Friday, October 14, 2016

Sadistic Conditioning

Whether in sports, getting in shape or proving to your buddies, you want to be in the best shape possible for whatever an occasion calls for (mostly) not only at the beginning at something but just as much left in the tank for reserves at the end. Its important to challenge yourself and do better at your next workout but it doesn't have to be ruled like a crossfitter or a pro athlete. The average person for the most part won't last a conditioning workout like a MMA Fighter or Pro Football Player hell even a Pro Wrestler, its not meant to be like that yet you have all these magazines and "gurus" telling you that if you work out like a world-class individual you'll be just like them. Sure its great to have a fit body and have the stamina of a wrestler or the strength and speed of a linebacker but there's also hospital bills you could end up paying because you ended up injured or were sadistic enough to think you can handle it.

If i'm telling you this, why bother having a title this article says and be contradictory about it? Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat and that's developing your own style so you can be in the best shape you can be and be world-class all on your own. I have had people tell me how crazy i'am and how my strength and endurance is off the charts and all that but as fun as it is to hear that, I know there are people out there far better than I could ever be and i'm ok with that. I didn't start out being very strong and full of energy in the tank, I had to build up to it and it wasn't overnight, it took me a lot of years of experimenting, challenging myself and learning many aspects of full on conditioning. I'm no where near the level of World-Class Athletes but I can knock out 400 Squats & 250 Push-ups using a deck of cards, I can move a 30 lb. Thor Hammer and hit a tire over 1000 times, I can go a good 20 minutes doing Animal Exercise and Sprint up a hill well. I'm not saying these numbers to brag, its to tell you if you want to be sadistic and be World-Class on your own, it takes time and its never easy, hell if it was I'd have Hulk Strength & the speed of Quicksilver by now but it doesn't happen that way. Everyone is different.

The word Sadistic to many says i'm off my rocker, someone who has no regard for morals or throwing the rule book out the window yet if you were around me, I look nothing or act anything like that. To me Sadistic Conditioning is not how far you're willing to push yourself, its taking the rule book and making it my own, its willing to do something most wouldn't dare to go to, building my body through interested forms of exercise that I want to be the best at for myself and not be compared to anyone else. I see it as a way to make yourself different and not care what people say about you. I have my own levels of sensitivity and I take it day by day but in the end, I'm going to do what I love and be very good at it. Take risks man, test out things, if they don't work for you that's great, something will come along and regardless of the difficulty, if it keeps you interested you can do cool things with it. I train for myself and if anyone wants to learn, all you got to do is ask. Be sadistic in your own way but be positive about it and learn to use your mind and body to do things that are interesting to you and make you happy. People may give you weird looks but others might even join you, you never know.

"It never gets easier. Just more interesting."

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