Thursday, October 6, 2016

Building A Body Of YOUR OWN!!!!

All of us at one time in our lives wanted to look like a specific person we admired whether it was a superhero, athlete, bodybuilder or someone in manual labor perhaps. Its awesome to have that and base it on a goal you wanted to make happen or already going after it. Truth is, we can't look exactly like the people we admire. Not to say it isn't possible to be similar but in reality, you can't be anymore than yourself.

I grew up on hero's like Batman & Spider-Man in the cartoons and admired athletes like Shawn Michaels, Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan and Barry Bonds; they were the type of guys I wanted to be like but sadly it never turned out that way but it's ok. I'm not black for one and i'm nowhere near as tall as some of them and my body is not meant to have that type of physique which I've chosen to accept. We search around all the time to find someone who has the coolest physique regardless of that individual's type of genre but we also stop figuring out how to have the coolest physique for ourselves. At one point I wanted six pack abs because that's what all the athletes have and the superheroes (turns out just the look in itself is most likely worthless) yet I don't tons of muscle in my core area but I'am without question very strong in that area or I wouldn't be able to do the type of training I do.

All of us have one body, its up to you on how you develop it. Don't do it to mimic somebody else otherwise you'll set yourself up for automatic failure; on the other hand, you have an opportunity to develop a body that suits your structure and helps you in areas of your life that work. Not everyone can be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Jordan but they can be the very best of themselves. That's why we are born different and have different structures, brain functions, learning motor skills at different rates. We have only one body, why make it from somebody else's? Train your body with a purpose and the muscles will come the way they're meant to. Not every quarterback has six pack abs, not every wrestler has 20 inch arms, not every baseball player has large thighs and not every hero has a v-shaped torso yet we can develop those things with the right strategies for our individual structure.

I'm 5'10 and over 265 lbs. Most never believe i'm that heavy due to the muscular structure I've developed over the years, I've been told I look 20 pounds lighter or a bit more but I didn't build my body to be like someone else, it formed itself that way through my training, the way I eat, the way my structure handled the exercises and the way my direction went to get it to where it is now. Not everyone can be 6'6 or look shredded at 225 so make the best you can and always strive to improve not always by how you look but by the designing of the direction you want to go. Always be as healthy as possible and be as strong that YOU can be. Build a body that is of your own hero, the body you were meant to have as an athlete. Even if you never get to where you planned, there's progress around every corner and you have a compass to take you there, just need to look and when you find it, go after it like a bat out of hell. You have only one body, make it work for you.

"It Never Gets Easier, Just More Interesting."

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