Monday, March 2, 2015

Overthinking And Complicating Things

    One of the most common themes that happen in a fitness regimen is overstressing what the hell to do. You are given or have been taught to do this massive amount of exercise by doing long ass cardio and lifting little baby dumbbells in the most dumb positions and feel you need to do this for that, this machine working this muscle, do Zumba for 2 hours and try to fit in a few extra stuff for your upper/middle/lower chest. You are racking your brain over useless crap but it's not your fault. You have had your head fill with deceitful lies and being told if you don't do this you won't get the results you and you end up feeling miserable and depressed because you have become so discouraged you just want to rip the hair out of your head (unless you're bald).


    Exercise isn't meant to be this complicated or confusing. I've been there and people gave me a hard time when I asked them stuff and they took it so personal they act like I murdered they're favorite cousin or some crap like that. There are simpler ways to do things and there is no one size fits all exercise program. We have different needs, different body structures and most certainly don't have the same strength, aesthetics, flexibility or the endurance as others do. It's become complicated because of the far too much variety (most of which is completely useless, have you ever seen someone last more than 2 weeks on a shake weight regimen; might as well learn porn if you're going to do that) and not enough of the simplicity and sustainable resources that will work. Exercise and Fitness in general in my blunt opinion ought to be fun, adventurous, challenging that is reasonable and learn new levels of mental training. Making things complicated will only make you suffer and lose out the great things that can be provided with the right leverage and knowledge.


    Life can have crazy things happen and fitness can be a part of that. Some people need to travel and won't always be able to use a gym at their convenience because of meetings or making conference calls, going door to door or whatever so when you're in a bind and still want to keep your results going, you're going to need to improvise. This is both a mind and body challenge that is awesome to learn and gives you tools to learn when you get into a situation where what you need can't always be around but you can do some things. The last time I went to Disneyland, with all the walking which was mostly my exercise I would improvise at times to keep myself from getting bored. During the lines for rides I would push/pull and even squat in various places without making a scene, I know I really made a scene when I held a free standing Hand Stand while waiting for the doors to open The World Of Tomorrow; longest Handstand I ever held. Improvising is using your imagination. In tahoe, instead of my regular training I would climb rocks, trees, lift heavy boulders, swim and hike. People think way too much and not look at the clear picture they forget that's in front of them.


    Instead of thinking nothing will ever work because of the timing and the amount of work that is being told to do start thinking that you can find ways to make it work for you. Exercise can be done anywhere and anytime if you look in the right places, sure it be really weird to be lifting a boulder in the middle of a supermarket or doing 100 Burpees in the bank line or even lifting 50 pound dumbbells in the middle of a restaurant on a first date and you just had a handful of tacos a half hour earlier. Do your research, find what appeals to you and give yourself options. Don't restrict yourself to a single program that is only meant for the gym or whatever. Learn what you can that can be useful to you anywhere you go that is both indoor and outdoors plus if you have any equipment or not because not every workout is meant to have an apparatus or a wire attached to it. Be open to possibilities and welcome new challenges. I have been to a wedding where it was over 100 degrees out in a black tux in the middle of one of the hottest places in my area of the woods and stayed that way for hours on end and still managed to get in a great workout at the end of it even though I was exhausted and needed to hydrate every 5 minutes. Don't make excuses, create options even if you're working 15 hours a day 6 days a week, make the time and use what you can.
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