Friday, October 28, 2016

Healing Bad Elbows

Sometimes in training certain things happen and I ended up a little hurt. Really got into the Deck Of Cards Workout based on Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning exercises and ended up in-flaming both my elbows around the joints. Got caught up in staying consistent with doing Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups, V-Ups & The Tablemakers. The Push-ups & the Tablemakers were the ones that pinned me down. My form wasn't that great although it wasn't terrible either and my flexibility in the Tablemaker wasn't very good. I'm only human and get so caught up in it I didn't stop it sooner. Luckily I finally let my body tell me to stop before a serious injury would've occurred.

These exercises are without question very powerful and work very well for practically anyone. This is only a setback where I plan on healing myself through other methods that have less impact on the joints. I'm not in terrible pain but when I do try a couple push-ups I feel it right away. The exercises are not to blame whatsoever, its my own fault and I paid the consequences. I never had an issue like this before so its a learning experience. I'm happy i'm able to finish the deck roughly any time I wanted and plan on beating it again one day.

Its important to listen to your body and when there's even the slightest bit of danger where your joints don't feel right stop. Joints are more precious than the muscles. Muscles heal faster but joints take a little longer. That's why for the time being I'm focusing more on Ab Work using Gymnastic Abs, Stretching through little bits of Playful Movements, VRT to work the muscles and not put a strain on the joints and most of all, the healing powers of Qi Gong. I can still move my elbows and lift stuff if I need to but not pushing hard on a workout with them; better to train smart than to train stupid.

Once my elbows heal, I might start again on Darebee Circuit Workouts or create circuits of my own and get back to doing Burpee HIIT Workouts starting 2x a week and build up to 3x a week maximum using exercises from 50 Shades Of Burpees. Just because you can't do one thing doesn't mean you can't do another. There are ways to work around minor injuries and power up on the healing process. The type of qi gong I practice is from different areas of the arts but the ones I highly recommend and have helped me immensely in the past have been Shaolin Qi Gong & Matt Furey's Chi Kung Methods which are from his Membership Site which to me is a powerful and wonderful investment.

Don't be mad at yourself if you get hurt, think of it as a learning experience and take it in with laughter. You will heal, work on getting back and do things to help prevent it from happening again. I don't plan on ever doing the deck again on an everyday basis, its just not practical and it drained me for the most and didn't have the brains to take it easy at first, I got caught up in the glory of being able to do it. Something to do maybe a couple times a week just to get some good conditioning going; not to go at it everyday and even if I do happen to do it, I wouldn't always do the repetitions, I'd do lower reps on some workouts or even a no rep workout where I just hold positions for breaths or seconds and I have experienced going through the deck that way too and it gives even the toughest men a run for their money. Make compromises with your mind and body. Take it from me, you do too much it'll bite you in the ass. I know I can do it and I will do it again but in the meantime my body is more important than the glory of beating cool looking cards.

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