of these characters have near real-life counterparts that have insane abilities. Triton who is like a fish with the body-like of a man who is practically the king of water, we have athletes that have abilities to swim for long periods of time under water; Medusa as you may have guessed has the long hair and can control even the tiniest particle at will to create some serious damage, think there isn't someone out there that has crazy hair like strength? Some women do but one of the strongest hairs belongs to a man named Joseph Greenstein aka The Mighty Atom that had the hair strength to hold back a plane. Why not Blackbolt, the king of the Inhuman Royal Family (who's also married to Medusa) that has the ability to fire sonic screams to take down enemies, there's a woman out there I forgot her name but her screams had reached decibel levels that are off the chain. Let's not forget Gorgon; a animalistic entity that has the upper body of a man and the lower body of a wild goat (sounds similar to Pan don't you think). He is a trainer of the Inhumans that can take down a city block just with the strength of his legs in a mighty stomp. Some of the strongest athletes in the world have immense leg strength even though they don't have the legs of a satyr; they can run incredibly fast, lift insane amount of weight and have super muscle that allows them to lift well over a ton.


    We may not have superpowers but with the right training and the right tools, we can become far stronger than the average human and develop incredible athletic ability. To get an idea of developing incredible strength, one can lift odd objects like rocks, stones, logs, kegs, heavy pipes, furniture anything that has you working the stabilizer muscles in an awkward position. Develop explosiveness through jumping or sprinting. Imagine having your own set of abilities that sets you as a unique individual and be able to generate great power in the blink of an eye using a technique(s) that gives you incredible energy. Use your gifts and abilities to possibly save lives, help others and get a realistic edge over your competition. How sweet would it be to hit a ball further, speed down the field with no one able to catch you, hoist up another human from falling and even protect the ones you love with intensity and insane strength? You can do the ordinary routines and live your life like nothing's going to happen but why not have that Superhero Mentality and infuse your imagination to grow stronger and build incredible muscle that is useful and functional. You have a choice. What would your favorite hero want you to do?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Development Of Another World

    Most exercise programs today suck, that's just a fact. I mean you have your shake weights, tv's on the cardio machines, too much volume for a beginner and you even have people who actually believe you can develop massive amounts of muscle only by thinking, I'm not making this shit up. I've been there, I've gone through some weird stuff when it comes to exercise and it isn't pretty; I've even collapsed a couple times and that should never happen no matter what you're doing, if you're on the verge of passing out stop it immediately. And it's not always the programs that suck it's the people who came up with them that have no sense of imagination and no skills on making it interesting and it's a lot of that "Do or die" BS.


   Sometimes the real world can be very deceitful, things aren't always what they seem and what you see isn't what you always get. Although things in reality have their moments of beauty, love, tenderness and the loyalty of those few that are around us but on the other side of the coin; there's hate, depression, murder, broken hearts and there's even Kayne West my god man what has this world come to? I've seen some pretty gnarly stuff go down on an emotional level and I have been beat up and I've been hurt plus an occasional verbal confrontation I don't wish to get into but yet have also seen some kick ass stuff happen not just in my life but the people around me, feeling the joy and positive energy that brings great fondness of others. If you learn your awareness and harness your intuition, you'll learn the real trick to seeing which side of the coin you rather be on and making things happen for you.


    Magic is real in the sense where when you take action and allow it to attract what you want, magical things happen. No you won't be seeing Unicorns or flying dragons (unless you're on some form of Acid) and you certainly won't actually see Godzilla tearing it up with a 50ft King Kong on the main street of Sheboygan but what you will see is much more awesome then that (actually I'll take the lizard and the ape in a small town any day) but seriously; when you open up your mind and take action by applying the little things it will come up a big impact. Everyone at one time thought Leo Di Vinci was a total nut job and he had some sort of weird vibe with Satan or something but yet he wasn't just ahead of his time, he was a man that thought outside the box and took a risk. He didn't get to see what his achievements have become; he already lived them. Walt Disney was turned down by practically every single corporation that he asked to build Disneyland on and look what came of it, he never gave up on making dreams a reality. Awesome things happen in the fitness world just as much when you practice being in a whole different world and seeing as if it was as real as the nipples on the Batsuit in Batman & Robin (let that sink into your brain cells).



