Monday, October 31, 2016

What Makes The Deck Of Cards Workout So Effective And How Often Should You Do It

Spare some time? Is it cold and wet out on an Autumn Day in October? Can't get to the gym or just don't want to deal with traffic? Got any room in your hotel? All of these can still be your asset to getting a workout in. I have gone through some very effective workouts over the years and nearly at the top of the list is the Deck Of Cards Workout. It was made famous believe it or not by Late Pro Wrestler Karl Gotch who believed this workout helped enhance a man or woman's conditioning to last in a good old fashioned match and have reserves in the middle and ending of a fight. For the most part the only exercises he would put in would be the Hindu Push-ups & the Hindu Squats.

In Japan where Karl was praised as a Wrestling God, the wrestlers who trained under him would go on to be successful wrestlers and passed on the conditioning to students of their own. It's evident that if you want to get in shape fast this is a hell of a way to do it. The objective of this "game" was to get through each card that had specific exercises attached to it and as you got better, you reduced the rest periods each workout until you can burst through it without much problem. The one thing to remember especially if you've never done it or haven't done it in quite some time was to see how many cards you can go through without fatiguing and rest as long as needed and move onto the next card. I admittedly was stupid and got my ego in the way knowing I was in good shape but my body needed a little time getting back into it and ended up hurting my elbows. Don't ever make that mistake because this workout alone can get you in supreme cardio shape for practically any sport but like everything else, ease into it and build up.

Now in terms of exercises, Karl used mainly 2 exercises or variations of and made it a point to go as fast as possible and build up those lungs to where no matter what sport you're in you'll be in shape throughout the duration of a game/match. Some people do 4 exercises, some will do 3, some will do multiple variations and take on different style of repetitions. For me, I like the concept of Squats and Push-ups and have gone through the deck multiple times ranging from 20 min. workouts to just over an hour and the reps are set and stone and rarely if ever change.....

Aces=20 reps
Jacks/Queens/Kings=15 Reps
Jokers=50 Reps
2-10 are at face value

If you really wanted to be a stud and make it a little more interesting; you would double the squats and keep the push-ups at face value. Some people go way over the top and sometimes triple the numbers in all the exercises. Ric Flair in his heyday would go as far as doing a total of 440 Squats, 440 Push-ups & 440 Sit-ups with the deck and if anybody knows what Ric did in the ring or how long he could last every night you know why those cards were effective for him. For the average person, you don't need extreme high reps to be in good shape. If all you care about is getting lean and mean and have good cardio to go along with it, this workout will do it. I've seen guys in videos do things like Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Pull-ups & even used kettlebells its all about your creativity and seeing what can challenge you. I'm going to tell you its no cake walk and it never gets easier but it can be more interesting in seeing what you can come up with.

Why is it so effective? Did you not read what it could do for the Dirtiest Player in the game? It's effective in the sense where it challenges the norm and unlike other routines it changes every workout. You're not doing the same cards every time and you can change the repetitions depending on your level of fitness. When it comes down to it, it blasts your cardio greater than being on a treadmill for an hour and it gets you lean fast and I mean really fast, like you'll lose weight and drop fat almost in the same workout on the first day. During my small stint with the cards recently without ever changing my eating I dropped 3 pounds in under a week. You can take it anywhere with you and it can be done on your own schedule; if you're short on time, have an hour lunch at work, do it in your hotel room before leaving for the day or do it a park and really go nuts. The only equipment you need is 52 playing cards that's it.

Now how often should you do it? For those who are beginning to do it, start with how many cards you can do and each workout add one or 2 the most. Once you can do the full deck in a workout, start with once every 4-5 days because it is very intense and it can drain you. Once your cardio id better, do it once every 2-3 days. If you need to back off a day or 2 because you're either sore or don't have the energy than do so, you can always go back when you're fresh and ready. To really go sadistic, some people are in such world-class shape they'll do it everyday, sometimes as a warm-up before their other routine. I use to be able to do this every other day for weeks at a time and would get it done in under half an hour. My best time on the cards is roughly under 23 minutes. Now that i'm healing and really want to get back into it once i'm 100% I'll be doing once every 4 days or every other day in between workouts for HIIT. I have learned my lesson and going to instead do the 2 upper body movements I was doing before, I'll be taking on multiple variations of the Push-up and stick with Hindu Squats/Jumpers & the V-Ups. That way i'm not putting my elbows in jeopardy on one or just 2 variations and be able to hit muscles from different angles.

Here's a bonus for you.....What kind of deck is good for this workout? Well, any type of 52 cards will do but for me I like the themes and having different cultural references on the cards for motivation and having pictures and such to keep me pumped. My all-time favorite is using my Indiana Jones deck where it has scenes from all 4 movies and there's three jokers in the deck so I'm doing not one not 2 but 3 sets of 50 Squats that could start at the beginning, the middle or at the very end of the deck and its going to be challenging either way. If I don't have a deck on hand, I find an app on my phone and do it that way, typing down the exercises for each card and have it. Some apps have jokers, others don't so find the best one for you. Have fun with this workout and write me a note on how you do or have any questions on conditioning or what exercises you can start with and if you have injuries but still want to do them, I'd be happy to give you tips on that as well.


