Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ST Patty Day Fit

   Top of the mornin' to ya laddie. It is the day of St. Patrick in one of the most celebrated Holidays of the year. A day of green-filled adventure of happiness, drunken shenanigans across every major bar in the country and possibly having the hopes of finding a little Irish gold under the rainbow. I'm not a drinker so I'm not in the habit getting wasted off my ass and having a hangover the size of Dagda's Cauldron but I'm somewhat a fan of the Irish culture and those awesome accents that you can't help but smile about (at least to me). I 'am however going to have my own fun filled day of playing with Animal Exercises, awesome food (not traditional Irish Cuisine like Cabbage & Corn Beef) and watching a little underrated Disney flick titled Darby O'Gill & The Little People, where a young Sean Connery burst on the scene years before he became the first and most bad ass James Bond in History.


    Since reading up on a little Irish History, I've also learned of a fitness course that turns little boobybuilding wanna-bes into full on powered men of muscle and strength called the Dagda Course. If you're a fan of Non-Traditional fitness than you'll love this my fitness junkie friend. It's not a trend that is used in everyday gyms or used by the latest meathead who is strapped for cash to model on but it is one of the most serious and fun muscle building courses out there that takes you back to the days of the Irish All-Father with a zest for food and drink and carrying his trusted Club where on one end, can destroy armies but on the end can heal lives. With that type of imagination using a club from the brain child of Scott Sonnon the Clubbell it will take on a whole new meaning to the stories of Dagda. On one path with the clubbell you'll burn fat, destroy flab and crush death destroying illnesses like Diabetes, Obesity and low testosterone but on the end of the spectrum, you'll gain muscle, mobility, flexibility, stamina, strength, coordination and dominate your workout like the Irish Myth himself dominating his enemies.


   I don't care if you're out at the club having a blast and I believe everyone is entitled to. Having fun and interacting with others, I went to places all the time when I lived in Santa Cruz, CA going to concerts, the Boardwalk, the beach anywhere where the fun was especially with my boys and whoever I was with at the time. I do however have more fun these days training and seeking out new adventures to go on and have a blast doing something most people won't do or think it's too weird for them to do. Go Clubbing in a different way where your liver can still be intact and go to sleep happy and energized and not passed out drunk and wake up next to a buck-tooth barmaid with a donkey in the living room and some dude pissing in a potted plant. You never know what really might've happened, so be smart on this green lit day.


    Be happy and merry on this wee day of St. Patty and have fun wherever you are. Be like King Louie who is tired of moping around and wanting to be like YOU!!! Dance, be wild and go animal on this incredible day, give some love to others and have a positive outlook on life. It's a day of joy and full of leaf clovers that could bring you the luck of the Irish. Never let a dull moment get in the way of being filled with heart and awesomeness; not Guinness and shots that will have you end in the hospital or end up in an alley somewhere with a homeless dude named Buck.

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