Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Development Of Another World

    Most exercise programs today suck, that's just a fact. I mean you have your shake weights, tv's on the cardio machines, too much volume for a beginner and you even have people who actually believe you can develop massive amounts of muscle only by thinking, I'm not making this shit up. I've been there, I've gone through some weird stuff when it comes to exercise and it isn't pretty; I've even collapsed a couple times and that should never happen no matter what you're doing, if you're on the verge of passing out stop it immediately. And it's not always the programs that suck it's the people who came up with them that have no sense of imagination and no skills on making it interesting and it's a lot of that "Do or die" BS.


   Sometimes the real world can be very deceitful, things aren't always what they seem and what you see isn't what you always get. Although things in reality have their moments of beauty, love, tenderness and the loyalty of those few that are around us but on the other side of the coin; there's hate, depression, murder, broken hearts and there's even Kayne West my god man what has this world come to? I've seen some pretty gnarly stuff go down on an emotional level and I have been beat up and I've been hurt plus an occasional verbal confrontation I don't wish to get into but yet have also seen some kick ass stuff happen not just in my life but the people around me, feeling the joy and positive energy that brings great fondness of others. If you learn your awareness and harness your intuition, you'll learn the real trick to seeing which side of the coin you rather be on and making things happen for you.


    Magic is real in the sense where when you take action and allow it to attract what you want, magical things happen. No you won't be seeing Unicorns or flying dragons (unless you're on some form of Acid) and you certainly won't actually see Godzilla tearing it up with a 50ft King Kong on the main street of Sheboygan but what you will see is much more awesome then that (actually I'll take the lizard and the ape in a small town any day) but seriously; when you open up your mind and take action by applying the little things it will come up a big impact. Everyone at one time thought Leo Di Vinci was a total nut job and he had some sort of weird vibe with Satan or something but yet he wasn't just ahead of his time, he was a man that thought outside the box and took a risk. He didn't get to see what his achievements have become; he already lived them. Walt Disney was turned down by practically every single corporation that he asked to build Disneyland on and look what came of it, he never gave up on making dreams a reality. Awesome things happen in the fitness world just as much when you practice being in a whole different world and seeing as if it was as real as the nipples on the Batsuit in Batman & Robin (let that sink into your brain cells).



   When you apply your imagination and the action taken in your passion and interests; they make you feel more alive, becoming larger than life and running over the fear of what others think you can't do. Applying action down to the smallest detail from your imagination creates a larger picture than you can ever imagine. When you work on Hand Balancing; picture being in the perfect handstand, training for the 100 meters? As you're bursting down the track picture as if you had no choice but to run for your life because there's a damn cheetah on your ass, what about lifting incredible weight, picture as if you needed to save someone's life and they're trapped and you're the only person who can save them. When you apply your thinking with action, certain things begin to happen in your body, your nerves are jacked, your muscles begin to flare up and your adrenaline reaches levels you didn't think were possible. You can open up a whole other universe just by the power of your thoughts and when use that type of thinking into action, some of the most unexplainable things begin to emerge; you may make more money, develop strength at a quicker rate, have a greater sense of awareness and you may even create a sense of physical energy that can help your love life (that's always something awesome). Dare to imagine and use to create what you want in your life cause otherwise, the world would be boring as well without the greatest nation in the universe and that's Imagination.

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