Happy Halloween Everyone and have a great night getting candy around the neighborhood and dress up like a boss. I'm rooting for ya in the Costume Contest wherever it is.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Healing Bad Elbows

Sometimes in training certain things happen and I ended up a little hurt. Really got into the Deck Of Cards Workout based on Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning exercises and ended up in-flaming both my elbows around the joints. Got caught up in staying consistent with doing Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, V-Ups & The Tablemakers. The Push-ups & the Tablemakers were the ones that pinned me down. My form wasn't that great although it wasn't terrible either and my flexibility in the Tablemaker wasn't very good. I'm only human and get so caught up in it I didn't stop it sooner. Luckily I finally let my body tell me to stop before a serious injury would've occurred.

These exercises are without question very powerful and work very well for practically anyone. This is only a setback where I plan on healing myself through other methods that have less impact on the joints. I'm not in terrible pain but when I do try a couple push-ups I feel it right away. The exercises are not to blame whatsoever, its my own fault and I paid the consequences. I never had an issue like this before so its a learning experience. I'm happy i'm able to finish the deck roughly any time I wanted and plan on beating it again one day.

Its important to listen to your body and when there's even the slightest bit of danger where your joints don't feel right stop. Joints are more precious than the muscles. Muscles heal faster but joints take a little longer. That's why for the time being I'm focusing more on Ab Work using Gymnastic Abs, Stretching through little bits of Playful Movements, VRT to work the muscles and not put a strain on the joints and most of all, the healing powers of Qi Gong. I can still move my elbows and lift stuff if I need to but not pushing hard on a workout with them; better to train smart than to train stupid.

Once my elbows heal, I might start again on Darebee Circuit Workouts or create circuits of my own and get back to doing Burpee HIIT Workouts starting 2x a week and build up to 3x a week maximum using exercises from 50 Shades Of Burpees. Just because you can't do one thing doesn't mean you can't do another. There are ways to work around minor injuries and power up on the healing process. The type of qi gong I practice is from different areas of the arts but the ones I highly recommend and have helped me immensely in the past have been Shaolin Qi Gong & Matt Furey's Chi Kung Methods which are from his Membership Site which to me is a powerful and wonderful investment.

Don't be mad at yourself if you get hurt, think of it as a learning experience and take it in with laughter. You will heal, work on getting back and do things to help prevent it from happening again. I don't plan on ever doing the deck again on an everyday basis, its just not practical and it drained me for the most and didn't have the brains to take it easy at first, I got caught up in the glory of being able to do it. Something to do maybe a couple times a week just to get some good conditioning going; not to go at it everyday and even if I do happen to do it, I wouldn't always do the repetitions, I'd do lower reps on some workouts or even a no rep workout where I just hold positions for breaths or seconds and I have experienced going through the deck that way too and it gives even the toughest men a run for their money. Make compromises with your mind and body. Take it from me, you do too much it'll bite you in the ass. I know I can do it and I will do it again but in the meantime my body is more important than the glory of beating cool looking cards.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Be In The Best Condition YOU Can Be In

It's never easy to get in shape or be healthy physically, mentally & emotionally and when we do, a lot of times is because we want to be like people we admire or want to have their figure/physique, have washboard abs and have bulging muscles. There's nothing wrong with admiring others but we can never truly be exactly like them and i'll tell you why; It's physically impossible to look and feel exactly like another human being. You can get plastic surgery, train hard, eat the same exact foods, impersonate them and do whatever it takes but in the end, you will always be you.

I wanted to train to be like Arnold when I was lifting, that didn't pan out because I got too exhausted trying his routines. I wanted to play like Michael Jordan when I was in my teens but that definitely pan out because I couldn't grow like him and had no where near 1/10th of his abilities. I wanted to be like my favorite wrestlers but I never could wrestle or be in the shape they were in because I just didn't have that kind of passion. I did however get in better shape at the age of 30 than I ever did in my 20's and it was because I made it my mission to not be like anyone else and focus being in the best shape for me.

You see, we focus so much on impressing others and wanting to look like others because for most they have very low self-esteem and have very little respect and admiration for themselves. I'm not saying you have to be a narcissistic prick to make that happen but when you learn to see you're worth something regardless of what anyone says and you have the power to make things happen for you and you alone, things become a reality. I'm no millionaire and believe in working for myself plus as much as I love getting paid for what I do I don't have thoughts on getting so much money I wouldn't know what to do with it. When I was growing up, money always made me feel weird inside because people I know and cared about used money to buy someone's love and used it against their very own blood. I'm not saying it happened all the time but money to me is nothing more than to be used to pay bills when needed, have a little spree here and there and get food. Do I think its evil, absolutely not, I think it has a lot of worth to a person's life but it should never be used against someone or make someone believe because they have money they're more important and controlling everything. Condition yourself to trust money that works for you. Unlike other people I know, when I spend money on someone else whether its for my girl, my family, friends or a complete stranger I don't ask for anything in return unless its for a purpose other than that it makes me happy to help someone or just do something nice, there's no agenda, no back stabbing and no secrets of what I want out of it.

