Monday, March 9, 2015

If You Love It Who Cares

    I do my best to bring you cool ideas on fitness and other things. I have many opinions about the good, the bad and the extremely weird styles of training but if you are passionate about something; do it and do it with love, pride and give back from what you have learned. There are things I can't stand in this field at times, one of them is drugs, another is giving lousy advice that can lead to injury and I can't understand feeling forced to do something you don't want to do and think you'll be happier that way but you are a human being and you choices, how you do them and what you're willing to go through them is up to you. I promote kick ass fitness and creative ideas on how to get in awesome shape both physically and mentally but I also draw the line and if you have ever read my stuff, you ought to know by now, if not then start reading.


    How you do things is a reminder of who you are and what works and what doesn't. Many people live their lives doing things that don't work for them but expect great things to happen; that's almost like saying you're dating a girl who is a complete bitch and treats you like crap but you think down the line she's going to turn into this loving and caring person out of the blue trust me I've been there I tried it. Do things that define your personality, bring you a flow of awesomeness that gives you joy and feeling incredible about yourself. So what you wear weird clothes, who really cares you like to watch cartoons at an older age, does it really matter how many push-ups you can do in a minute and why do you give a shit what people really think of you? You're awesome in your own right and the right people will come along to support what you do even if you screw up because they know the real you. I've had people turn their back on me, shut me out and verbally abuse their words on me because I didn't live up to their standards, didn't like to dress up to every damn gathering and even because of the way I exercise and you know what; screw them, what I do reflects my personality and if they don't have the guts to let me be a part of them even at my worst, they don't deserve a damn thing from me.


    Most people's approval is pointless. Not saying everything regarding an approval is pointless it's usually the objective from other's opinions. Sure if you want to school well you have to keep your grades up and yes sometimes a good appearance while applying for a job would need approval if you want to get hired I get that I've done it; yet if you're a gothic looking person and you like what you wear, awesome. There were a lot of things my friends and family didn't approve of especially how I live and what I do with it, some still don't but that's their opinion and they can have it. Most of approvals are meaningless recognition like trying to please people that don't need pleasing. However, even I want some approval on some things like being able to feel like I'm being accepted and people share my philosophy, to me that's a sign of approval or something like being to do something awesome and it's being spread around by people who recognize my work, to me that's a sign of approval. What I don't see the need for approval in my own way, is that what I wear shouldn't concern anybody; I dress like a I'm going to the beach: Shorts, T-Shirts and an occasional sweatshirt and sweat pants, I don't wear jeans or button down shirts and I certainly hate dressing up for practically anything unless it was my own wedding. You don't need approval for who you are and who you try to prove yourself as. Want to know the most common thing (at least from my observation) I've ever noticed about "needing" approval from people, is what you wear or how you look; think about it, how often have you heard "do I look ok in this dress?", "Is this tie on straight?", "Should I wear the tight one or the loose one because I'm afraid they won't like me", and many more. Most people in reality are very shallow when it comes to approval and the real people that like you for you no matter don't need anything from you because you are all that matters.


    Getting back to things that don't work for you than expect something great to happen, stop it, seriously you're killing me smalls. There will be things that you may not like and you have to go through them like a human being but that doesn't mean you have to suffer what doesn't work for you. Build a foundation for what works for you and how it can help you in any area of your life. I love helping people and if it involves lifting and giving someone a chance to feel better at ease within that context it makes me feel great and always has but when they take advantage of that and utilize their own agenda against what I represent and force me to do what they want, that pisses me off and I'm not somebody's toy they can play with just so they can get what they want out of me, you don't do that to people. Life has it's struggles we all go through them but it also has its shares of laughs, loving one another and have an understanding of what works and how to compromise so no one is feeling stressed or emotionally distraught. If what you do is making you feel depressed, angry, makes you doubt yourself and makes you feel miserable; you have a problem and you need to fix it any way you can that is sustainable, productive, positive and meaningful. I like to cook a certain way because I'm not a fan of stoves, I train in ways that are interesting to me and not give me something I hate to do, I have a particular way of folding clothes that is simple to me and I wear clothes that feel comfortable to me not what makes me miserable; starting to get the picture, find a way to better yourself by doing what is comfortable for you but also gives you interesting challenges. Feel good about yourself, if you love what you do than who really cares what other people think, it's your thing and how you show it bares to the people you believe worth showing to. Do a sport you love, go to your favorite movie, write a book if that interests you, workout the way you feel to and laugh what you find funny. If it works for you, you will feel happier, have a higher self-esteem and you get more things done faster.
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