Thursday, March 26, 2015

Never Hate Your Movements

    When you hate something, a piece of your soul becomes tar in the very deepest levels of your being. When it comes to movement and the process of getting better, you should never hate what you put yourself through to make things happen. It can be frustrating and there are people that tell you if you don't hate what you do you're not putting in enough work, Bullshit. Movement is about life living in motion and being creative in how you form patterns and combos to make some kick ass stuff happen. It sucks at times because you haven't progressed the way you wanted but there's a fine line between hate and frustration. When I was learning to walk again and doing squats, push-ups and the bridge; it sucked and I'd get mad a time or two at myself but I never once hated what I was doing because I was determined to bust my ass and I loved what it was doing for me. If you hate training, there's something wrong there and it has nothing to do with your weight, your flexibility, strength or how you look; hating it means you're either doing something that you're uncomfortable doing, pushing so hard by some shmuck who thinks he's a drill sergeant or you're doing things that you're not meant to do. We all have different shapes, strengths and weaknesses but that doesn't mean when something you hate isn't working, something is there and you just have to look for it.


    You know the old phrase "no pain, no gain" that every trainer with an IQ of 50 says? It's crap, there's a difference between pain and discomfort, and if you're in pain you need some serious help. Discomfort means it may not always feel like rainbows and the warmth of the sun but you're doing something that pushes you past a certain zone. Do movements that bring you joy and excitement; even if you can only do 5 push-ups or 1 pull-up. Feel that surge in your body that gives you that adventurous sensation and finding something glorious within yourself to get past your obstacles. Feeling the freedom to do what you love and getting better each day, month or even years. I can barely do 10 Hindu Push-ups when I started and I felt like I was just wasting away because I felt that was it but I then I began using my imagination and using little tweaks and magical things were happening. I used this on every exercise I wanted to learn and now my brain is on fire just coming with cool stuff to do. I never do what brings me pain and suffering I've already been through that with a busted head, two broken legs, near broken ribs and getting punched a time or 2, pain is not the answer. I do what gives me something to be happy about, living in my own world where anything is possible and making an adventure out of it. Live within your own limits and your own sense of what works for you.


    There's a fine difference between hating your workouts and giving it your all for the love of it. We grunt, yell, curse and even make weird faces occasionally but if you love what you do, it makes everything else look obsolete. If you're miserable and you can't stand what you're doing, than you need to check your priorities and look within yourself to not feel that type of energy. Many people hate what they do and they go through life feeling like everything is not up to their standards, nothing ever works and they want to dump it on everyone. It's sad really and I sympathize with those people but in the end, it's not worth hating something that doesn't have a positive thing behind it. I love what I do and I never force myself to do something I don't feel that's right; I'm very intuitive and when the right hits, it's stuck with me. Sometimes though you may need to make room for hate so things can balance out because if you treat everything with optimism and think the world is full of pots of gold and love well stop daydreaming. I sometimes hate the fact that there's murder in the world or hating that Robin Williams died or why bad things happen to great people but at the same time I love what some people are trying to do to make the world a better place, people do things because there are no other options but I have to respect what needs to be done and when something awesome happens for a kick ass person it's really warming and beautiful. Find that balance and listen to your inner self.


    Think of the words from Stevie Ray Vaughn "She's my pride and joy, she's my sweet little baby, I'm her little lover boy." I love that song Pride & Joy, it's got a great riff, bad ass sound and a rhythm that is just incredible. We may not know what he was referring to by she, maybe it's his guitar, wife, dog, wine bottle who the hell really knows but its way cool how he puts it. When you love something, treat it as if it's a joy to you, something to be proud of and feel something worth your while because if you hate it why bother loving at all. I love exercise, I see it as my passion and love for what's behind it and it's been good to me. I treat it as a second language, a marriage and something I can always count on. If there's any hate in it I apparently don't see it because I don't feel the need to look for the negative crap behind it. Do you really want to take pride in what you hate? Is it really that horrible to you to enjoy something? I may not like certain things but I take pride in what I do and it makes my life interesting and insightful. What you do is none of my concern but I do want to show you that life has its perks and you can enjoy great things if you open up enough to let it in. When you enjoy what you do love it until the end of time and make it your sweet little thing.
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