Being in condition whether physically, financially or whatever is more on the journey than the destination. We don't realize that being in shape really has no deadline and if you push too hard it'll bite you in the ass. I exercise everyday not for the sake of being better than somebody but because its fun and I do it with my heart and soul only for me. Don't waste your time becoming someone else, that's what second rated people do, first rate people get in shape because they have something within themselves and go through the struggles to better themselves. There are things I can do a lot can't but the opposite is also true, there are things I couldn't dream of doing that others can do and you know what, that's cool with me. There's always room for improvement and its important to be around those that believe in you and when people are jealous of your accomplishments, they will do whatever or say whatever to bring you down or in so much fear of what you can do, they'll try to suck the life out of your goal setting and point out negative bullshit. I say bring it on. I firmly and passionately believe in what I do and have been told a number of times that I what I do won't get me anywhere or that people won't care about what I have to say yet I'm still going through walls like the Juggernaut bitch.

Be the best possible YOU!!!  

Monday, October 24, 2016

How Do You Spell D-E-C-K (Never Look At A Deck Of Cards The Same Way Again)

Today is my HIIT Day and I'm going to dominate it with a vengeance doing 4 different Burpees for 8 Intervals for 30 Sec. On & 90 Sec. Off; that works best for me and seeing results with this method. Yesterday however was just a brutal and a bit of a longer workout where I took out my deck of The Matt Furey Exercise Bible and hammered out Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, V-Ups & Tablemakers. Normally it takes me a good 45 minutes or so to finish the deck but since its been a while it took much longer to finish but I finished it nonetheless.

When it comes down to it, using basic exercises and molding them into a conditioning workout with a deck of cards is one of the best ways to get in awesome shape period. I have done the deck in a variety of ways; from animal exercise to Squats & Push-ups and the Matt's Exercise Bible and it never gets easier every time. I train to be in the best shape possible for my size and changing things up works my brain better because if I repeat too many of the same workout I get bored and become grumpy. That's the beauty of a good deck, it's never the same and the reps change with every workout. This is the same format that Karl Gotch used on his wrestling students and beat the holy hell out of them. Although it took me a while, in between cards I didn't just lay down and die, I stretched and did plenty of deep breathing and drinking water, I was determined to beat that sumbitch come hell or high water and if it meant taking a breather every now and then I did so but when I was ready I hammered them out.

At first, you're going to need to take breaks because your body is not use to that kind of stress and if you go too fast too early you can hurt yourself and you're going to need an iron lung. Build yourself up, takes less breaks each workout, let your conditioning come naturally and never give up and break away from the cards. Remember, they're just a plastic-coated pieces of paper yet the longer you go, the more you may hear them screaming at you to quit. The more conditioned you are, the less breaks you'll take and eventually you'll be bursting through them like a cake walk and when that happens, you'll be extremely fit and you'll be looking more like an athlete with the stamina to back it up.

 This type of workout has been used by athletes from all kinds of sports like Pro Wrestling, MMA, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and many others. Some of the most famous stars have done this workout to maintain insane shape from guys like Ric Flair, Ray Lewis, Ken Shamrock and others. It doesn't have to be the same exercises you can change them up to say Burpees, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Kettlebell Swings, Sandbell Slamming, Battling Ropes, Hitting a tire with a sledgehammer (A personal favorite of mine) or whatever you decide. It gives you variety and an ever changing landscape of building great conditioning and being in shape fast. Here are some cards to look into that are pretty awesome and can be a motivator instead of those boring generic cards....

Indiana Jones



Football (Oakland Raiders)

Get in shape and make it interesting. Remember my motto "It doesn't get easier, just more interesting." In the words of The Nature Boy "Learn to live with it and learn to love it."

Friday, October 21, 2016

Making A Mean Program Using Burpees

There aren't many courses dedicated to the Burpee but one I found truly does that and then some. It's written and published by MMA Conditioning Specialist Funk Roberts called 50 Shades Of Burpees. Here's the scoop on it...

Just when you think there were only a few variations of the Burpee, good ole Funk puts the cherry on top of a giant cake with 200 Variations and over 50 workouts ranging from Sports to MMA, Conditioning, Beginner & Advanced. The names alone are pretty awesome but once you see what the workouts consists of it makes it even more bad ass. Although its geared towards Finisher Circuits and Tabata Style Circuits, it can still inspire other ways of High Intensity Interval Training.