   When you apply your imagination and the action taken in your passion and interests; they make you feel more alive, becoming larger than life and running over the fear of what others think you can't do. Applying action down to the smallest detail from your imagination creates a larger picture than you can ever imagine. When you work on Hand Balancing; picture being in the perfect handstand, training for the 100 meters? As you're bursting down the track picture as if you had no choice but to run for your life because there's a damn cheetah on your ass, what about lifting incredible weight, picture as if you needed to save someone's life and they're trapped and you're the only person who can save them. When you apply your thinking with action, certain things begin to happen in your body, your nerves are jacked, your muscles begin to flare up and your adrenaline reaches levels you didn't think were possible. You can open up a whole other universe just by the power of your thoughts and when use that type of thinking into action, some of the most unexplainable things begin to emerge; you may make more money, develop strength at a quicker rate, have a greater sense of awareness and you may even create a sense of physical energy that can help your love life (that's always something awesome). Dare to imagine and use to create what you want in your life cause otherwise, the world would be boring as well without the greatest nation in the universe and that's Imagination.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Overthinking And Complicating Things

    One of the most common themes that happen in a fitness regimen is overstressing what the hell to do. You are given or have been taught to do this massive amount of exercise by doing long ass cardio and lifting little baby dumbbells in the most dumb positions and feel you need to do this for that, this machine working this muscle, do Zumba for 2 hours and try to fit in a few extra stuff for your upper/middle/lower chest. You are racking your brain over useless crap but it's not your fault. You have had your head fill with deceitful lies and being told if you don't do this you won't get the results you and you end up feeling miserable and depressed because you have become so discouraged you just want to rip the hair out of your head (unless you're bald).


    Exercise isn't meant to be this complicated or confusing. I've been there and people gave me a hard time when I asked them stuff and they took it so personal they act like I murdered they're favorite cousin or some crap like that. There are simpler ways to do things and there is no one size fits all exercise program. We have different needs, different body structures and most certainly don't have the same strength, aesthetics, flexibility or the endurance as others do. It's become complicated because of the far too much variety (most of which is completely useless, have you ever seen someone last more than 2 weeks on a shake weight regimen; might as well learn porn if you're going to do that) and not enough of the simplicity and sustainable resources that will work. Exercise and Fitness in general in my blunt opinion ought to be fun, adventurous, challenging that is reasonable and learn new levels of mental training. Making things complicated will only make you suffer and lose out the great things that can be provided with the right leverage and knowledge.


    Life can have crazy things happen and fitness can be a part of that. Some people need to travel and won't always be able to use a gym at their convenience because of meetings or making conference calls, going door to door or whatever so when you're in a bind and still want to keep your results going, you're going to need to improvise. This is both a mind and body challenge that is awesome to learn and gives you tools to learn when you get into a situation where what you need can't always be around but you can do some things. The last time I went to Disneyland, with all the walking which was mostly my exercise I would improvise at times to keep myself from getting bored. During the lines for rides I would push/pull and even squat in various places without making a scene, I know I really made a scene when I held a free standing Hand Stand while waiting for the doors to open The World Of Tomorrow; longest Handstand I ever held. Improvising is using your imagination. In tahoe, instead of my regular training I would climb rocks, trees, lift heavy boulders, swim and hike. People think way too much and not look at the clear picture they forget that's in front of them.


    Instead of thinking nothing will ever work because of the timing and the amount of work that is being told to do start thinking that you can find ways to make it work for you. Exercise can be done anywhere and anytime if you look in the right places, sure it be really weird to be lifting a boulder in the middle of a supermarket or doing 100 Burpees in the bank line or even lifting 50 pound dumbbells in the middle of a restaurant on a first date and you just had a handful of tacos a half hour earlier. Do your research, find what appeals to you and give yourself options. Don't restrict yourself to a single program that is only meant for the gym or whatever. Learn what you can that can be useful to you anywhere you go that is both indoor and outdoors plus if you have any equipment or not because not every workout is meant to have an apparatus or a wire attached to it. Be open to possibilities and welcome new challenges. I have been to a wedding where it was over 100 degrees out in a black tux in the middle of one of the hottest places in my area of the woods and stayed that way for hours on end and still managed to get in a great workout at the end of it even though I was exhausted and needed to hydrate every 5 minutes. Don't make excuses, create options even if you're working 15 hours a day 6 days a week, make the time and use what you can.