Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Live In Your Imagination

The imagination truly is the greatest nation on earth when you apply yourself. Sometimes the real world can be scary and a tad boring depending on how you look at things. It can also be beautiful and wondrous. Living in the real world isn't always what it's cracked up to be; you have people murdering each other, living like slobs, taking others for granted and having a personal agenda. On the other hand there are those who you can trust, learn great things from, help you when you need, form a group of people of similar interests and share friendship in different ways. Living in your imagination doesn't mean daydreaming and losing sight of things but to create your own world from within and utilizing it in different facets of your life that brings attraction and fierce energy.

One method I love to do from time to time is what's called Theater Of The Mind, opening up your mind and watching yourself in your very own movie theater doing really amazing things and achieving incredible goals as if they were live and in living color. It's very powerful and lets you control what happens on screen and what you want to happen. Turn up the volume/sound system, zoom in, see yourself at your best whatever you want to make it. Picture yourself as if you lived in your own Disney movie full of animation, colors, sounds and characters of your own; hell throw in Mickey, Donald and other favorites if you want, it's your movie. Set a goal as if it already happened and you're replaying it on the big screen; taking notes and looking for ideas that can help you along your journey.

You can unlock aspects of your muscle fibers by using your mind and applying it into action. Some of the strongest men on the planet used mental techniques to help them do extraordinary feats of strength as if the vision was real and every muscle was firing in the snap of your fingers. Your power is in your breath and in your imagination, make certain sounds, move in certain positions and see as if you can move an imaginary ball using electrical currents, as you move the ball using your style of the Force, you can harness strength and speed in ways you couldn't do before. Only you control what is going on and you can open up doors to gaining crazy strength, endurance, flexibility and matrix-like power.

Living through movement and imagination can transfer into a greater reality than what it perceives to be. There's always room for practice and it's important to open up your mind as wide as you possibly can because the way you think and apply movement can have a profound effect on your brain capacity, your ability to coordinate and utilize your muscles you didn't know you had and with practice you can use it anytime you want. It's not just blasting through a workout or anything but whatever you choose to do in life, even write or pick up groceries, running to catch the bus, how you walk and talk and so much more. Reality may be what you see, but your imagination is what you feel and see from the inside.

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