Monday, March 16, 2015

Jungle Fever

    Not it's not a disease infected virus or have a drug addict having a withdrawal in the bush; it's the love and good feeling you can have after doing a few animal exercises or adding them into your routine. Most "human" exercises today are terrible, you got your cardio machines, your weighted machines, little pink dumbbells and those god awful sweat induced prissy gyms that only care about your money and not your damn health. Do you really think machines are really going to help you in the real world? Do you really think that doing tricep kickbacks on a bosu ball is going to truly help your balance? Seriously people get some brains will you? A lot of those machine infested exercises take away the freedom of moving your own body; if you want to lift something, lift it or learn how to progress to a specific level of lifting. When you move like a wild animal, you're utilizing every muscle in your body that has some awkward movements because not everything is up and down or a straight line. There are curvatures and a few twists and turns. It can also be fun if you use a little imagination.


    Sure you may not want to eat bugs, chase after a gazelle or wrestle alligators but it is important to follow one of our basic components of the human entities; our animal instincts. Even as humans, we have urges and the need for movement and fight or flight. We are taught to control our urges by various aspects of society and it is a valuable tool to learn self-control but yet it is important to act on what is instinctive and utilize what makes us human in the first place. Living up to that with a sense of balance, not controlled strictness because let's face it, whenever we are very strict of something someone ends up breaking free sooner or later. It's like trying to fill a balloon full of water more than it can handle, it's going to eventually pop. When it comes to your fitness, be instinctive, act on what values you as an individual and do things geared towards your personality and interests. Be bold and challenge the norm but also have fun with it, not push yourself to the brink of death or punish yourself with a 2 hour workout and not sleep for 24 hours. Using a little of your instincts you can change the very course of how you live your life.


    With one animal movement at a time, we can change the landscape of the obesity epidemic (sounds like a plague) that is taking over our country and cities across the world. When I was a kid in the 90's and early 2000's, most of my P.E teachers didn't give us a chance to really have fun with our exercise. I learned a lot from them don't get me wrong but I was mostly taught "do this, do that and see what you can do." It isn't as vague as it may seem but looking back on it from 97'-03' it sucked quite a bit and I never really was taught any real technique because the teacher had to teach so many kids at times how could they keep up? It almost felt like torture on some days and it made me hate exercise at times. There were times where I loved going to lift weights or play basketball but others it felt like here you go and let's see how you run with it. Fitness is about structure, learning the value of teamwork and making it interesting, not this very bleak look at some basic stuff that a ten year old can learn and feel miserable. Kids crave activity whether they admit it or not or even understand the concept yet also they have an expanded imagination that is beautiful yet mysterious. Disguise exercise as play and I guarantee you it will be a little more interesting and favorable among the young ones. Get in the habit of utilizing Animal Movements for kids because it can help the in ways typical exercise can't like help their self-esteem, burn off fat, build natural lean muscle, gain stamina, wear out excess energy so they can relax while in other classes, form games to keep things interesting. There are so many ways to do it its mind boggling.


    Being able to benefit the way of the animal is a beautiful thing for both adults and kids. I love the idea of giving someone the chance to be themselves while they do something cool and exciting. It can be a bit goofy at times but who cares. They're getting fit while having a good time and they become accustomed to its concept of movement, imagination, playfulness and the ability to take their strength to another level. If I knew at 13 what I know now, my life would've been way more interesting to me and would be far fitter and probably developed a six pack in the process but things happen for a reason and I do the best to my abilities is to stay athletic as possible while being a bigger guy. I love Animal Movements, it's incredible to feel my body was worked in a very short amount of time and get amazing benefits in the process. Doing a 10-20 min. workout is like playing a game that is fun and get practice all this cool stuff. What would it be like to you and/or a child to have natural strength, high levels of happiness, incredible stamina, elf-esteem through the roof and sleep like a baby? That's just some of the benefits anyone can have if they apply themselves in animal fitness. Let's spread the word by learning, teaching and valuing a high level of getting anyone who wants to learn; young or old the awesome tool of moving like your favorite animal and get in awesome shape inside and out. Are you with me?
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