Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Into Action With Animal Exercises

   The air is beginning to get warmer, the flowers are blooming and life is being reborn after the cold winter. You have been inside too long, not knowing if you should exercise or not and whether you're prepared to do awesome outdoor training. It can be cool, you may even join a gym which is cool if you want a place to go to but yet why choose the gym when you can be free to roam at your favorite park, the backyard, a nice little area near your house or the beach. You can always do both but it's very important to get that vitamin D and open up your lungs to fresh air and the feeling of a nice breeze coming down on you. Like a bear coming out of hibernation, it's time to get your spring legs going.


    Most people hate the words "workout", "intense training" and "hardcore" because they sound harsh, single minded and only have one goal in my mind and that's to take you down as hard as possible. Replace them with words like "fun", "play", "worldly", "happy" and "awesome". Get out and move, don't worry so much about your set and rep schemes; make up games, race, go swimming and be adventurous. That's the beauty of training the animal way, you get to have fun and train your body in a very unique way. Kids in particular love to use their imagination and make up cool stuff and make weird noises as they play their games, its fantasy used in motion. Imagine yourself being an animal, transform yourself in your imagination into a powerful wild beast like the Tiger, the Gorilla, The Bear, the Alligator, a fast moving Greyhound and many more to feel out and get fit by. Work in workout is no longer a part of your vocabulary, it's replaced with fun and awesome by doing what makes you happy, being silly and living your life with joy.


    Here is some playful training that both kids and adults can do and it only takes 5 minutes to start or do. It's based on your favorite characters from cartoons and movies you grew up watching. You can even do some of the funny gestures and singing from these cool dudes from your past and for the new generation…..


Baloo The Bear: 1 minute
King Kong: 1 minute
Tigger: 1 minute
Krusty Krab: 1 minute
Marlon The Gator: 1 minute
    Just these 5 animals alone will get you going on the path to great health and fitness. Kids love mimicking animals especially if they see them in their favorite tv shows and Disney movies. I loved watching Baloo as a kid doing the Bear Necessities or being in a dance craze like in Disney's Robin Hood. Too many people get all uptight and analytical about things; it's important to learn the movements but once you amp up that other in your head and living it out in your exercise your results will have a greater affect. Kids these days need to be helped on getting fit but not making them do push-ups as a punishment or making them feel worse about themselves because they didn't get what you want them to do. Kids do need to be disciplined in some form I agree but rather make some of it a disguise as play to help them learn lessons, value teamwork, being mindful and even chilling them out because as you know they can be very energetic and its hard keeping up with them. Be bold but also let them figure out who they are and keep them happy in ways they'll never know. Animal training for kids helps out many types like the underweight needing to build muscle, the overweight needing to lean out, hyper energetics needing to cool down and relax, those with low self-esteem to pick their spirits up and release those endorphins, even the lethargic turning them into robust energetic individuals. Do it with them and play together, get a family game going, have them exercise so they'll be hungry for dinner later, instead of making them sit for an hour on timeout; supervise them by having them move around like they're favorite animal until they give in. It's about compromise and doing something that isn't verbally/emotionally/physically abusive.


    It isn't fun when you hate what you're doing, training is supposed to be adventurous, specific, useful and understanding of what you want out of it. Forget the reps and sets schemes, go out for distance, see how many jumps it takes to get 100 feet or more, how fast can you go without losing your form, going backwards, picking certain species that are meant for either land or water whatever you choose to do go for it and make it as long as you need to and rest when you need to. Most work outs last less than 30 minutes because they are intense and full bodied but if you wish to go longer because you're up to it who's stopping you. Do it throughout the day, while your kid is sleeping, in the morning before work, at night before going to bed make it work for you and if you only have a small window of time use it. It is far better to do something you love then dread something you hate because if you hate what you do your energy will spread around and it wouldn't be pleasant to make others feel miserable just because you are; use it to make yourself happy, release those stress hormones and crack open a genuine smile because when you are glowing with happiness it will spread to others around you. For us men, Animal movements are essential to our manhood not just as we get older but also because in order for us to stay looking young & vibrant we need to keep our testosterone at optimum levels so we don't get our bodies to have that flabby gut or getting moobs on our chests. For women it's just as important because women have greater trouble putting on muscle and losing weight than men do so they need to train just as efficiently so they can keep an awesome figure. So get those bodies cruising on the grass or any natural place to move around and open up your mind to becoming animalized.

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