Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HIIT & Cold Showers

Sometimes you can't get enough of a boost from the High Intensity Training that you want an even greater kick. One of the best things you can do after a hard workout or enough to where you're sweating bullets like crazy you would take a Cold Shower to burn off even more fat and burn even more calories. How does that even work? From my personal experiences when you go hard in a session, you build up a lot of heat and need to cool down not just the skin but the internal organs as well. If you are still hot regardless of the amount of time after training, that can be a bit rough for the organs to still be full of heat and when you overheat, you can have heatstroke or the organs shutting down and even well dehydrated if you don't drink enough water and letting the skin cool off.

When you take a cold shower, it might suck at first but its one of the best things for you not just cooling off but it could very well save your life. Cold Water gives the skin that sensational feeling o comfort and extra endorphins after you come out of it. While in it, your body has to burn calories and carry extra blood flow in order to stay warm, that's where the redness all over the body comes into play, its forcing the body to try and stay warm so as it is doing this, its developing natural testosterone and increasing growth hormone which in turn can help you stay young, burn off fat at a greater rate and enhances sexual energy (trust me guys, after a while from being in cold water and wanting to be with your significant other, there won't be shrinkage for long, you'll be amazed at the feeling you'll get when you're in the sack.)

For guys, we need as much testosterone as possible because that's what helps the sperm count and we want those boys swimming like there's no tomorrow. For women, it brings a specific balance because whether you want to believe it or not, too much estrogen in women can lead to many problems and having the right amount of testosterone can counter that with having lean muscle but still be feminine. When you train hard and do Cold Water Therapy, you're going to be amazed at the results and look at it this way, with the afterburn affect of HIIT or in simple terms the caloric burn which stays in effect 24-48 hrs after working out through HIIT you can get an even higher caloric burn when you jump into a cold shower a few minutes after training because of the increase of fat burning in order to keep the body warm you'll have a greater chance of losing weight and having naturally smooth skin and stronger organs. The stronger your insides are, the stronger you will be overall.

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