Learn the history of the Burpee and why its practically pound for pound one of the best if not the best in getting a heavy workout anywhere anytime using little to no equipment that burns fat, builds muscle and adds on HGH like there's no tomorrow. To me the price was well worth it and i'm just touching the surface of the amount of variations I've tested myself on. Understand why its a staple for conditioning for world-class athletes, military and law enforcement recruits to test the wills of individuals who seek and are demanded high quality endurance and toughness. For examples of the variations check out the Video below.

44 Of The Greatest Burpees Ever

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Getting Back To The Bridge

Hey Bad Asses,

I've been getting back into Bridging lately mainly to stay in good shape but more importantly keeping my spine and abs strong especially when it comes to recovery from my Burpee HIIT Workouts. It's important to keep your neck and spine healthy even in various sports like Football, Wrestling, MMA and others. I have been off and on doing Bridging Exercises for over a decade now and even at 32 Its important to maintain that healthy spinal cord and keeping the core strong well into my 40's in the next decade and beyond. Sure I'm young and still vibrant compared to those in those in their 50's and 60's but at the same time I feel bad for those poor souls in their 20's and in my age range already having issues with their joints, aching backs and thinking they're "invincible" and testing their limits in just everything. I'm all for having a great time and testing what you're capable of but at some point, certain things will come back and bite you in the ass if you don't take care of yourself.

I've read reports on crossfitters as young as 17 already having back surgeries and tearing their joints to death before they're even fully developed. Young girls in their 20's putting on way too much muscle for their structure to handle and training hard as much as 6 days a week and busting up their bodies like its a prestigious thing to do. I get it; the excitement, temptation and the belief that if you push yourself to the max you'll go far. Actually the opposite is true; when you don't give yourself the time to recover, being aware of your body's ability to regenerate and not progressing according to your body's needs you will get hurt and have injuries you can never come back from.

Back to me talking to you about my latest bridging endeavors; whether on my days off or some time before my big HIIT Workouts I've been working towards slowly building back the type of flexibility I had back in my 20's where going into bridge wasn't all that difficult with or without a wall, hold a gymnastic bridge well and bridging for health reasons not for the glory of being crazy flexible and strong in the exercises themselves. Last night I did 3 types of bridges just before I started writing this. It helped clear my brain, felt more relaxed and getting that endorphin high that only bridging can give me. This is the type of training that opens up the body in a very meditative manner, its intense but not hardcore. Its not only a way to build strength but also put muscle on the legs, back, abs & yes the neck. Most people cringe seeing someone holding a position where their head and feet are the only body parts touching the floor and of course its not for everyone yet the percentage of that is extremely low. Its understandable but when you don't give into fear and look at what its really capable of in terms of your overall health, the way it could protect from very harmful injuries and be the very reason your spine is as strong as it can be. I could easily hold a 3 min. back bridge cold if I wanted to but doing only one type of bridge will have me neglecting the other muscles in the neck and work my abdominals from another position. The Back Bridge or wrestler's bridge extends the abdominal wall while the front bridge is the flexion of that position. You want to have your muscles working in the best positions possible working opposite areas of the body not from an isolation standpoint but utilizing the body as a whole.

Bridging is one of the areas of exercise that has helped stayed injured-free for years; I've never had a spinal injury, never bruised my neck, never had a concussion and have kept my back so strong I've never really had to take as much as an asprin or muscle relaxer when it had a spasm or two. I feel healthier and stronger when I bridge & I get into a greater state of meditation than through any other method. It puts me into a state of mind that is calming and soothing even though it is an intense contraction or isometric hold throughout the exercise. You can learn more about by checking out my friend Logan Christopher's course called Advanced Bridging. Its got info on everything he knows about the Bridge from the simple holds to doing insane athletic moves, some of which I learned personally from him. He is the main reason why I love Bridging so much, he doesn't just teach the exercises, he goes into the very depths of the underworld on Bridging and what it can accomplish with the right strategies for flexibility, conditioning and unbelievable level of strength & agility that you won't get from anything else.

Learn about it and let me know what it has done for you. Always love finding out from others what they think of courses like this.

Have a great day and keep in touch. You all are awesome.

Big Ben

Monday, October 17, 2016

4 Minute Abs

Anyone who's been around infomercials knows about the Super Core Workout: 8 Minute Abs. The type of workout that is quick and get you building muscle in less than 10 minutes a day. Let me point out that most infomercials are full of bullshite and are really just entertaining globs of crap that 95% of the time or higher have no real usage in the real world or in real based fitness elements. Those little videos of "fit" people trying to sell a product to the average person where they suck you in and make you put down money that you earned through hard work (or stole out of your nana's purse) so you can "build" the body of a greek god or goddess. Talk about marketing BS.

