Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Burpees Are The Best For Those Short On Time

Not everyone will have an hour to be at the gym or be able get in the time they feel like they need in order to get the right training going. I have had times where it was almost impossible to do the type of training I wanted to do because of either traveling, can't get away from a party, shopping or whatever else but regardless I always did something even if it was for 5 minutes.

You need to get through your narrow brain that no matter what time you have there's always something to do. That's what I love about Burpees; they are great for time crunching training either as a finisher or a HIIT Workout that requires less than 6 minutes of work. When you have a 5 minute window and you need something to do, do a set of Burpees or variations you may find online and do a couple sets of 5-12 if you can. If you're really ambitious and are in good shape, go for how many you can do in that amount of time. When you do that you're getting just as much conditioning as if you were doing a 30 min. run on the treadmill. Its a hell of a calorie burner and increases HGH like crazy.

When I'm not writing or doing anything i may get distracted by, I knock out a few burpees just to get my heart rate going and move a little. All I need to do is get off the chair here and get into a good small space and BAM i'm in. If you happen to be traveling and need a good stretch, next time you pull over at a gas station, stretch out a bit and knock out 10 Burpees and feel that sensation of energy. Waiting at the airport? Knock out a few before lining up for the plane (have a towel on hand if you get a little sweaty and maybe some Deoderant LOL). You can do them in your hotel room before you head out for a meeting somewhere or a conference, there's no reason why you can't do something. Don't overthink it and question anything, if you want to get a little something in you find a way to do so or you'll come up with an excuse. The only thing stopping you is you.

No bodyweight exercise except maybe animal movements jacks up your lungs quicker in a small amount of space than burpees. Everywhere you go, you can do them, anytime you feel ready or crunching for time, you can do them then too. Make the time count and be bold.

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