Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Anytime Anywhere & Do It All For FREE!!!!

The beauty of Body-Weight Style Training is the fact that you can do it anywhere you want, whenever you want and make it however you want. Sure there's fancy workouts using nothing but your own body and there are hardcore, balls to the wall workouts that would make the average man puke his guts out but in reality it all comes down to simplicity and the type of goals you're shooting for. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a few exercises to really get the job done but many people especially the ones that "write" the workouts online, in magazines and what's written on the wall of a crossfit gym really over-complicate and make it difficult to really understand the true objective of a workout.

There's nothing wrong with making a session brutal or soft or whatever but what is wrong is the fact that you or someone else puts too much into it that it becomes an overzealous and over-thinking process that is totally unnecessary and off the wall ball busting. It's not that complicated people and you don't need some infomercial or follow along DVD to tell you what really works and what doesn't. I love the variety of exercises that can be used for any day of the week yet for the most part just doing a few things in one workout or throughout the day makes things all that much sweeter. Whether you're rich, poor, white, black, green, christian, Muslim, gay, straight, transgender or a fan of Donald Trump; you will always have some of exercise that will do wonders for you regardless of where you are. Doesn't cost you a damn thing and you can learn the exact exercises for your body type and level of fitness.

There are exercises harder than others and some are far easier than we give them credit for but in the end, all it comes down to is your interest and your imagination. I firmly believe in what I call the 3 I's of fitness that brings out the greatest results and the ultimate in how they transform you; Interest, Imagination & Intention. Let's break them down so you can get an idea of what i'm talking about....


Many exercises for body-weight are not too difficult to do and will give you results with the right application; however, if you are not interested or willing to do them utilizing the very word interest in itself, you're only dreading just going through the motions. Interest means it catches your eye, makes you feel good about doing it whether its difficult or not and you put the effort in because it works for you.


Regardless of the exercise, just simply doing them in and of themselves will give you results with the right application; however, when you imagine the exercise in a different light and practice it using both mind and body it becomes a whole new experience even though you're doing that same exact exercise. Take for example the Push-up; everyone and their grandfather at some point did a push-up but when you create a scenario or game in your mind and apply it to the push-up it becomes a very different experience like say instead of just going up and down, picture as if something is coming at you and you have to duck down to avoid but when you go down something is coming at your face smacked in the middle and push-up fast to avoid the sumbitch. I picture being Indiana Jones in some cases where if a spear comes at me I need to get down to avoid being hit but need to come back up fast because spikes could pierce my body if I don't move it. Imagine anything crazy and tell me the experience isn't any different.


What is the purpose of doing your exercises? Why those ones are more important than others? Putting intent into the exercise makes all the difference. Just going through the motions may get you somewhere but it doesn't give you the full direction or potential for the results you really want. Most people who exercise just go through the motions because thy saw it on DVD or an infomercial or try to duplicate it in the gym, very few train with the intent of either mastering the exercise or getting better physically or mentally due to that particular exercise's style and/or reasoning to do it for themselves or for a group training together. Simply put if there's no intention, there's no reason to it.

There are the three I's and what they mean through my understanding and experiences. It took me many years to figure it out and on some days I need to remind myself why I do them for particular reasons. Overall I have fun when I train but I don't lack in just doing them, they're done with purpose and using creativity to aid in my interest and imagination (see where i'm going with this?)

Train with what you have and knowledge of and use it wherever and whenever without putting down monthly payments or an annual membership to do it. Save your money and learn what you can. Remember the three I's and you can't go wrong.
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