What if there was a way to not only cut that time in half but get greater results without the need to really hype anything and go with old-fasioned, balls to the wall conditioning that works for all fitness levels with progressions and variations that can take the weak and make them possibly nearly superhuman in the most humanly possible? Its the one exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime and will jack up your heart rate nearly or close to in the one of sprints. What if this one exercise got you winded so fast you need longer time to recover and not only that but jack up your hormones regardless of your age or your sex. Its the Burpee my fellow fitness crazies; a classic movement that has stood the test of time since it was a mainstay for World War II trainees to prepare for the fight of their lives. The Burpee puts on muscle, helps you lose weight, burn off fat and aids in your endurance all at the same time.

The Burpee not only hits the legs and muscles of the upper body but strikes into the very Core (pun intended) of your abs where stability and contraction are needed to doing a solid Burpee movement. So you're getting the best out of one exercise. When you add in the push-up it becomes an almost mystical form of conditioning where fat screams bloody murder, muscles pop up and your cardio becomes your greatest ally. How can you do this in 4 minutes? You can do 8 Intervals where you bust out a set for 30 seconds and then rest for 90; you're only working a total of 4 minutes and then dogging it the rest of the time. You can also use it as a finisher where you do 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest. Think about it, being able to train a total of 12 minutes a week and be able to burn calories like crazy even hours after a workout. No more long and boring runs on a treadmill, no more forcing yourself to go outside in bad weather (seriously, you'd have to be into S&M if you think you can workout efficiently outside during a hurricane or in a place like Antarctica where the warmest weather is -18 and your balls are sucked back into ribcage) and no more excuses that you can't do them anywhere; you can do them in a hotel room, at the park, around the corner of your building, at home or anywhere else.

This is one of the fastest ways to put on lean muscle and burn fat like butter on a hot pan and have it melt like the Nazi in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Get your lungs firing and soon enough, you'll be seeing and feeling the body in a whole new light. Go ahead, give it a shot. You might like it.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sadistic Conditioning

Whether in sports, getting in shape or proving to your buddies, you want to be in the best shape possible for whatever an occasion calls for (mostly) not only at the beginning at something but just as much left in the tank for reserves at the end. Its important to challenge yourself and do better at your next workout but it doesn't have to be ruled like a crossfitter or a pro athlete. The average person for the most part won't last a conditioning workout like a MMA Fighter or Pro Football Player hell even a Pro Wrestler, its not meant to be like that yet you have all these magazines and "gurus" telling you that if you work out like a world-class individual you'll be just like them. Sure its great to have a fit body and have the stamina of a wrestler or the strength and speed of a linebacker but there's also hospital bills you could end up paying because you ended up injured or were sadistic enough to think you can handle it.

If i'm telling you this, why bother having a title this article says and be contradictory about it? Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat and that's developing your own style so you can be in the best shape you can be and be world-class all on your own. I have had people tell me how crazy i'am and how my strength and endurance is off the charts and all that but as fun as it is to hear that, I know there are people out there far better than I could ever be and i'm ok with that. I didn't start out being very strong and full of energy in the tank, I had to build up to it and it wasn't overnight, it took me a lot of years of experimenting, challenging myself and learning many aspects of full on conditioning. I'm no where near the level of World-Class Athletes but I can knock out 400 Squats & 250 Push-ups using a deck of cards, I can move a 30 lb. Thor Hammer and hit a tire over 1000 times, I can go a good 20 minutes doing Animal Exercise and Sprint up a hill well. I'm not saying these numbers to brag, its to tell you if you want to be sadistic and be World-Class on your own, it takes time and its never easy, hell if it was I'd have Hulk Strength & the speed of Quicksilver by now but it doesn't happen that way. Everyone is different.

The word Sadistic to many says i'm off my rocker, someone who has no regard for morals or throwing the rule book out the window yet if you were around me, I look nothing or act anything like that. To me Sadistic Conditioning is not how far you're willing to push yourself, its taking the rule book and making it my own, its willing to do something most wouldn't dare to go to, building my body through interested forms of exercise that I want to be the best at for myself and not be compared to anyone else. I see it as a way to make yourself different and not care what people say about you. I have my own levels of sensitivity and I take it day by day but in the end, I'm going to do what I love and be very good at it. Take risks man, test out things, if they don't work for you that's great, something will come along and regardless of the difficulty, if it keeps you interested you can do cool things with it. I train for myself and if anyone wants to learn, all you got to do is ask. Be sadistic in your own way but be positive about it and learn to use your mind and body to do things that are interesting to you and make you happy. People may give you weird looks but others might even join you, you never know.

"It never gets easier. Just more interesting."

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Burpees Are The Best For Those Short On Time

Not everyone will have an hour to be at the gym or be able get in the time they feel like they need in order to get the right training going. I have had times where it was almost impossible to do the type of training I wanted to do because of either traveling, can't get away from a party, shopping or whatever else but regardless I always did something even if it was for 5 minutes.

You need to get through your narrow brain that no matter what time you have there's always something to do. That's what I love about Burpees; they are great for time crunching training either as a finisher or a HIIT Workout that requires less than 6 minutes of work. When you have a 5 minute window and you need something to do, do a set of Burpees or variations you may find online and do a couple sets of 5-12 if you can. If you're really ambitious and are in good shape, go for how many you can do in that amount of time. When you do that you're getting just as much conditioning as if you were doing a 30 min. run on the treadmill. Its a hell of a calorie burner and increases HGH like crazy.

