Monday, October 10, 2016

HIIT Burpees On The Rise

Getting more and more into Burpees these days since I bought Funk Roberts' 50 Shades Of Burpees Program. Its one hell of a course dedicated to just one particular exercise but done in many variations and workouts. I've been reading up on this guy and he's fit dude. The course has you doing more than 50 workouts and learning 200 variations of the Burpee, some are easy others aren't and that's what I love utilizing variety.

I don't go for much of the workouts just yet but learning the variations is a lot of fun. I've made some variations of my own and the results are tremendous in less than a few workouts. The Burpee has been around a while and everyone who can do them know that after a while doing the same variation can become boring and dull. It is important to keep your sessions fresh and enjoying the different challenges. I'm sticking with the 8 sets of 30/90 Protocol (30 sec. on, 90 sec. off) and just busting them out as many as I can. Some people are good with a 45/15, some do well with 30 on and 4 minutes off and others like doing Tabata Style (20 on, 10 off).

However you do them, whether as a finisher or a stand alone workout have fun with it. Besides when you do them for a total of 4 minutes worth of work and resting the rest of the time 3x a week you're developing not only excellent cardio and building lean muscle and burning fat like butter on a hot pan but also jump starting your hormones which help you stay young and vibrant. Studies have shown that with this type of protocol of training it can boost testosterone & growth hormone by as much as 500% capacity. That is insane and you've been told the only way to burn fat is to do an hour of cardio and lift weights. The Burpee can be done anywhere, anytime and can save you literally thousands of dollars in gym fees. Think about it, one exercise and the many variations you can do or create will get you fit fast. Some athletes have done 3000 Squats, some have done 2000 Push-ups but the world record in Burpees is less than 2000; that alone aught to tell you its majestic hold over fitness. When you can get yourself huffing and puffing really fast, you're doing something right for your heart, kidneys, muscles and your conditioning. Get cracking guys.

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