Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inhuman For Your Thoughts

    Over the decades we have been influenced by our favorite superheroes and comic book characters within all walks of life. They inspire us to believe in a world filled with wonder and imagination. They help us escape reality for a while and get sucked into a really cool story involving major players like Captain America, Superman, Thor, The Hulk, Aquaman and many more. It's the centerpiece of finding within that raving hero that lives inside many of us. We do have heroes in real life plus many villains and we want those heroes taking down the bad guys. But do superhumans live among us?


    In reality you can't fly or shoot lasers out of your eyes or have strength like the Hulk but we do have however some amazing human beings being able to do extraordinary things. Great minds like Einstein and Tesla, incredible athletes that seem to have god-like powers like hitting a homerun 500 feet, run the 100 meters in around 9.5 seconds, picking up 1000 pounds, bending/snapping wrenches in half and even withstand high doses of electricity. I'm learning about a series of heroes in Marvel called the Inhumans; earthlings that have superhuman abilities from an ancient entity that harnesses their senses and abilities that is different to each individual. Some of you may know more of the Royal Family of the Inhumans such as Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnack, Triton and the Satyr Gorgon. They're kind of like the Ancient Greek Family the Olympians just on a different scale with different powers but all related to each other. What's amazing is that some of these characters have near real-life counterparts that have insane abilities. Triton who is like a fish with the body-like of a man who is practically the king of water, we have athletes that have abilities to swim for long periods of time under water; Medusa as you may have guessed has the long hair and can control even the tiniest particle at will to create some serious damage, think there isn't someone out there that has crazy hair like strength? Some women do but one of the strongest hairs belongs to a man named Joseph Greenstein aka The Mighty Atom that had the hair strength to hold back a plane. Why not Blackbolt, the king of the Inhuman Royal Family (who's also married to Medusa) that has the ability to fire sonic screams to take down enemies, there's a woman out there I forgot her name but her screams had reached decibel levels that are off the chain. Let's not forget Gorgon; a animalistic entity that has the upper body of a man and the lower body of a wild goat (sounds similar to Pan don't you think). He is a trainer of the Inhumans that can take down a city block just with the strength of his legs in a mighty stomp. Some of the strongest athletes in the world have immense leg strength even though they don't have the legs of a satyr; they can run incredibly fast, lift insane amount of weight and have super muscle that allows them to lift well over a ton.


    We may not have superpowers but with the right training and the right tools, we can become far stronger than the average human and develop incredible athletic ability. To get an idea of developing incredible strength, one can lift odd objects like rocks, stones, logs, kegs, heavy pipes, furniture anything that has you working the stabilizer muscles in an awkward position. Develop explosiveness through jumping or sprinting. Imagine having your own set of abilities that sets you as a unique individual and be able to generate great power in the blink of an eye using a technique(s) that gives you incredible energy. Use your gifts and abilities to possibly save lives, help others and get a realistic edge over your competition. How sweet would it be to hit a ball further, speed down the field with no one able to catch you, hoist up another human from falling and even protect the ones you love with intensity and insane strength? You can do the ordinary routines and live your life like nothing's going to happen but why not have that Superhero Mentality and infuse your imagination to grow stronger and build incredible muscle that is useful and functional. You have a choice. What would your favorite hero want you to do?
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