When I'm not writing or doing anything i may get distracted by, I knock out a few burpees just to get my heart rate going and move a little. All I need to do is get off the chair here and get into a good small space and BAM i'm in. If you happen to be traveling and need a good stretch, next time you pull over at a gas station, stretch out a bit and knock out 10 Burpees and feel that sensation of energy. Waiting at the airport? Knock out a few before lining up for the plane (have a towel on hand if you get a little sweaty and maybe some Deoderant LOL). You can do them in your hotel room before you head out for a meeting somewhere or a conference, there's no reason why you can't do something. Don't overthink it and question anything, if you want to get a little something in you find a way to do so or you'll come up with an excuse. The only thing stopping you is you.

No bodyweight exercise except maybe animal movements jacks up your lungs quicker in a small amount of space than burpees. Everywhere you go, you can do them, anytime you feel ready or crunching for time, you can do them then too. Make the time count and be bold.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HIIT & Cold Showers

Sometimes you can't get enough of a boost from the High Intensity Training that you want an even greater kick. One of the best things you can do after a hard workout or enough to where you're sweating bullets like crazy you would take a Cold Shower to burn off even more fat and burn even more calories. How does that even work? From my personal experiences when you go hard in a session, you build up a lot of heat and need to cool down not just the skin but the internal organs as well. If you are still hot regardless of the amount of time after training, that can be a bit rough for the organs to still be full of heat and when you overheat, you can have heatstroke or the organs shutting down and even well dehydrated if you don't drink enough water and letting the skin cool off.

When you take a cold shower, it might suck at first but its one of the best things for you not just cooling off but it could very well save your life. Cold Water gives the skin that sensational feeling o comfort and extra endorphins after you come out of it. While in it, your body has to burn calories and carry extra blood flow in order to stay warm, that's where the redness all over the body comes into play, its forcing the body to try and stay warm so as it is doing this, its developing natural testosterone and increasing growth hormone which in turn can help you stay young, burn off fat at a greater rate and enhances sexual energy (trust me guys, after a while from being in cold water and wanting to be with your significant other, there won't be shrinkage for long, you'll be amazed at the feeling you'll get when you're in the sack.)

For guys, we need as much testosterone as possible because that's what helps the sperm count and we want those boys swimming like there's no tomorrow. For women, it brings a specific balance because whether you want to believe it or not, too much estrogen in women can lead to many problems and having the right amount of testosterone can counter that with having lean muscle but still be feminine. When you train hard and do Cold Water Therapy, you're going to be amazed at the results and look at it this way, with the afterburn affect of HIIT or in simple terms the caloric burn which stays in effect 24-48 hrs after working out through HIIT you can get an even higher caloric burn when you jump into a cold shower a few minutes after training because of the increase of fat burning in order to keep the body warm you'll have a greater chance of losing weight and having naturally smooth skin and stronger organs. The stronger your insides are, the stronger you will be overall.

Monday, October 10, 2016

HIIT Burpees On The Rise

Getting more and more into Burpees these days since I bought Funk Roberts' 50 Shades Of Burpees Program. Its one hell of a course dedicated to just one particular exercise but done in many variations and workouts. I've been reading up on this guy and he's fit dude. The course has you doing more than 50 workouts and learning 200 variations of the Burpee, some are easy others aren't and that's what I love utilizing variety.

I don't go for much of the workouts just yet but learning the variations is a lot of fun. I've made some variations of my own and the results are tremendous in less than a few workouts. The Burpee has been around a while and everyone who can do them know that after a while doing the same variation can become boring and dull. It is important to keep your sessions fresh and enjoying the different challenges. I'm sticking with the 8 sets of 30/90 Protocol (30 sec. on, 90 sec. off) and just busting them out as many as I can. Some people are good with a 45/15, some do well with 30 on and 4 minutes off and others like doing Tabata Style (20 on, 10 off).

However you do them, whether as a finisher or a stand alone workout have fun with it. Besides when you do them for a total of 4 minutes worth of work and resting the rest of the time 3x a week you're developing not only excellent cardio and building lean muscle and burning fat like butter on a hot pan but also jump starting your hormones which help you stay young and vibrant. Studies have shown that with this type of protocol of training it can boost testosterone & growth hormone by as much as 500% capacity. That is insane and you've been told the only way to burn fat is to do an hour of cardio and lift weights. The Burpee can be done anywhere, anytime and can save you literally thousands of dollars in gym fees. Think about it, one exercise and the many variations you can do or create will get you fit fast. Some athletes have done 3000 Squats, some have done 2000 Push-ups but the world record in Burpees is less than 2000; that alone aught to tell you its majestic hold over fitness. When you can get yourself huffing and puffing really fast, you're doing something right for your heart, kidneys, muscles and your conditioning. Get cracking guys.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Building A Body Of YOUR OWN!!!!

