Thursday, March 12, 2015

Movement Is Life

    It's not always just moving and doing regular exercise, it's how you move that makes the difference. There are simple movements, creative movements and just plain dumb movements. How you move dictates the efficiency and quality of what separates you from others. For me, I don't move quite like a gymnast or an acrobat but what I create in various movements helps me challenge what I can do and learn the value of moving really is. You don't have to show a spectacle or look like you belong in the circus but moving with efficiency and good technique that is suitable to your body type but then again it's not everyday you see a 260 pound man doing cartwheels or a bad ass husky ninja doing the splits or doing push-ups on a wine bottles so make the best in how you move and be alive.


    Creative movement breaks you away from "the pack"; you know those stuck up fitness people who would rather have you on a machine that does very little for your overall balance on the body than to use what your body is capable of and give you the tools to be free to make your own style. I like some gyms where you are challenged in the best way possible but most of the others are just plain (in my Danny McBride voice from Your Highness) tedious and boring, you literally have no room to really move unless you're walking and going to your next calf blaster machine or Smith Bench Press. I get it if its cold out and you don't want to work out in that type of environment it's ok I have that issue too but I don't act like a little whiny little 6 year old because "I don't have a way to work out without my gym." You don't need that crap, the world is your oyster, find the treasured value of moving with freedom and creativity. Practice different disciplines like Hand Balancing, Muscle Control, create different combinations, Animal
, Move like Tarzan (in the most efficient way of course) or take up swimming in a much warmer climate and do Self Resistance Training for indoors. Pick what you're interested in or do a combination of anything you want to do, you have options.


    Learn how to use your body's abilities, modify if you have to especially if you're a beginner. Like they say you learn to walk before you can run or built up to doing calculus in mathematics by doing arithmetic. We all START somewhere and we work up to certain things; no gymnast started out doing backflips and tumbles like a pro, nobody hits a homerun the first time using a bat and no one sure as hell deadlifts 1000 pounds if they never lifted before. It takes practice and skill to develop all of these things and if you want to be the very best you can be it will take time. Learning various movement is about challenging your brain, creating adventures and finding what to use next that hits the right spot. Your body is very powerful; I realize not everyone is a greek god or a sculpted bodybuilder (before 1960) I'm certainly not one, I don't have a six pack or looking like an Adonis and sure as hell don't look like a supermodel (although I do have that boyish face looking ten years younger than I'am) but I do the best I can and it's far from perfect but that doesn't matter because I enjoy the challenge and it makes me happy.


    It's hard out there for a pimp (sorry I had Hustle & Flow on the brain, damn you Terrence Howard) but seriously, it can be freighting out there in the unknown and it's scary to do things you normally don't do or have never done. I was always afraid of falling into a bridge on my head because I was scared I'd crack my skull open (already happened at a much younger age) but I didn't, I kept at it and learned to control my body to the point where it became natural to me and it felt amazing to go back and fall into the position and stretch every ounce of my body like my life depended on it. I was scared of learning to do Cartwheels (you read that right) but I learned to trust myself by pretending I'm playing and pretending I'm a cool ninja or something. I was even afraid of lifting heavy rocks because I felt it would drop on my head and kill me, but it has never happened otherwise I wouldn't have written this and it feels good to lift something that is natural and challenging in case I need that strength one to save someone's life or move heavy boulders out of the way if needed. Movement is an adventure, living with a sense of daring and unlocking your true potential.


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