Monday, October 24, 2016

How Do You Spell D-E-C-K (Never Look At A Deck Of Cards The Same Way Again)

Today is my HIIT Day and I'm going to dominate it with a vengeance doing 4 different Burpees for 8 Intervals for 30 Sec. On & 90 Sec. Off; that works best for me and seeing results with this method. Yesterday however was just a brutal and a bit of a longer workout where I took out my deck of The Matt Furey Exercise Bible and hammered out Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, V-Ups & Tablemakers. Normally it takes me a good 45 minutes or so to finish the deck but since its been a while it took much longer to finish but I finished it nonetheless.

When it comes down to it, using basic exercises and molding them into a conditioning workout with a deck of cards is one of the best ways to get in awesome shape period. I have done the deck in a variety of ways; from animal exercise to Squats & Push-ups and the Matt's Exercise Bible and it never gets easier every time. I train to be in the best shape possible for my size and changing things up works my brain better because if I repeat too many of the same workout I get bored and become grumpy. That's the beauty of a good deck, it's never the same and the reps change with every workout. This is the same format that Karl Gotch used on his wrestling students and beat the holy hell out of them. Although it took me a while, in between cards I didn't just lay down and die, I stretched and did plenty of deep breathing and drinking water, I was determined to beat that sumbitch come hell or high water and if it meant taking a breather every now and then I did so but when I was ready I hammered them out.

At first, you're going to need to take breaks because your body is not use to that kind of stress and if you go too fast too early you can hurt yourself and you're going to need an iron lung. Build yourself up, takes less breaks each workout, let your conditioning come naturally and never give up and break away from the cards. Remember, they're just a plastic-coated pieces of paper yet the longer you go, the more you may hear them screaming at you to quit. The more conditioned you are, the less breaks you'll take and eventually you'll be bursting through them like a cake walk and when that happens, you'll be extremely fit and you'll be looking more like an athlete with the stamina to back it up.

 This type of workout has been used by athletes from all kinds of sports like Pro Wrestling, MMA, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and many others. Some of the most famous stars have done this workout to maintain insane shape from guys like Ric Flair, Ray Lewis, Ken Shamrock and others. It doesn't have to be the same exercises you can change them up to say Burpees, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Kettlebell Swings, Sandbell Slamming, Battling Ropes, Hitting a tire with a sledgehammer (A personal favorite of mine) or whatever you decide. It gives you variety and an ever changing landscape of building great conditioning and being in shape fast. Here are some cards to look into that are pretty awesome and can be a motivator instead of those boring generic cards....

Indiana Jones



Football (Oakland Raiders)

Get in shape and make it interesting. Remember my motto "It doesn't get easier, just more interesting." In the words of The Nature Boy "Learn to live with it and learn to love it."
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