All of us at one time in our lives wanted to look like a specific person we admired whether it was a superhero, athlete, bodybuilder or someone in manual labor perhaps. Its awesome to have that and base it on a goal you wanted to make happen or already going after it. Truth is, we can't look exactly like the people we admire. Not to say it isn't possible to be similar but in reality, you can't be anymore than yourself.

I grew up on hero's like Batman & Spider-Man in the cartoons and admired athletes like Shawn Michaels, Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan and Barry Bonds; they were the type of guys I wanted to be like but sadly it never turned out that way but it's ok. I'm not black for one and i'm nowhere near as tall as some of them and my body is not meant to have that type of physique which I've chosen to accept. We search around all the time to find someone who has the coolest physique regardless of that individual's type of genre but we also stop figuring out how to have the coolest physique for ourselves. At one point I wanted six pack abs because that's what all the athletes have and the superheroes (turns out just the look in itself is most likely worthless) yet I don't tons of muscle in my core area but I'am without question very strong in that area or I wouldn't be able to do the type of training I do.

All of us have one body, its up to you on how you develop it. Don't do it to mimic somebody else otherwise you'll set yourself up for automatic failure; on the other hand, you have an opportunity to develop a body that suits your structure and helps you in areas of your life that work. Not everyone can be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Jordan but they can be the very best of themselves. That's why we are born different and have different structures, brain functions, learning motor skills at different rates. We have only one body, why make it from somebody else's? Train your body with a purpose and the muscles will come the way they're meant to. Not every quarterback has six pack abs, not every wrestler has 20 inch arms, not every baseball player has large thighs and not every hero has a v-shaped torso yet we can develop those things with the right strategies for our individual structure.

I'm 5'10 and over 265 lbs. Most never believe i'm that heavy due to the muscular structure I've developed over the years, I've been told I look 20 pounds lighter or a bit more but I didn't build my body to be like someone else, it formed itself that way through my training, the way I eat, the way my structure handled the exercises and the way my direction went to get it to where it is now. Not everyone can be 6'6 or look shredded at 225 so make the best you can and always strive to improve not always by how you look but by the designing of the direction you want to go. Always be as healthy as possible and be as strong that YOU can be. Build a body that is of your own hero, the body you were meant to have as an athlete. Even if you never get to where you planned, there's progress around every corner and you have a compass to take you there, just need to look and when you find it, go after it like a bat out of hell. You have only one body, make it work for you.

"It Never Gets Easier, Just More Interesting."

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Anytime Anywhere & Do It All For FREE!!!!

The beauty of Body-Weight Style Training is the fact that you can do it anywhere you want, whenever you want and make it however you want. Sure there's fancy workouts using nothing but your own body and there are hardcore, balls to the wall workouts that would make the average man puke his guts out but in reality it all comes down to simplicity and the type of goals you're shooting for. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a few exercises to really get the job done but many people especially the ones that "write" the workouts online, in magazines and what's written on the wall of a crossfit gym really over-complicate and make it difficult to really understand the true objective of a workout.

There's nothing wrong with making a session brutal or soft or whatever but what is wrong is the fact that you or someone else puts too much into it that it becomes an overzealous and over-thinking process that is totally unnecessary and off the wall ball busting. It's not that complicated people and you don't need some infomercial or follow along DVD to tell you what really works and what doesn't. I love the variety of exercises that can be used for any day of the week yet for the most part just doing a few things in one workout or throughout the day makes things all that much sweeter. Whether you're rich, poor, white, black, green, christian, Muslim, gay, straight, transgender or a fan of Donald Trump; you will always have some of exercise that will do wonders for you regardless of where you are. Doesn't cost you a damn thing and you can learn the exact exercises for your body type and level of fitness.

There are exercises harder than others and some are far easier than we give them credit for but in the end, all it comes down to is your interest and your imagination. I firmly believe in what I call the 3 I's of fitness that brings out the greatest results and the ultimate in how they transform you; Interest, Imagination & Intention. Let's break them down so you can get an idea of what i'm talking about....


Many exercises for body-weight are not too difficult to do and will give you results with the right application; however, if you are not interested or willing to do them utilizing the very word interest in itself, you're only dreading just going through the motions. Interest means it catches your eye, makes you feel good about doing it whether its difficult or not and you put the effort in because it works for you.


Regardless of the exercise, just simply doing them in and of themselves will give you results with the right application; however, when you imagine the exercise in a different light and practice it using both mind and body it becomes a whole new experience even though you're doing that same exact exercise. Take for example the Push-up; everyone and their grandfather at some point did a push-up but when you create a scenario or game in your mind and apply it to the push-up it becomes a very different experience like say instead of just going up and down, picture as if something is coming at you and you have to duck down to avoid but when you go down something is coming at your face smacked in the middle and push-up fast to avoid the sumbitch. I picture being Indiana Jones in some cases where if a spear comes at me I need to get down to avoid being hit but need to come back up fast because spikes could pierce my body if I don't move it. Imagine anything crazy and tell me the experience isn't any different.


