Monday, October 3, 2016

A Recent Workout Of HIIT

Its always fun to come across something that just strikes you like a bolt of lightning. For me it was learning a little bit more of High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT and how it is possible to increase growth hormone and metabolism plus a plethora of other benefits. HIIT is nothing new but it has come up a lot more in recent years due to crossfit training, metabolic conditioning for athletes, MMA Fighters are using this and research being done on why it does what it does.

From what I've learned from mentors, online searching, books, my experiences and others it is one of the most powerful forms of exercise for specific reasons; first off it takes only a fraction of the time you spend in the gym, it is good for the heart although some may find it scary to do, it burns off fat like a furnace with the right strategies and intensity, it puts on muscle faster than the leading injections of steroids and performance enhancers and it gives what's called the afterburn which simply put means even hours after a session you're still burning calories.

The best thing about this is that practically any exercise that gets you winded fast can be used for this type of training such as sprints, push-ups, squats, lifting weights, pull-ups, plyometrics, animal exercise, burpees and many more. My personal form of exercise is Burpees & Animal Moves. In one of my recent workouts from this past week I did a particular method of HIIT that really hit the spot and it really helped my legs that has a bit of tension around the hips and calves. I went with a Burpee Workout on Friday where I took multiple variations of the Burpee and used a protocol that you can read here>>>> it is doing 30 seconds of maximum effort (do your best to keep form so you don't injure yourself) and then resting for 90 seconds. You would do this for up to 8 rounds. What this does and I highly suggest you do some research yourself on this is that it has you work really hard for a short period of time then as you rest you engaging more oxygen to bring into the bloodstream throughout the lungs, organs, muscle fibers and even the brain which burns the cells and generates greater hormone elements.

HIIT is a form of anaerobic exercise meaning without oxygen, 30 seconds of all-out effort so when you stop and rest, oxygen comes at you like a bat out of hell and you feel that huffing and puffing throughout your body and feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest like John Hurt from Alien. What this does for your system overall develops greater flow and breaks down the fibers of the muscles and you recover for a period of 2-3 days and even in that time you're still burning calories at an alarming rate. You can feel this in the very first workout so when you do workouts 2-3x a week over a period of time (very short by the way) your body will change very quickly into a fat burning, muscle building machine and create more growth hormone which helps you stay young regardless of age or sex. Now how much of a percentage of hormone increase can come into effect? Some are higher numbers than others but on average the most common I've seen or heard was up to 520% capacity, that's 10 times more than the leading injections athletes and actors use to bulk up muscle. Some say its 441% others even go as high as 700% or more but from a general respective when its in the triple digits and you're looking at training hard less than an hour a week that's saying something.

Most people who have done burpees say how much they suck and its not enjoyable but crucial to building a great physique; i'm sorry but if you're not enjoying your training you're not really training at all. Unless you're in the military where being yelled at and called names is mandatory, stop being such a wuss and have fun with it. If they suck so bad, figure out a way to make it fun. When you do something that sucks you're setting off a chain reaction not only in your mind but your body as well. Why have the same mindset of everyone else when you have a mind of your own? For me if it sucks I turn around and make it fun and interesting. Like my workout on friday, I didn't do the same exercise over and over each round, I made up a few variations that I found cool to do and added variety. On some of them I used my imagination to make it even more interesting for example I pretend that i'm Indiana Jones and i'm jumping, ducking and getting down from bad guys, booby traps and dangerous objects to save myself from harm. When you use your imagination, you're creating your own adrenaline and with that comes greater metabolic entities, stronger sense of awareness, oblivious to soreness and you're building greater strength. Doing an exercise and of itself can be boring, tedious and downright stupid but when you add in your imagination, you're doing the same exercise just different but more fun to do and it generates a greater love of fitness.

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