Monday, March 23, 2015

Combinations Are Endless

    To get the very best out of you training, you need to brush out of the norm and dial up the inner power to go beyond most people's capabilities. In order to do this, you practice with as much accuracy and precision within your area of strength, flexibility, endurance and agility. You practice movement that creates a standstill of most who dare to reach. Even the most basic movements can become some of the toughest forms for the average person. I remember not being able to do 25 push-ups or 50 squats when I was learning to walk again; I needed to learn the basic principles first until they became natural to me in order to progress to the next stages; now I can do clapping push-ups, one-arm hindu push-ups and even do jumps like a grasshopper or cricket (I choose not to do a bunch of these), for squats I can do half one-legged, able to do lunges starting from the floor, jumping squats and other. I learned to develop my own way of training after learning the basic progressions. I wanted to do things most couldn't do even at a much heavier weight (I'm 260+ pounds). It's all about practice and what you're willing to get good at; if you practice terrible, you're going to end up doing something terrible so find what you can become good at.


    Everyone trains differently and we have certain body types that aren't always equal but if you can find a way to beat the odds, it makes everything that much more bad ass. One of my friends Bud Jeffries is one of the strongest people on the planet drug free yet at his size (close to 300 pounds) he is also one of the most agile men I've ever seen; doing handstands, rolling, cartwheels, the splits and more so how is that possible? He did what most don't think to do, he made it a habit to not let anything stand in his way of being the very best he can be. Another example of defining what people see as is Dennis Rogers; a complete opposite in size compared to Bud yet at 5'8 and 170 lbs. soak and wet he is pound for pound the world's strongest man for the feats he performs like wrench bending, holding back Harleys, break out of handcuffs, rip the thickest phonebooks and tear decks of cards like they were a piece of paper. It's amazing what some of these men can. You need to find your own style of how you do things and combine the very best that you have learned and take it to a level only you can reach. Whether it's strongman, various movements, athletics or whatever, learn to create your own style that is unique to anyone else.


    Given the fact that movement in itself is incredible and powerful, to truly test your abilities is how you live in the moment of your movement. What I mean by this is that no matter what you do, if you're good at it and are confident in it, live within what you do as if it was an adventure. Think differently and see yourself in a different light as if you're the only one who truly live it. Your imagination is the key and when you apply it into action, it becomes this glorious reality that inspires people to take a chance on. When I train, I live in those moments as if I was in another universe and basking in the strength and power of my very being into what I do. Right now I'm focused on Animal Movements and transforming myself in my mind as if I was a wild animal in the jungle like a bear, gorilla, alligator, a majestic bird soaring through the air, an underwater creature just watching to take on the danger that is coming or a mighty ape establishing his dominance; it's those moments that makes what I do interesting and exciting. Make your own moments and live them with passion and fierceness.


    At a young age, we don't know what the hell we're really doing but yet we become very expressive and very imaginative, making up games, playing pretend and living in our own world. We can't do that as we get older because we have to be serious, analytical, uptight and boring as hell because apparently being expressive and imaginative is for children not grown adults. Sure we need to be aware of things as we get older and it's important to know how the world works but that shouldn't stop you from having a high spirit and living with expression and imagination. When I write, I'm very much into what I type down and I love to express myself in what I'm comfortable doing and don't care what other people think of me. When I train, I'm very imaginative and live in moments where it becomes more like play and adventure. I do get looks from time to time from others and have had kids mimic what I was doing because they thought it was cool or funny to do. Being expressive opens up your personality, takes you to another level in your soul where freedom is your best friend and how you portray yourself towards others; some won't like it at all, some will love you for it and others will just find it plain weird because they don't understand your way of doing things. In these past few years, I've grown to love what I do, I'm confident in what I do and I express it very openly because I have learned that in life, you can't please everyone and not everyone is going to agree with what you do and it's their loss for not learning to open themselves up and live with passion. Be open to your true self and live in the moment because you never know how long it's going to last and nothing lasts forever. Be bold and move with power both internally and externally.



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