What is the purpose of doing your exercises? Why those ones are more important than others? Putting intent into the exercise makes all the difference. Just going through the motions may get you somewhere but it doesn't give you the full direction or potential for the results you really want. Most people who exercise just go through the motions because thy saw it on DVD or an infomercial or try to duplicate it in the gym, very few train with the intent of either mastering the exercise or getting better physically or mentally due to that particular exercise's style and/or reasoning to do it for themselves or for a group training together. Simply put if there's no intention, there's no reason to it.

There are the three I's and what they mean through my understanding and experiences. It took me many years to figure it out and on some days I need to remind myself why I do them for particular reasons. Overall I have fun when I train but I don't lack in just doing them, they're done with purpose and using creativity to aid in my interest and imagination (see where i'm going with this?)

Train with what you have and knowledge of and use it wherever and whenever without putting down monthly payments or an annual membership to do it. Save your money and learn what you can. Remember the three I's and you can't go wrong.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Recent Workout Of HIIT

Its always fun to come across something that just strikes you like a bolt of lightning. For me it was learning a little bit more of High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT and how it is possible to increase growth hormone and metabolism plus a plethora of other benefits. HIIT is nothing new but it has come up a lot more in recent years due to crossfit training, metabolic conditioning for athletes, MMA Fighters are using this and research being done on why it does what it does.

From what I've learned from mentors, online searching, books, my experiences and others it is one of the most powerful forms of exercise for specific reasons; first off it takes only a fraction of the time you spend in the gym, it is good for the heart although some may find it scary to do, it burns off fat like a furnace with the right strategies and intensity, it puts on muscle faster than the leading injections of steroids and performance enhancers and it gives what's called the afterburn which simply put means even hours after a session you're still burning calories.

The best thing about this is that practically any exercise that gets you winded fast can be used for this type of training such as sprints, push-ups, squats, lifting weights, pull-ups, plyometrics, animal exercise, burpees and many more. My personal form of exercise is Burpees & Animal Moves. In one of my recent workouts from this past week I did a particular method of HIIT that really hit the spot and it really helped my legs that has a bit of tension around the hips and calves. I went with a Burpee Workout on Friday where I took multiple variations of the Burpee and used a protocol that you can read here>>>> it is doing 30 seconds of maximum effort (do your best to keep form so you don't injure yourself) and then resting for 90 seconds. You would do this for up to 8 rounds. What this does and I highly suggest you do some research yourself on this is that it has you work really hard for a short period of time then as you rest you engaging more oxygen to bring into the bloodstream throughout the lungs, organs, muscle fibers and even the brain which burns the cells and generates greater hormone elements.

HIIT is a form of anaerobic exercise meaning without oxygen, 30 seconds of all-out effort so when you stop and rest, oxygen comes at you like a bat out of hell and you feel that huffing and puffing throughout your body and feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest like John Hurt from Alien. What this does for your system overall develops greater flow and breaks down the fibers of the muscles and you recover for a period of 2-3 days and even in that time you're still burning calories at an alarming rate. You can feel this in the very first workout so when you do workouts 2-3x a week over a period of time (very short by the way) your body will change very quickly into a fat burning, muscle building machine and create more growth hormone which helps you stay young regardless of age or sex. Now how much of a percentage of hormone increase can come into effect? Some are higher numbers than others but on average the most common I've seen or heard was up to 520% capacity, that's 10 times more than the leading injections athletes and actors use to bulk up muscle. Some say its 441% others even go as high as 700% or more but from a general respective when its in the triple digits and you're looking at training hard less than an hour a week that's saying something.

Most people who have done burpees say how much they suck and its not enjoyable but crucial to building a great physique; i'm sorry but if you're not enjoying your training you're not really training at all. Unless you're in the military where being yelled at and called names is mandatory, stop being such a wuss and have fun with it. If they suck so bad, figure out a way to make it fun. When you do something that sucks you're setting off a chain reaction not only in your mind but your body as well. Why have the same mindset of everyone else when you have a mind of your own? For me if it sucks I turn around and make it fun and interesting. Like my workout on friday, I didn't do the same exercise over and over each round, I made up a few variations that I found cool to do and added variety. On some of them I used my imagination to make it even more interesting for example I pretend that i'm Indiana Jones and i'm jumping, ducking and getting down from bad guys, booby traps and dangerous objects to save myself from harm. When you use your imagination, you're creating your own adrenaline and with that comes greater metabolic entities, stronger sense of awareness, oblivious to soreness and you're building greater strength. Doing an exercise and of itself can be boring, tedious and downright stupid but when you add in your imagination, you're doing the same exercise just different but more fun to do and it generates a greater love of fitness.