Friday, March 20, 2015

Animalistic Philosophy

    I once read somewhere that training (or moving) like a wild animal doesn't constitute as training like a man, if you're a man you exercise like a man. I started thinking what he meant by that, it wasn't exactly those words but the clear statement he wrote implied it. He was right, moving like a wild animal doesn't as training like a man, it goes beyond that; it takes the average person and making them stronger by challenging his body to new levels of fitness. It really pisses me off when people try to force others out of what could work for them just so they can fill their ego with a sales pitch. Now any one of you can correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the word itself ANIMAL have the letters M-A-N somewhere in there? No please I'll wait…..So in other words moving like a wild animal does in a way make a point of being a man and training like one. Being a man is more about character and personality than the way of our obvious physical attributes and not always how you do an exercise system.


    The real power behind animal exercise & fitness is not just how you move and mimic the animals themselves, it's the imagination within you to live out your wild side and utilize it to help build muscle, burn off fat, gain flexibility, being mobile and just have stamina like the energizer bunny you just keep going and going and….you get the picture. Our thoughts are followed with action and when something begins to show light we have an idea of what to do about it (depending on what you're thinking). In our minds there's a whole vast universe that is a living fantasy; some of it is amazing, others can be nasty and some even are pretty damn ugly but still we can create anything within our minds. Some of the craziest ideas from top people in science, fitness, art and more became our most treasured liveliness and wonderful outlook on what has expanded over decades, centuries even millennia and the first thing people said about those ideas at first were that you were nuts and there wasn't a chance in hell they will ever come true and look what happened. Fitness today as compared to 100 years ago is astounding yet when it comes down to it, people end up going for the more simple things even though there are gadgets and equipment in millions of gyms across the world. Animal Exercise is no different because it's simple, doesn't require a shred of equipment (except maybe a pull-up bar or a resemblance to something to pull with) and it's simple enough for practically anyone to figure out plus once you get the hang of it you can make it as long/short you want and you can also do things with it that works for you. Live out your fantasy as you move like a wild animal (within reason).


    Most fitness programs don't last very long because there will come a time when people will get tired of it and it won't work for them because they're burnt out, got injured or because some dumbass told them it's the only workout and if you don't do it then you're a loser doing anything else. Fitness is more than just the physical side of getting in shape, it's also putting your mind into perspective and finding what's fit about your character, your individuality and your personality towards what you do. I love being fit and doing cool stuff physically but because I've learned so much, it's carried over through my mental concepts and helped me make the person I 'am today as a writer, building my brain to make ideas that will benefit other people and help others find their own path. It's really the journey that counts, not where you'll end up. It's what you go through in order to get where you want to be and you can't always control the outcome, you can't force your body to do something that it doesn't want to do and you never know what the real outcome is. Everything happens for a reason and things will turn out the way they're meant to. For me, training like an animal is adventurous to me and brings out a side of me I like and feel good about because at times in my life, it's not always pleasant or fun and games so Animal Fitness is like a sanctuary in my mind and body to help some of those rough patches even though those rough patches aren't very common like they use to be. Listen and learn what goes on in your journey, it's like a really good book; you don't skip to the ending, you read along and the best parts are always in the middle and the ending is just icing on the cake.


    Going wild in a fun and unique way builds up your spirit and you have a blast doing it. It's the true beauty behind the exercise and movement; you're honing your skills and building something very few people achieve and because it's different it makes it even more interesting because you're going outside the norm, rebelling against the mainstream crap and you're doing what works best for you. Nothing can truly stand in your way when you do something you love and cherish. So instead of training like a "man", be a Wildman/woman and just have fun with it, do it because you're passionate about it and who cares about certain people not liking it, they can think for themselves and put up their opinions but in the end, you're the happy one and you're doing what comes natural to you. That's my philosophy from an animalistic point of view. Take it as you will.
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